Out to be badass, are you? Well, it's not as easy as it looks. Honestly, it's really not. But it ''is'' fun.
# Get a [[BadassLongcoat trenchcoat, or any other long coat that billows in the wind]].
# Learn to [[DramaticWind control the wind at least well enough to get it to blow your coat around]]. Failing that, always appear on windy days or get a portable fan.
# Be [[RuleOfCool as cool as possible]]. As a matter of fact, be cooler than humanly possible. And then some.
# [[TheDeterminator Don't let anything faze you]]. Especially not [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat multiple fatal injuries]].
# Don't feel any pain from being [[ManOnFire set on fire]]. If you do feel pain, you're not trying hard enough.
# Learn to be [[HeartbrokenBadass angsty]]. You don't have to be angsty (see point 16), just make sure you know how.
# [[MinoredInAsskicking Minor]] [[BadassTeacher in]] [[BadassBookworm asskicking.]]
# [[PermaStubble Stop shaving.]]
# [[BadassCreed Come up with an awesome motto or vow to recite in dramatic situations.]]
# Be friendly and cheerful during your off-time. This one's strictly optional, of course, but it has the added bonus of making [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass everything you do]] [[LetsGetDangerous when it's]] ''[[LetsGetDangerous not]]'' [[LetsGetDangerous your off-time]] [[MemeticBadass look twice as awesome]].
# Try not to get kidnapped ''at all'' (Unless if it's part of a [[ThePlan plan]]). Learn escape skills so when you get kidnapped, it's so you can show off your awesome escape skills.
# In case of escape skills being disabled, then fine. However, when you are rescued, [[BadassInDistress get back at those kidnappers and own them awesomely]], so you don't look like you've been [[BadassDecay reduced to a]] DistressedDude [[{{Chickification}} or]] [[DistressedDamsel Damsel]].
# Learn to [[IndyPloy think on your feet]]. When your enemy dies in a particularly noteworthy manner it is your obligation to make [[BondOneLiner a witty quip that suits the situation]]. Puns are not only allowed, they're near-mandatory.
# Always [[NervesOfSteel keep your wits]] about you.
# [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill There's still no such thing as overkill]].
# There is a fine limit to how much angst you're allowed to indulge in while remaining badass. Nothing below the death of your LoveInterest should faze you.
# [[HumansAreWarriors Be born on Earth]]. Or be part of an alien/fantastic race [[StockSuperpowers with natural, amazing metahuman abilities]].
# [[BadassNormal Just be yourself]].