Pretty much [[WorldOfHam every cast-member]] in the ''Franchise/StarTrek Universe'' eats a ham sandwich before coming on set (as also the Star Trek entry on [[Largeham/{{Film}} the Film section]]), but special mentions to...


[[folder: ''Series/Star Trek The Original Series'' ]]

* The king of hams is [[WilliamShatner Captain Kirk]] himself. He's pretty much the biggest ham in the galaxy, notably as Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Most famously... he often... talked like... this... while making... strange... hand gestures. And he's only gotten hammier as he's aged. However, to anyone who criticizes his acting, this is actually how William Shatner talks in RealLife.
** [[ Listen to him say the Preamble of the Constitution with such enthusiasm that he's obviously not American.]]
** According to Shatner himself in ''Get A Life'', he learned his technique when he was a two-bit actor in local theatre, and it kept the audience from falling asleep. [[YourCostumeNeedsWork He also says that he learned how to parody Kirk properly from Kevin Pollak's parody of him]], and has presumably decided to do some AdamWesting.
* Trelane, the Squire of Gothos. Childishness and enthusiasm are just ''who he is''.
* Evil!Sulu is another delicious slice of ham. In fact, most MirrorUniverse episodes seem to be an excuse to break out the pork-based products.
* In her short acting career, Alice Rawlings got to overact ''opposite William Shatner''. She played a young girl who blamed Kirk for her father's (supposed) death and expressed it in her own subtle way: "YOU MURDERER!!! YOU MURDERER!!!"
* A Klingon in ''The Trouble with Tribbles'' says the Enterprise should be hauled away '''AS''' garbage, complete with EvilLaugh, in a way so hammy that it leaves Scotty with no choice but to respond with physical force.
** It ''is'' Michael Pataki, after all.
* Commodore Matthew Decker, in command of the U.S.S. ''Constellation'' in the episode "The Doomsday Machine", comes across as hammier than Captain Kirk, if such a thing is possible.
-->'''Kirk:''' "Where's your crew?"
-->'''Decker:''' "On the third planet."
-->'''Kirk:''' "There is no third planet!"
-->'''Decker:''' "Don't you think I know that?!! There was!!! But ''not 'nymore''!!!!! They called me!! They BEGGED me for help! Four hundred of them! I couldn't! I, I couldn't!! (begins sobbing)"
* '''''[[InsistentTerminology LORD!!]]'''''Garth of Izar. He manages to make Kirk, at his hammiest, look subdued, getting lines like "RRRREMOOOOOVE THIS ANIMAL!!!"
* Khan Noonien Singh. Opposite Kirk, the volume in ''[[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan The Wrath of Khan]]'' only comes down for the sole purpose of going up again.
-->'''Chekov''': You lie! On Ceti Alpha V, there was life! A fair chan--\\
'''Khan''': ''THIS'' IS CETI ALPHA FIVE!!!!
* Lazarus from "The Alternative Factor": "Come! Come! It'll do you no good! I'll chase you to the ''very fires of'' '''''HELL!!!!'''''"
* Lenore from "The Conscience Of The King", especially near the ending. Helps that she is part of a troupe of [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare Shakespearean actors]].
* Gary Mitchell from "Where No Man Has Gone Before". As his psychic powers grew, so did his hamminess.
* Any character who's about to pull a FaceHeelTurn or suffer some sort of breakdown will act like a Large Ham.


[[folder: ''Series/Star Trek The Next Generation'' ]]

* Even though he usually plays a relative StraightMan compared with Kirk and Sisko, Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard had a couple of truly delicious scenes. '''[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome "THERE! ARE! FOUR!! LIGHTS!!!"]]''' He does, however, ham it up without mercy on the holodeck as [[PrivateDetective Dixon Hill]]. His horrific Humphrey Bogart impression is ''[[CrowningMomentOfFunny hysterical.]]''
** "[[Film/StarTrekFirstContact The line must be drawn HERE... THIS far, NO further! And I will make them pay for what they've done!]]"
* Whenever Data put on his SherlockHolmes hat, he also put on his bib for a big slice of ham. "The [=GAME=]... is [=AFOOT!=]"
* Q frequently shifts between this and DeadpanSnarker with no middle ground between the two.
* Majel Barrett as Lwaxana Troi.
--> "Who am I? I am Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Riix, Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed. Who are you?"
* This seems to be the standard Klingon mode of operation, except, notably, for Worf.
* Gowron, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire, may be a textbook SmugSnake, but he's also one of the largest hams in the franchise. Ditto for Kavok, the bad guy that Gowron's actor Robert O'Reilly also plays in the board game ''TabletopGame/AKlingonChallenge''.


[[folder: ''Series/Star Trek Deep Space Nine'' ]]

