-> [[JustForFun/TVTropesAdditionalEvilOverlordVows Visit the main dungeon here.]]
# I will never, under any circumstances, reveal information to any of my enemies that could be used against me.
# On a regular basis, my guards and staff will interact socially. That way, when someone shows up and claims to be the new guy, my guards can answer "I didn't see you at the 8 o'clock meeting" and shoot the intruder.
# If I ever have a child, I will keep them as happy as possible, as an [[FreudianExcuse unloved child]] would likely [[TheStarscream betray me]] and defect to my enemies. I will also groom them to be [[OverlordJr the next overlord]], and let them choose their spouse.
# [[VillainWithGoodPublicity I will always try to pretend being the "hero"]]. That way I can disguise myself as a {{well intentioned extremist}} trying to fight the [[HeroWithBadPublicity "villain"]].
# All [[ExplodingBarrels flammable and explosive objects]] will be disguised as something completely innocuous. This will fool the hero into taking cover behind them in a firefight, and then KABOOM!
# Whenever a vehicle leaves (or enters) my evil fortress, I'll make sure to check every single item inside properly. Furthermore, I'd stab all items that can handle being penetrated by my pitchfork.
# If, by any chance, I'd have to interrogate the hero and a slap in the face isn't enough, I wouldn't even bother; [[TooKinkyToTorture it's just not worth it]]. I'd rather hire an expert.
# If I am facing down a [[ReligiousBruiser heroic priest or monk]], I will never pause to taunt him with such words as "Let your God smite me if you cannot," or "Where is your God now, hero?" That's just {{tempting fate}}.
# If the Hero [[OneManArmy mowing down]] my [[WeHaveReserves Legions]] [[{{Mooks}} of]] [[RedshirtArmy Terror]] wouldn't last five minutes against my own [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking unholy]] [[SorcerousOverlord might]], [[OrcusOnHisThrone I will invest those five minutes]].
# I will not use [[WeWillUseManualLaborInTheFuture slave labor]] for any task [[NoOshaCompliance better suited]] to machinery.
# I should try to keep unemployment to a minimum. Keeping my subjects impoverished is fine, but if they have no jobs, they'll be more likely to revolt and assist the heroes.
# I will offer unemployed people work as [[{{Mooks}} soldiers]] in my armed forces. If they refuse, I will remind myself that I'm evil and have no use for bums on welfare, and arrange for them to [[ReleasedToElsewhere find "employment" elsewhere]].
# If I have a monster [[MadeOfIron too]] [[InvincibleMinorMinion tough]] for the Hero's weaponry to hurt, I will never put it [[BossArenaIdiocy in an area with weapons, devices, or explosives which CAN hurt it]].
# An unfamiliar [[WeaponOfChoice weapon]] is [[ExoticWeaponSupremacy difficult to fight against]]. Therefore, my own [[ImpossiblyCoolweapon weapon]] will be [[ImprobableWeaponUser rare and ill-known]] - or better yet, my own invention in the first place.
# I will not use a [[BlackMagic ritual]] to [[InstantExpert grant]] [[UpgradeArtifact great]] [[SuperEmpowering power]] to [[EliteMooks a few select]] [[SuperSoldier Doom Troops]] when I can use the same ritual to [[MassSuperEmpoweringEvent grant great power]] to [[BadassArmy ALL my Doom Troops]]. If it's safe, I'll also grant this power to myself.
# I will have [[DeathTrap traps]] on any surface the Heroes can [[RoofHopping reach and step on]] - including the [[WallCrawl walls and ceiling]], depending on their powers.
# I will constantly have several useful, but superfluous plans in motion, with much less security than my actual plans. [[XanatosGambit If they succeed I shall turn a profit, if not then the hero has just wasted valuable time stopping them]].
# I shall also remember to give these plans just enough security that the hero never says "This is too easy."
# Whenever I take over another country, I won't force them to give up their culture and follow mine. Instead, I'll simply introduce my customs and they will catch on soon enough.
# I will keep all my underlings well paid and give them good working conditions to avoid disgruntled workers being led by the hero into a rebellion. [[SignedUpForTheDental This will include a dental plan.]]
