[[quoteright:257:[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/CandleJ_5419.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:257:Candle Jack in a rare nighttime appeara[[spoiler:I still have the cameraman!]] ]]

->''"I'm gonna need more rope."''

Describe Candle Jack he[[spoiler: is a very handsome guy. SO AM I! AS A HUMAN!]]\\ Stop hijacking my rightful place, Bill [[spoiler: TO CALLER.]]
[[spoiler:Well, that was slow.]]\\
As you can see, [[SpeakOfTheDevil speaking or merely typing the name]] of this ''{{WesternAnimation/Freakazoid}}'' villain (voiced by Creator/JeffBennett) will result in the speaker being abducted by said villain. Thus sentences tend to abruptly end when Candle Jack's name is spo[[spoiler:kane, Washington is a lovely city.]]\\
[[spoiler:This is going to be a busy day for me, isn't it? [[TemptingFate Hopefully not...]]]]\\
A notable villain in that he had very few appearances, but was so memorable that everyone remembers the one where everyone said "Candle Jack" and[[spoiler: went offscreen for a couple of scenes.]]\\
[[spoiler: You guys just aren't that bright, are you? Or are you just plain dumb?]] \\
For those of you who came here actually looking for information, not in-jokes, ''[[TheScottishTrope that guy]]'' is a villain from the cartoon ''WesternAnimation/{{Freakazoid}}''. He looks a little bit like the ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' villain, the Scarecrow, or the ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'' alien Ghostfreak, a bit like [[WesternAnimation/TheNightmareBeforeChristmas Oogie Boogie]], and kind of like the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' Dusclops (or Darkrai). He's [[DefangedHorrors pretty creepy for a children's cartoon]]. He only showed up in two episodes; in the first he would kidnap and tie up anyone who said his name, much to the annoyance of the hero (and ultimately [[DeliciousFruitPies defeated by his love of pie]]), and in the second he spent the majority of the episode scaring Professor Jones. MemeticMutation has popularized the Candle Jack [[SubvertedTrope abduction meme.]][[spoiler: Paula Abdul's very pretty, by the way.]]\\
In the original toons nobody got kidnapped in the middle of a sentence, but [[PaintingTheMedium that's really the only way to make the joke funny in a written format]]. Though the general rule is that he's nice enough to hit Submit for you on the way out. And also spoiler mark it for you.\\
[[spoiler: Might as well be polite.]]\\
Oddly enough, on Website/GameFAQs, there seems to be a bit of SeriousBusiness on whether Candle Jack deletes your signature or n[[spoiler:EVER! I'm not that cruel.]]\\
[[spoiler:I'm gonna need more rope.]]\\

Seriously, if you actually see someone complete their sentence after saying his name, it's a full six-pack in the [[DrinkingGame/TVTropes drinking game]]. The only thing worse is when someone posts in a thread about him and disappears without ever having said his name.\\
[[spoiler:24 months sober.]]\\
[[spoiler:Are we almost done here? I have an appointment to keep.]]\\
Now somewhat of a DiscreditedMeme, as can be expected if everyone who says 'Candle Jack' disap[[spoiler:Whoa, hey, not ''my'' fault.]]

[[http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Jeff_Bennett&oldid=530032152 Has even infiltrated]] Wiki/TheOtherWiki - see the entry for ''WesternAnimation/{{Freakazoid}}''

