->'''Principal Skinner:''' Now I finally have time to do what I've always wanted: write the great American novel. Mine is about a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought to life through advanced cloning techniques! I call it "Billy and the Cloneasaurus!"\\
'''Apu:''' Oh, you have got to be kidding sir! First you think of an idea that has already been done, then you give it a title that nobody could possibly like!
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''

Sometimes titles just don't work. They're too short, too long, too vague, or just plain wrong. So we are glad those aren't the titles for certain tropes.

But {{what|If}}...

[[ScareChord Dun dun dadaldadalduun!]]

...[[WhatIf if]] they were?

This is where we think of the worst possible titles for existing tropes.

Compare LaconicWiki, Administrivia/RenamedTropes, JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant (lousy definitions for trope titles).
!!Examples are alphabetized by trope name:


[[folder: To begin... ]]

* This page is called Lousy Alternate Titles because '''Goofing Around By Spelling Out The Meanings Of The Tropes With Profanity And BoldInflation''' is too long.
** And it's still shorter than '''What If Encyclopedia Dramatica Wrote Our Trope Titles?'''.
** Also, '''Really, Really Lousy Alternate Titles That Are Way Too Long And Usually Complain About Tropes, Tropers, And Pretty Much Everything''' is too hypocritical, and '''Self Demonstrating Trope Titles''' doesn't actually apply to all of them.

%% Reminder to Tropers: When you change the main trope name for an entry (say, due to a trope rename), please remember to move the newly-renamed entry to its proper alphabetical position in the list.

[[folder: A ]]

* AgeGapAlgebra is not as judgemental as '''Good Grief, Folks. Just Date Somebody ''Your Own Age'''''.
* We picked AGodIsYou instead of '''You Shall Be As Gods''' because [[VideoGame/{{Xenogears}} the game that phrase comes from]] unfortunately [[ThisIndexIsNotAnExample isn't an example.]]
* Calling it AllPlanetsAreEarthlike explains the idea better than '''Like Humanity Unless Noted''', and not everyone's familiar with certain JustForFun/TropesOfLegend.
* AllYourColorsCombined isn't called '''[[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic Taste the Rainbow, Motherfucker!]]''' since even without the swearing, it's still an ambiguous meme-based title.
* AllDeathsFinal isn't called '''[[VisualNovel/FateStayNight People Die if They Are Killed]]''', since that's a CaptainObvious meme and not really an example.
* It's called AmericaSavesTheDay instead of '''[[Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice America! Fuck Yeah!]]''' because we try to avoid swearing in titles unless it's absolutely necessary.
* One day we might call AmoralAttorney '''[[Music/TheBeeGees He's a Lawyer! Aaah! Aaah!]]'''...but not before Music/WeirdAlYankovic sung that.
* We originally had '''TJWNDHZKFVLPIQTLY'''. However, none of us could pronouce it, so we had to change it to {{Angrish}}.
* {{Animesque}} is shorter and snappier than '''I Can't Believe It's Not Anime'''.
* AnthropomorphicFood is self-explanatory and not a stupid pun on another trope, unlike '''[[TheCakeIsALie The Cake is Alive]]'''.
* It's called ArsonMurderAndJaywalking because '''Furries, Loli-Porn, and Dubs''' is too much of a gratuitous TakeThat to the anime {{fandom}}. [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg And furries]], of course.
* ArtifactTitle is much snappier than '''The Title Used to Make Sense, and Then the Series Changed in a Way That Doesn't Fit With the Title, But We're Sticking With That Name Anyway for the Sake of Familiarity'''.
* ArtisticLicense is really a much nicer way of saying '''YOU FAIL A SUBJECT FOREVER!!!'''.
* We chose ''Elements Do Not Work That Way'' as a redirect to ArtisticLicenseChemistry. '''[[Series/BreakingBad Heisenberg will so kill you for that]]''' seemed unnecessarily threatening.
* It's ArtisticLicensePhysics because '''[[Series/{{Mythbusters}} We Forgot The Newton Laws!]]''' is too specific, and also sounds like an in-universe character's failure to take Newton's Laws into account, rather than a creator's misunderstanding of physics.
* ArtisticLicensePaleontology was chosen because '''Somewhere A Paleontologist Is Standing On A Chair, Giving The Middle Finger, And Screaming "FUCK YOU!"''' was deemed a little ''too'' [[TestosteronePoisoning manly]].
* It's called AscendedGlitch because '''We Didn't Mean To Do This, But The Fans Liked It So We Kept It In''' is a little too honest.
* It's called AssKicksYou because '''Butt Butt''' would have been too much of a pun, even for this site.
* It's called AssPull because it describes more payloads than '''Deus Excreta''', which in turn would be confused with "Deus ex Creta", which literally translates to "god from Crete".
* It's called AtomicFBomb and not '''Big Fuck''' because, again, we try to avoid swearing in titles, and because that sounds like an orgy, like [[BigBad the person who's behind all the sex in the work]], or [[BigBeautifulWoman sex with or between large characters]].
* AuthorFilibuster sounded a little better than '''For Some Reason, The Writer Thinks You Give Two Shits What His Opinion On Anything Is'''.
* AwardSnub is a shorter, more explanatory title than '''Music/KendrickLamar Syndrome'''.
* We chose AWinnerIsYou because '''[[VideoGame/BigRigsOverTheRoadRacing YOU'RE WINNER !]]''' looks not nearly as professional.


[[folder: B ]]

* We called it BackFromTheDead instead of '''Dead But Not Out''' because... no-one thought of that.
* BecomingTheCostume is pretty self-explanatory, while calling it '''Fabric Conditioning''' is clever but also a lot harder to understand.
* Itís called BeliefMakesYouStupid because '''Mormon Tapirs''' is ''way'' too obscure a reference.
* BestKnownForTheFanservice is more subtle than saying '''Screw The Plot, There's A Hot Topless Chick!'''
* BetaTestBaddie wasn't called '''Incomplete Monster''' because, let's face it, someone would find a way to start a FlameWar over it.
* SugarWiki/BetterThanItSounds is called that because '''Making Good Fiction Seem Like Crap And Making You Guess Which Fiction It Is''' is a lot to type.
** And also because '''Adventure Ho''' is too specific to one show.
* BigBreastPride (or related tropes) should in no case be named '''[[ShockSite 1 Girl 2 D-Cups]]'''. The fact that it's misleading would be only the slightest problem.
* BigBrotherBully isn't called '''The Rodrick''' because not everyone's seen ([[Film/DiaryOfAWimpyKid or watched]]) ''Literature/DiaryOfAWimpyKid''.
* They call it BigNo because nobody can remember just how many letters are in '''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!''' Ditto with tropes such as:
** BigWordShout ('''[[Film/StarTrekIITheWrathOfKhan Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!]]''')
** {{Kiai}} ('''Wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!''')
* BizarreInstrument has a better ring than '''You'd Have To Be High To Think That Could Actually Make Music'''.
* It's called BlackSheepHit because it's shorter than '''If We'd Known This Was Going To Be The Only Song You Remember Us For, We Never Would Have Done It'''.
* BreastAttack is short and not a dumb pun, unlike '''What's The Breast Spot To Strike On A Woman?'''.
* BuxomIsBetter isn't exactly the most subtle trope title, but it's significantly less blatant than '''[[Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}} Busty Makes Me Feel Good]]'''.