# '''''[[OneManArmy I]]''''' will remember that any [[RedshirtArmy enemy soldiers]] that are not the Hero or in his company are incapable of reliably capturing or killing me. Therefore, I will face an entire army instead of facing the Hero if I am given the alternatives.
# I will know that the best defense is the [[StatusQuoIsGod status quo]], so I will use it against the hero and do everything in my power to maintain it.
# I will not name my [[RightHandCat feline companion animal]] something frilly, feminine, starting with 'Mr.' or even something remotely good and ''totally not evil'', like [[FluffyTheTerrible Sir Fluffernutter]].
# I will NOT be a {{blood knight}}. It makes no sense to drag out fights against the hero just so I can enjoy the fight. That's what gets foolish overlords killed.
# If I am [[IHaveYourWife holding the hero's girlfriend hostage]] [[HostageForMcGuffin in exchange for a powerful artifact]] and the hero ACTUALLY follows through with things, I won't be stupid and try to kill her and him both just because I feel like it.
# My evil minions will never say "ItsProbablyNothing" with any serious meaning. Instead, this phrase will be code for "The hero is here! Sound the alarm and bring in reinforcements!"
# I will hire a live band to play my theme song during my moment of glory.
# If the hero utters any stupid and {{cliche}} {{catchphrase}}, I will [[JustShootHim shoot him immediately]].
# Regular appointments with my psychiatrist will be scheduled. {{Split personalit|y}}ies and other forms of mental illness can lead to my downfall.
# Any potential lieutenants must also pay my psychiatrist an annual visit. Anyone diagnosed with disorders that might interfere with their duties will not be promoted. Anyone diagnosed with megalomania or the like will be shot before they try to [[TheStarscream overthrow me]].
# I will not drink. It impairs judgment. I will not do drugs. It's only useful to [[ObfuscatingStupidity pretend]] to be high. Anything else gives the hero an opportunity to shoot me.
# If my guards are equipped with poison, it shall be a mixture of no less than 18 different samples that ''cannot'' cancel each other out. Also, said poison will only be applied to bullets, ''not'' put in a bottle or syringe that is carried.
# My Legions of Doom will also be instructed to carry the antidotes to any poisons they use ''in a securely locked container''. I don't want the heroes curing the poisoning by just beating my minions.
# I will not make my organization a serve-or-die type. If that happens, people get resentful and help the Hero. If they wish to leave, they may, if they don't say a word about it. However, it will be made clear that should they violate the non-disclosure agreement, their lives are forfeit.
# I will not send henchmen on [[FailureIsTheOnlyOption impossible missions]]. [[YouHaveFailedMe Nor will I become incensed and kill them if they fail]], if such a mission is ever necessary.
# I will not have any friends that I actually value. That way, I won't [[VillainousBreakdown go batshit insane]] if my so-called "friends" [[HeelFaceTurn turn on me]] and do anything like getting rid of all my henchmen in my paranoia.
# My minions will be taught to get along with each other to the point that they can use {{the power of friendship}} against a more heroic group of {{true companions}}.
# If I ever decide to [[NoMrBondIExpectYouToDine have dinner with the hero]], I will not attempt to [[PoisonedChaliceSwitcheroo poison him]] through the food. There are ''far'' too many things that could go wrong. [[KansasCityShuffle Instead]], I will rig the room with lethal booby-traps. Or even something simple like a poisoned tack under the hero's seat. Not such a childish prank now, is it?
# My prison will be as far away from my primary base as physically possible. The base will have cells for temporary confinement, but all prisoners will be transferred to the main prison as quickly as possible. Their equipment will be sent to a different facility even further away.
# I will not rape anyone, ever. Doing so is a [[MoralEventHorizon one-way]] [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil ticket]] to a {{karmic death}}, and those are ''never'' pleasant. Besides, if I want to be a competent overlord, I have to be able to control my primal urges.
# If I have a wife or girlfriend, I will remain faithful. The wrath of a [[WomanScorned royally pissed woman]] is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and I'd rather not face it. I'm not having my plans shot to hell because I couldn't keep my pants on.
