''Space Heroes'' is a show on the adventures of Captain Ryan, Crankshaw, and Commander Grundch, and their continuing troubles and tribulations.

[[spoiler:This show does not exist and is actually based off the fictitious show in ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012''.]]
!!Tropes this series uses:

* AffectionateParody: Of StarTrekTheAnimatedSeries.
* DatingCatwoman: Ryan once enter in a relationship with an alien woman that then tries to kill him. So he kills her first.
* DeflectorShield: Their ship has those,as shown in several episode.
* FlatCharacter: All the protagonist except Captain Ryan.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Ryan's favourite method to calm down others crew members. He once did it to ''himself''.
* GoingDownWithTheShip: In the last episode, their ship is about to explode:Ryan evacuates the rest of the crew but decides to not go with them.It's... actually almost touching.
-->'''Ryan''':"Well, old girl, it's just you and me!"
* HypocriticalHumor: Ryan considers "A humane solution" for getting rid of some aliens to shot them in space. Where they ''explode''.
* IKnowYouAreInThereSomewhereFight: Subverted ''big time''. When one of his crew members get controlled by an alien, Ryan simply killed him(the crew member,not the alien).
* InterspeciesRomance: Ryan was once in a relationship with an alien woman, until they both tried to kill each other (Ryan won).
** Commander Grunch was in love with one of the cadets,but she was killed on her first mission.
* JerkassHasAPoint: Captain Ryan might be a jerk at times, but sometime he can make good points over choices of actions.
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: See below on RedShirt.
* MurderIsTheBestSolution: Captain Ryan is disturbingly killer-happy.
* NoodleIncident: An episode was about resolving a revolt the crew had in some way created.
* RedShirt: They are actually called B-team,but they have the same role. Two of them get disintegrated as soon as they land on a planet.
-->'''Crankshaw:'''"Oh no! Rodriguez...[[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and that other guy!]] They're ''gone''!
-->'''Ryan:'''"Well, [[LampshadeHanging That's why they're here!]]
* SociopathicHero: Captain Ryan can be worse than the monsters he faces sometimes.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Ryan is no doubt the protagonist.
* TragicKeepsake: Ryan keeps the boots of the woman that tried to kill him. It's a lot less sweet when you realize he was the one killing her.
* WhatMeasureIsANonHuman: Averted. A human is killed alongside an alien, an Ryan's reaction is the same (which means [[TheSociopath total indifference]]).