This wave of abduction leads to an interesting question : [[FridgeLogic Who clicked on the 'save' button to validate all those unfinished messages?]] ME! AH-HA-HA-HA-HA! IT'S FUNNY HOW DUMB YOU ARE,CANDLE JACK! [[spoiler: Thank you fellow villan!]]
* Candle Jack himself, of cou[[spoiler:ld conceivably go on forever if you guys don't learn, soon.]]
** Oh, that's very polite of him! Thank you, kind Candle Jack, that's very kind of y[[spoiler:ou're welcome.]]
*** This is getting ridiculous; I refuse to pretend that every time I say Candle Jack he c[[spoiler:uts you off? Okay then!]]
*** When are people going to learn that saying Candle Jack is asking for tro[[spoiler:lling coming your way? You're making my job easy.]]
*** I still don't see what's so wrong about ending a sentence with Candle Jack[[spoiler:. -Don't forget the full stop on the way out.]]
*** You guys are all idiots! At this rate, Candle Jack is going to have to char[[spoiler:ter a bus? Good idea.]]
*** I wonder what Candle Jack does to the tropers he ki[[spoiler:ndly takes out for a drive? Why, we go for a nice brunch! I even pay for the little ones, too.]]
*** Will I be okay if I refer to his name as a foreign one? Like Candle Jacque or som[[spoiler:ething similar? No, that won't help.]]
*** Okay, this is getting ridiculous. The cartoon this guy appeared in stopped airing years ago. I honestly don't think that Candle Jack is still[[spoiler: ...I stand corrected.]]
*** [[spoiler:[[NiceJobBreakingItHero I'm out of rope. Good going.]]]]
*** Alright, I think it's safe to say Candle Jack everyb[[spoiler:ody. Nope.]]
*** I think Iíll be fine. Candlejack is [[spoiler: probably in your house? Yeah, I see you on your phone!]] I was going to say on the other side of the wo[[spoiler:ah, just remember that C A N D L E J A C K I S E V E R Y W H E R E]]
*** Dear Mr. Jack, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of an offer my company would like to make: Candle Jack Brand Ro[[spoiler:pe.]]
*** What if I end my sentence with Candle Jack [[spoiler: nope.]]
*** Iím choosing guests for a wedding. And I guess Candlejack is [[spoiler: invited? How sweet of you! Whereís my seat?]]
*** You know what? This is ridiculous. There's no such thing as Candle Jack. See? I finished my senten[[spoiler:ce. You definitely had that coming to ya.]]
*** I actually think he is a nice guy, he takes people to a nice tour around holding everyone tightly to him. Thanks Candle Jack [[spoiler: no problem buddy.]]
*** Oh come on, you really think i'd say Candle Jack- Son of a- [[spoiler: Next word that comes out of your mouth better be gun.]] -[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch -bi]][[spoiler:[[CurseCutShort ngo!]] But seriously, you had it coming.]]
*** I can say it perfectly fine. Candle Jack. See[[spoiler: that he's pretty handsome.]]
*** This is killing me. Cabdle Jack could be right behind me. OOH! I typed "Cabdle" not Candle! Now he will never get me ev[[spoiler:er? Sorry poor fellow. Cabdle is close enough. You tropers are like lemmings. It-]] I escaped hi[[spoiler: No you didn't.]]
*** Guy seems nice. Hi, Jack Candle [[spoiler:. Hi there, thanks.]]
*** He is only a guy doing his job. Kinda silly but all in good fun. Light the Candle, Jack [[spoiler:. Said candle is lit. You're welcome.]]
*** Candle Jack-as[[spoiler:tonishing. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?]]\\

[[spoiler:You just don't learn, do you? At this rate, you're all gonna be with me.]]

[[http://media.photobucket.com/image/candlejack%20batman/NaturallyUnlucky/candlejack_oh_shi-png.jpg Wanna bet? I brought help.]]

[[spoiler:Holy Cra]]

Proving that even Candle Jack is scared of the Goddamn Bat[[spoiler:man that Bale guy has a gravelly voice!]]

[[http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/919/713/99c.jpg Sorry, kids, but not even]] Franchise/{{Batman}} is immune.

* Guys, come on, seriously? Candle Jack doesn't exist. See? I finished the sentence and n[[spoiler:ever should have done that.]]

* Candle Jack can't get me. I'm finishing this sentence riiiiiiiiiiiiiii[[spoiler:ght after this break.]]

* Candle Jack. [[spoiler:Candle Jack? Damnit.]]