# If my marriage does go sour, I'll do my best to end it amicably and leave my wife with a decent alimony, to make her less tempted to help the hero. Or just quietly kill her.
# I will use any means available to get the hero to cheat on his {{love interest}}, thus making the {{woman scorned}} his problem.
# My plans will not involve animals when it is not really necessary. I will not drop the hero into a snake pit when a pit of poison-coated spikes will be just as effective, and a lot cheaper.
# Despite how cool it would be, I may have to refrain from creating [[MixAndMatchCritters weird hybrid animals]], as it would be incredibly expensive.
# If I have hypnotic or mind control powers, I will keep my weapon ready just in case my control is broken.
# I will not disregard any potential threat simply because it's {{just a kid}}, as they may turn out to become a {{kid hero}}.
# Anyone who poses a threat to me will be quietly {{unperson}}ed, and their disappearance will be blamed on [[LaResistance the rebels]].
# If I am ever face-to-face with the protagonist, I will only give my villainous speech to him/her when they're disabled or killed.
# ''My'' guards will be specially bred to remove their sexual inclinations, thus closing the loophole provided by [[EvilOverlordList Rule #84]] that seems to be under the impression that gay guards don't exist.
# I could just use robot guards, of course. But make sure that the robots are ''actually'' robots, and don't [[DoAndroidsDream dream]]. And I'll make sure they can't be reprogrammed without retinal clearance from my top roboticist, my head of security, and myself.
# I will have the retinal scanner disguised as a finger-print scanner. If anyone puts, say, the severed hand of my head of security up against it, it will spectacularly explode.
# My scientists will put in the extra time to proof any mind control devices against [[ThePowerOfLove love]] or [[ThePowerOfFriendship friendship]].
# I will store the {{plot coupon}}s in a single place. The door that needs the coupons to open will be between the hero's starting location and myself. Ha.
# If I develop a superweapon to use against the heroes, [[YouCantThwartStageOne its first public use will be against the heroes]]. Any tests will be made in out-of-the-way locations against people that will never be missed, so the heroes will have no warning and no chance to develop a counter-measure.
# I will never depend on superweapon plans that were posted on the Internet.
# I will take anger management courses. That way, when the hero [[IShallTauntYou taunts me]] and runs, I will not become [[BerserkButton enraged]] and blindly chase him right into a trap.
# I will design my computer password system so that the [[RuleOfThree third]] failed attempt to log in will route the user to an apparently legitimate database full of misinformation. Then I can laugh quietly at them as their entire organization prepares to counter my non-existent schemes in Antarctica.
# I will not listen to the {{love interest}} when she says [[ScarpiaUltimatum she'll marry me if only I spare the hero's life]]. The fact that she was not willing to entertain the idea when his life was ''not'' on the line suggests her priorities are elsewhere.
# If I have the ability to [[TakenForGranite turn people into stone]], I will [[LiterallyShatteredLives smash them all into little pieces]]. Otherwise, it would just let any old hero who comes along with the ability to free them amass a large army of people who are pissed off at me for the final battle.
# If I am a young and handsome man, I will purchase [[DracoInLeatherPants leather pants]]. The [[FanGirl resulting admirers]] will make a useful backup army.
# If female, under '''''no''''' circumstances [[CombatStilettos will I or any of my minions wear heels]]. While sexy, they will [[BrokenHeel always break at the worst possible time]], and they impair movement to a significant degree.
# If I ever need to protect something vitally important behind an array of magical defenses, I will try and incorporate at least one which uses a password or other means of identity verification. Whilst [[OnlySmartPeopleMayPass ancient riddles]] and [[ThresholdGuardians tests of skill]] will keep the riff-raff out, they also grant entry to anyone capable of working them out - and heroes tend to be annoyingly good at this.
# I will never [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat assume]] [[DisneyDeath the hero is dead]] without ''personally'' finding the body, identifying it as my arch-enemy, and [[DeaderThanDead completely destroying it]]. Only after this procedure will I have him verified as deceased.
