'''T'''he '''A'''rchive of '''B'''ellicose '''L'''exicon '''E'''ntities, or '''TABLE''', was a project to categorize all of the groups on this website whose philosophies of cataloging tropes differ. Most of these groups focused on trope names, but a few focused on images instead.

Since it was determined that these articles, rather than serving their purpose as fun places for like-minded tropers to associate, were inspiring antagonism and factionalism among our user base, they have been discontinued and are defined here only for nostalgia's sake.
!!Currently known entities, and a brief summation of their philosophies, are:

* '''CHOPSTICKS''': the '''C'''onserving '''H'''elpful '''O'''taku-'''P'''roduced '''S'''uperior '''T'''itles, '''I'''ncreasing '''C'''ommon '''K'''nowledge '''S'''ociety: ''Foreign-language terms as titles can enhance pages.''
* '''CUPS''': the '''C'''ool '''U'''nearthed '''P'''ictures '''S'''ociety: ''Trope titles are less important than the images.''
* '''FORKS''': the '''F'''riends '''O'''f '''R'''eally '''K'''ool '''S'''obriquet: ''Trope names should be as witty as possible, whether or not they make any obvious sense.''
* '''HOTSAUCE''': the '''H'''otblooded '''O'''thers '''T'''aking a '''S'''tand '''A'''nd '''U'''shering in '''C'''haos and '''E'''ntropy: ''Tropes need to liberated from PLATTER rule by becoming more wild.''
* '''KNIVES''': the '''K'''alculated '''N'''aming '''I'''ndifference '''V'''iolent '''E'''nforcement '''S'''ection: ''The entire debate of trope titles is pointless.''
* '''NAPKINS''': the '''N'''eg'''a'''tive S'''p'''ace '''K'''ult of '''I'''reland and '''N'''orthern '''S'''candinavia: ''Images on trope pages should be avoided as much as possible.''
* '''PEPPER''': '''P'''eople '''E'''nsuring '''P'''ages '''P'''opulated by '''E'''nglish '''R'''eliably: ''Non-English titles are almost always a bad idea (on the English wiki).''
* '''PLATTER''': '''P'''eople '''L'''etting '''A'''ll '''T'''rope '''T'''itles '''E'''xist '''R'''elishably: ''Trope names should be funny, but should also make sense.''
* '''SALT''': '''S'''upporters of '''A'''dditional '''L'''ikenesses in '''T'''ext: ''Examples are like salt; every article should have more of them (unless specifically forbidden from having any).''
* '''SHAKER''': '''S'''ecret '''H'''eadquarters for '''A'''ctive '''K'''eeping of '''E'''organous '''R'''isks: ''Has not specified their purpose yet, but it seems to be similar to PLATTER.''
* '''SPOON''': '''S'''ociety to '''P'''revent '''O'''verly '''O'''riginal '''N'''ames: ''Trope names should be as clear as possible, whether or not they are humorous.''
* '''TONGS''': '''T'''ropers '''O'''pposed to '''N'''egligent and '''G'''ratuitous '''S'''poilers: ''Spoiler taggings should be kept to a minimum.''
* '''WHISK''': '''W'''onderful '''H'''umans' '''I'''nsight '''S'''ecures '''K'''oolness: ''People should always talk to the other groups before changing names of tropes. Hopefully compromises will be made.''