[[folder: C ]]

* We don't call CantTakeCriticism '''[[VideoGame/BioShock1 Screw All You Fucking Doubters!]]''' because our title is more concise and doesn't contain swearing.
* CapcomSequelStagnation is better than '''Super Ultra [[VideoGame/MarvelvsCapcom3 Ultimate]] [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Hyper]] [Insert Game Title Here] [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Turbo HD Remix]] [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Arcade Edition]]''' because it's less confusing to remember.
* ChartDisplacement is short and easy to remember. '''Did You Know That Band Had Other Songs That Charted Even Higher Than The One You Remember Them For?''' isn't. And that's ''without'' naming specific artists and songs.
* It's called ChekhovsGun because '''Look At Me I'm A Plot Device!''' is just a tad snarky.
** And calling it '''[[http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/The_Naked_Time_(episode) Sulu's Sword]]''' would be confusing.
* It's called the ChewbaccaDefense because '''Total Bullshit Argument''' would just be rude, and would most likely turn into a PotholeMagnet for complaining.
* ChocolateFrostedSugarBombs could have been aptly named '''Sugar Porn'''...the problem is less the porn [[ItsNotPornItsAnIndex (we have a lot)]] but specifically the trope FoodPorn which could lead to confusion.
* Calling ChristmasMiracle '''Santa Fu''' being a {{Pun}} is not the problem. Rather it's the fact that probably only a citizen of UsefulNotes/{{Hamburg}} will find it funny. [[note]][[AffectionateNickname It's the local jail.]][[/note]]
* We went with CityMouse rather than '''The Dude''' because not everyone is familiar with that word's meaning as "inexperienced cowboy".
* ClusterFBomb is generally easier to remember than '''Fucking Fuckheaded Show That Fucking Likes To Fucking Use The Fucking Word "Fuck" All The Fucking Time''', and you couldn't use it in polite company. Also, it's {{pun}}nier.
* Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike is a long title, but '''Presenting Subjective Opinions Of Things You Don't Like As Objective Fact In A Way That Will Just Start An Argument''' is even longer.
* CompleteMonster is a concise way of saying '''Worse Than Satan, Stalin, Hitler, Nero, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, And Bin Laden Combined'''.
* CompleteTheQuoteTitle isn't anywhere as snarky as '''Hey, We're So Clever, Why Don't We Name The Work After The ''Least'' Relevant Part Of The Quote Relevant To The Subject At Hand?'''
* CorruptCorporateExecutive is a better title than '''The Modern HRV Media Group''' due to unnecessary TakeThat in the latter.
* We call it CrackIsCheaper because '''Creator/{{Hasbro}} Owns Your Soul''' hit a bit too close to home for some people.
* It's CrackPairing because '''Shipping Of Two Or More People That Rarely If Ever Interact With Each Other Or People That Hate Each Other And Would Never Think Of Loving Each Other In A Million Years...Or Just MindScrew Pairings''' is way too long.
** And because '''That Ship Pairing Is No, Just... No. What ''The Hell'' Is Wrong With You?!''' was a little too mean-spirited.
** And '''Still a Better Love Story Than ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''''' is meme-based, ambiguous, and too much of a TakeThat
* CriticalBacklash is so called because '''[[VideoGame/AdvanceWars Flak Lash]]''' was ''way'' too lame of a pun.
* Calling TheCuckoolanderWasRight '''Listen to the Voice of Butters''' is already bad as [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Butters]] is not the best example of a {{cloudcuckoolander}}, so the fact that no one gets Music/TheHumanLeague reference is rather irrelevant.
* We call it CulturalTranslation since '''[[Creator/FourKidsEntertainment 4Kids]] Hates Riceballs''' is too much of a TakeThat, and '''[[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Brock's Jelly-Filled Donuts]]''' and '''[[Webcomic/AwkwardZombie Eat Your Hamburgers,]] [[Franchise/AceAttorney Apollo]]''' make no sense to most people.
* CutASliceTakeTheRest is a lot shorter than '''Cutting Out A Small Piece Of Something Implying That You Are Going To Take The Small Piece But Actually Taking The Whole Rest'''.
** And it's nicer than '''Hey, If You Cut A Small Slice, Take The ''Small'' Slice, You Dickhead!'''.
* CutenessOverload is more specific than '''[[WesternAnimation/DespicableMe He's So Fluffy, I'm Gonna Die!]]'''.


[[folder: D ]]

* DamselScrappy is the name, since '''Useless Chick Who Does Nothing But Get Kidnapped And Scream''' proved to be a tad long-winded, and it's more polite than '''[[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic Dumbass In Distress]]'''.
* It's called DanBrowned because '''If You're Going To Make Such A Big Sodding Deal About It Being Accurate Then Make Sure It's Actually Accurate, Stupid''' is just too long and mean.
* DarkWorld is a better title than '''The Veil''' since not everyone has played ''VideoGame/{{Wolfenstein}}'' and it's far from being a good example.
* It's called [[DarthWiki/ThisExists Darth Wiki]] because on the one hand, someone would have objected to '''This Is Where We Put Our Answer to [[Website/FourChan /b/tards]]''', and on the other hand, '''B''' is too short.
* It's called ADateWithRosiePalms because it turns out '''[[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam This Hand Of Mine Glows With An Awesome Power]]''' isn't actually an example.
* '''This Idea Is Bogus And You Should Hang Yourself For It''' does not even ''remotely'' [[Administrivia/NotADeconstruction begin to describe]] what {{Deconstruction}} is about, even if many think it does.
* It's called {{Demonization}} because '''Lying About Shows You Don't Like''' is only part of it.
* It's called DemonicSpiders because '''Fuck This Fucking Piece of Fucking Bull Fucking Shit Fucking Asshole''' is too full of swears, too long, and is prone to being confused with ClusterFBomb.
* It's called DinnerWithTheBoss because '''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS7E2122ShortFilmsAboutSpringfield Well, Seymour, I Made It, Despite Your Directions]]''' is too vague.
* DirectionallySolidPlatforms is definitely a better title than '''The Contra Effect''' since ''VideoGame/{{Contra}}'' is known for other things too.
* DiscreditedTrope is nicer than '''Stop Using This Bullshit Trope, You Dumbfucks!'''
* '''Remember That Scene In That Disney Movie Where The Chick Sings And Animals Come Out To Join Her? Well Look We're Parodying That! Aren't We Clever?''' is a little too cheeky for its own good. DisneyCreaturesOfTheFarce works a lot better.
* We went with DisSimile because it's shorter, catchier, and more punny than '''"[[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} And By 'Metaphorically', I Mean 'Get Your Coat.']]"'''
* OK, we admit it. DistaffCounterpart was chosen because we like the sound of tropers running to their [[JustForFun/TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary Webster]]. On the other hand, if we called it '''Recycled...With Boobies!''', not only would it be crude, but we'd have to make it even more vulgar by also renaming SpearCounterpart to '''Recycled... With Penises!'''.
* It's called TheDogWasTheMastermind because '''The Dog That You Saw On The Way To The Crime Scene And Was The Least Likely Being To Do It Got You Into This Mess''' can cause breathlessness by itself.
* We went with TheDulcineaEffect rather than '''[[Website/TheGrandListOfConsoleRPGCliches Thinking With The Wrong Head]]''' because even if you get through the ambiguity, it would still be cynical (and immature) to claim love is driven exclusively by libido.