# However, in a fantasy or science fiction setting, I will always consider the possibility that [[DeathIsCheap death is not permanent]].
# If I must [[EnemyMine team up with]] the hero against a [[BiggerBad greater villain]], I won't immediately and impulsively betray the hero after defeating our common enemy. I will patiently wait for a more convenient time to double-cross the good guys.
# If I must [[EnemyMine team up with]] another villain against a greater enemy, I will keep my guard up. When working alongside a similarly despicable person, there's a good chance that they'll plan to back-stab me. I may have to back-stab them first.
# I will not, under any circumstances, trust some upstart new villain that I've never met; especially when they suggest a plan to take down the heroes that I've never thought of, or that requires finding some new weapon that they guarantee will help defeat the heroes. This plan will inevitably [[SortingAlgorithmOfEvil elevate the new guy at my expense]].
# I will avoid any plan that involves releasing [[SealedEvilInACan a mystically imprisoned, ancient evil]]. This would most likely result in the above situation, [[EvilIsNotAToy or worse]].
# I will remind myself that my goal is to {{take over the world}}, NOT to [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt destroy it]]. I will watch out for [[OmnicidalManiac villains who wish to cause the apocalypse]].
# I will use heroes by informing and directing them to my enemies that are more (overtly) evil than I am. Heroes tend to ignore lesser evils when a much larger one looms over them.
# On top of never gloating, I shall never so much as talk in battle. It's a distraction and any moment I could spend thinking of something to say, I could instead be using to predict my opponent's next move and a respective counter. Cold silence is intimidating as well.
# If I am ever short on cash but have a handy new invention, and I have the choice between using this invention to steal money in a heist that will bring me into direct confrontation with the hero and just selling it on [=eBay=] for tons of cash and collecting anonymously, [[CutLexLuthorACheck I will choose the latter]].
# I will not only allow but encourage my Legions of Evil to paint unique designs on their armor. Not only is it a slight morale booster, but it also makes it easier to identify individual soldiers and thus makes it that much harder for the Hero to impersonate them.
# If I absolutely MUST use a slow death trap for an execution, I will use it on a hero first. I will not put a nameless {{redshirt}} in first, allowing the hero to figure it out. Nor will I put the hero's {{love interest}} in the death trap first, as this inevitably leads to a last minute rescue.
# Of course, it's always much more preferable that [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim I just shoot the hero]] when I have the chance to.
# If I'm having audio-only contact with one of my minions, and the connection is suddenly broken, I will treat the situation like a full-scale emergency. It doesn't matter if contact is reestablished right afterwards and a voice assures me that everything is all right and that it was just a minor glitch; I will nevertheless assume that there's now an enemy at the other end of the line.
# I will not keep a gigantic, man-eating beast that is likely to eat just about anyone who happens to be dumped into its moat or dungeon. If it can't be trained into never trying to eat ''me'', it's not worth the risk.
# When [[IfYouKillHimYouWillBeJustLikeHim a noble hero convinces another, less noble hero not to kill me]], it is not the right time for me to push my luck. In a situation like that, I will not mock them for being so naive and promise that eventually I'll kill them both. Instead, I will act humble and remorseful for as long as they've got me dead to rights.
# I will not suddenly start acting evil again once they've no longer got me, either. I will at least wait until they're out of both sight and earshot.
# If I hear a suspicious sound coming from somewhere in my fortress or just outside my camp, I will send out three henchmen to investigate: one in the direction from which the sound was coming, two in the opposite direction.
# If I do not get updated on the situation within a reasonable timeframe, I will have the area under heavy guard, with powerful weapons prepared in case of sudden hero encounters.
# I will build more hospitals. The doctors and medics will treat soldiers first, and civilians second. This means I'll lose less soldiers, civilians will have more incentive to join my forces, and my subjects will be far more loyal. [[PragmaticVillainy It isn't evil in nature, but it allows me to further my evil cause(s) more easily]].
# I will make the first Friday of every month "Funny Hat Day". Not only will it raise morale of my Legions of Evil but the hero will think twice about [[DressingAsTheEnemy posing as one of them]] when they have to wear a hat made out of fake fruit.
