These are nominations for the JustForFun/TropersChoiceWebcomicAwards. The actual nominating is going on in [[ This]] thread. So, if you read webcomics, or just really enjoy nominating things, go over there and get involved. Voting Closes March 14th, so hurry up.

'''Nominations:''' The following Webcomics have gotten the required number of votes (3) to be nominated and will appear on the ballot regardless of what happens.

* ''General''
** '''Best Overall:''' [[ Order of the Stick]]
* ''Specific''
** '''Best Writing:''' Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt, Webcomic/DinosaurComics
** '''Best Art:''' None.
** '''Best Use of Tropes:''' ''[[ Order of the Stick]].
** '''Best Use of Internet:''' None.
* ''Trope of the Year''
** '''Best Xanatos Gambit:'''None.