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* AboveTheInfluence: "iSaved Your Life" features something similar to this trope, but not with Drugs/Alcohol. Freddie realizes that Carly is probably only in love with him because he saved her life, so he tells Carly they should wait a while, and see if she still has feelings for him later.
* AbsenteeActor: Because Creator/JennetteMcCurdy was having her tonsils removed, Sam doesn't appear in ''iWon't Cancel The Show''.
* AcCENTUponTheWrongSylLABle: Carly (and everyone else) repeatedly say "Yaki-MUH," as in "I'm not moving to Yaki-MUH." It's actually pronounced "Yakih-MAH." [[PlayedForLaughs Apparently this was done deliberately]].
* AccidentalPervert: In ''iLost My Mind'' Spencer runs out into the hall, pantsless, calling after Carly to bring back some more olive oil. There he is met with an old lady, a child, and a nun. The old lady pepper sprays him.
* ACupAngst: Carly's "flat-chestedness" has been humorously referenced in a few episodes.
** In ''iSaw Him First'':
--->'''Carly''': What's that supposed to mean?\\
'''Sam''': Why won't you ask your new helping bra?\\
'''Carly''': (looks down and gasps) There's nothing wrong with a little help.
* AdamWesting: Miranda Cosgrove in ''iBloop''.
* AdaptationDecay: ''iCarly Saves TV'' involved the webshow being bought to produce for television. By the end of the episode, Freddie the producer had quit working on the show completely, they added a zany mascot, the DeadpanSnarker sidekick was fired too, and when the lead quit, she was replaced by a sitcom family, and they changed the title. Yet the network considered it the same show, despite not ''even'' being InNameOnly.
* {{Adorkable}}: Freddie. Carly even created a new word to describe him, "cukey" (cute and geeky).
* AdvertisedExtra: Yes JackBlack was in "iStart A Fanwar" but it was more about Creddie vs Seddie while he just gave Spencer something to do.
** Emma Stone's cameo was built up as if it was part of the plotline. Instead she's in the episode for about a minute and [[{{Filler}} has nothing to do with the plot.]] [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment She just appears, goes crazy and the plot moves on after.]]
* AdultsAreUseless: Heavily [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in the series. Each adult has his or her own brand of eccentricity.
** Subverted by Principal Franklin, who's competent, if ''overly'' lenient, and occasionally by Spencer.
* AnAesop: DanSchneider finally got not-so-subtle in ''iStart a Fan War'' by using Carly to declare the Word of God intention to focus on comedy. When combined with earlier statements by the trio than none of them are dating each other, this episode could be seen as a ShipSinking of the various main pairings, although it could just be an attempt to invoke a 'cease fire' in the online fandom.
* AesopAmnesia: Most of the time the characters don't even get past the ''end of the episode'' where they learn their lesson before forgetting it or deliberately ignoring it.
** ''iPromise Not To Tell'': Sam uses the unattended computer of Principal Franklin to change the grade that Carly and Freddie got in a history class. At the end of the episode after revealing the truth, she accepts her punishment of 6 weeks detention, saying "she needs to learn her lesson". Principal Franklin walks out of the room, and Sam changes her detention.
** Nevel in ''iPity The Nevel''. He spends the entire episode learning to be a better person after ending up on the internet insulting a little girl. At the end of the episode he does the exact same thing that he just learned not to do.
** ''iDate Sam & Freddie'' ends with Carly delivering the aesop to Sam and Freddie that they need to sort out their own problems or they shouldn't date. The very next episode ''iCan't Take It'' ends with Carly sorting out another Sam and Freddie problem so they can keep dating, with the only difference in the situations being that even though Sam was the one who sabotaged his camp application, Carly was the one who told Mrs. Benson and Gibby about it.
* AffablyEvil: Nevel Papperman.
* AirVentPassageway: Spencer attempts to escape this way in ''iGo to Japan'' and fails miserably since it leads out to another vent of the same room.
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys:
** The central plot of ''iDate a Bad Boy''. Griffin is a delinquent who stole the motorcycle that Carly bought for Spencer. After having a short SlapSlapKiss incident, Carly falls in love with him much to Spencer's chagrin and Freddie's jealousy. Carly and Sam even gush at the fact that Griffin is full of scars and he punched a hole on the wall due to anger. But all of his bad boy rep went downhill when Carly discovered his deep obsession over plush toys.
*** In an unintentional network cross-over, the actor playing Griffin was Miley Stewart's boyfriend on ''HannahMontana'' when that show ended.
** GenderFlip in ''iMake Sam Girlier''. Sam asks Carly to teach her how to behave like a real girl to catch the attention of her eye-candy Pete. While Sam does a good work in behaving "girly", Carly gets attacked by a bully which triggered Sam's UnstoppableRage. Unfortunately, Pete saw how Sam wrestled with the bully, but it turns out he likes a girl "who kisses well and can break an arm if she wants to."
* AlliterativeName: Spencer Shay, Gibby Gibson and Chuck Chambers.
** Gibby's real name, however, is Orenthal.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: Several love triangles in iWin a Date: Reuben to Sam, Shannon to Freddie, and Gibby to Shannon.
* AllMenArePerverts: For a kids show, the main cast of males each have their moments, given that all 3 of them are also stepping on ChickMagnet territory. Spencer is already a quirky HandsomeLech since season 1, Gibby has the makings of a pimp, and Freddie is becoming quite versed from watching the Animal Channel.
* AlternateCompanyEquivalent: to DisneyChannel's LizzieMcGuire, despite that the two shows are years apart from each other. Almost everything is a bit similar, excluding the Shipping Wars Lizzie doesn't have.
* AmazingFreakingGrace: Carly is quoted on the trope page due to her performance of this in ''iPie'', where she stalls for time at a wake by singing.
-->''"Hey! [[BlackComedy Here's a fun song to sing when people die]]!"''
* AmusingInjuries: After the failed attempt to prank Spencer, Gibby asks "Did you hear my ribs crack?"
** In ''iCan't Take It'':
---> '''Gibby''': She [Sam] dislocated my breastbone!
* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: While also MyBelovedSmother Mrs. Benson becomes this in "iMoveOut". First, she interrupts an iCarly webcast to bring Freddie the asparagus he didn't eat for supper, making him eat it while singing her vegetable song. This is done on camera in front of the iCarly audience. She later shows students at school his baby pictures.
* AnchoredShip: Carly and Freddie, at the end of ''iSaved Your Life'' because Freddie can't be sure of Carly's true feelings for him. It hasn't had a ShipSinking scene since, it's just never been followed through on at all or even referenced again.
** ''iLove You'' ends the Sam/Freddie relationship arc with them breaking up. Despite the litany of issues the arc and Sam and Freddie themselves brought up with them being in a relationship, it's still not a total sinking. It could be because it's the [[DanSchneider show-runner's]] way of maintaining [[StatusQuoIsGod the status quo]] and avoiding the risk of JumpingTheShark that could otherwise happen with a blatant ShipSinking ''or'' a canon relationship happening.
** Since at least one of these pairings can't happen, and possibly [[TakeAThirdOption both]], either of these moments could end up being ShipSinking if the show ends with no further development from one/both pairings.
*** WordOfGod via Freddie's actor has confirmed they left things open with Creddie in case they wanted to revisit them.
*** Carly and Freddie were unanchored in "iGoodbye". Carly kisses him, he reciprocates and celebrates. Seddie was sunk.
* {{Angrish}}: Spencer's reaction when he gets home, only to see Carly and Griffin now in full lip-to-lip contact.
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: Carly does one of these as Freddie starts to believe that she only likes him because he saved her life. It doesn't work, and Freddie breaks up with her, despite Freddie having loved Carly since the day he met her.
* AnticipatoryBreathSpray: Nevel, in his first appearance.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: "Made of a super-soft, thick luxurious fabric of some sort, the Sack comes in: rash red, mucus green, pus yellow and blue."
** And in ''iOMG'', Gibby asks what science has ever done for them. Carly says, "Artificial sweetners...man on the moon...liquid soap...".
* ArtisticLicenseBiology:
--->'''Spencer:''' "Do girls ''have'' bladders?"
--->'''Carly:''' "Do butts have muscles?"
** Maurice the Chicken. Called a male name. Makes rooster sounds. Is actually a hen, a female.
* ArtisticLicenseGeography: Carly's grandfather claims that it took ninety minutes to drive from Yakima to Seattle. If he added two to two-and-a-half hours more to that, then it would be more accurate.
* ArtisticLicenseLaw: In ''iPromote Techfoots'', they use Spencer's law school experience (all three days of it) to find a way out of their contract with the shoe company. Since Sam, Carly and Freddie are under age, any contract they sign is not legally binding anyway if their parent or guardian doesn't also sign it.
* ArtisticLicensePhysics: In ''iFind Lewbert's Lost Love,'' Sam picks Freddie up and carries him, over her shoulder, out of the Shays' apartment. Regardless of how strong Sam is, it would be physically impossible for her to pick up something, or somebody, significantly heavier than she is, without falling over.
* AscendedExtra: Gibby/Noah Munck. He was originally intended for only a few lines and a couple gags with him not wearing a shirt, but they loved him so much that by the 4th season, he's listed among the main cast!
** T-Bo, also formerly a minor character, has been promoted a reoccurring character. While not credited as part of the main cast, he's still heavily featured in the opening as of season 5!
* AscendedFan: [[http://danwarp.blogspot.com/2010/06/nice-new-article-by-chuck-barney.html In 2010]], Creator/JaneLynch revealed in an interview that she was a fan of the show. [[http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/07/glees-jane-lynch-visiting-icarly.html Less than a month later]], she was cast to play Sam's mom.
* AscendedMeme: Again, iStart A Fan War using the Creddie and Seddie [[PortmanteauCoupleName pairing names]].
* AsHimself: Jerry Trainor in ''iBloop''.
** Plain White T's in "iRue the Day" and One Direction in "iGo One Direction"
* AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: Krustacia in "iSell Penny Tees" wasn't speaking Uzbek, but Russian. For that matter, her actress was Russian, too.
** Freddie's random Spanish usually consists of legitimate Spanish words; although sometimes, as in ''iBeat The Heat'' ("tubos yellos") or ''iBelieve in Bigfoot'' ("El Foot-ah Gigantico") they are just Spanish-sounding nonsense and often without context.
* AskAStupidQuestion and [[GetAStupidAnswer Sam will answer you]].
** In ''iHatch Chicks'':
-->'''Carly''': What's the temperature in here?
-->'''Spencer''': Seventy-two!
-->'''Carly''': Turn the heat up to ninety!
-->'''Spencer''': Ninety degrees?
