* In an ad for ''[[VideoGame/DragonQuestI Dragon Warrior]]'' on the NES, the hero is called the Dragon Warrior, while in the game, the hero is a case of NoNameGiven and HelloInsertNameHere.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNMWgmvdLws An Orange cinema ad]] based on ''[[Literature/GulliversTravels Gulliver's Travels]]'' parodies this. When Creator/JackBlack notices all the ProductPlacement going on, he complains about it ruining the iconic scene in which Gulliver Travels wakes up tied to the ground.
* The Nintendo Cereal System ad:
---->''Nintendo! Super Mario jumps!''\\
''Nintendo! In a fruity flavored crunch!''\\
''Nintendo! Here's Zelda too!''\\
''Nintendo! It's berry good news!''
* When the Smith Brothers trademarked their logo for their cough drops, the product label split the word "Trademark" in two, putting the words "Trade" and "Mark" under portraits of the two brothers. As a result, it has always been assumed that the Smith Brothers' names were Trade and Mark. Their names were actually William (Trade) and Andrew (Mark).
* In the 90s, TNT would air promo ads for ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' movie marathons as part of their Monstervision TV specials. One promo ad would list the names of various foes Godzilla fought. The problem? One of the monsters is listed as "Baragon" in the promo but is actually Gabara.
* The "Target Dog" in the See "Spot Save" commercials is not actually named "Spot". Reportedly, the dog's name is "Bullseye". The "spot" is actually a reference to Target Store's logo.
* A radio spot for the (American-owned) chain of Japanese cuisine/teppanyaki restaurants, Benihana, features a customer coming in and asking to speak to Mr. Hana. The ''maître d''' explains to him that there is no such person; "Benihana" means "safflower" in the Japanese language, he says. The customer retorts, "Oh, you can't kid me. I'll bet ''you're'' Benny Hana."
* Toys R' Us Malaysia seems to be rather prone to doing this in their ads. The last two times they did special sales to tie in with Franchise/StarWars film launches, they published a line saying "Come dressed as your favorite Star Wars to win a special prize" in their ads. One wonders how they expect one to dress up as Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack or Film/ThePhantomMenace.