[[spoiler:iiiiiight now]]
** Nope, finished this sentence right now. Candle Jack. Finish [[spoiler:your feeble attempts to circumvent the Candle Jacking so I can go to bed. Wait, if I say my own]] [[{{VideoGame/Fallout2}} Navarro]] [[RunningGag is not an okay place to live.]] [[DefiedTrope Huh, I think we might have gotten him beat!]] Just make Candle Jack say Can[[spoiler:-openers [[CaptainObvious make opening cans easier.]]]]

* Candle Jac- [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} ALL GLORY TO THE ]][[spoiler: [[{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}} what, a mind-altering frog or something?]]]]
* Can I think your name Mr. Jack?[[spoiler: Sure buddy, go ahead.]]
* What if we called him Taperjohn? It basically means Candlejack, but we wou[[spoiler:ld almost get away with it.]]
[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas All we had to do was follow the damn train, Candle Jack]][[spoiler:! My rope leaving San Fierro with the yay again, right?]]
* Right, Candle Jack, but they use bikes and [[spoiler: go cross-country? I got this.]]
* Can't be summoned when I say Cndlejck. [[spoiler:No]] A's [[spoiler:m]]a[[spoiler:ke no difference, buddy.]]
** [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark I'm not your buddy, guy.]]
*** [[spoiler: I'm not your guy, friend!]]

Hey Candle Jack? Is your birth name [[spoiler: John Candle? Candle is my mother's maiden name. Try again.]]


* [[spoiler:!saedi of tuo nur reven elpoep uoY]]-[[SdrawkcabName awkcab]] kcajeldnaC yas I fi tahw oS

* How about we just call him Mr. Jack?
** Or at least Candle?
[[spoiler: Sure, why not?]]