-->'''Sam''': No, ninety pickles! Yes ninety degrees!
** In ''iPity The Nevel'':
-->'''Spencer''': Papperman?
-->'''Sam''': No, Nevel Van Hooter-Schmoozen.
** In ''iParty With Victorious'':
-->'''Freddie''': The ''famous'' Kenan Thompson?
-->'''Sam''': No, Kenan Thompson, the ''butt doctor''!
** Carly also tends to answer Sam like this, particularly in ''iFence''.
-->'''Carly:''' (her phone is between her cheek and her shoulder) You know whats even weirder? The Dorfmens are coming and Spencer's not back yet!
-->'''Sam:''' Did you try calling him?
-->'''Carly:''' No Sam, I'm just keeping my cellphone warm here between my cheek and my shoulder!
* [[{{AttentionDeficitOohShiny}} Attention Deficit... Yay, food!]] From ''iGot Detention'':
--> '''Freddie''': "Yeah, way to go Sam. You just ruined iCarly's 50th Web Show Spectac--ooh, popcorn!"
** Sam, in ''iLost My Mind'':
--> '''Sam''': "Who cares, so I kissed you. So... so maybe I do like you a little bit. It doesn't matter 'cause there's no way I'd ever go out with you or be your little girlfriend and--dang this place makes good quesadillas."
* AuthorAppeal: Lampshaded, "Ha! More duct tape. I think this is like the third episode in a row that features the use of duct tape. No, the writers are not obsessed with duct tape. It's just a coincidence."
** Bunnies. DanSchneider owned a pet bunny himself named Cookie (which also appeared in ''iFight Shelby Marx''). Ginger Fox has a pet bunny, while Sam once owned a bunny named Fluffles.
** Names. The female characters all have normal names that you could walk down the street with. Male characters, on the other hand, tend to have some sort of EmbarrassingFirstName (Fredward, Lewbert, and Gibby, which Cornelius is an Embarrassing Middle Name; his embarrasing first name, Orenthal, was revealed in ''iStill Psycho''), with the sole refugee being Spencer.
* AuthorFilibuster: A non-moral example from DanSchneider, who uses ''iStart A Fan War'' to portray {{Shipping}} and shippers in a bad light, then finally stops the show so Carly can tell them that the point of the show is comedy, not who is dating who. It comes off as extremely condescending, and it caused a storm of criticism. A lot of which had to do with the fact the episode wasn't very funny.
* AuthorTract: DanSchneider drops his Anti-{{Shipping}} anvil at the end of the episode ''iStart A Fan War'', basically mocking the fans who made his show popular online, and then following it up with Carly mouthing something that could have come from one of his blog posts, which basically boils down to 'shut up about romance and watch the show for the comedy'.
** He later expanded in his blog that he was in fact just mocking ship to ship combat and not shipping itself.
* AxCrazy:
** Nora in ''iPsycho''. She also held a medieval hatchet and a NixonMask that scared off the trio back to their incarceration.
** ''iStill Psycho'' has her show up again. Not only is she ''even worse'' than before, it's revealed her parents are every bit as crazy as she is!
* {{Badass}}: '''[[MamaBear Mrs. Benson]]'''. Do NOT underestimate the Fencin' Bensons.
* BadassAdorable: Sam, a petite blonde, can kick ''anyone's'' butt. To an extent, Gibby's little bro Guppy also qualifies.
* BadBadActing: The store clerk's home-made pirate movies (possible ShoutOut of [[TheAmandaShow Blockblister]]). Also mercilessly lampooned on the webshow's fake movie trailers.
* BadLiar: The Shays. Also Spencer's subplot in ''iRocked the Vote''.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: ''iCarly Awards'', when one of the titular statuette dolls is shown skirtless.
* BaseBreaker: [[invoked]]. An in-universe example is Sam in '' iBelieve In Bigfoot''. Well, technically it's Bigfoot, but Sam does the actual base breaking, when the student body are having a number of civilized discussions about Bigfoot.
--> '''Sam:''' Raise your hand if you think Bigfoot is real.\\
'''Sam:''' Now everybody who thinks Bigfoot is not real, raise your hand.\\
'''' \\
'''Sam:''' Okay, about half & half. That means half of you are stupid. Discuss!\\
** Sam again, this time in ''iStart A Fanwar''
--> ''''\\
'''Sam:''' It's true - Carly & Freddie are deeply in love.\\
** [[invoked]] Creddie vs Seddie comes up in ''iStart A Fan War'' in-universe.
* BetterAsFriends: Sam and Freddie. At the end of ''iLove You'', they mutually come to the conclusion that they don't work as a couple and forced a romantic connection from a platonic one. They both love each other, but they broke up and remained friends, obviously being BetterAsFriends at least for now.
* TheBeard: Carly is this in the Christmas episode. Nevel must not want his mother to find out. Or he's ''hopelessly confused'' about his sexuality.
** There is also a minor character who asks Carly to be his girlfriend, and the dialogue seems to imply, by making it because his mother doesn't believe him about something regarding girls or a girlfriend, that this could be the main reason why.
* BadLiar: Spencer's flaw that is the subject of the B-plot in ''iRock The Vote''.
* BavarianFireDrill: Spencer pulls this off to get to the vault containing the severed head of a company's founder in ''iTake On Dingo''.
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: The ChristmasEpisode ''iChristmas''. Carly wishes for Spencer to be normal, and an It's a Wonderful Life homage ensues, ending with Carly more appreciative than ever of her life.
* BigBlackout: Spencer's sculpture invokes this in ''iWant A World Record''.
* BigfootSasquatchAndYeti: ''iBelieve in Bigfoot'' deals with the title characters trying to prove Bigfoot exists. [[spoiler:In the end, he ''steals their RV!'']]
* BigOMG:
** Spencer lets this loose when Sam's boyfriend Jonah ruins his claymation movie in ''iHate Sam's Boyfriend''.
** Carly, Sam, and Freddie also say this on various occasions.
** In ''iGo To Japan'', Freddie shouts the three-letter version when pushed out of the airplane by Sam.
** There's an episode titled ''iOMG''.
*** Although the big reveal actually doesn't have a character ''say'' anything, just look shocked, which makes the episode itself, rather than anything anybody says, an embodiment of this trope.
** You can hearing the full words in ''iGetPranky'' when Spencer dropped 200lbs. of garlic powder on his classmates.
* BittersweetEnding: Happens in ''iGoodbye'': [[spoiler: Carly gets to go to Italy with her Dad, but she had to leave behind her friends to do so, and they can't do ICarly anymore, but on the bright side, [[OfficialCouple Carly and Freddie finally fall in love.]]]]
* BlandNameProduct
** Freddie's Samsun Gemini Max Pad phone is based off the Samsung Galaxy series of products, and the jokes come from how large his phone is. Both the Galaxy S3 smartphone is larger than some other phones, and Samsung also have the Galaxy Note, which is a 'phablet' sized smart phone.
* BrainlessBeauty: Inverted for Cort from ''iHire an Intern''. No matter how badly he screws up, even spilling lemonade from a bag onto Freddie's laptop and electrical equipment, effectively killing their webshow for the week, all he does is take off his shirt and Carly and Sam forgive him, calling him "cute" and "sweetie" and even giving him "unlimited chances". And the girls completely glossed over someone who has HAD experience with electronics and would run the show better before, and picked Cort simply because he's chiseled. Why're you still going after Carly with your brains Freddie? It's clear that all this shallow-as-hell girl's really interested in are boys with muscles, abs, and the IQ of window drapes. Not personality and intelligence, don't be silly.
* BrickJoke: In ''iSpy a Mean Teacher'', Spencer mentions breaking up with Connie (his girlfriend) because he learned she juggles for someone else. While the gang is airing their webcast with Ms. Briggs, one of the show's viewers is shown with his new juggler girlfriend, Connie.
** Even better one that comes full circle. When Spencer finds an old workout machine [[RunningGag in the junkyard]] and shows it off to Carly and gang, Gibby asks if it's a motorcycle, resulting in the gang questioning how Gibby could possibly mistake a workout machine for a motorcycle. In the last episode, iGoodbye, Spencer brings home a motorcycle to fix and when Gibby sees it, he asks if it's a workout machine.
* BrokenStreak: ''iWas A Pageant Girl'' had Sam breaking the streak of the long-running champ of a beauty contest by putting on an amazing dance number.
* BeautyBrainsAndBrawn: The main PowerTrio is exactly this trope, only averted by Freddie's gender.
** ''iReunite With Missy'' evokes this trope alongside BlondeBrunetteRedhead. Carly and Sam are the beauty and brawn respectively, while Missy qualifies as the brains for staging a devious scheme to reenter into Carly's life.
* BrutalHonesty: Carly's speech to Sam and Freddie after they snap her patience in regards to their fighting and dragging her into them, telling the both of them exactly what was wrong with their behaviour ''without'' bothering to sugar-coat it, and then finishing it by saying [[ReasonYouSuckSpeech they shouldn't be dating at all]].
* BelligerentSexualTension: Sam's constant abuse of Freddie might mask certain 'feelings' for him.
** As of the Seddie arc that started with ''iOMG'' it's ZigZagged all over the shop:
** AvertedTrope: They spend 4 seasons just fighting and bickering. Neither of their kisses is as a result of arguments of tension due to their fighting, although the FirstKiss is because of something Sam did to him, but not in the correct 'way' for it to count as this trope. It's also possible that since Sam only very suddenly started acting different once she 'loves' Freddie, that the entire thing is averted if they switch to a less antagonistic romance trope in the future or if they get sunk by something similar to LikeBrotherAndSister or IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy.
** DiscussedTrope: Freddie brings it up a few times, but it's never treated seriously.
** When they break up in ''iLove You'' they discuss that they used to be at each other's throats, but tried forcing that to become a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and it just doesn't "click".
* BeneathTheMask: Nevel is a polite, nice kid when within his mom's vicinity, but is a complete JerkAss outside of it.
* BeQuietNudge: Carly to Sam, most especially when Sam quips that Carly made up the Fladoodles yet Mandy still found them.
* BerserkButton: Despite having an anger management therapist, Sam still has a lot.
** Never pick on Carly in front of Sam.
*** Never attempt to cut Sam's hair.
*** Never play a prank on Sam, even just to "be even". ''Mama doesn't play to get even. Mama plays to win.''
*** If you offend Carly and she sends Sam to you, be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
** Do NOT tell Carly to calm down. It will whip her up and send her ranting about.
*** If you're Spencer and her nerdy cousins are visiting for dinner, ''you better damn well be there!''
** Calling Spencer's butt flat will provoke this.
* BetterThanABareBulb: The shows writers include [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] all over the place. Generally in 2 ways:
** When a main character picks up the IdiotBall. See ''iSell Penny Tees'', where Carly lampshades her paying the children upfront so they could stop working and move the plot along.