# I will observe {{the hero}} and their potential {{love interest}}. Should there be any [[WillTheyOrWontThey possibly]] [[BelligerentSexualTension belligerent and]] {{unresolved sexual tension}}, I will plan to villify the hero to their love interest. These tactics will be subtle so that they don't find out and become a couple with the {{power of love}}.
# I will consider the pros of being a [[TwoferTokenMinority black, gay, Jewish woman]]. Such as [[PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad being able to paint the hero and his companions as]] [[StayInTheKitchen sexist]], [[MistakenForRacist racist]], [[HeteronormativeCrusader homophobic]] [[PuttingOnTheReich anti-Semites]].
# I will not hire a [[BuxomIsBetter busty]] [[MsFanservice bombshell]] [[HotConsort as my second in command]]. They may be [[EvilIsSexy aesthetically pleasing]], but I shouldn't be choosing someone based solely on appearance rather than merit.
# The borders of my realm will be well guarded with checkpoints and preferably a 50+ feet high wall with motion sensors. Said sensors will be linked to a number of machine guns. Any outage in the motion sensor grid will be treated as an emergency.
# Incentives will be offered should someone find a legitimate flaw in the security system, be it from a minion or civilian.
# Should the hero somehow enter my realm, I will ''not'' allow him and his party to carry on while I plot his demise. He shall instead be greeted by an airstrike.
# I will find alternate means of dealing with any enemy who would become more powerful if killed.
# I will make certain that my squad of superpowered evil minions [[ElementalRockPaperScissors aren't particularly weak to each others' powers]]. While this can be useful in containing rebellion, there are many [[PowerCopying power-assimilating heroes]] out there. Alternately, I will pair each minion with the counterpart that strengthens/heals them.
# If the [[AppliedPhlebotinum super-empowering substance]] I possess has a possibility of horrible side effects, I will neither force a minion to take it, nor try it myself. I will instead wait for version 2.0.
# As an alternative to [[EvilOverlordListCellblockA Rule #167]], I will hire both the programmer ''and'' the kid and make sure that they work as a team. Not only will their combined ideas increase my computer systems' security, but the hero will have to man the keyboard himself.
# I will hire a [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} complete lunatic]] as one of my advisers, but the first idea that he has to defeat any of my enemies will be treated as a last resort. If unsuccessful, he will be dealt with in a manner that will ensure that he can never help the hero (even by accident) in any way.
# An alternative to [[EvilOverlordList Rule #2]]: I will keep the air vents large, because crawling through there makes a lot of noise; so when the hero tries to escape, I can just have my men shoot at the sound. Also realistically, the air ducts will simply break under his weight, providing [[{{Troll}} amusement]] as he tries to spy on my plans.
# ''Another'' alternative to [[EvilOverlordList Rule #2]]: I will keep the insides of my air vents at lethal temperature extremes. This function will only be disabled when they must be repaired (and I ''will'' check the identity of the repairman).
# I will not [[SunglassesAtNight wear my badass sunglasses at night]]. While [[RuleOfCool they do look awesome]], it's not worth impairing my vision unless I'm working on something brightly lit for my {{evil plan}}s, I have [[Franchise/ResidentEvil demonic glowing cat eyes]] or [[VideoGame/DeusEx cybernetic augmentations]] that allow me to see in such darkness, [[Literature/ArtemisFowl I'm confronting someone who can mesmerize me by eye contact]], and/or I'm in Alaska or Antarctica around the time of year when the sun is out all the time.
# My motives will always appear to be [[AntiVillain sympathetic]]. The reason is simple; if {{the hero}} thinks that I'm just misguided, they'll try to talk me out of whatever I'm doing, instead of constantly trying to kill me.
# I must never underestimate any hero. I will always assume they're a threat, even if they're [[KidHero young]]/[[StayInTheKitchen female]]/[[IdiotHero stupid]]/[[BewareTheSillyOnes silly]]/[[WideEyedIdealist naive]]/[[DeathIsCheap dead]]/whatever. And I will expect my underlings to assume the same.