[[folder: E ]]

* EarthIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse is more or less self-explanatory, '''Most Writers Are Terrans''', however, sounds much more general.
* EatTheDog was less punny than '''[[Manga/ExcelSaga Menchi]] Solution'''. And TenchiSolution has since been split, thus ruining the pun anyways.
* EatTheRich isn't called '''Voregeoisie''' because that would just be ''too'' messed up, even for us.
* ElectronicEyes speaks for itself. '''[[VideoGame/DeusEx My Vision Has Been Augmented]]''' probably too but, you know, phrase-based title and meme-shoehorning and those are no-no.
* EndingFatigue is called that because '''The Point Where It Becomes Obvious That Someone Was Paying The Writers By The Word''' may not always be accurate. It also sounded better than '''You've Already Killed The Bad Guy, Just End The Fucking Thing Already!'''.
* EntryPimp sounds cheerful while '''Tropers Trying To Shove What They Like And/Or Make Down Our Throats No Matter What''' is a bit mean.
* We settled on EvenTheGirlsWantHer because '''Women love [[Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit Jessica Rabbit]]''', [[GirlonGirlIsHot while a wonderful thought]], made people, shall we say, over excited by the prospect.
* We call it EvilLaugh instead of '''BWAHAHAHAHA''' or something similar because there are so many different types of evil laughs, and people would forget how many "HA"s to use.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin is preferable to '''The Name Says It All, Really.'''
** It's also a good choice because '''Administrivia/SelfExplanatory''' isn't.
* ExtraEyes...well, '''More Eyes Than In A [[Manga/SazanEyes Sanjiyan]] Orgy''' has two problems. a) it's a bad snowclone of MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily, b) is left for the reader.
* ExtremeOmnivore is less obscure than '''[[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Zoidberg]] Fuel'''.


[[folder: F ]]

* FairForItsDay is much shorter than '''This Old Piece Of Media Is Racist, But Everything Else At The Time Was Even More Racist, And This Was Controversial For Being Progressive By Those Standards'''.
** It's also shorter and not as judgmental than '''Did You Know This Racist/Misogynist/Homophobic/Ethnocentric Work Was Actually Criticized In Its Day For Not Being Racist/Misogynist/Homophobic/Ethnocentric Enough?'''
* FanHater is a fairly precise, short and to the point name. It serves the purpose much better than '''I Can't Believe Anyone Actually Likes This Heap Of Shit. It's The Worst Thing In The World, And If You Like It, You're An Absolute Tool Who Has No Taste And You're Not Worth Any Time, Effort, Love, Pity Or Emotion, So Why Don't You Just Go Away And Die?'''
* FetishRetardant is more understandable than '''[[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} But Nobody Came]]''', which would be a hard-to-understand innuendo that has nothing to do with the quote. We had the trope before ''Undertale'' came out, anyway.
* FingerGun could've been called '''Finger Bang''', until it became a repetitious chorus in a ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' song.
* It's called FlyingBrick because '''[[Music/DaftPunk Harder Better Faster Stronger]]''' doesn't mention the flying part.
** '''Harder Better Faster Stronger Flyer''' is a better alternate title, but a bit long.
* It's called FranchiseZombie because '''[[FanHater I Hate All Of You For Liking This]] But I Have To Make More Of It!''' sounds downright insulting.
** And '''Oh God, I'm So Tired Of Working On This Show, I Really Want To Move On To Something Else, But I've Still Got Two Years On My Contract, And I Can't Afford To Break It.''' is simply too long.
* FunbagAirbag makes a SublimeRhyme, unlike '''Clash On The Big Breasts''', which would make anyone familiar with ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV'' groan.


[[folder: G ]]

* GameBreaker is a lot nicer of a name than '''Things In Games That You Can Use To Make The Game Much Easier If You're A Little Bitch''', doesn't it?
* GermanicDepressives is nice and punny. '''Sour Krauts''' is equally punny, but pretty offensive. And we really don't want to offend those guys. On account of them being so grim.
* We call it "Get Known" because '''This Is A Hell Of A Lot Simpler Than Registering''' just doesn't have that nice ring to it.
* We choose GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere because '''What The Heck Is That Boss Doing Here!?''' would be too hard to use as a noun.
* GirlOnGirlIsHot is a lot shorter than '''Lesbians, And Bisexual Ladies, Is A Really Common Fetish Guys Have'''.
* It's GiverOfLameNames because '''[[Literature/{{Discworld}} Leonard Of Quirm]] Naming''' is too obscure for some.
** And while {{Self Demonstrati|ngTitle}}on is always fun, '''That Guy Who Always Names Things With Stupidly Long And Overly Detailed Descriptions Of Their Function''' is just a bit unwieldy.
** And '''[[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} The Asgore]]''' is a vague character name from a relatively-recent video game.
* GoingFurASwim is concise. '''Wearing [[PrettyInMink A Fur Coat]] Over A Swimsuit As A Common Method To Combine ConspicuousConsumption With {{Fanservice}}''' is not.
* GoodWingsEvilWings is better than '''Good Wings Bad Wings''' since the latter would be confused about wings on mythological creatures being impractical.
* GretzkyHasTheBall is less confrontational than '''If You're Going To Write About Sports, Do The Fucking Research Or All The Nitpicky Sports Fans Will Complain About All This Stuff You Got Wrong'''.
* It's called GroinAttack because '''[[WesternAnimation/SouthPark You Just Don't Shoot A Guy In The Dick!]]''' is too specific to properly describe the trope.
* GroundhogDayLoop actually ''could'' be called '''[[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Endless Eight]]''' on a Japanese version of TV Tropes, but in the English-speaking world [[Film/GroundhogDay the current trope namer]] is much more well-known.
* GuyOnGuyIsHot is much shorter than '''It Turns Out A Lot of Women Get Turned On By Guys Being Intimate With Each Other'''.
** It's also shorter than '''What Do You Mean There Is A Portion Of The Franchise/StarTrek Fanbase That Likes To Have Kirk And Spock Making Out?'''.


[[folder: H ]]

* HannibalLecture gets its name from its TropeNamer. This is fortuitous, because calling it '''[[RussianReversal Psycho Analyzes You]]''' would have required ''several'' apologies to Creator/YakovSmirnoff.
* HeavyMithril is a nice pun, and a lot nicer and shorter than '''Playing Fantasy-Themed Metal Is The Best Way To Tell People You Like ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'', If You [[NerdsAreVirgins Still Want To Get Laid]] Afterwards'''.
** Also '''Rocker's Saving Throw''' would be confusing enough even if it wasn't a snowclone.
* HeroicSuicide isn't called '''(Become) an Hero''' since that just seems like a non-indicative misspelled phrase to people not aware of a certain meme, and said meme isn't an accurate synonym for the trope, and is rather offensive.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard could probably be called '''Wile E. Coyote Syndrome''', if not for Administrivia/TropeNamerSyndrome.
* HollywoodTactics isn't named '''Just [A] Bunch Of Droids''' because not everyone knows what [[http://www.google.com/search?q=JBOD JBOD]] is and can get the DoubleEntendre. And besides while ''Franchise/StarWars is'' major offender, it's not just about how the droids fight.
* HollywoodTourettes was used instead of '''Tourettes Motherfucking Cunt Bullshit On My Asshole Syndrome''', '''Tourette's Shitcock Syndrome''' or '''Tourettes Isn't Just About Swearing, You Idiots'''.
* HotWitch is a pretty intuitive name. '''Hex Bomb''' would be hilarious, but it would better be reserved for actual magical explosives.
* HumansAreSpecial sounds somewhat more neutral than '''Fuck Yeah, Humanity!'''.
* It's called HypeAversion because '''You Should Avoid This Like A Plague Or Else You'll Turn Into A Mindless, Drooling [[FanDumb Dipshit]] Like The Masses Who Watch This Shallow, Piece-Of-Shit Show For A Fad With Its Over-Inflated Hype Clogging Up The Networks Like The Hardened Fat In The Arteries Of The Pathetic, Lifeless Losers Who Watch It''', aside from just being plain ''cruel'', would make you run out of breath saying it.