** When they use common genre tropes.
* BettyAndVeronica: Carly and Sam respectively, with Freddie as Archie.
** Kind of subverted though as, while Carly and Sam both fit the archetypes, there wasn't really a love triangle present. The trio were really ThreeAmigos, a lot of the ShipTease came from pandering to the shippers.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Good-natured Gibby can endure being bullied, [[BerserkButton just don't kidnap his friends nor let him discover you're hitting on his girlfriend]].
** Carly Shay. She is [[DeadpanSnarker very sassy at times]] (don't say it to her face, though), but she does have a long temper. To short it out is not a good idea.
*** The focus of ''iThink They Kissed''. Carly's always open to her best friends about her secrets, but when she learns of her [[FirstKiss best friends' secret]] that is kept from her, she got "whipped up". In such state, NEVER [[BerserkButton tell her to calm down]].
*** In a similar scene, Freddie tried to calm Carly's spazzing (as she suddenly suffered "space madness" herself) in ''iSpace Out''. Her response? "Shut up, Freddie!" She then smashed the window and dived out of the pod.
*** ''iSpeed Date''. Carly never finished one sentence when her talkative dance partner keeps interrupting her. Ultimately pissed, she manages to drive him away with a long [[BigShutUp ''SHUT UP!]] [[UnstoppableRage Shut up, shut up, shut up!'']]
* BigBad: The closest the series got to a main villain was Nevel Papperman. ''[[TheMovie iGo To Japan]]'' had [[spoiler:Kyoko and Yuki, two Japanese web comedians, as the main villains.]] The one hour special ''iPsycho'' had the AxCrazy FanGirl Nora Dirshlitt as its BigBad.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Spencer in regards to Carly; Gibby to his little brother Guppy.
* BigBrotherIsWatching: One of the new policies in ''iHave My Principals''.
* BigDamnHeroes: Gibby in ''iPsycho'' smashes down a door to psycho-fan Nora's house, engages in a long fight scene while his brother Guppy frees the iCarly gang from Nora's sound booth.
** In ''iStill Psycho'', Mrs. Benson and T-Bo [[DynamicEntry break the Dirshlitt's front door down with a motorcycle]], leading to Mrs. Benson ''dueling'' Nora and her mother with model swords while T-Bo tackles Mr. Dirshlitt.
* BigEater: Sam's own quote in her biography states that [[ExtremeOmnivore "I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first!"]]
** She is also an indiscriminate lover of meat, and in the absence of milk, will eat her cereal with root beer.
* BigNo: Spencer beautifully evokes a "NonLethalKO" version in ''iSaved Your Life'', complete with SlowMotionFall and distorted voice effects.
-->'''Spencer''': What's that, a lollipop?\\
'''Delivery Man''': Yeah, except from where I'm from, we don't call it a lollipop.\\
'''Spencer''': What do you call it?\\
'''Delivery Man''': '''[[PreMortemOneLiner SUCKER]]'''! (slaps Spencer and dives on the floor)\\
(Sam hangs upside down from the doorbeam, blowtube in her mouth ready for the "kill")\\
'''Spencer''': NOOOOOOOOOOO! (attempts to draw his blowtube but Sam strikes him with a headshot, claiming victory)
** Carly also evokes this in ''iBeat the Heat'' (again, with distorted vocal effects) when Sabrina blindly tramples on her model of an Utopian City a la Godzilla.
** In their spoof film ''Kelly Cooper: [[WhoWritesThisCrap Terrible Movie]]'':
-->'''Sam (as Natalie)''': Do you want to fit in with the popular crowd?\\
'''Carly (as Kelly)''': I do!\\
'''Natalie''': Well, ''too bad''!\\
'''Kelly''': NOOOOOOOOOO!
** Carly again, toward Sam. When the former suggests something [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness criminal]], the latter would ask to confirm.
-->'''Carly:''' Okay Spencer, [[SarcasmMode we're going shoplifting!]]\\
'''Spencer:''' Wear a jacket!\\
'''Sam:''' (excitedly) Are we really going shoplifting?\\
'''Carly:''' NO!
* BilingualBonus: Whenever Freddie speaks GratuitousSpanish, chances are the Spanish words he uses are out of context or utterly random.
** ''iGo to Japan'' becomes funnier when you know that the reason the Japanese security guard slapped Spencer is that he called his mother fat.
** In ''iGo Nuclear'', a bonus joke is that Cal's box containing illegal uranium is actually labeled plutonium in ''Russian''.
** In ''iGot a Hot Room'', Sam threatens the Italian exchange student that she'll break his leg unless he greets Carly a happy birthday.
** In ''iKiss'', Carly talks about who her first kiss was with. Sam and Freddie laugh when they hear his last name is "Huebscher," but it's actually a German word meaning "handsome." Bonus points for Carly saying his lips tasted like [[TrademarkFavoriteFood potato salad]].
* BitchInSheepsClothing : Chuck. He seems like a nice little kid but if you get him grounded, you'll regret it. He also uses his cuteness to take suspicion off of him.
* BlackComedy: Quite a bunch.
** ''iPie'': [[AmazingFreakingGrace Here's a fun song to sing when people die!]]
** ''iQuit iCarly'': T-Bo talks about his best friend Eddie Robinson who was hit by a bus and now became [[IncrediblyLamePun "Dead-die Robinson"]].
** ''iSaved Your Life'': Spencer plays with Freddie's toes, which are poking out of the cast on his broken leg...
--->'''Spencer''': This little piggy went to market... and this little piggy [[AmusingInjuries got hit by a truck]]!" \\
'''Carly''': SPENCER!
** ''iMove Out'': Spencer jokes that their aunt died falling out of a "winder". He quickly amends that the cause of death is a heart attack.
** ''iPsycho'': The old clown in Nora's birthday party suffered an aneurysm and was transported via a gurney, implied he can't make it through.
** ''iBeat the Heat'': When the temperature gets too high, the elderly will start to DIE!
*** [[LampshadeHanging Man, that is a CREEPY rhyme!]]
** ''iGot a Hot Room'': Spencer and Carly rejoice the fact that their great-grandmother's watch, destroyed in a fire, got them $80,000 from the insurance company. Then casually comment, "We should have gone to her funeral."
** ''iDo'': Gibby almost crushes an elderly woman beneath him when reaching for the $5 hanging on a tree. Much moreso when Gibby runs away from the immobile woman who can be thought as dead until she spoke "Do we still get coffee?"
** ''iGet Pranky'':
--->'''Spencer''': What if I don't [sign the contract]?
--->'''Carly''': Well then I might sneak into your room tonight and push a pillow over your face until you stop kicking.
--->'''Spencer''': [[LampshadeHanging That's some pretty dark stuff]].
* BlackComedyRape: Toned down to be "safe-for-kids".
** In ''iPie'', Trudy (Mr. Galini's sweaty granddaughter) dragged Spencer to the couch and practically spent the episode repeatedly lip-raping him, leaving the trio in a state of {{Squick}}.
** In ''iPsycho'', Sam forces an unwilling Freddie up against a glass partition so Nora (the girl who is holding them prisoner) can make out with him through the glass. Sam yells "Come and get it!" and Freddie cries out "This is so humiliating!" as he struggles in Sam's grip.
** Full-blown in ''iStill Psycho'' where Nora lip-rapes Freddie on the table. The scene also cuts forward, implying that some time had passed as Sam and Carly are seen eating cake which they aren't doing before while Nora is concentrated on Freddie.
* BlatantLies: Sam. It is very obvious to the viewers that she caused a random misdeed and often times turns the blame on the resident ButtMonkey, Freddie. [[KarmaHoudini She freely runs away with it]]... she's Sam!
** Unless the show ends with no pairings, then the trailer for ''iStart A Fan War'' is this, having told the audience that the shipping question would finally be answered.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: In ''iReunite with Missy'', there's blonde Sam, brunette Carly, and redhead Missy.
** Wendy, a recurring character, can be considered as the show's resident redhead.
* BlondGuysAreEvil: Wade Collins. He lied about his mother needing surgery to gain public sympathy, was rude and nasty to the iCarly gang when they tried to help him make his own music video, and is a big jerk.
* BlowingARaspberry: Not much used in the show, but is taken to adorable effect in ''iSaved Your Life'' when Freddie and Carly blow raspberries on each other playfully after they break-up.
* BrainBleach: Characters rely on {{squick}}ed expressions when they see something disgusting.
** In ''iHurt Lewbert'':
---> '''Freddie:''' Last night, I slept with my socks on.\\
'''Sam:''' So?\\
'''Freddie''' (grins) ''Just'' my socks.\\
'''Carly:''' (rolls eyes)\\
'''Sam:''' Uuuuuugh... (spits chewed junk food back into packet)
** In ''iDate a Bad Boy'':
---> '''Sam:''' Check out [[ShockSite this new video]] I found called Neck Infection.\\
'''Carly:''' Okay.\\
'''Freddie:''' Whatever.\\
'''Freddie & Carly:''' AAAAAAAAAH!\\
'''Carly:''' Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!!! (Runs away shrieking)\\
'''Freddie:''' That is horrible!\\
'''Sam:''' Come on, watch this next part. It's really funny.\\
'''Freddie:''' (gags) Oh! Oh! Aaaaaah! No! (runs away screaming)
** In ''iBeat The Heat'', all four main characters are squicked with Lewbert's foot sore "that never heals".
* BoundAndGagged: Happens to Carly in "iSpeed Date".
* BrandX: Being a DanSchneider production, the product names on the show are [[AffectionateParody affectionate parodies or spoofs]] of famous brands (Peppy Cola, Send Ex, Web Flix, Pear Pods, Pear Tunes, Violin God, Skybucks Coffee, The Jonas Book of World Records etc.)
* BrattyTeenageDaughter: Both Shays. Carly acts like this during Spencer's OverprotectiveDad episodes, while Spencer can also behave like this whenever Carly acts as the TeamMom.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs
-->'''Spencer''': Okay, I've separated your phone calls into three categories. Death threats, from your mother... and death threats from your mother.
** "The average fans." "The super-fans." "The psycho-fans." "Even the ''super''-psycho-fans."
* BreakingTheFourthWall: This VERY hilarious dialogue in the iCarly website about the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.
