[[folder: Custom Art from series ]]

* [[http://elbruno3593.deviantart.com/art/Turnabout-Storm-CoverArt-278676709 Turnabout Storm - CoverArt (Fullsize)]] by Elbruno3593
* [[http://mrponiator.deviantart.com/art/Edgeworth-s-happy-pony-time-277157328?q=favby%3AElbruno3593&qo=0 Edgeworth's Happy Pony Time (Phoenix's Imagine Spot)]] by [=MrPoniator=]
* [[http://fav.me/d4wb4li Rarity at the post office]] by sigmavirus1
* [[http://fav.me/d5esbnm Phoenix Wright vectors]] by sigmavirus1
* [[http://neoartimus.deviantart.com/ NeoArtimus deviantArt page]] -- contains vectors of [=OCs=] from series


[[folder: Custom Backgrounds ]]

* [[http://sigmavirus1.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FiM-Courtroom-296432712?q=boost%3Apopular%20turnabout%20storm&qo=19 Ponyville Court]] by sigmavirus1
* [[http://sigmavirus1.deviantart.com/#/d4x0k5d Hotel Room]] by sigmavirus1


[[folder: Other fanart ]]

* [[http://jadedjynx.deviantart.com/art/Turnabout-Storm-383164147 Turnabout Storm poster]] by [=JaDeDJynX=]
* [[http://loungejase.deviantart.com/art/Turnabout-Storm-295933759 Case artwork style fanart]] by [=LoungeJase=]
* [[http://irukaaoi.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=objection#/d4dn811 OBJECTION PONY]] by [=IrukaAoi=]
** [[http://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd213/TomoyoIchijouji/?action=viewĄt=TurnaboutStorm_colored1.png Cropped and colored version]] by Elbruno3593 (cropping) and Tomoyo Ichijouji (coloring)
* [[http://fav.me/d4orl8m Phoenix and Twilight Sparkle]] by Waprom
* [[http://fav.me/d4snmfx "Y-you're a talking horse..."]] by lostwolfen
* [[http://fav.me/d4t2ew4 "You kidnapped me with your freaky spell, remember?"]] by lostwolfen
* [[http://fav.me/d5eyilc Turnabout Storm collage wallpaper]] by marco23p
* [[http://fav.me/d5f6fej Turnabout Storm: Part 3]] by [=iBringThaZelc=]
* [[http://fav.me/d4xl73r Wob Niar]] by [=TheGoldCrowOnDVD=]
* [[http://fav.me/d4xujex Comic: "Small Bed"]] by helsaabi
* [[http://fav.me/d53xlmh G-Model rendition of courtroom scene]] by Postal-Code
* [[http://fav.me/d52ujdf Pencil coloring: Phoenix vs. Trixie]] by [=IzTheLonelySandNinja=]
* [[http://fav.me/d5ed4x3 Cruise Control]] by Wolframclaws
* [[http://fav.me/d5epmmd Humanized Ponies with Phoenix]] by aura102
* [[http://fav.me/d5f9pki Cruise Control and Twilight Sparkle]] by Pikacino
* [[http://fav.me/d5fffax Sonata]] by Porschepokefan
* [[http://fav.me/d5gxybe Cutie Mark Crusader Lawyer]] by Ruly-tasho
* [[http://fav.me/d5i9he9 "The suspect the defense accuses..."]] by Rambopvp
* [[http://fav.me/d5kxome Cosplay: Phoenix Wright & Rainbow Dash]] by Akita48
* [[http://fav.me/d5tphhw Turnabout Storm Japanese logo]] by Lilothestitch
* [[http://fav.me/d5u8syu Sonata Trot animation cycle]] by [=PinkiePizzles=]
* [[http://fav.me/d5yljpp Cruise Control and...]] by Beefcrow
* [[http://fav.me/d5zcr7h Maya, there's someone I'd like you to meet...]] by Joeycrick
* [[http://fav.me/d5z0ncw Twilight Bad Ending]] by [=NightSilverChelly=]
* [[http://fav.me/d605qn8 Twilight's "Objection!"]] by colouredmanga
* [[http://fav.me/d60a1el Cruise Control]] by Rikori95
* [[http://fav.me/d60bo1b Phoenix, Felicia and the Mane 6]] by [=NekoHybrid=]
* [[http://fav.me/d63iroy Turnabout Storm, ponies humanized]] by [=NyanDashicorn=]
* [[http://fav.me/d640uly The Mailmare's Name]] by [=PoisonicPen=]
* [[http://fav.me/d648xac Sonata smirk]] by leeyuna
* [[http://fav.me/d6c4jcj Turnabout Storm poster]] by [=JaDeDJynX=]
* [[http://fav.me/d6c51e2 Turnabout storm future reunion?]] by [=AJxKS35=]
* [[http://fav.me/d6e5gbl Wob Niar 3D model]] by rcmero