[[folder: I ]]

* It's called IAmNotShazam because that's a somewhat less confrontational title than '''That's The Name Of The Work, Not The Name Of The Character, You Stupid Idiot'''.
* IdenticalStranger may be more concise, but it does mean that we lose out on the snowclone potential of [[DudeLooksLikeALady Dude Looks Like A Different Dude]].
* IdiotBall has a ring to it. '''Characters Acting Like Idiots Because The Writers Could Not Think Of A Plausible Reason To Have The Plot Happen Otherwise''' doesn't.
** Same thing with IdiotPlot. Neither can we call it '''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButtHead Plot''' because it would come off as a TakeThat.
* It's called InnocentFanserviceGirl because '''Vague Excuse To Have a Naked Girl Stay Naked''' was too long.
* We call it InternetBackdraft because '''Flame Barbeque''' is a bit too ambiguous.
** And accurate as '''Things Which Don't Ultimately Matter Or Warrant Anger But Which Nerds Get Way Too Hostile About Anyway''' is, it is potentially offensive or alienating to Wiki/TVTropes' readership, an audience consisting largely of said nerds.
* It's called IncestSubtext because '''Bro Yay''' [[ThatCameOutWrong just sounds wrong]].
* Calling it IndexOfFilmWesterns avoids the ambiguity innate to '''Western Films'''. A lot of films are made in Hollywood, arenít they?
* IllBeInMyBunk is short and subtle. '''That Was So Hot That I'm Going Somewhere Private To Jerk Off''' is more clear, but way too long, and a bit NotSafeForWork.
* ImaginaryFriend is how they are commonly called. '''Cerebral Pals''' would leave people either very confused or very offended.
* IndexOnTheMoon could be called '''Albedo Girl'''...if anyone understood so much mythology, physics AND the [[Music/{{Kiss}} popcultural shout out.]] A bit much even for Wiki/TVTropes. Still would make a nice Creator/JoeHill title.
* InsufferableGenius is significantly more clear than '''So Good It's Bad'''.
* IntentionalEngrishForFunny is shorter than '''It Funny To On Purpose Make English As Though Translated In Badly Way From Other Language'''.
* ISurrenderSuckers isn't called '''Geeettttttt Dunked On!!''' because the trope existed before ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' and because it's an ambiguous meme that's hard to explain without spoiling one of the game's endings.
* It's called ItWasHisSled because '''Everyone Knows That Twist, You Don't Need To Mark It As Spoiler Anymore, Dumbass''' is too mean, too long and too exact. And we still encourage putting ItWasHisSled examples in spoiler tags, so there's that.
* IHaveBoobsYouMustObey is shorter than '''[[ExploitedTrope Exploiting The Fact]] That Men Tend To Think With Their Dicks'''.


[[folder: J ]]

* JumpingTheShark is called that because '''Oh Shit, The DarthWiki/RuinedFOREVER Crowd Was Right''' is too long, not to mention jumping the shark as a term existed longer than crying ruined FOREVER.
* JustForFun is simple and short, unlike '''Yes, The Site Isn't Meant To Be SeriousBusiness, But This Is Just The Section Where We Cut Loose In Describing Trope And Media In Sillier Ways Than Normal'''.


[[folder: K ]]

* KarmaHoudini is the simpler name. It was originally '''Fuckers Who Still Get All The Chicks After [[MoralEventHorizon Doing Horrible, Horrible Things]]'''.
* KillAllHumans is definitely much better title than '''[[Series/DoctorWho Dalek Gambit]]''' for obvious reasons.
* KillerRabbit isn't as good a pun as '''Homo Homine Lepus''', but the trope is about more than just rabbits.


[[folder: L ]]

* It's called LaconicWiki because '''Describe This Trope In As Few Words As You Can Without Making It Sound Either Really Stupid Or Just Like Some Other Trope. Oh, You Should Try To Make It Only One Sentence, Too. Thanks.''' would have been a long title and namespace, and therefore counterproductive.
* Calling LampshadeHanging '''Wiki/TVTropes most favorite trope''', even if factually probably correct, would be rather nondescript. Calling it '''If Someone Complains About A Plot Development, Just Say "Ain't It Ridiculous!?" Until They Go Away''' might have prevented its rampant misuse but would be hard to search.
* It's called LeastRhymableWord and not '''Locksmith''' because not everyone [[Theatre/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet would get the reference.]]
** We don't call it '''[[WebVideo/SuburbanKnights By the Way, Do You Know a Good Word That Rhymes With "Castrati?"]]''' for the same reason. Also, because it's not a straight example of the trope.
* LieBackAndThinkOfEngland at least hints that it's talking about sex, unlike '''[[Literature/NineteenEightyFour Our Duty to the Party]]''', which is way too vague.
* It's called LimitedSpecialCollectorsUltimateEdition because '''Limited [[NewAndImproved Deluxe]] {{Gre|enAesop}}[[PaletteSwap en]] [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Super Special Awesome]] [[InfinityPlusOneSword Ultra]] [[{{Padding}} Extended]] [[ViolenceIsTheOnlyOption Combat]] [[Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger Commando]] Franchise/{{Alien}} NinjaPirateZombieRobot Creator/VinDiesel [[Manga/{{Dragonball}} Widescreen]] [[GottaCatchEmAll Collector's]] {{Unrated|Edition}} [[WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut Uncut]] [[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberianSeries Kane]] [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Ultimate]] [[Anime/PaniPoniDash Game of The Year]] [[CosmeticAward Editor's Choice Edition:]] [[AuthorAppeal Director's]] [[ReCut Extended Cut:]] [[ColonCancer The Lost Scenes:]] [[VideoGame/NeverwinterNights Gold Platinum Diamond Chaotic Lawful Evil Good]] [[VideoGame/BaldursGate Saga]] [[VideoGame/{{Starcraft}} Bat]][[VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} tle]] [[VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft Che]][[VideoGame/{{Diablo}} st]] [[XtremeKoolLetterz Megapak]] [[VideoGame/{{Spore}} Galactic Edition]] [[VideoGame/HalfLife2 Ora]][[VideoGame/{{Portal}} nge]] [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Box]] [[{{God}} Omega]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Limited]] [[JustForFun/XMeetsY With]] MoreDakka: [[Film/BladeRunner Final Cut]] [[Franchise/StreetFighter Champion Edition]] [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters Ultimate Match]] [[VideoGame/GuiltyGear Reload Accent Core]] [[SideEffectsInclude Heartburn]] [[Creator/SquareEnix Inter]][[Franchise/FinalFantasy national]] [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Final Mix]] [[PrecisionFStrike Fucking]] [[Franchise/{{Halo}} Legendary]] [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV Spoony]] [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Bard]] [[VideoGame/{{Oddworld}} New N' Tasty]] [[XMakesAnythingCool Edition X]]''' is way too long and would be very difficult to remember.
* LiveButDelayed is not named '''Live But Retarded''' as less commonly used meanings for "retarded" aren't as well known, and the title would probably be taken to mean a mentally disabled baby was born alive.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters is far shorter than '''AliceAndBob and Claire and Dave and Elaine and Fred and Gina and Harold and Irene and Jacob and Kelly and Lloyd and Marlene and Nathan and Olivia and Peter and Quincy and Robert and Sara and Tom and Ursula and Vincent and Wendy and Xavier and Yvonne and Zachary'''.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfLoading is a bit long, but not as long as '''For The Love Of God, I've Been Spinning Around The Skyrim Logo For Five Minutes! I Just Want To Turn All These Moonstone Ingots Into Elven Armor Already!!!'''.
** It's also way less TakeThat-y as '''Sonic 06 Syndrome''' and '''[[VideoGame/SpyroEnterTheDragonfly Enter the Dragonfly]] Syndrome'''.
* It's named LullDestruction because '''Holy Shit, It's Way Too Quiet And The Audience Might Lose Interest, So Quick, Add Some Talking''' is a little harsh on the imaginations of dubbers.
* It's called LyingToProtectYourFeelings because it's less ambiguous than '''He's Fine I Promise'''.
* LyricalDissonance sounds quite a bit better than '''Yeah, I Know The Song Sounds Really Happy, But It's Got Some Really Disturbing Lyrics Which Will Most Likely [[MindScrew Screw With Your Head]].'''
** And using that title would mean we'd need a redirect to it from '''Yeah, I Know The Song Sounds Like A Dirge, But If You Listen To The Lyrics, You'll Realize That It's About Something Quite Nice''' because the trope works both ways.
** And 'Music/TheyMightBeGiants Songwriting' is a tad obscure.