--> '''Freddie:''' Does Baby Spencer love Jerry Trainor?\\
'''Baby Spencer:''' (also played by Jerry Trainor) What?!\\
'''Freddie:''' Do you love Jerry Trainor?\\
'''Baby Spencer:''' Don't say that! You're [[LampshadeHanging breaking the fourth wall!]] Nooooo!\\
'''Freddie:''' Aw, sometimes it's OK to break the fourth wall.\\
'''Baby Spencer:''' No! It violates everything I believe in!\\
'''Freddie:''' Did you know Jerry Trainor is up in the Teen Choice Awards?\\
'''Baby Spencer:''' Hush! Don't talk about it!\\
'''Freddie:''' Don't you want everyone to go online and vote for Jerry Trainor?\\
'''Baby Spencer:''' Baby don't like shameless self-promotion!\\
'''Freddie:''' Don't you know iCarly is up for lots of Teen Choice Awards?\\
'''Baby Spencer:''' SHUT UP! I'm so uncomfortable with this in so many levels!
** In the {{Parody}} film ''The Blowing'':
--> '''Sam:''' How do we save ourselves from this wind?\\
'''Fleck:''' We don't.\\
'''Sam:''' But how can we survive?\\
'''Fleck:''' We can't.\\
'''Sam:''' But we have time to make this movie?\\
'''Fleck:''' We won't.\\
'''Sam:''' Oh.
* BreakOutCharacter: Gibby, as of season 4 he's finally been Promoted to a Main Character.
* BrickJoke: In ''iSpy a Mean Teacher'', Spencer mentions breaking up with Connie (his girlfriend) because he learned she juggles for someone else. While the gang is airing their webcast with Ms. Briggs, one of the show's viewers is shown with his new juggler girlfriend, Connie.
** In ''iWill Date Freddie'' Sam asks Valerie over the Blabcam to "Email Freddie the adress of the mental institution [Valeries] locked up in, and [Freddie] will get her there". Seasons later, in ''iLost my mind'' where does Sam admit herself because she likes Freddie? Troubled Waters Mental Institiution.
* BrokenAesop: There are a few ways ''iGo Nuclear'' could be considered to have broken the supposed GreenAesop: The first telling Freddie he failed because he imported worms for Portugal, then telling Carly that taking the bus would've been better. When Sam passed for doing nothing, it made it seem like the moral was "Don't bother trying to help the planet, because you are unwittingly doing it wrong anyway." It's worth noting that ExecutiveMeddling mandated a GreenAesop that the creators didn't want to write--[[WriterRevolt this might be a purposeful]] SpoofAesop that being forced into environmentalism just sucks.
** A shocking truth in RealLife is presented in ''iBeat the Heat''. Carly gives AnAesop speech based from her utopian city project contrasting the Old American "neighborhood" life to the hubbub of the people in her loft. The lesson seemed to have sunk in, until all power inside the building gets restored, prompting the residents to leave the loft immediately without giving any form of gratitude. The stunned expressions of the main characters are just priceless.
** The [[AnAesop aesop]] of ''iStart a Fanwar'', where everyone should concentrate on the show itself because it's only about comedy and not shipping? The very next episode started a 5 part {{Shipping}} arc that DanSchneider himself hyped to the point he was expecting it to break the 12 million viewer record of ''iSaved Your Life''.
* BrokenBase: Entirely averted in-universe, as everybody loves the webshow. Subject to change as the A-plot of an episode, but since StatusQuoIsGod, they always have growing popularity by the end of the day.
** Even when they screwed things up with Fred they still don't count, as ''everyone'' hated them for causing Fred to stop making his show.
* BrokenRecord: In ''iStill Psycho'', the repeated gag of "And ever...and ever...and ever...and ever..."
* BuffySpeak: Spencer.
* BullyingADragon: In "iMake Sam Girlier", a freakishly large senior named Jocelyn likes to pick on [[CuteBruiser Sam]], who only doesn't beat her up sooner than she does because she's trying to be girly. Considering Sam's reputation around school, Jocelyn probably should've known better.
** Sam [[InvokedTrope invokes]] this in "iKiss" when she tells the ones bullying Freddie that if they want to pick on someone, pick on her. She then makes sure they know exactly what picking on her would imply.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Spencer and His Tie get the kids out of the Techfoot contract.
* TheBusCameBack: Nevel in ''iPity The Nevel''.
* ButtMonkey: Freddie. And man did he have a good first impression of this trope since episode one. He had a hopelessly unrequited crush on Carly, which she was aware of and exploited it for all it's worth in order to get him to do things he doesn't agree with. The first time he actually goes against what Carly wants (to do something he really likes), she insults him then tells his mother about it upon realizing her exploiting his crush on him to back down would not work and she would not get her way with him easily, complete with snarky tone. The main source of his buttmonkeyness lies in [[DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale Sam who endlessly insults, harasses, physically abuses him, humiliates/mentally abuses him in front of other people at school and on the webcast, breaks his possessions and causes him constant problems]]. One of the more emotionally brutal moments for him is [[spoiler: when in ''iKiss'', Sam reveals live during the webcast that Freddie has never kissed anyone, leading him to become depressed by everyone teasing him at school and in public about it and isolating himself from society, even from his mother.]] And then there's his monstrously [[MyBelovedSmother overprotective]] [[AbusiveParents mother]].
** Pilot episode: Freddie doesn't have a single appearance in the episode that doesn't involve Sam insulting him, Freddie being reminded that Carly doesn't love him back (by both girls, Sam does this especially harshly) and being physically abused by Sam for making a simple mistake. Carly convinces Freddie to keep helping the girls, not by getting Sam to stop insulting him, but by manipulating Freddie through his crush on her. It doesn't get better and it makes Carly seem like a ManipulativeBitch, Sam as the antagonizing bully, and Freddie as the only good guy of the group. Basically, if not for Freddie's back-then exploitable crush, iCarly would have had a much lower chance of taking off, if any at all.
*** It's finally goes downhill again in Season 4, turning Freddie into a CosmicPlaything and ChewToy as more physical abuse happens to him, and not just from Sam.
** Freddie isn't the only one suffering this trope actually, Carly ''herself'' and her older brother Spencer also get this treatment from time to time, especially Spencer. In Carly's case, it's dealing with stuff such as trying to promote a crappy shoe line and suffering through a bitchy teacher taking her heartbreak-induced rage out on her students. It's enough to make Carly a woobie. In Spencer's case, [[HilarityEnsues hilarity often ensues]], some incidents involving [[ArchEnemy that bratty boy Chuck]] and his little brother Chip.
* ButThouMust: In ''iDate a Bad Boy'':
-->'''T-Bo''': You want some bagels?\\
'''Spencer''': ...What?\\
'''T-Bo''': We sell bagels now.\\
'''Spencer''': Oh, cool, but no, I don't want any bagels. Just two Strawberry Splat smoothies, and--\\
'''T-Bo''': Try some bagels.\\
'''Spencer''': I don't ''want'' any bagels.\\
'''T-Bo''': Come on, don't be a jerk.\\
'''Spencer''': A jerk? Wha--DUDE, I just want smoothies!\\
'''T-Bo''': Whad'ya got against bagels?\\
'''Spencer''': ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I'LL TAKE A DOZEN BAGELS TOO! Okay? Here! (pays)\\
'''T-Bo''': Thanks. But, the bagels won't be ready for an hour.\\
'''Spencer''': GAS BUBBLE!
* BuxomIsBetter: Discussed by Sam and Carly in ''iWas A Pageant Girl''.
* CallBack: Carly says "Hand me the Peruvian Puff Peppers!" in the 2nd episode of season 3. The Peruvian Puff Peppers actually came from [[FridgeBrilliance the 2nd episode of the third season of]] Series/DrakeAndJosh. ''How did they do that?''
* CallingTheOldManOut: Inverted with Freddie to Mrs. Benson sometimes and sometimes from Carly to Spencer if Spencer did anything truly terrible to her, even if said thing appealed to Carly's shallow side. The main focus in ''iMove Out''. Freddie snaps and calls Mrs. Benson out on her emotional abuse to him at school, on the webshow, and then when she cleans his ears while he's asleep(Seems non-consent is her way of telling herself she's a good mother), forcing him to move out of her apartment and to deny her pleading to come back to her.
* TheCameo: [[TheAmandaShow Josh]] [[DrakeAndJosh Peck]] has a very stealthy appearance in ''iReunite With Missy'' as a Groovy Smoothie customer in a blonde wig and shades.
** [[{{Victorious}} Daniella Monet]] was at Nora's party in iPsycho.
** The minor characters in various episodes (like the MMA doctor in ''iLook Alike'') are iCarly writers themselves.
** Steve Hoefer, one of Schneider Bakery's resident directors, is the gang's director in ''iCarly Saves TV''.
* CampGay: The Petographers Stuart and Ollie, complete with a cat they named Harmoo.
* CampStraight: Nevel.
* CanadaEh: Mostly averted in ''iToe Fat Cakes''. The tour guide has an accent and they talk about weight in kilos but it could be the USA otherwise.
* CanonDiscontinuity: The pilot for ''SamAndCat'' looks to {{Retcon}} ''iParty With {{Victorious}}'', with neither recognizing the other from the party, with Cat recognizing Sam only because of the iCarly webshow.
* CantYouReadTheSign: Gibby infuriates the museum guard by repeatedly using flash photography with a sign that says otherwise, prompting the guard to evoke the trope. Gibby provokes him with an aerosol string and saying "This is the part where you must chase me."
* CassandraTruth: The entire focus of ''iTwins''. Freddie disagrees that Sam really has a twin sister after being pranked twice and since he never saw both Sam and Melanie at the same time. Also, Carly doesn't believe Spencer's accusations of the multitudes of abuse he got from Chuck.
** In ''iReunite with Missy'', Sam already had an instinct that Missy is deliberately getting rid of her as Carly's best friend but Carly disproves her accusations.
** In ''iSpace Out'', a little girl finds her way into the apartment, but when Spencer tried to show her to a police officer, she'd hidden somewhere.
** The ending scenes of ''iBelieve in Bigfoot'' strongly implies that [=Bigfoot=] and the Beavecoon are real, at least in the Schneider-verse
* CaptainObvious: Freddie usually, often followed by Sam or Carly glaring at him.
* TheCastShowOff: Sam/Jennette in ''iDream of Dance'' and ''iWas A Pageant Girl''.
** Carly/Miranda sings an "improv" acapella in ''iPromote Techfoots'', AmazingFreakingGrace in ''iPie'', and her song Shakespeare in ''iDo''.
* ChalkOutline: Tape version used in ''iTake On Dingo''
* ChainLetter: Freddie gets a chain letter regarding Consuela, a Spanish woman who had died. He must pass it on, or suffer such misfortunes as red socks getting mixed with white shorts, his sandwich getting run over, and his computer shorting out, sparking, and making weird popping sounds.