Maybe to stop him, we should lock ComicBook/TheJoker in a room with that Candle Jack wack[[spoiler:y guy he is. He's a fun poker buddy.]]
At least we're safe from Candle Jack in TheStinger area[[spoiler:ctually not really. Darn it, [[GonnaNeedMoreX I'm out of rope again.]] ]]
>That does it, I'm calling Creator/ChuckNorris.
Forget Chuck Norris. Someone call Cosgrove. He'll point his finger at Candle Jack and tell him to [[spoiler: Or, you know, you could just... stop typing my name. Seriously, people.]] ...or you could stop kidnapping people instead. Just saying.
It does makes me wonder, why does Candle Jack ha[[spoiler:ppen to take so many people along for a ride? I'm a nice guy, it's second nature to me. Now stop saying my name already, I have better stuff to do.]]
Will do, Candle...CRAP! I almost said Jack... oops.
[[spoiler:Nope. Not doing this shit anymore. You capture yourself. I'm going to the Bahamas.]]
Who would get me first? This guy, or Beetlejuice? Because if you say Beetlejuice three times, Beetlejuice will get you before Candlejack wou[[spoiler:ld? Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.]]
Rejoice, friends and comrades! I present you with my new, patent-pending, CANDLE JACK REPELL[[spoiler:ent? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.]]
[[WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer Jack, no swiping! Jack, no swiping! Jack, no-]] [[spoiler: You're too late! They'll never find you now! ...What, don't you watch the show enough? [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer That actually happens every now and then.]]]]
I can't help but wonder: What would happen if Candlejack said his own [[spoiler:name? Well, I can't kidnap myself, so nothing would happen. Now come with me.]]
I'm confused! How do you spell his name? Is it Candle Jack or Candlejack? [[spoiler:Seriously? You're not even supposed to be saying it in the first place!]]
What is all of this stuff about Candle Jack? I don't even know who he is!
[[spoiler: Oh, hey. I'm out of rope. Do you have some?]]
Oh, me? Sure! [[TooDumbToLive Here you go!]] Don't spend it[[spoiler:hank you very much.]]
Hey Candle Jack, you look like you could use a h[[spoiler:ug. Thanks, I needed that. It's been a long day.]]
[---Heh heh heh. Candle Jack will never find me all the way down he[[spoiler:You wanna bet, buddy?]]---]
I wonder... If I [[JustForFun/CandleJack pothole his name...]] [[TemptingFate what happens to the further potholes?]] [[HopeSpot and is it a working looph]][[spoiler:afraid not, my friend.]]
And what about "C....e J..k", huh? Will I get kid[[spoiler:Y.s]]
I work in a tech support and I've just received a complaint from a certain Jack Candle! Is it safe for me t[[spoiler:hey never stop falling for this one.]]
[[spoiler: One clever a was that, admit I'll but, too him kidnapped I but, that tried Warp Thyme]]spe [[VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies2ItsAboutTime Warp Thyme]] that way the in name Jack's Candle speak I if what.
Candle Jack? What is that, an [[FusionDance amalgam]] of [[Anime/GregoryHorrorShow H]][[spoiler:That's not for you to know.]]
[[Series/DoctorWho CAPTAIN JA]][[Series/{{Torchwood}} CK HARKNESS!]] GOTCHA [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch B]][[spoiler:ye. It's close enough for me. He's a good guy. Don't hug him for more than five seconds, though.]]
Wait, how did they [[ComicallyMissingThePoint cast Candle Jack if Candle Jack would just kidnap all his voice act]][[spoiler: It's called a casting couch.]]
Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jumped over
The candlest[[spoiler:ill expecting some kind of immunity to fire, I guess. I won't complain, he was so busy treating the burns he didn't even notice me.]]
So does this mean that all our Tropers are belong to Candle Jack[[spoiler:[[SymbolSwearing ?@#$]], that meme went out of style years ago. I don't want to hear it again.]]
%%Heh heh heh... This is the perfect hiding spot. Candle Jack will never think to edit and find this hidden te[[spoiler:How else do you think I comment on your idiocy? Psychic powers?]]
How about if I say Candle Jane? Does that bring up any r[[spoiler:[[RuleSixtyThree ule 63]] applies to me too, so yes.]]
Candle Jacking off a d[[spoiler:EXCUSE ME!?]]
I like the new Wiki/TVTropes layout. Candle Jack, WHOOPS, what do you th[[spoiler:it's alright, could be better, could be worse.]]
So, if a common crook jacks a candle truck, does that st[[spoiler:op me? Nah, it's just a stunt to let me rope you all in.]]
* Uh. Hey Candle Jack, can you kidnap the guy above me for m[[spoiler:ight wanna consider that I don't take requests.]]