[[folder: M ]]

* MagicAIsMagicA could have been called '''That's Not How The Force Works''' if it hadn't existed before ''Film/TheForceAwakens'' came out.
* MagicalGirl is both more appropriate and less punny than '''Puts The 'Ki' Into Bikini''', not to mention most of the works in this genre are much more wholesome.
* MarryThemAll is probably a better name than '''Threesomes Solve ''Everything'''''.
* MarthDebutedInSmashBros isn't called '''Marth ''and Roy'' Debuted in Smash Bros.''' because Roy [[EarlyBirdCameo actually did debut]] in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Melee''.
* MassiveMultiplayerCrossover is a shorter name than '''[[WebVideo/PoohsAdventures Pooh, Thomas, Twilight Sparkle, Brian & the Eeveelution Family's Adventures ofÖ]]'''. It's also less prone to misuse than '''At The Olympic Games'''.
* MayDecemberRomance is a good, short title. Its alternate title, '''Wait, He's ''How Old?'' And She's Only A Fucking ''Teenager?'' That. Is. Just. ''WRONG''!''' isn't, and is judgmental as hell, to boot. (Not to mention we'd need redirects for all the various possible gender permutations.)
* MayflyDecemberRomance is a clever pun and is short, unlike '''A Relationship Where One Person Ages Like A Prune And Dies Long Before The Other'''.
* If MemeticBadass was called '''The [[Website/ChuckNorrisFacts Chuck]]''', then that would be way too vague, not to mention that character named tropes are frowned upon.
* MemeticLoser is clearer than '''The ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}}'''.
* Oh, and for the last time, it's MemeticMutation, ''[[AccidentalMisnaming not]]'' '''[[WebOriginal/LOLCats I Can Haz]] [[Anime/DragonBallZ Over Nine Thousand]] [[VideoGame/StarFox Barrel Rolls]] [[Film/ThreeHundred In SPARTA]] With An Awesome Face On My [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Dakka Gun]] That My Pretty Cool [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 Heavy]] Carries Till [[CueTheFlyingPigs Hell Freezes Over]] And Gets [[Website/ChuckNorrisFacts Chuck Norris]] And Harambe To [[VideoGame/StarFox64 Use The Boost To Get Through]] The Game Which I Lost So [[VideoGame/YouHaveToBurnTheRope I Have To Burn The Rope]] Until {{Stupid Sexy|Flanders}} [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Flanders]] And RickRoll Make [[Recap/TheSimpsonsS7E2122ShortFilmsAboutSpringfield Steamed Hams]] To [[Creator/BrianBlessed BRIAN BLESSED]] Look Like The Love Child Of [[VideoGame/DisgaeaHourOfDarkness Flonne]] And JustForFun/CandleJack Who [[VideoGame/ZeroWing Secretly Set Up Us The Bo]]'''
* MenAreUncultured is called that because '''[[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Two Long, Boobless Hours]]''' implies it's about the work, not the attitude of male viewers.
* MercyMode isn't called '''[[WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda There is Now a Level Zero]]''' since that's a movie quote as the name of a video game-specific trope.
* MindScrew is probably a less vulgar name than '''Oh My Fucking God What The Hell Just Fucking Happened!!??'''
* It's called MisaimedMarketing because '''Complaining About Toys You Don't Like''' really only accounts for a third of the page.
* MistakenForQuake ...because the monthly cap on lousy puns prohibited '''Not Anyones Fault'''.
* {{Mondegreen}} was chosen over '''Do You Need A Fucking Hearing Aid? Those Are The Wrong Lyrics!'''
** ''''Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy''' is also only one potential mishearing of a lyric, the title of a somewhat obscure book about Mondegreens, and probably too easily mistaken for something else.
* It's called MoneyDearBoy because it's more to the point than '''How On Earth Did They Get That Actor To Agree To Be In That Piece Of Shit?''' (not to mention many examples are considered quality works anyway, and it's not the only reason good actors are in bad works).
* We choose MonsterClown because not everyone is familiar with '''[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI The Kefka]]'''.
** '''Kefklone''' wouldn't work for the same reason, and because it implies that every example is an {{Expy}} of Kefka, which isn't true.
** And '''This Is What I Saw Clowns As In My Childhood''' is simply too presumptuous about the writers' lives.
* {{Mooks}} could have been called '''Those Nameless Guys That Are There For The Heroes To Beat Easily'''.
* It's called MorePopularSpinoff because '''Did You Know That This Show Is Actually A Spinoff?''' is too long a title.
** And nobody thought of just using '''Actually A Spinoff'''.
* It's called MostCommonSuperpower instead of '''Superheroines Prefer Silicone''' because saline is a more common material for those now.
* MostFanficWritersAreGirls is called that because nobody had the foresight to call it '''Oh, Christ, Why Did We Even Start This Page?''' And naming it '''Complaining About Fandoms You Don't Like because Yucky Girl Cooties has Ruined Them Forever''' would just start the mother of all flame wars. It's also very long.
* MostTropersAreYoungNerds looks better than '''If You Post On TV Tropes, You Are A Complete Loser'''.
* MotherRussiaMakesYouStrong could just as easily have been named '''Real SOVIET Damage!''', but not everyone's familiar with the fighting game community and its memes.
* It's called {{Mukokuseki}} because '''The Sort Of Art Style That Makes People from Predominantly White Countries Think All Asian Anime Characters Look White Because They're Used To White Being "Default" and Racial Minorities Being Drawn in a Way that Emphasizes How They Aren't White''' is a paragraph in itself.
** And '''Cauc Asian''' was too punny, even by our standards.