** Subverted though, because Sam caused all that misfortune. Freddie catches her in the act though and gets back at her at the end of the episode.
* ChristmasEpisode: iChristmas, Complete with ''ItsAWonderfulLife''-based plot and ShoutOut to ''{{Peanuts}}''.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Many minor characters have never come back again like the mean popular girl from Nevel's first episode, Tareen, and "Germy" Jeremy.
** Wendy, a popular minor EnsembleDarkhorse character simply vanished as well after her last appearance in the final episode of Season 2.
*** In ''iLove You'' Wendy was ''referenced'' as going with Sam to hit golf balls at the soccer team. She doesn't come on screen, so we don't know if it was her or not.
** Brad has vanished off the face of the earth. It could be conceivable he wouldn't be in ''iLose My Mind''. In ''iDate Sam & Freddie'' the trio do a webshow in their usual time and place and he's not there, which would seem to confirm he isn't showing up again.
* ClipShow: ''iBloop'', ''iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo'', ''iGoodbye''
* ComplainingAboutPeopleNotLikingTheShow: In-show example: The world's reaction to Freddie saying that he didn't like {{Fred}} videos in ''iMeet Fred''. Mostly due to Fred [[spoiler: falsely]] claiming that he's not going to do his videos anymore because Freddie didn't like them, but even [[spoiler: after Fred admitted he just said that for publicity]], Sam beats Freddie up for saying that he still didn't like them. [[invoked]]
* TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong: Freddie in ''iMeet Fred''. The pic of Freddie after he got beaten up by the tennis racket is even currently the page picture.
* ConsolationWorldRecord: ''iWant a World Record''
* CoveredInGunge: Nevel, with "guacamole" that resembles good ol' {{Nickelodeon}} green slime.
** Spencer, quite often.
** In ''iGo To Japan'' the trio gets mud splattered on them by a passing truck.
* CatchPhrase: Carly's "Please, for me?" toward asking Freddie a request.
** Sam usually calls herself ''Mama'' to describe herself or whenever she feels competitive.
** Recent episodes have Freddie showing a habit of saying random Spanish words, usually as alternatives for saying "goodbye" like "''Pantalones!''" or "''Agua!''"
** Nevel has "''You'll rue this day, YOU'LL RUE IT!''"
** Guppy quips "Happy Birthday!". His big bro even lampshades it being his catchphrase.
** Gibby's "Gibb-eh!" and "I ''love'' that!" (Season 4 and 5)
*** He also seems to have taken to telling every fan he meets, "Thanks, the show's a lot of fun."
* CavalierConsumption: Sam gets a call from her friends telling her they're trapped in a teacher's house. She says something along the lines of "that sucks", picks up an apple and takes a bite.
* CerebusSyndrome: ''iOMG'' is the first of a five episode 'arc' involving the Sam/Freddie 'romance'. The first promo from the 2nd episode is void of comedy, and instead concentrates on kissing, and Sam wondering if she has 'lost her mind' for liking Freddie.
* CelebrityParadox: One of the questions that Sam's mom asks after watching iCarly for the first time is: [[{{Victorious}} Victoria Justice]] looks a lot like that chick Shelby Marx.
** ''iGet Pranky'' has Carly watching the ''DrakeAndJosh'' episode ''Megan's Revenge''. All Carly does is wonder why she's not as good at pranks as "that little girl".
** In the same episode, Spencer also watches the epsisode ''The Storm'', complete with Crazy Steve yelling "Come on, [[DoraTheExplorer Dora]]!"
** Lampooned by DanSchneider [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muG2PrljOQM here]]: a mock video of him with a LoonyFan who is constantly bothered by the gigantic amount of possible cross-references in the iCarly-Victorious crossover and Dan's previous shows, i.e. Carly may recognize Tori as Shelby Marx; Tori (who is also Lola) might also recognize Carly as Paige Howard or Megan Parker; etc.
* CharacterBlog: Part of the extensive tie-in website.
* CharacterDevelopment:
** [[BreakoutCharacter Gibby]]: From something of a [[TheSimpsons Ralph Wiggum]] {{expy}}, rarely seen, awkward friend in Season 1 to a hot-chick pimp, the BigGuy of the gang and [[CharacterizationMarchesOn a major character]], and in Season 4 part of the credits. Seems puberty has been VERY lucky to this boy.
** Freddie: From a very nerdy and shy kid to a smart, confident teenager. His feelings for Carly develop from a minor StalkerWithACrush vibe in the first season, into something more mature and genuine in Season 2, and then in Season 3 he saves her life, becomes her boyfriend briefly, and then leaves the relationship because he's worried it's not real love on her part. Despite this he retains his feelings all the way up to the end of Season 4, which is when the WhamEpisode ''iOMG'' happens and from there who knows.
** Carly: From yet another DanSchneider PuritySue in Season 1, to girl who makes mistakes, is shallow with guys, disobeys Spencer and gets punished for her flaws and becomes a more well rounded person, completely killing the idea of her being a PuritySue by the time ''iDate A Bad Boy'' ends.
** Sam: Grows up a little in the episode ''iReunite With Missy'', where she actually comes to Freddie and asks for his help.
* CantGetAwayWithNuthin: Played straight, when Federal agents burst in when they hacked the school computer and averted it with the live webcast from detention that doesn't get punished.
** While the first half of the episode iGot Detention is about the group ''trying'' to get in trouble (and failing) what gets Carly in detention is ''slamming her locker in frustration.'' As opposed to pulling the fire alarm in the middle of school.
* CantGetInTroubleForNuthin: When Carly and Freddie try to get detention for the 50th webshow spectacular.
* TheChick: The title character of ICarly will rebel against authority if she perceives unfairness in the treatment of her friends and has given her "Why can't we all just get along" speech to a crowd of people at least a couple of times.
* ChekhovsGun: Whenever the main characters seek help in searching something, [[DeusExMachina the webshow itself is their main form of problem solver]].
** Spencer's episode-acquired possessions usually join the main plot like the fishing rod, the Proton Cruiser and the mechanical bull.
** In ''iHate Sam's Boyfriend'', Carly and Freddie hesitantly talk about using the "Wedgie-Bounce" bit for their next show. Sam later improvises their show and uses this to punish her two-timing boyfriend Jonah by the end of the episode.
** The "School at Sea" contest in ''iReunite with Missy'', which paved the way for Carly to learn of Missy's VillainBall speech.
** In ''iEnrage Gibby'', Freddie sets up another camera to examine how two pieces of bread rot in a period of time for the iCarly webcast. At the end of the episode, this camera also provided proof that the incident between Tasha and Freddie was an accident.
** In ''iHave a Lovesick Teacher'', the titular teacher mentions in the first half of the episode that "Well, the Pear Pod wasn't cheap, but I just got the songs off one of those music-sharing websites." It is not spoken about until the end, when she gets arrested for downloading music illegally.
** The Mood App in ''iOMG'' is a ChekhovsGun, used in an extremely lazy way to show the audience that Sam likes Freddie without bothering to actually explain why Sam likes Freddie, when Sam started liking Freddie and allows the plot to keep Brad as a RedHerring until the final 'shocking' cliff-hanger moment.
** The locator chip in Freddie's head introduced in ''iGo To Japan'' is a major plot point in ''iStill Psycho''. With no other escape options, the gang resorts to shocking Freddie's head to disable the chip and trigger an alarm that will alert Mrs. Benson to their plight (with Spencer's shock pen from ''iPrank'', which also counts as a ChekhovsGun).
*** The highly conspicuous swords hanging on the wall of the house can also count.
* ChekhovsGunman: Jeremy aka "Germy", a student who always coughs and sneezes is the prime example in Season 1. In ''iNevel'', after Nevel gave iCarly a dishonest review, the trio employs Jeremy to force Nevel to tell the truth, knowing his hate of germs. In ''iWill Date Freddie'', he also appears early in the episode, and later gets recommended by Freddie "who knows tech stuff" as his replacement when he left iCarly.
** ''iRue The Day'' involved Nevel hacking iCarly.com. Earlier in the episode, "Uncle Roger", a member of the military and friend of the Shays' dad said he was staying for a month. Guess who came back at the end of the episode?
** in ''iStill Psycho'', T-Bo has to stay with Mrs. Benson. When Mrs. Benson finds out Freddie and the girls are in danger, he assists her in a BigDamnHeroes moment.
* ChekhovsSkill: In Spencer's 3-day stay in law school, he managed to learn some of the most basic knowledge in law also with the help of his [[ChekhovsGun law book]]. His "background" becomes very handy whenever the gang encounters legal matters like in ''iPromote Techfoots'' and ''iOwe You''.
** Sam's unerring ability to pick locks (as much as using a sharpened duck bone) has been of great help to Carly and Freddie (or assault Freddie from his apartment) in a lot of episodes.
** Gibby's kickboxing. For that alone, do not make him angry. [[TheIncredibleHulk You won't like Gibby when he's angry.]]
** Mrs. Benson's fencing history. Not only did it turn up later in ''iFence'' to beat up some bullies, she uses her skills to defeat the AxCrazy Nora and her mother in ''iStill Psycho''.
* CliffHanger: The end of ''iOMG'' doesn't outright show what reaction Freddie has to Sam's kiss, and Carly's main reaction to TheReveal. The fifth season resumes right off the events of the episode, making it the actual season finale.
* ChewToy: Lewbert is the main example; Freddie in ''iMeet Fred''; Spencer sometimes gets this in ''iLook Alike'' and whenever he's with Chuck.
** Freddie seems to get it gradually more as the series progresses. Both physical from Sam and emotionally from his mother.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: Freddie and Carly. Freddie started out on the show with a crush on Carly, they were together for an episode after he saved their life, and it finally comes full circle when Carly kissed Freddie in the final episode "iGoodbye".
* {{Claustrophobia}}: Carly suffers from this, freaking out after being trapped in small rooms in both ''iSpace Out'' and ''iSam's Mom''.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Carly displayed this in the hallway scene of the extended ''iSaved Your Life''.
** Ms. Ackerman (although aged up more than a mere girl) in ''iHave a Lovesick Teacher''.
* CloudCuckoolander: ''Everyone'', especially Spencer.
-->'''Spencer:''' Things haven't gotten better?\\
'''Freddie:''' They've gotten the ''opposite'' of better.\\
'''Spencer:''' So... worse?\\
'''Freddie:''' ''(Stares at Spencer in disbelief)'' ...Uh-huh.
* ColdTurkeysAreEverywhere: Intentionally invoked by Freddie to make Sam insult him and lose a bet in ''iHeart Art''.
* CollectiveGroan: Done numerous times in ''iDream of Dance''.