* Sisko's final showdown with Dukat was utter hammy gold:
-->'''Sisko:''' "The Pah-Wraiths will never conquer anything! Not Bajor, not the ''Celestial Temple'', and certainly not '''the Alpha Quadrant!'''"
-->'''Dukat:''' "And who's going to stop us?"
-->'''Sisko:''' "'''''I [[strike:HAM!]] YAM!!!!!'''''"
* Sisko can ham with the best of them, and we have the EVIDENCE to prove it:
** [[ DON'T you UNDERSTAND? It's REAL!!!!]]
** [[ Captain Sisko yells at everyone]] ([[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a montage of Sisko yelling at people]])
** Sisko channels Kirk and gives it his own spin at the end of "Rules of Engagement", after receiving vital information from Odo regarding Worf's trial (1:39 in the video above).
-->'''Sisko:''' Isn't it possible... that there were no civilians on the transport Worf destroyed? Isn't. It. Possible... that the Ship. He. Saw. Was sending out FALSE. SEN-SOR. IMAGES, and that this whole Affair was STAGED? So that the only Klingon officer in Starfleet would be accused of a massacre? And the Federation would be forced. To stop es-cor-ting the convoys? [[ChewingTheScenery Tell me... advocate. Isn't? It? Possible?]]
* And Dukat himself? A prime cut of Cardassian ham, and it gets better as [[KickTheDog he]] [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope gets]] [[VillainousBreakdown nuttier]]:
-->'''Dukat:''' "I'm so glad we had this time together, Benjamin. Because we won't be seeing each other for a while. I have unfinished business on Bajor! They ''thought'' I was their enemy! They don't know what it ''is'' to be my enemy, but ''they will!!'' From this day forward, Bajor is ''dead''. '''All''' of Bajor!!! And this time, even their Emissary ''won't be able to save them!!''"
** The entire episode in which the above line is spoken is Sisko vs. Dukat HamToHamCombat.
** Speaking of Cardassians, Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine (specifically, the episode ''[[ Duet]]'')was the series that introduced us to the so-called "Long Cardassian Monologue", a tendency of Cardassians to go on long hamtacular rants about various and sundry things. That's right. The Cardy's are so hammy that hamminess is encoded right into their genes.
* "Our Man Bashir"... Tranporter accident ExcusePlot traps the [=DS9=] staff in Bashir's holodeck program;
** Nana Visitor as a Bond girl with a wonderfully horrible FakeRussian accent, coming out of a wall on a rotating bed. (She shamelessly loved every minute.)
** Colm Meaney as a one-eyed hitman.
** Terry Farrell as a sexy scientist.
** Michael Dorn as a turncoat in a white coat.
** And Avery Brooks as a demented, ''Film/JamesBond''-style supervillain who [[ChewingTheScenery swallows most of the scenery]] with barely a pause for breath. His JustBetweenYouAndMe moments are a thing of hammy beauty, made even better with a cliched giant world map with red dots on it, which is unveiled halfway through the villain's speech for dramatic effect instead of just being there from the start.
* Kor (John Colicos) in a reprisal of his role in ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'', where he was bit less of a ham, actually. Maybe achieving the Dahar Master rank comes with a license to chew scenery?
* Apparently, [[OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNest Louise Fletcher]] had a grand ol' time as recurring character Kai Winn Adami.
* Alexander Siddig also let his ham flag fly during an early episode in which Dr. Bashir is [[GrandTheftMe possessed by]] [[EvilIsHammy an evil space criminal]].
* Everyone's favorite Romulan diplomat, Vreenak aka Mr. [[ "It's a faaaaakkkee!"]].
* Avery Brooks again in an early season 1 episode where the crew is driven insane by whacky alien tech. "A CLOCK!!!"
** Even better from this episode is when Evil!O'Brien tells him to leave the station before Evil!Kira can kill him:
---> '''Sisko:''' '''[[BigNever NEVER!]]''' Get me a phaser! I'll get rid of Kira!
* Steven Berkoff hammed it up shamelessly in his guest role of Hagath the weapons dealer in the season five episode "Business as Usual". Who could forget his pop-eyed, snarling delivery of lines like "instead of doing ''your JOB'', you were off enjoying yourself", "Like this? He's going to ''like THIS''??", and "Let's forego any further attempts at jocularity, shall we, and get down to ''THE BUSINESS''!".
* With Ferengi society facing complete reform toward the end of the series, Quark's so determined to keep to the old Ferengi ways that he channels Picard from ''[[Film/StarTrekFirstContact First Contact]]''.
--> '''Quark:''' "I won't preside over the demise of Ferengi civilization! ... The line has to be drawn HERE! THIS FAR, AND NO FARTHER!"


[[folder: ''Series/Star Trek Voyager'' ]]

* Every character in ''[[ShowWithinAShow The Adventures of Captain Proton!]]'' hams it up mercilessly, most notably MadScientist Doctor Chaotica, Ruler of the Cosmos ("FOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL! You will PAY for your inCOMpetence!"). This is hardly surprising as the holoprogram is based on Republic movie serials like ''[[Film/FlashGordonSerial Flash Gordon]]'' and ''Commando Cody''. Even crewmembers who initially regard the program with bemused contempt end up playing their roles with gusto -- such as the Doctor as The President of Earth, and Captain Janeway as Queen Arachnia of the Spider People.
--> '''Chaotica''': (''dramatic music playing'') Full power to the Death Ray!
** Kate Mulgrew has said that the king of hams, William Shatner, was the inspiration for her Queen Arachnia.
* Seven of Nine is pretty much an anti-ham, except when she's [[spoiler:also the EMH, who must have had hamminess written into his code, or when she's manifesting the personalities of certain assimilated individuals.]]
* The episode that started with the Holographic Doctor putting on an opera in a DreamSequence, wherein he single handedly saved the crew with his deft hands and his Tenoric rendition of "La Donna e Mobile" ("Tu-vok I un-der-stand / You are a Vul-can man / You have just gone with-out / For sev-en years (about)")
* Andy Dick as the Starship ''Prometheus''' EMH Mark-2 was a spazzy slice of CampGay holo-Ham.
-->"My brilliant existence cut short... No time to explore the universe... No time to smell the roses... No time for... ''sex''..."
* The [[ Fear Clown]] from the episode "The Thaw" is a wonderfully hammy bit of ''total horror''.


[[folder: ''Series/Star Trek Enterprise'' ]]

* The evil MirrorUniverse version of Captain Archer seemed to be channeling Kirk.
* Creator/JeffreyCombs as Shran (and also as the Vorta Weyoun on ''[[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Deep Space Nine]]''). Then again, this is fairly standard for the actor. "Tell him that's *TWOOO* he owes me!"