ARCHON is a WebSerialNovel set in a fantasy world, with each of its updates also having an accompanying illustration drawn by the series' creator. Its plot focuses on Joule, a young mercenary who has been sent to the native elven lands by his superiors in order to fulfil a bodyguarding contract. His employer is Arglwydd, a 'quirky' elven mage with an ambiguous past...

As it stands, the original [[ host website]] has been taken down and is no longer accessible and no mirrors of the original are available.

!! ARCHON contains examples of:

* AFateWorseThanDeath: Undead, as discussed below.
* AndIMustScream: Undead, in the [[ extra Lore on the website]], are described as having full memory and full consciousness while they were being controlled by the Necromancers who reanimated them. They are essentially forced to watch as they kill innocents.
* BadassPreacher: Offeiriad, who is first introduced as standing with two bloody swords in the middle of a town [[spoiler:whose inhabitants have gone feral]].
* BagOfHolding: How else does Arglwydd carry all her 'miscellaneous magical errata'.
* BilingualBonus: Elven first names are usually presented as Welsh words and Orkish first names as German ones. Often overlaps with MeaningfulName.
* CrystalDragonJesus: Two major religions are mentioned in the extra Lore, the 'Church of the Most High' and 'The Church of the Four Spirits'. The former is essentially FantasyCounterpartCulture Christianity, the latter involves the worship of the primal spirits of Fire, Air, Earth and Water.
* DarkIsNotEvil: The Culled are a faction of Undead who fought against their former masters in order to prevent others from being turned into undead alongside them.
* DebutQueue: The first few parts are essentially this.
* EvilTwin: Lampshaded by Arglwydd, who says "...It always astounds me how the primary antagonist being the protagonist’s father, brother, evil twin or all of the above simultaneously comes as a shock."
* FantasticRacism: Played with, with Arglwydd repeatedly comparing Joule to a dog. Other elven characters show now such characteristics towards Joule, meaning this may just be one of Arglwydd's quirks.
* FunctionalMagic: [[ Quote from the series' creator, " As far as I am aware, everything presented here is physically possible, provided 'Magic' is able to influence how atoms interact/react with each other."]]
* GoodIsNotNice: Elves are talked about in the Lore as being too moral for the Dark Lord who originally made them and refusing to kill innocents. This doesn't stop Arglwydd from barbecuing a particular attacker on sight.
* HitchhikerHeroes: Several characters are encountered and partnered with using this format.
* KillItWithFire: Arglwydd's immediate response to [[spoiler: being attacked by an elf infected by 'Entropy']]. She also threatens to do the same to Joule if he tried to force himself upon her while they slept in the same tent (though admittedly the latter was meant as a joke).
* MeaningfulName: Averted with Arglwydd, whose name means 'Lord' in Welsh and has little connection to her character, but played straight with other characters (For instance Offeiriad, whose name means 'Priest'). Overlaps with BilingualBonus.
* MedievalStasis: Although not addressed directly, only being referenced in fluff on the Author's other site/blog, the series is set in a world where medieval-level technology has existed for the entirety of recorded history in-universe (which spans over six thousand years). Justified somewhat in the fact that magical advances essentially replace 'traditional' scientific ones, allowing for technology-driven processes such as water purification to be performed within a medieval context.
* MercyKill: Arglwydd sees her early KillItWithFire moment as this, citing DyingAsYourself as justification.
* OurOrcsAreDifferent: Both of the main archetypes of this trope are present. In some of the [[ extra Lore on the website]], it also mentions that Greenskin Orks enjoy fighting but find killing distasteful. The main reason for this is that you can't then fight the dead person again later.
* RobeAndWizardHat: Lampshaded by Arglwydd, who wears a blue dress and has a battered wizard's hat she got in a costume shop. She refers to it as her 'cliché hat'.
* TheLoad: Arglwydd appears to see Joule as a combination of this and TeamPet.
* WhateverMancy: Cryomancy and Hydromancy have been merged into one discipline [[ within the lore]]. A notable addition is Carnemancy - meat magic. This stands in for an alternative to WhiteMagic.