* ComedicSociopathy: One of the main sources of humor within the show, most especially the abuse Freddie (and Gibby) suffer from Sam; and the rare instances between Carly and Spencer (ex. ''iLook Alike'')
** Even characters who are generally nice sometimes encourage this behavior-- when they're not the target of it and if they feel the target deserves it. Usually as part of the {{Aesop}} of the day, or just [[RuleOfFunny because it's funny]].
--->'''Freddie:''' I wanna see Sam beat up TV writers!
** The sequences where Nevel gets angry at a little girl for dropping something of his on accident and yelling at her in iPity the Nevel. While this is a serious situation, a LaughTrack plays over this, so we are expected to laugh over a guy yelling at a girl who is much younger than him.
*** Justified - the audience is expected to laugh about [[BigBad Nevel]] losing his popularity, not that he's tormenting a little girl.
* ComicBookTime: Averted in the first and second seasons, with them clearly moving up a grade, as well as the cast clearly entering puberty and growing up. They also explained how their school was a combined Middle and High school as they moved to a grade, that in almost all US education systems, means moving from from a Junior or Middle school, to a new High School.
** After season 2 however, it gets hazy. It's likely they are now in grade 10, but it's possible the could be still in grade 9, or have moved ahead to grade 11.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: When Spencer reports something to Carly, she usually diverts the subject.
** Spencer finally manages to show video evidence to Carly that Chuck is a horrible kid toward him.
--->'''Carly:''' (''gasps'') That lying little beast!\\
'''Spencer:''' You see?!\\
'''Carly:''' I know! You gotta start working out!\\
'''Spencer:''' That's not the point! Chuck is evil, and I want revenge!\\
'''Carly:''' Wait! I have a plan to get him, trust me. (squeezes Spencer's arm) You really got to start working out.\\
'''Spencer:''' Stop squishing it!
** Spencer explains the prank that sent a group of kids to the hospital when Carly notes his grammar, also mentioning the problem.
--->'''Spencer:''' I didn't know garlic powder stang if it went in your eyes!\\
'''Carly:''' (''laughs'') You mean stung.\\
'''Spencer:''' What?!\\
'''Carly:''' Well, I think the past tense of sting is stung, not ''stang.''\\
'''Spencer:''' You're missing the point!
** In ''Ipity The Nevel'''s B-plot, Freddie gets attention for a bunch of vampire FanGirls for his intentionally horrible acting in a parody of popular vampire fads, not seeming to get that he did it to make fun of said fangirls and their favorite things.
* CommonCrossover: DrakeAndJosh, {{Victorious}} and {{Zoey101}} due to their shared universe.
** After Sam exits the stage for the first time in ''iWas a Pageant Girl'', one of the off-screen contestants can be heard introducing herself as [[{{Zoey101}} Quinn Pensky]].
** In the end credits of ''iGot a Hot Room'', Carly, Sam and Freddie all sing the iCarly theme song. Freddie and Sam then sing the chorus of the theme songs of Drake and Josh and Victorious, which leaves Carly utterly perplexed.
** In ''iGet Pranky'', Carly is obviously watching the DrakeAndJosh episode ''Megan's Revenge'', where Megan admitted the camera just stunned her pet hamster. Carly even wonders why is the girl this good at pulling pranks, which is also a subtle ActorAllusion.
*** Same episode, Spencer watches the DrakeAndJosh episode ''The Storm'' (where Jerry Trainor's "other" character Crazy Steve yells "Come on, [[WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer Dora]]! You're the one with the map!!")
** In ''iStart a Fan War'', [[Series/DrakeAndJosh Gavin, Craig, Eric]], and [[{{Zoey101}} Stacey Dilsen]] cameo in the Creddie fan camp. Gavin even pulls his catchphrase "I got it" while he held the flare that ignited later.
** Stacey Dilsen appears again as an applying intern in ''iHire An Idiot''. True to her ChewToy status in ''{{Zoey101}}'', Carly is creeped out by her.
* TheComplainerIsAlwaysWrong: Freddie when it comes to Sam.
* ContinuityNod: Despite the show's episodic plots relying on StatusQuoIsGod, combined by Nickelodeon airing them OutOfOrder, there are still a lot of elements within the show's universe that call back episodes from previous seasons, i.e. Spencer's sculptures, the hammer (that almost killed Carly) lodged on the wall, and the iCarly iWeb trophy in the studio.
** ''iThink They Kissed'' is a very good example. The interrogation scene between Carly and Freddie recalls plots from a lot of previous episodes: ''iKiss'', ''iPromise Not To Tell'' (Carly overpowered Freddie), ''iSaw Him First'' (Freddie's voice got lower, as well as being stronger), and ''iTwins'' (Freddie still not believing that Melanie really exists).
** ''iBeat the Heat'' guest stars the residents of Bushwell who had appeared in earlier episodes, among whom are Chuck, Griffin, Mr. Klemish, Dr. Dresdin and Lewbert, who even had hilarious dialogues with Mrs. Benson involving their failed relationship.
** In ''iPsycho'', Spencer tells Gibby that he got kicked out of sleep-away camp, but doesn't say why. In the earlier episode ''iTwins'', he consoles Freddie about the "Clown Day" incident by telling about how the other campers tricked him into thinking it was "Naked Day."
*** When Gibby's mom visits him at the Shay's she quickly declines to stay and say hi to Spencer, whom she had briefly dated in ''iFix A Pop Star''.
** In ''iFind Lewbert's Lost Love'', Carly and Sam are shown singing Ginger Fox's song, heard in full later in ''iFix a Popstar''.
** In ''iParty with Victorious'' When consoling Carly, Sam says "I brought the butter sock" and pulls the butter sock that was introduced in ''iTake on Dingo'' out of her bag.
** ''iSam's Mom'' cements Sam's hatred of the word "panties" as a fact, as well as her "I Love Las Vegas" underwear, the mention of her twin sister, and Carly's claustrophobic freakout.
** In one episode, BritneySpears {{Expy}} Ginger Fox stabs Freddie with a fork. Go back a few years (and across the NickVerse) and what did [[{{Zoey101}} Zoey]] (played by Britney's sis Jamie Lynn) threaten to do to RoyalBrat Logan in "Hands on a Blix Van"?
* CoolBike: The 1964 Sterling (which is actually a Triumph like the one Fonzie rides in HappyDays). Socko wanted to give it to his cousin [[MeaningfulName Ryder]] but [[spoiler: Ryder and Socko get in a fight and Socko gives it to Spencer who [[CrowningMomentOfHeartWarming give it to Sam.]]]]
* CorruptTheCutie: Averted in ''iMove Out'': Carly was averse to vandalizing the Petographers' studio.
** Almost averted in ''iLook Alike'':
---> '''Carly''' (''nervously''): I don't know if we should do this. Should we do this? I don't know if we should do this.
* CrapsaccharineWorld: Everything in the iCarly-verse (and Schneider-verse in that matter) are colorful and jolly, with a cast full of eccentric characters. And then there's {{SadistTeacher}}s, evil rival celebrities, JerkAss neighbors, all in the name of comedy. Interacting with them is just another normal day for our iCarly gang.
* CrazyPrepared: Mrs. Benson probably has bought and possessed a care-for-your-child product for ANY occassion and keeps a first-aid kit the size of a luggage bag.
** After confiscating Sam's blowtube, Carly and Spencer are quite taken aback that Sam kept a spare one ("A good assassin always has backup!") Carly then pats down Sam and finds two more mini blowtube guns hidden inside her socks.
* CreatorCameo: Dan Schneider appears as [[spoiler:Spencer's auto parts dealer Meekalito]] in iGoodbye.
* {{Crossover}}: ''iParty with {{Victorious}}'' and "iMeet Series/{{Fred}}."
** In "iStart a Fanwar," Eric, Craig, and Gavin from ''DrakeAndJosh'' make an appearance, along with Stacey Dilsen from ''{{Zoey101}}''.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass:
** Gibby. If you are his friend who betrays his trust (or someone who dares kidnap his friends), he won't think twice about beating the fudge out of you.
** Mrs. Benson. [[MyBelovedSmother Way overprotective mother]], [[SuperOCD way too concerned about the smallest hygiene]], and... oh yeah. '''Master swordfighter'''.
* CryptidEpisode: There's an episode centering around the the hunt for Bigfoot.
* ConvenientSlowDance: Firstly, that the Groovy Smoothie was playing slow music just perfect for their DanceOfRomance when you'd expect pop or top40 music, and secondly, the fact that the other 12 customers inside all vanished within the space of the 2 minute conversation that caused both their dates to leave.
* CurbStompBattle: Ricky Flame's solution to always win is to wrestle pre-teen boys.
** Then he finds himself on the receiving end when [[CuteBruiser Sam]] takes him on.
** Sam versus Dana and her friends at the 'smash party' in ''iRescue Carly''. [[TheCavalry Sam]] + [[ImprovisedWeapon 'Butter Sock']] + [[ShadowDiscretionShot night-vision goggles & darkness]] + [[BerserkButton Carly in danger]] = [[OhCrap bad business for you, juvie punks!]]
* CuffsOffRubWrists: Spencer after his arrest for causing the worst traffic jam in Seattle history. In an effort to get more viewers, he made a far too bright glowing sign above ''a major highway.'' When dropped off at home he requested some lotion for his raw wrists, leading into a little comedic bit with the officer.
* CuteBruiser: Sam is widely acknowledged as the toughest kid of either gender at school, has taken down a bully almost twice her size and ''ripped a chain lock'' off a door while in pursuit of Freddie in ''iKiss''. She was towing Gibby behind her and wasn't even out of breath.
** And in a non UnstoppableRage moment in ''iCook'' she wrestles a full grown man to the ground without working up a sweat.
** Shelby Marx. Freddie calls her "smoking hot".
** Inverted: Gibby in ''iEnrage Gibby''.
* CutLexLuthorACheck: Nevel should just concentrate on his own website, instead of wasting his time on crazy schemes to try and steal the iCarly webshow. The guy has major talent in web design, coding, hacking, scripting. Hell, even if he still wanted to be a villain, those hacking and coding skills would be far more useful as a [[TheCracker Black Hat]] cracker than in stealing the show. Which has no profitability and a blatantly obvious result of Carly either going back to the military like she did the first time, or just getting the cops involved.
* DateRapeAverted: played LighterAndSofter as Trey ([[AWolfInSheepsClothing the nerdy boy from]] ''iPear Store'') [[AttemptedRape chases Carly and tries to 'kiss her']], but [[BigBrotherInstinct is foiled by Spencer.]]