[[StatingtheSimpleSolution Has no one guessed yet that you should just stop saying his name?]] What do you think, Candle Jack[[spoiler:? I agree. Seriously, I've run out of rope multiple times on this page alone.]]
Does he have a wife named Jill[[spoiler:? Nope, still single.]]
[[FridgeLogic Wait, if he can only hear people say his name, why does typing Candle Jack make h]][[spoiler:onestly, just roll with it.]]
Iway etbay ifway eway aysay Andlecay Ackjay inway Igpay Atinlay, aybemay ehay on'tway[[spoiler: Orrysay, onay iceday.]]
Hey Candle Jackoff, what's your opinion on [[Series/LazyTown LazyTow]][[spoiler:http://air-ride-adventures.wikia.com/wiki/Air_Ride_Adventures_Wiki]]
Hey Candle Jack? [[Series/LazyTown HERE'S A LITTLE LESSON IN]][[spoiler: NOPE! Not today.]]
Y'know what'd be awesome? Getting Trope-tan to come on over and fight the guy this very page is about. We oughta give her IdiotBall to the aforementioned guy. [[ShoutOut Fight of the]] [[Series/TheOrderOfTheStick year, no question.]]
[=FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUdge=] and macaroni sounds tasty.
Ya know what? I'm going to start a charity. It will go towards buying Candle Jack more r[[spoiler:ope? [[SincerityMode Aww, thanks, that's so nice of you!]] Especially since everyone here's an idiot.]]
What if we called Candle Jack something like Lantern John[[spoiler:no way. At this rate you're just toying with me. Good thing I have tons of rope from that charity.]]
Jxbv, jrrg qhzv! L'p xvlqj Fdhvdu Flskhuv! Wklv zloo vxuhob shuvxdgh Fdqgoh Mdfn[[spoiler: wr nlgqds pruh shrsoh? Vxuh, zkb qrw, hyhubrqh hovh lv lq rq lw, dssduhqwob.]]
--->'''Translation:''' Guys, good news! I'm using Caesar Ciphers! This will surely persuade Candle Jack[[spoiler: to kidnap more people? Sure, why not, everyone else is in on it, apparently.]]
What would happen if [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Bill]] [[EldritchAbomination Ci]][[RealityWarper pher]] said "Candle Jack?" [[spoiler: He did it nearby this location.43.8041° N, 120.5542° W BROKE OUT OF HIS ROPE AND TOOK CANDLE JACK OUT]] of spoilers.
* This...is unbelievable! I feel so good every time I look at this page. Especially after today's exceptionally horrible happenings. I can't believe you guys (whoever you are) let Bill Cipher hijack and share this page just for little old me![[note]]I am not Gideon. My Cipher Wheel symbol is the puzzle piece (shut up, it's an AU).[[/note]]
** Signed, a person going through a very hard period of life and facing the possibility of actual clinical depression.[[note]]on top of anxiety issues and Asperger's. I'm sure Bill will find some way to make fun of me for that. Do your worst, Cipher.[[/note]] You made me feel better.
* Now where was I? Oh, yes. So apparently Bill was .3 miles away from the Central Oregon Highway when he last said "Candle Jack"?
[[spoiler: What if I just hide in the spoilers? Candle Jack will never find me hidden in plain s]][[spoiler:poilers are mine. Copyright.]]
-- .- -.-- -... . / .. -. / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / -.-. .- -. -.. .-.. . / .--- .- -.-. -.- / -.-. .- -. .----. -[[spoiler:-.-. .- - -.-. .... / .- / -... .-. . .- -.- ..--.. / -.-- . .- .... --..-- / --- -.- .-.-.-]]
--->'''Translation:''' Maybe in morse code Candle Jack can't[[spoiler: catch a break? Yeah, ok.]]
CAN't you just put the house on JACKS? You are so DULL. [[spoiler: I hate this guy]]
[[[{{Leitmotif}} da da DA da DA DADAAAAAAA...]]] [[{{SelfDemonstrating/Freakazoid}} Whoosssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Well, if it isn't-]]
** '''NO!'''
** What? I was just gonna say-
** '''NO!'''
** Don't say it!
** Don't say ''what''?
** Don't say his name!
** You mean, don't say Candle Jack? [[spoiler: Some things never change.]]
** Freakazoid, why did you say his name?
** 'Cause I-I wanted to do one of those funny things like, hey ever watch Series/FTroop where Agarn says "There's no way I'm wearin' a dress, absolutely not! No dress!" and Forrest Tucker's like "''Yeah your wearin' that dress! Your gonna wear that dress!''" and then they wipe blblblbl! and Agarn's wearing a dress. [[spoiler: Oh, I love that bit. That's why I gave him the chance to talk about it.]]

-->'''[[JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf Statler]]''': You know what I think about these people up there?\\
'''Waldorf''': What would that be?\\
'''Statler''': They're all fools.\\
'''Waldorf''': You're right! Nobody can be so dumb as to say Candle Jack and\\
'''[[spoiler:Candle Jack]]''': [[spoiler:Just so you know, you guys aren't immune either. [[BorrowedCatchphrase Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!]]]]
'''[[spoiler: Bill]]''': [[spoiler:HEY GUYS HOW'S IT GOIN'?!]]

* Am i safe? I guess so.