[[folder: N ]]

* It's called {{Narm}} because '''Totally Fucking Up A Dramatic Moment''' is a bit much to type.
* We called it NewPowersAsThePlotDemands because '''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} Clark Kent's]] [[ClarkesThirdLaw Third Law]]''' was a ''bit'' too much of a TakeThat. And too punny.
* NightmareFuel has a better ring than '''How Bad Does Horror Have To Be That We Need A Page For When It Actually Works'''.
** It's also better than '''Crowning Moment of [[BringMyBrownPants Pantsoiling]]'''.
* NightmareRetardant sounds better than '''You Call This Shit Frightening?'''
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot is not called '''{{Ninja}} {{Pirate}} [[EverythingsDeaderWithZombies Zombie]] {{R|idiculouslyHumanRobot}}obot [[WesternCharacters Cowboy]] {{Hobos}} With {{Chain|sawGood}}-{{Katanas|AreJustBetter}} And [[GunsAkimbo Several]] {{Revolvers|AreJustBetter}} And ThePowerOfFriendship [[CoolVersusAwesome Fighting]] [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampire]] [[ThoseWackyNazis Nazis]] With [[BlackMagic Dark Magic]] Riding {{Cyborg}} [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs Dinosaurs]] With Head Mounted [[FrickinLaserBeams Lasers]] Voiced By [[ScaryBlackMan Kevin Michael Richardson]] Attacked by Film/{{Snakes On A|Plane}} [[ClusterFBomb Mother]][[PardonMyKlingon frakkin']] [[MilitaryMashupMachine Submarine Jet]] With [[MisplacedWildlife Desert Polar Bears]] Crashing Into An Ancient {{Zeppelin|sFromAnotherWorld}} With Franchise/{{Alien}} [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Anacondas]] [[RecycledINSPACE In SPACE]] [[MemeticBadass With Chuck Norris]] And Creator/SamuelLJackson With {{L|ipstickLesbian}}esbian {{Time Travel}}ling [[{{Fanservice}} Bikini]] {{W|olfMan}}erewolf {{Cat Girl}}s DualWielding [[ProductPlacement Febreze]] [[OddlyNamedSequel2ElectricBoogaloo Part 2:]] [[ItsPersonal This Time, It's Personal]]... [[TheMovie THE MOVIE]]! In 3D! [[ReCut Special edition Director's Cut]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment But this time]] [[RecycledINSPACE in SPACE!]]''' because that would be far too much to type.
* It's called NintendoHard instead of '''{{Creator/Atlus}} Hard''', because the former is more well known.
** '''We Get Off On Your Tears''' could mean [[{{Jerkass}} other things]].
** '''Controller Throwing Fuel''' hits too close to home for many.
** And it's shorter than '''When Video Game Consoles Started Out, They Used The Arcade Paradigm, Which Involved Quarter Munching Through High Difficulty'''.
* NippleAndDimed could have been called '''The Sight Of Titties Is A ForbiddenFruit In Some Cultures''', if it wasn't a bit too long.
* NoEndorHolocaust could be named '''Jossified Killing''' if that wouldn't be a snowclone.
* We call it NoIndoorVoice instead of '''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic THE TRADITIONAL ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE]]''', because we don't want to scare off Fluttershy again.
* NubileSavage is shorter than '''Primitive Woman Who Looks Like A Swimsuit Model'''.
* We called it NWordPrivileges because many of us don't have the privileges to write '''N[[spoiler:igg]]er Is A Four Letter Word, As Long As You Are Part Of A Race That Used That Term To Demonize And Belittle Others''' properly, even if it wasn't long as heck.


[[folder: O ]]

* ObviousBeta is short and concise in contrast to '''[[WebVideo/ThirdRateGamer Didn't They Test This Game Before They Released It?]]'''
* OneLetterTitle is less vague than '''[[WebVideo/{{Numberphile}} e]]'''.
* OnlyYouCanRepopulateMyRace isn't a snowclone, unlike '''[[ICannotSelfTerminate I Cannot Self-Pollinate]]'''.
* OpinionMyopia is shorter than '''How Could Anyone Like That Piece of Crap?''' and '''How Could Anyone Not Like This Masterpiece?''', and isn't political FlameBait, unlike '''Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder'''.
* TheOtherDarrin avoids the argument present in '''Creator/DickYork vs. Creator/DickSargent'''.
** It's also shorter than '''We've Secretly Replaced Your Favorite Actor With Folgers Crystals; Let's See What Happens'''.
* When we tried to name OurElvesAreBetter '''Our Elves are Pointyeareder''' there came an unholy sound from the grave of [[Creator/JRRTolkien Tolkien]], probably because of the botched grammar. We quickly abandoned the idea.
* It's a shame (pun-wise, that is) OutWithABang didn't get called '''Sexitus'''. On the other hand, English is sometimes ''too'' punny and you could confuse the latter with [[DisposableWoman death of]] ''a'' sex or even [[NoSexAllowed death of]] ''the act of sex''.


[[folder: P ]]

* PaedoHunt isn't called '''[[WebAnimation/{{Underpants}} DON'T TOUCH DA CHILD!]]''' since the trope predated the quote, and the quote's not really about this trope.
* PercussiveMaintenance is [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness more fancy]] than '''Smack The Thing Until It Works Properly.''' and a little less ambiguous than '''Wait [=SpongeBob=]! We Aren't Cavemen''' and just a little more apt.
* PerverseSexualLust is just slightly catchier and less judgmental than '''What Kind Of Pervert Am I, Getting Turned On By a Fucking Cartoon Character?'''.
* PetitePride is less ambiguous than the meme-based title '''Flat is Justice'''.
* We went with PlanetEater because '''World Hunger''' [[DudeNotFunny is an actual real-life problem that has nothing to do with the trope and is actually kind of serious]].
* PlotHole is much better title than '''[[VoodooShark Voodoo Plot]]''' since the latter made no sense and the trope has nothing to do with voodoo.
* PoorCommunicationKills is much better title than '''That's What I Heard''' due to latter being [[PotholeMagnet extremely easily potholed]], and easily confused with ThatsWhatSheSaid.
* ThePowerOfFriendship sounds ''nowhere'' near as cynical as '''Screw The Rules, I Have Friends!'''.
* ThePowerOfLove could have been called '''Eros Ex Machina''', but then we'd have endless arguments about how that name implies little foreshadowing, while this trope often explicitly states itself beforehand.
* It's called PrecociousCrush because '''I Need An Adult''' means something else entirely.
* Calling PricelessMingVase '''Vase-Ectomy''' is too gruesome a pun even by TVT standards.
* It's called PrimalScene because it isn't as loaded as '''Oh My God I Walked Into A Room Where My Parents Were Fucking'''. It doesn't necessarily involve parents, for that matter.
* PrincessClassic is much shorter than '''Princesses For The Last Couple Centuries Have Been Portrayed As PurityPersonified {{Girly Girl}}s To Appeal To Societal Norms, And Make All FairyTale Deconstructions Think This Is The Only Trait Of A Franchise/DisneyPrincess, And Mistakenly Assume This Applies Even To The Renaissance-Era Princesses'''.
* ProtectionFromEditors isn't called '''Creator/GeorgeLucas Syndrome''' since it's too much of a TakeThat and too ambiguous.
* PublicDomainSoundtrack is a better title than '''Legal Copybait Soundtrack''' since there are songs that don't belong to public domain but still can be distributed freely.


[[folder: Q ]]

* QuieterThanSilence is shorter than '''True Silence Is Indistinguishable From The Speakers Not Working'''.
* QuicksandBox is shorter than '''Just Because Players Hate {{Railroading}} Doesn't Mean The Opposite Is Any Better'''. Besides, it's not always a bad thing.
* QuicksandSucks is shorter than '''What If What Was Essentially Muddy Sand Was Like A Man-Eating Monster? That'd Be Pretty Scary, Right?'''.