* DatingServiceDisaster: Spencer, using whynotdateme.com
* DamnedByFaintPraise: Used against the Daka shoe company in ''iPromote Techfoots'' when the shoe is a hunk of crap, burns out when used, crashes computers with its wifi, and causes a backlash against their show.
* DanceOfRomance: The climax of ''iSpeed Date''. After Freddie's magician dance partner vanished and Carly drove away her talkative partner, Carly and Freddie admit that they didn't enjoy their respective dances. Since they are the ones left alone in the Groovy Smoothie, Freddie offers to Carly that they deserve a dance "with someone they don't want to kill". Despite refusing at first to be Freddie's partner, Carly enthusiastically agrees. The cashier T-Bo tunes up the music, then [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Carly and Freddie comfortably share a slow dance]].
* DeadArtistsAreBetter: In ''iEnrage Gibby'', after a newspaper mistakenly prints Spencer's obituary, his art suddenly becomes worth thousands of dollars. Spencer uses this to his advantage.
* DeadpanSnarker: Each of the main characters had their moments of snarkiness, but Sam and Mrs. Benson are the harshest of the lot. Carly seems to be a runner-up of being most snarky however.
** In ''iGet Pranky'':
--->'''Sam''': Pranking Gibby doesn't count! You have to prank a real person!\\
'''Carly''': Gibby is a real person, and this is a good prank! You'll see.\\
''(Gibby sees the fish in his locker and joyfully goes home)''\\
'''Carly''': (''dismayed'') I kinda got him.\\
'''Sam''': You got him dinner.
** In ''iSaved Your Life'':
--->'''Carly:''' How is he (Freddie)?\\
'''Mrs. Benson:''' Broken... damaged... And I see you look fine, isn't that nice?
* DeanBitterman: When Mr Howard and Mrs Briggs take over the school during ''iHave My Principals''.
* {{Deconstruction}}: ''iDate Sam & Freddie'' and the rest of the Seddie arc shows what happens when Sam and Freddie, two people who continually bicker, fight argue and often act in ways that show they legitimately hate each other start dating. They fight, bicker, argue, piss each other off constantly, drag each other down into fighting harder than the did before, and need Carly to fix their fights even more than usual, to the point Carly snaps and tells them they shouldn't be dating at all. It doesn't get better. The last episode shows them being unable to share an interest of the other without ruining it for the person whose interest it is, that they have no ''shared'' interests outside of filming the webshow and that their relationship fades away naturally because they have no reason to see each other for anything but making out. Finally, they both realise their personalities are too different to work in a relationship for more than a few weeks. As Sam and Freddie are a pretty standard BelligerentSexualTension ship, it also serves to deconstruct that type of relationship as a whole.
* DelayedReaction: Used quite a bunch of times throughout the series, usually by Freddie and Spencer.
** In ''iMust Have Locker 239'', Freddie negotiates with Sam about getting her half of the locker as Sam mentions that her mom is driving a car to fetch her just ''after having an eye surgery''. Freddie still goes on his negotiation until Sam's statement sinks in.
** In ''iHurt Lewbert'':
--->'''Carly''': Lewbert got hurt, which brought out your mom's motherly instincts.\\
'''Sam''': So, what if you... ''got hurt''?\\
'''Freddie''': Yeah... (pauses) '''[[BigWhat WHAT?!]]'''
* {{Delinquents}}: Sam is the resident bad ass of the group. She has been to jail, as well as juvie, numerous times.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: The book ''[=BigFoot=]: True or Real?'' and also, the ''Seat of Sitting''.
** In ''iPie'':
-->'''Spencer''': What does it feel to lose someone you're close to? It means you've lost someone that you're close to.
* DepravedBisexual: StalkerWithACrush [[spoiler: Nora]] from iPsycho. [[spoiler: She kisses a girl at her party, as well as demanding a kiss from Freddie, thereby cementing this trope.]]
* DerailingLoveInterests: Used to break up Jonah and Sam in ''iHate Sam's Girlfriend''. They spent 60% of the episode being sickenly sweet to each other, with Sam spending all her time with him. Rather than have Sam and Jonah deal with how that was hurting her friendships and their webshow, Jonah suddenly tries to cheat on Sam with Carly, giving them a quick solution and easy end to their relationship.
* {{Determinator}}: Gunsmoke ([[RuleOfFunny and hilariously so]]). [[CatchPhrase "Nobody's going to touch that boy..."]]
* DeusExMachina: The show has Freddie invent a '[[MySensorsIndicateYouWantToTapThat mood app]]' that can apparently detect that Sam is 'in love'. How it got made was never discussed. It never showed up in a previous episode. Despite being illogical and unworkable even by the show's standards, for some reason everyone in the show takes it at complete face value the instant they turn it on. A total example used as a lazy AssPull to setup a 5 part RomanceArc without having to go through any of that pesky character development.
** The namesaken title website can also qualify for this.
* DieForOurShip: [[invoked]]Invoked in ''iStart a Fan War.'' While denying having a relationship with Freddie, Carly attempts a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming by pointing out her actual romantic interest. The in-universe Creddie shippers to whom she was preaching take the wrong message from the speech and attack him.
* DigitalPiracyIsEvil: Carly and her friends don't seem to have a problem with it but they use anti-piracy laws to get one of their [[SadistTeacher Sadist Teachers]] arrested.
* DisappearedDad: Carly/Spencer's father is in the military until ''iGoodbye'', Sam and Freddie's are completely absent, never even mentioned.
** Sam's father's disappearance was finally addressed in "iParty with Victorious":
-->'''Carly''': Steven told me I'm one of a kind!\\
'''Sam''': Yeah, and [[BlackComedy my dad once told my mom he was coming back]]! (Everyone stares at her in horror) ...Moving on.
** And again in "iLost My Mind", when asked where her father is, Sam yells back, "You tell me!"
* DiscontinuityNod: Sabrina appeared as a random partygoer in ''iTwins'' where Freddie and Melanie dated, and budged Freddie causing him to spill the fruit punch he was holding. In ''iBeat the Heat'', Sabrina appears again and behaved as though she had never seen Freddie before.
* DisguisedInDrag: In ''iWant My Website Back'', Spencer disguises himself as a "busty old woman" and an old man gets the hots for him. Even after Spencer blew up his cover that he is really a man, the old geezer still pursued him to his apartment, willing to "start all over again" as long as Spencer wears back the wig. This subplot is also a potential {{homage}} of the film SomeLikeItHot.
* DisproportionateRetribution: '''WHERE DO WE''' '''''START???''''' This is possibly one of the show's most infamous, if not THE most infamous trope it is associated with.
** Briggs threatens Freddie to get expelled because of Spencer's presence; Howard gives Gibby triple detention for being "too Gibby" and his smart-ass replies; Devlin marks down Carly's report for being printed on three-holed paper which he hates; Ackerman gives Carly an F for a quiz she never took [[LoveMakesYouCrazy after Spencer broke up with her]]. The list goes on...
** Also, Nevel. Carly refused to kiss him and stuck some food in his face. Therefore, he swore Carly would [[CatchPhrase rue this day]] and he embarked on a campaign of revenge, which included fraud and cyberterrorism.
*** One episode showed a video of him picking up the last jar of a particular brand of pickle in a store. As he's about to put it in his car, a little girl accidentally runs into him with a cart, causing him to drop the jar, which falls on the floor and breaks. He ''flips'', screaming at the little girl and taking a lollipop she had out of her cart, then throws it on the ground, taunting her and screaming at her more ''as she's crying''. The little SOB calls her mother an idiot. The numerous hateful comments the video receives about Nevel are actually well-deserved.
** ''iKiss''. In retaliation for Freddie handcuffing her to Gibby, which was in turn all for the endless abuse she had given him, Sam reveals Freddie's embarassing secret, that he's never kissed a girl, to the world on the webshow.
** Chuck Chambers. He was breaking a building rule by playing raquetball in the lobby, and Spencer couldn't get him to stop, so he told Chuck's dad, who grounded him for 2 days. Chuck got revenge... By keeping Spencer locked up in a storage cage in the basement (and squirting him with a "suspicious liquid"). And then he's perfectly willing to beat the crap out of Spencer. All for a 2-day grounding over something he wasn't supposed to be doing in the first place.
--->'''Chuck''': If I can't watch TV, then NOBODY CAN!
** "iMove Out" also had the "petographers" (who, as you could guess, were pet photographers), who destroyed Carly and Sam's studio because they refused to shut down their pet photography business, claiming they can't have two pet photography groups in Seattle.
** "iCan't Take It". Hooooo boy, possibly one of the most excessive examples. At some point offscreen, Sam asks Freddie what time it is and he didn't know. Sam's response? To take his NERD camp application and make it look like Freddie's a dirty whore, which gets him rejected. Plus, Carly begs him not to dump Sam over that because it was before they started dating. Even though it IS a legit reason to dump someone, he's begged not to because shipping reasons.
** "iMeet Fred". Freddie mentions he doesn't think Fred is that funny on video. Fred responds by claiming he won't make videos anymore, which results in social isolation and emotional and physical abuse to Freddie until he took it back. Sam beat him with a tennis racket until it broke. And it turned out it was a publicity stunt by Fred.
* TheDitz: Carly's role in the ''Idiot Farm Girl'' skit. Gibby may also have his moments wherein he is quite slow in the uptake.
** In-universe example: In ''iHire an Idiot'', Cort is a ''literal'' male BrainlessBeauty (at least for the girls). And then there's [[DistaffCounterpart Ashley]]. [[spoiler: Ashley is actually a subversion, though, as she was only pretending to be dumb for a psychology experiment for a class she was taking in college.]]
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Another infamous, relatable trope with this show. And it's everywhere.
** Carly meeting Nevel for the first time is oddly reminiscent of meeting an internet pedophile. Obviously it's toned down for kids.
** Carly and Sam fighting over Freddie in ''iQuit iCarly'' was very much like divorcing parents fighting over the affection of their kid.
** In "iBeat The Heat" Freddie tries to lift Carly onto the kitchen bench. He fails, and ends up making it look like he's having (clothed, obviously) sex with her.
** Mrs. Benson interrupting their webshow holding a bag which looks identical to a bag of weed and asking Freddie what it was. It turns out to be the asparagus that Freddie didn't eat for dinner, but it's obvious what it was meant to resemble.
** When Carly stopped dating the guy in "iQ" Sam gives Carly the huge fork which she took from the Shays at the beginning of the episode. When Carly asks Sam why is she giving up her beloved fork, Sam pulls out a huge fork. Carly replies " That is comically big." Which, not only reminds us of a body part that can sometimes be comically big,also reminds some of us of what one woman might give her now-lonely girl friend to compensate for not having a boyfriend any more. If you know what I mean? Probably the closest a kid show ever came to making a masturbation joke. And its with females at that.
