[[caption-width-right:267:A cute li'l rubber ball.]]

Fred, the Red Rubber Ball, is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a red rubber ball]]. And he's sentient. And he's cute.

Fred started out as a cute li'l ball of cotton, but following a major transformation he became the rubber ball he is today. Since that time, he's gotten into all kinds of weird adventures in all kinds of weird places, meeting unlikely people and having to put up with the machinations of his likewise-cute EvilCounterpart, Dave, all while being a good role model for his adopted son, a baby bowling ball named Maxie.

When not out having adventures, Fred lounges around with an EldritchAbomination named Bob, a superhero named Justice Man, a sentient knight chess-piece named Chess, a sentient cellular phone named Mike, a toy car named Speed, and a toy truck named Mack.

[[note]]In actual fact, Fred and his cast of characters were the product of for-fun aside discussions during real-life back-and-forth communications between two tropers, {{Tropers/JusticeReaper}} and {{Tropers/Isabel}}. They were a way for the duo to keep the fun in their discussions, most of which consisted of talks about what was happening in their respective lives. Yes, they both have fertile imaginations, broad enough for a li'l red rubber ball and his friends to romp around in.[[/note]]

!!Tropes Fred has encountered and embodies:
* ActuallyADoombot: One of these tried to kidnap Fred to use him ForScience. It wound up exploding in a shower of sparks.[[note]]Because Isabel said so.[[/note]]
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: Maxie once grew big enough to overshadow a city, but not realizing anything was wrong with that, he went exploring. Oddly, nothing was damaged during his exploring...except for a few politicians' offices. He was eventually shrunk back down to normal by Fred using the famous [[Film/HoneyIShrunkTheKids shrinking-ray machine]].
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Maxie.
* CloningBlues: [[spoiler:Mr. Sinister stole some of Fred's DNA to sell to Dave in exchange for some rare treasures]].
* CloudCuckooLander: Fred has a few shades of this. On one occasion, he sat on top of a banana sundae, pretending to be a cherry, because he thought he'd look cuter that way.
* DeadpanSnarker: Justice Man.
--> '''Isabel:''' There's nothing quite like a chemical reaction that won't do what it's supposed to... my unknown chemical refused to react with anything. Blargh.[[note]]She was talking about a real-life chemistry experiment from one of her classes.[[/note]]
--> '''Justice Man:''' Did you try [[FreakLabAccident drinking it]]?
* DopeSlap: Fred will do this to someone who's being an imbecile by bonking them on the head.
* EldritchAbomination: Bob is a huge black mass of...something from outer space. Fortunately, he's friendly.
* EvilCounterpart: Dave is a cute li'l blue rubber ball. Who will not hesitate to use you in MadScientist experiments or cut you up ForTheEvulz.
* ExecutiveMeddling: Some evil executives once conspired to force Fred to take on a face and a voice. Fred's loyal fan-base resisted very strongly.
* TheFaceless: Fred has no facial features. Same goes for Dave and Maxie, as well as Mack and Speed, being a li'l toy car and a li'l toy truck respectively.
* FeelNoPain: Fred doesn't feel any discomfort from being knocked about or stretched, due to being rubber and therefore not having any nerve endings to speak of. [[spoiler:He does, however, get affected by cold, as he learned when he once traveled to Russia]].
* HappilyAdopted: Maxie, a blue baby bowling ball who's constantly in diapers, was found in a basket when Fred was bouncing along one day. He's accepted Fred as his daddy even after finding his birth parents.
* LiteralMinded: Maxie once sat in ashes during Ash Wednesday, wondering what ashes have to do with Wednesdays. He consulted Fred and Bob...and they decided to have an ash-ball fight (like a snowball fight, except with ash instead of snow).
* LivingShadow: The Tax-Man, an enemy who wields a massive tax-stamp.
* MindScrew: A lot of the stuff that happens in Fred's world, whether or not he actually is involved directly. One immediate example coming to mind would be [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Souther]] showing up out of nowhere in a chef's hat and apron, just because a certain someone[[note]]Justice Reaper[[/note]] did a typing error and said "Souther-fried chicken" instead of "Souther'''n'''-fried chicken."
* MundaneFantastic: A lot of stuff that we would take extremely seriously, Fred will look at and wonder what the fuss is all about, such as when he's prodded by [[MadScientist Mr. Sinister]] to discover what makes him tick and how a rubber ball can have sentience.
* OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness: One of these convened to seek out a way to destroy Fred and prevent him from opposing its plans for world domination. The members consisted of [[{{Manga/Trigun}} Millions Knives]], [[ComicBook/XMen Mr. Sinister]], ComicBook/VandalSavage, [[Manga/OnePiece Donquixote Doflamingo]], and [[{{WesternAnimation/Ben10}} Vilgax]].
* PapaWolf: Fred is this for Maxie. To illustrate: Maxie once rode a topiary-shaped horse cut out of a big hedge, but one of Justice Man's enemies chopped the horse to pieces for spite, causing Maxie to fall. Maxie, being a bowling ball and therefore durable, wasn't physically hurt, but he ''was'' quite upset about not being able to ride his horsie anymore. Fred's response? He chased after said enemy ''with a heavily-armed army helicopter''.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Fred, of course. Maxie, even more so (c'mon, a baby bowling ball wearing a diaper? What ''isn't'' cute?)
* RubberMan: Fred is a rubber ball. Duh. Dave, too.
* ShowWithinAShow: Fred likes to watch ''JustForFun/TheUsoppAndSanjiShow'', a comedy show where the titular characters get up to all kinds of wacky hijinks.
* SilentSnarker: Fred gets this way, being TheVoiceless.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Fred likes ice cream. Despite, y'know, not having an obvious mouth to eat it with.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Apparently, in Fred's world[[note]]Justice Reaper's imagination, where he was originally spawned[[/note]] nobody thinks very much of a red rubber ball bouncing about all by itself. Or a bowling ball wearing a diaper and moving of its own power. Or a space-born Eldritch Abomination lurking around. Et cetera.
* TheVoiceless: Fred is incapable of speech, being a rubber ball, and communicates through bouncing or writing down things. Everybody somehow understands what he's communicating to them all the same. Dave and Maxie are likewise voiceless.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Being made of rubber, Fred can transform into anything he likes. He once turned into a golf club to knock away the above-mentioned [[ExecutiveMeddling meddling executives]]. He was also capable of this when he was a ball of cotton, [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome transforming into a giant fist]] to knock out a threatening EldritchAbomination.