[[folder: R ]]

* We ended up going with RamblingOldManMonologue because its a little bit more concise than the title we wanted to use, which was '''Stories Old Men Tell To Youngsters Which Don't Really Go Anywhere But For Some Reason Nobody Interrupts. Why I Remember One Of These Stories... Boy It Was A Doozy... It Started When My Uncle Sammy, Or Sambo As We Used To Call Him, But You Can't Call Him That Anymore Because Of Those Damn PC Police... Anyway Sambo Was Riding A Chicken Down To The General Store Because Our Horse Was Laid Up With The Flu...'''
* RandomlyGeneratedLevels is much more neutral in tone than '''Would You Believe Some Level Designers Are So Lazy They Outsource Their Job To ''Computers''?''', which is completely untrue (programming a random map generator that outputs a playable and satisfying level is a challenge all by itself).
* RealityEnsues is a little more polite and way shorter than '''They May Use This Trope a Million Times in Fiction, But This is What Would ''Really'' Happen in RealLife'''.
* RefrainFromAssuming is much better, shorter, punnier, and more polite than '''I Know They Repeat That Phrase A Thousand Times In The Chorus, But For The Last Time, ''It's Not The Name Of The Fucking Song''!'''
* Administrivia/RenamedTropes gets the point across better than '''What The Hell Were The Tropers Smoking When Naming These Tropes!?'''. Besides, we don't want to wantonly accuse people of smoking.
* '''Most Writers Are Herpetophobes''' is another unnecessary snowclone whose job is better done by ReptilesAreAbhorrent.
* It's called RhymingWithItself because honestly, '''Instead Of Using A Word That Rhymes, They Just Repeated The Original Word''' takes way too much time to type out.
** And not everyone would get '''[[Series/RedDwarf I Used Underpantski Three Times]]'''.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobots is less judgemental than '''Stupid Scientists Who Make Robots Impractical In The Name Of Humanlikeness'''.
* RingOfPower was chosen because '''[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings One Ring To Rule Them All]]''' wasn't really accurate, and quoting that entire passage would have been just too long.
* OK, OK. RockMeAsmodeus is not optimal - who still knows an [[CreatorProvincialism Austrian]] singer named Music/{{Falco}}? But '''Dance With The Devil''' is kinda the wrong music genre. Send your suggestions to Wiki/TVTropes, The Internet, general delivery.
* {{Rule 34}} is a shorter and more recognised name than '''Are You Kidding Me? People Actually Draw Dirty Pictures Of ''Franchise/MyLittlePony'' And ''Franchise/CareBears''? Really?'''
* RunningTheAsylum is less rude than '''Who The Fuck Hired These Fanboys?'''.


[[folder: S ]]

* SarcasmMode and SincerityMode are better and shorter names than '''We Must Know If What You Said Is The Exact Opposite Of What You Mean'''.
* We chose ScamReligion because '''Fast-Food Faith''' sounds just ''much'' more offensive. Not to mention it would be confusable with an actual religion involving fast-food.
* It's called ScienceMarchesOn because '''Little Fluffy Dinosaurs, Destroyers Of Worlds''' is a tad too long.
* SecretKeeper isn't called '''[[Franchise/{{Batman}} The Alfred]]''' since there are many characters named Alfred, and it isn't the definitive trait of Bruce Wayne's butler.
* Calling SelfDemonstratingArticle '''This Trope''' would [[ThisTroper ask for it.]] Also, if God wanted us to use metasyntactic variables, we would be born speaking LISP.
* SexyWalk is shorter than '''The Harder A Lady Sways Her Hips, The Harder (Straight) Guys Get'''.
* SharkPool is called that because '''You Could Just Shoot Him, Y'Know''' is kind of [[WhyDontYaJustShootHim already a trope]].
* It might save a lot of time if ShamelessFanserviceGirl, ReluctantFanserviceGirl, and InnocentFanserviceGirl (and for that matter, ANY Trope where half-naked women are featured) were renamed '''SexSells In The Media And Everyone Knows It''', but it would be too general.
* ShockwaveStomp is a better name than '''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Night Terror's]] Fury''' due to FanMyopia.
* It's called ShowWithinAShow because '''Show the characters in the show are watching with you while you watch them watch said show, thus both parties watch the aforementioned show simultaneously''' is WAY too long and confusing to remember, and it just sounds paradoxical.
* It's called SignatureSong because '''What Do You Mean, That Artist Has More Than One Song?''' is a little too long.
* We went with SlouchOfVillainy because '''Chillin' Like A Villain''' wasn't specific enough.
* SmallTaxonomyPools is shorter than '''What The Heck Is A Fin Whale? Don't Whales All Have Fins? Screw It, I'll Just Show A Humpback Whale'''.
* We can't rename SmashingHallwayTrapsOfDoom '''PION''' since the short form of mispronunciation Piston by the protagonist's sidekick isn't familiar to these who have played the ''Ultimate Platformer 3''.
* It's called TheSmurfettePrinciple because we [[DoubleEntendre couldn't stop giggling]] after reading '''Fella Ratio'''.
* It's called SNKBoss because some would object to '''Total Bullshit Boss Who Uses Cheap Moves All The Time'''.
* SoBadItsGood is a shorter, more familiar and more to-the-point name than '''It Sucks And I Love It'''.
** SoBadItsHorrible is the same, but for '''This Is The Worst Fucking Thing Ever'''.
** Same for StylisticSuck and '''It Sucks And That's The Point'''.
* SoLastSeason is less ambiguous than '''[[Anime/DragonBallZResurrectionF Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan]]'''.
* SomethingElseAlsoRises isn't called '''Symbolic Stiffie''' because the trope isn't just about erections. It also covers women getting aroused, and orgasms.
* SourGrapesTropes is not as mean as '''If Your Life Quality Is Better Than That Of A Caveman, You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself'''.
* SpaceIsNoisy does not sound like dialogue and is much more general than '''[[Film/{{Alien}} In Space Everyone Can Hear You Scream]]'''.
* SpaceIsAnOcean describes a general sentiment, unlike '''If You're Using Nautical Literature As A Reference For Your SpaceOpera, At Least Use The ''Modern'' One''' which sounds way too specific.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe was chosen because '''The''', being too common a word, would be a horrible title for a trope.
** And '''The The''' unfortunately is taken by a band.
* SpringtimeForHitler is a little more poetic than '''You Fail Failing Forever''', especially after the big ArtisticLicense rename of that trope class.
* TheStoner is shorter than '''[[Music/{{Eminem}} I Smoke a Fat Pound of Grass and Fall on my Ass Faster Than a Fat Bitch who Sat Down Too Fast]]'''.
* StopHavingFunGuys is a little less loaded than '''Stop Acting Like Your Stupid Game Matters And Let Us Play However We Want To'''.
** Also, '''No Items Fox Only Final Destination''' wouldn't make sense to those unfamiliar with the ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' tournament scene.
* The trope is called SummerBlockbuster because it's way shorter than '''Immensely Budgeted Film That Throws Everything Except Special Effects Out The Window To Attract [[LowestCommonDenominator Mainstream Moviegoers]] And Big Money'''.
* It's called SuppressedMammaries and not '''[[MemeticMutation Binders Full of Women]]''' because first, we had the trope before Romney made that comment, and second, not everyone is familiar with the use of "binder" as a costuming item and would think that name meant what was actually implied by the meme (i.e. [[AffirmativeActionGirl transparent attempts to hire token women]])...or [[CreepySouvenir something]] [[PornStash even worse]].
* SurprisinglyImprovedSequel is less reliant on snowclones and old jokes than '''It Sucks, So They Changed It'''.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute is shorter and less defensive-sounding than '''The Old Actor Left And We Didn't Want To Pull An Other Darrin Cause That Would Be Lame, But At The Same Time, We Already Had All These Scripts Written And We Didn't Want To Have To Rewrite Them'''.