* DomesticAbuse: Despite entering a relationship, Sam still hits Freddie. It's dismissed by Carly, and she even calls it ''sweet'' because Sam now avoids hitting him in the face.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Freddie in his pursuit of Carly.
* DoItYourselfThemeTune: Starting with the episode "iWill Date Freddie", Miranda, aka Carly, sings the theme tune.
* DoorFocus: Carly and Sam get into a fight, which ends when Carly leaves their apartment, slamming the door behind her. A beat passes before Carly opens the door again and tells Sam to get out instead, as the apartment is her house.
* DoubleEntendre: Despite being a kids show, the writers can be [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar mercilessly subtle]] with such dialogues.
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: Sam towards Freddie, almost like a theme in general. Can be seen as CrossingTheLineTwice depending on the intensity and longevity of each individual action, ''iMeet Fred'' is one good example. Another infamous trope associated with this show, more so than with Schnider's previous works, and not even his later ones like ''Sam and Cat''.
** Implied and justified with Carly, Sam and Shelby ganging up on a trapped Nevel at the end of ''iFight Shelby Marx'', given that Nevel caused Shelby to beat Carly to a pulp after he told her Carly had deliberately pushed her grandma down the podium.
** Freddie's extremely overbearing mother is actually a case of emotional abuse, yet this dynamic is only played for laughs. Many of her behaviors, including purposefully embarrassing him in front of his friends, being overprotective about things like scissors, and secretly implanting a chip in his head when he was a toddler(Meaning he couldn't consent to it, mind you) so that she can track him are definitely not okay and would easily be classified as child abuse. But this is "iCarly" logic, so it's okay cause it plays the abuse for laughs. *Sarcasm*
** There are several moments when female-on-male violence is actually portrayed as bad, such as Miss Ackerman with Spencer (''iHave a Lovesick Teacher'') and Marta with Lewbert (''iFind Lewbert's Lost Love''). Even still, they are only played for laughs, which is very disappointing considering the long-term trauma it is implied to have caused Lewbert and the illegal actions Ackerman took to insure her's and Spencer's relationship would come back and keep going.
** Sam pushes Freddie into a bike courier, who hits Freddie, who falls onto a fire hydrant and is knocked out with blood pouring from his ears. This wonderful moment of bullying, abuse, and potential brain damage is--according to Freddie--worth the hearing loss because it's when Sam realizes that Freddie is cute. Again, iCarly logic makes it okay by playing it for laughs yet again.
*** Why hasn't Freddie called the authorities on Sam and his mother yet for this kind of treatment? He tells Carly to on Sam in ''iKiss'', yet she acts like a deer in headlights and just watches on.
* DoWrongRight: The tummy-rub antic of the Shays.
-->'''Carly''': You guys are so embarrassing! (beat) If you're gonna do it, do it right!\\
(Carly tummy rubs with a siren sound as Spencer and Granddad resume theirs. Sam and Freddie follow suit, to Lewbert's chagrin.)
* DreamWithinADream: Spencer's dream about the soup-eating monster in "iDate A Bad Boy."
** Carly begins with a nice dream, and wakes up when it turns into a nightmare in ''iMight Switch Schools''. She goes back to sleep to "reboot" her good dream. Ooh, watch out, ''{{Inception}}''.
* DropInCharacter: Technically both Bensons, but since Freddie's part of the [[ThreeAmigos main threesome]], only his mom really fits the trope.
** Sam as well, and is more of one than Freddie as she lives somewhere that requires a car or bus ride (or presumably a long walk) hardly ever goes home.
** Lampshaded by Spencer in ''iParty With Victorious'':
---> '''Spencer''': Look! Sam and Freddie are here! ''That's'' different!
** Spencer proceeds to continue pointing it out during the later seasons when that happens.
* DumbBlonde: The portrayal of Ginger Fox throughout ''iFix a Popstar''.
-->'''Carly''': She should be here 4 hours ago!\\
'''Ginger Fox''': You said 2 o'clock.\\
'''Sam''': It's 6 o'clock!\\
'''Ginger Fox''': Well, I didn't know if you mean o'clock AM or o'clock PM.\\
'''Sam''': You're o'mazingly stupid.\\
'''Ginger Fox''': What did she say?
** Inverted in ''iHire An Idiot'': Cort was a dumb male brunet hired by the girls. Ashley, hired by Freddie, also had dark hair, appeared to be dumb at first [[spoiler: but was only playing the part to help Freddie trick the girls into firing Cort]].
* DumbMuscle: Duke Lubberman in ''iHatch Chicks''.
-->'''Freddie''': If we can only find a way to smoothly slide him (Spencer) out of there.\\
'''Duke''': Oh, I want a smoothie! (runs away)\\
'''Freddie''': Wait, wait! (groans) Tell them to add some intelligence boost!
* DunnoWhatsGoingOnBut...: "I think I like it." Carly and Spencer say this during their dream sequence in ''iDreamOfDance.''
* DynamicEntry: Gibby in ''iPsycho''. Mrs. Benson and T-Bo in ''iStill Psycho''.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: In ''iGo To Japan''. Thanks to the special's {{Big Bad}}s, the iCarly gang go through hell to get their chance at the iWeb Awards and manage to overcome everything to win.
** All the shit Freddie has suffered through and he finally gets the girl in the end of "iGoodbye". He nearly died for her before, and still had to break up with Carly despite it. That is seriously earning your happy ending Freddie. Extra kudos to you, you deserve it.
* EasilyForgiven: In ''iCan't Take It'', Sam ruins Freddie's chances of getting into an exclusive science camp that would help him get into any college he wants. Because [[DisproportionateRetribution Freddie didn't know what time it was when Sam asked him]]. Freddie finds out and gets angry, then, after prodding by Carly, forgives her about 2 minutes after and kisses her again to end the episode.
* EiffelTowerEffect: Got a late start, it wasn't until the third season that the Space Needle was added to the rotation of EstablishingShots.
* ElevatorSchool: Ridgeway is a combined [[JuniorHigh Middle]] and HighSchool, as it was easier than building new sets and casting new teachers when they moved from Grade 8 to Grade 9.
** [[TruthInTelevision Actually, it might just be a junior high, with 8th and 9th grade in the same school.]]
** It was Word Of God confirmed as being combined, likely due to the set thing.
* EmbarrassingFirstName: ''Fredward'' Benson. No wonder he goes by "Freddie".
** ''iStill Psycho'' reveals that Gibby's name is Orenthal Gibson. His embarrassing middle name, Cornelius, was revealed in ''iWin A Date''.
* EndangeringNewsBroadcast: Freddie catches a criminal called the Shadow Hammer on video with special sunglasses that record video, one of the girls who lives in Freddie\'s apartment building reveals where he lives despite Freddie\'s insistence not to say so.
* EnemyMine: In ''iPity The Nevel'', Nevel asks for the iCarlys' help in restoring his reputation.
* EnfantTerrible: Chuck.
* EnterStageWindow: Mandy barged back in the Shay loft to stay there overnight. When Carly asked her how she entered with the door locked, Mandy replied "but not all your windows are."
* EpicFail: In multiple episodes, something Spencer is doing bursts into flames, prompting him to lampshade its ridiculousness.
** ''iAm Your Biggest Fan'': Spencer's police light props on the car seat shorts out and catches fire. Later, he enthusiastically beats on his drum set's cymbal with his drumstick, and the cymbal bursts into flames.
--->'''Spencer''': HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!
** ''iHurt Lewbert'': Spencer simply fixes the bell with a screwdriver. It catches fire in thin air, which he douses with his soda. It lights aflame again shortly.
--->'''Spencer''': ''[exasperated]'' HOW?!
* EveryoneCanSeeIt: Carly and Freddie. Despite Carly's "he is not my boyfriend" moments with Freddie, a lot of characters assume them as a couple, in addition to the teasing from Sam in iSaved Your Life. Jake thought Carly's nose-kiss to Freddie as them being together, a Japanese receptionist mistook them for a honeymoon couple (when they were only 14 no less), and T-Bo is beaming with pride watching Freddie dance with Carly in the Groovy Smoothie.
** [[UpToEleven Jacked up]] in ''iStart a Fanwar'', where Adam is hesitant to approach Carly because of it, the in-universe blogosphere has sites dedicated to 'Creddie-shipping', and a fan at 'Webicon' shows photos demonstrating that the two of them are always positioning themselves in ways that demonstrate their affection for one another. Eventually escalates to DieForOurShip when Carly points out Adam as her interest instead of Freddie.
* EvilBrit: Wade Collins in ''iRocked The Vote''.
* EvilGloating: Missy does this in ''iReunite With Missy'', allowing Carly to overhear and finally figured out that Missy was trying to get rid of Sam.
* EvilTwin: Played straight by Sam, and inverted by her twin sister Melanie.
* [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Exactly What It Says On The Box]]: Literal versions: Lewbert's stash of "Deeply Personal Items" and Carly's box of "Inexpensive Meatballs".
** The [[LongTitle overly long titles]] of the iCarly skits. For titles like "''[[WhoWritesThisCrap Pathetic Plays]]: (insert [[LongTitle long title]])''", "''The Prisoner Who Wanted Some Soup and the Man Who Refused to Give Him Some''" and "''The Cowboy With a Mustache and the Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought the Mustache Was a Squirrel''", guess what the looping plot line of each skit is.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Although not seen, Mr. Howard and Ms. Francine Briggs likely have their limits as far making the lives of the students, especially the main characters, misery as possible. However, they havenít been seen going as far as wanting one of them to die unlike Marissa Benson did, as seen in iSaved Your Life.
** Nevel eventually gains standards once they save his reputation, saying he will no longer attack iCarly.
* ExcuseMeComingThrough:
-->'''Sam''': Okay people, unless you're a bowling pin, ''MOVE''! \\
(students scramble away)
* ExplodingCloset: Used a couple of times:
** Spencer is going on a camping trip and needs to get his sleeping bag out of the Shays' storage locker in the basement. Guess what happens next.
** Sam rigs Lewbert's cupboards to bury him with golf balls.
* {{Expy}}:
** ''iCarly Saves TV'' has Zeebo, a parody of [[Series/BarneyAndFriends Barney]].
** Ripoff Rodney is a very close expy or {{homage}} to [[FastTimesatRidgemontHigh Mike Damone]], except for not being TheCasanova or a CasanovaWannabe.
** LoonyFan Amanda "Mandy" Valdez appears to be a spiritual successor to [[Series/TheAmandaShow Penelope Taynt]]. The fact that her name's "Amanda" likely isn't a coincidence.