A few guys who love let's playing and collaborations!

As of May 2013, the crew consists of:

* Banjo (Brian): The infallible founder, fan-favorite, and leader. Known for his highly popular let's plays of Black Ops 2, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Persona 3, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. He brought the crew together and propelled Remedial Chaos into what it is today.
* Robo Badnik (Johnny): The co-founder, thumbnail maker, and editor of Remedial Chaos. Known for his let's play of L.A. Noire, as well as his infamous rage-quit in an early Cloudberry Kingdom video. Both his SkyGrid: Minecraft Survival and L.A. Noire series are among the most popular on the channel, but he has also played The Binding of Isaac, VideoGame/{{Minecraft}} (Hardcore), Super Hexagon, and Scribblenauts Unlimited (the latter with his brother Luke.) Not to mention, he made the amazing Remedial ChaosTage, and works damn hard to create all of the channel's thumbnails.
* Gaius Gamer (Dan): The third member to join Remedial Chaos. Though he's been missing in action lately, he notably let's played Farming Simulator 2013 and Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Oh, and he sometimes plays ''VideoGame/StarCraftII'' with the fans.
* Rauchenx (Davey): The fourth member to join Remedial Chaos. Like Dan, he has notably been missing in action, but the crew continues to hang out with him online. He has done let's plays of Command & Conquer Zero Hour and Zeno Clash. Oh, and he sung a cover of Call me Maybe in an episode.
* Kata0ka (Sean): The fifth member to join Remedial Chaos. The token Asian-American let's player. Along with Brian, he exposed many to Remedial Chaos via a let's play of Left 4 Dead 2. His list of let's plays includes Payday: The Heist, ROBLOX, VideoGame/TimeSplitters2, and Katawa Shoujo. But for obvious reasons, Left 4 Dead 2 is what he is most known for.
* Spartan (Robbie): The soft-spoken sixth member of Remedial Chaos, and probably the one with the biggest list thus-far of let's plays. In addition to his impressive list of let's plays (including The Walking Dead, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Irisu Syndrome, Sniper Elite, and ''VideoGame/DayZ'',) he has done a very long-lasting series of Battlefield 3 videos, which remains as one of Remedial Chaos's longest lasting and most popular series. Oh, and he loves a good round of Star Wars Battlefront II with Kata0ka.

!!''LetsPlay/{{RemedialChaos}}'' contains examples of:

* BigNo: Banjo being killed by a tank in the fourth episode of Left 4 Dead 2.