[[folder: T ]]

* Administrivia/TakeItToTheForums isn't rude, unlike '''This Is Not A Trope, You Dumbass, And We Have A Fucking Message Board'''.
* It's only called TakeThat because '''Completely Unwarranted And In Some Cases Extremely Cruel Insult Directed Towards A Specific Piece Of Media (That Is Often Actually Quite Good) That Only Serves To PO Fans And Make The Insulter Look Like Nothing More Than A Petty JerkAss''' wouldn't fit.
** While shorter, '''Fuck You Other Show, Let's Make Fun Of You!''' is still not so nice.
* TakeOverTheWorld isn't character-named, unlike '''[[Franchise/MegaMan Dr. Wily's Resolution]]'''.
* TeensAreMonsters is called what it is because '''WesternAnimation/{{Sixteen}} gang, Destroyers of worlds''' didn't make much sense as they're really nice guys, inspite of their flaws and often questionable behavior.
* TheTheTitle is a better title than either '''The''' or '''The Most Common Word In Any Title. Ever'''.
* It's called TheresNoBInMovie because '''Return Of The Attack Of The 50 Foot Killer Ghost Of The Bride Of The Son Of Whatever's Curse''' is too long a title.
* It's called TheyChangedItNowItSucks because '''[[VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies Fuck This Disco Guy, I Want Michael Jackson Back!]]''' Probably wouldn't be understood by most tropers.
* We chose ThisLoserIsYou over '''The Writers And Producers Of This Show Think That You Are ''[insert slew of various negative qualities here]'' ''' due to length.
* TitleDrop is very intuitive and clear. Not so much '''TITLE'''.
* It's called Administrivia/TLPBump, because '''Please Don't Forget This, Everybody''' sounds kind of desperate.
* Although TooMuchInformation does get the point across, '''Oh My Fucking God I Did ''NOT'' Need To Know That!''' kinda sounds good, too. Too bad it's a bit long.
* TransgenderFetishization is more to the point than '''[[Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow Sweet Transvestite]]''', and also avoids the issue that "transvestite" is nowdays considered an offensive and/or inaccurate description of transgender people.
* TrappedByMountainLions has a better ring to it than '''Why Should We Care About This Sub-Plot Again?'''.
* It was felt that referring to it as {{Trivia}} was slightly more subtle than '''This Information Has No Real Importance At All But We Want You To Feel Like You're Contributing To The Article'''.
* {{Troll}} is called that, partly because it's known by that term, and partly because calling it '''Complete Asswipe Who Likes To Start Needless Arguments On The Web And Should Die Horribly''' would ironically be trolling itself (although a great self demonstrating title).
* DrinkingGame/TVTropesWikiDrinkingGame is a JustForFun page, '''Complaining About Edits You Don't Like''' wouldn't say so.


[[folder: U ]]

* UnfortunateImplications is a lot less to type than '''I Can't Fucking Believe They Didn't Realize This Would Offend People'''. It's also less rude than '''Idiots Take Offense To Everything'''.
** Or, for that matter, '''And You Really Thought We Weren't Going To Find The Wrong Way Of Looking At This?'''
* UnintentionalPeriodPiece is an alternative to '''How Do You Find Out When The Work Was Released? Well, First You Take A Good Looong Look At What The Characters Are Wearing. Fashion Is Fleeting After All And Everyone Has Memorised The History Of Fashion, Right? If ''That'' Doesn't Work, Take A Look At Technology They Are Using. Everyone Knows Every Computer Has Only 5 Years Before It Starts Looking Ridiculo-Wait, You Can Just Check Out The Copyright Date? How Come Nobody Told Me?!''' that someone proposed when they complained they couldn't remember how many O's there are in "looong".
* UnsettlingGenderReveal is way shorter than '''That's A Guy? Oh, God, It Is A Guy! And I Actually Had A Stiffie! [[BigNo NOOOOOOOOO!]] My Masculinity Is ruined forever!'''
** And '''Sexual Disorientation''' would be confused for other tropes.
* UsefulNotes is only partly used as '''Nitpick Fuel'''. It's also much shorter than '''[[TheJoyOfX Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Real Life (But Were Afraid To Ask)]]'''.


[[folder: V ]]

* ViewersAreMorons was more concise than '''Most Writers And Media Executives Think The Collective IQ Of Your Demographic Is Somewhat Lower Than That Of A Retarded Slug, And They Feel That's Being [[InsultToRocks Mean To The Slug]]'''.
* VillainOverride isn't called '''Assuming Direct Control''' because that's too general and doesn't make sense to people who haven't played ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''.
* VoodooShark is called that because '''Your Plot Point Sucks, Your Explanation For Your Plot Point Sucks, And Your Face Sucks''' is just mean.
** It's also shorter than '''Trying To Fill In A PlotHole With Another Plot Hole'''.


[[folder: W ]]

* WantingIsBetterThanHaving is shorter than '''Whining About How Your Long-Sought Goal Wasn't As Awesome As You Thought It Would Be'''.
* WatsonianVersusDoylist is both shorter, more neutral and not as specific as '''You Can Explain That Plot Point As Much As You Like But It's Clear You're Just A Hack'''.
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids is more universal than '''[[MemeticMutation I'm Twelve Years Old And What Is This?]]'''.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse beat '''Well I Guess ''I'm'' The Asshole For Caring About This Plot Point''' in a runoff.
* We have WildMassGuessing because '''Off-The-Cuff Predictions And Obsessively Detailed Fanwank''' puts rather ''too'' fine a point on it.
* We call it WindmillCrusader instead of '''Windmills Do Not Work That Way''' since the latter is highly misleading even for people who recognize it as a ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' reference.
* It's called WingedUnicorn rather than '''Horned {{Pegasus}}''' because that could be misread as "''Horny'' Pegasus", and the [[RuleThirtyFour pony porn]] is already out of control as is... not to mention there can be other types of horns than a {{Unicorn}} one.
* WizardingSchool...'''If I Had A Dime For Each Time Anybody Cries Literature/HarryPotter Plagiarism When This Trope Comes Up, I'd Be Richer Than Mark Zuckerberg Now''' was actually a quite good idea - until the dude donated half of his wealth to charity.


[[folder: X ]]

* XMakesAnythingCool would've been named '''Everything's Better With X''', but we don't need to add to that snowclone family (even though that is a redirect anyway).


[[folder: Y ]]

* We say YMMV because '''These Are Just Individual Tropers' Opinions And Your Mileage May Vary, So Don't Go Making An Assload Of Justifying Edits Just Because You Disagree With A Given Entry''' is not only way longer, but needlessly accusatory.


[[folder: Z ]]

* The reason ZanyScheme was chosen is that '''Can't You Think Of Something Easier To Solve Your Problem?''' is too long, and isn't a noun.


[[folder: And finally... ]]

* We call this site Wiki/TVTropes instead of '''A Reader-Maintained Database of Frequently-Seen Elements and Patterns In Many Forms of Communication, Particularly Entertainment Media''' because, dude, we started out by writing about stuff on TV.