[[folder: ''Manga/Bleach'' ]]

* In ''FanFic/WinterWar'', Ise Nanao describes Aizen as "Something of a control obsessive. The sort of person who has to have everything exactly as planned, precisely as organised, every detail under their control... why are you looking at me like that?"


[[folder: ''Comic Strip/Calvin And Hobbes'' ]]

* Examples from Fanfic/{{the Calvinverse}}:
** In ''[[Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesIILostAtSea Lost at Sea]]'', Calvin makes fun of the Spanish. In ''[[Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesIIIDoubleTrouble Double Trouble]]'', he says that one should not make fun of the Spanish. [[LampshadeHanging Hobbes calls him out on this.]]
** One episode of ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries'' has Hobbes disputing the "scaredy-cat" stereotype right before being startled by Jack.


[[folder: Cross Over ]]

* In ''FanFic/FateStayNightUltimateMaster'', after seeing [[BenTen Echo Echo's]] [[MakeMeWannaShout ability]], [[FateStayNight Ilya]] rants about how unfair it was for something so small and cute to be so strong, at the moment forgetting that she herself is a CuteAndPsycho little girl who keeps one of the most powerful of Servants [[KidWithTheLeash on a leash]].
* Haruhi rants about how she hates it when light novels go beyond 10 novels, or when her manga and stories are ongoing in ''FanFic/KyonBigDamnHero''. In the source material, [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Suzumiya Haruhi]], the author's at the 10th novel, and it's just the start of the characters' second year in high school. The author also takes the opportunity to prove, and launch a TakeThat against one of the theories in [[WMG/KyonBigDamnHero the WMG]]. Though, considering the prodigious length of the fic, it's entirely possible the rant was actually intended as self-depreciating humor.... And on closer examination, it seems Haruhi's only problem with series in [[WMG/KyonBigDamnHero the WMG]] is that she's not patient enough to wait for the next volume.
** Also, Taniguchi mentions how he finds [[LuckyStar Konata's]] voice creepy to Haruhi. Haruhi and Konata are both voiced by Creator/AyaHirano.
* From ''Fanfic/NoHoper'', a ''Manga/DeathNote'' and ''TheHouseOfNight'' crossover, there's this exchange between [[AGodAmI Light]] and his new [[CatsAreMean talking]] {{cat|sAreSnarkers}} {{Familiar}} when he's trying to think of a name for her:
-->'''[[spoiler: Cleo]]:''' I just think names are stupid. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny All you need to know is that you are a can-opener,]] and I am [[AGodAmI the Great-I-Am!]]
-->'''Light:''' Well, you deserve a name, you know, one that doesn't invoke cries of 'blasphemy'.
* ''WebAnimation/TurnaboutStorm:''
** Titular ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' Phoenix does this when he and [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Twilight]] are talking about [[PosthumousCharacter the murder victim]] [[TheAce Ace Swift]].
--->'''Twilight''': But with his streak of success he gained a few skeptics, thinking that all his victories were a result of cheating and other dubious methods.\\
'''Phoenix''': I'd probably think the same if I saw someone winning at everything they do. [[HypocrisyNod *cough*]]
** Pinkie Pie explodes in laughter after seeing Phoenix wear the [[PinkIsForSissies Equestrian Attorney Badge]], calling it the most ridiculously girly thing she's ever seen. You know... besides the [[PinkIsForGirls pink]] [[AllGirlsLikePonies pony]].
** Trixie tries to put down Twilight by claiming that purple is her unlucky color. Twilight has to remind her that she's wearing purple clothes.
* [[FanFic/ZeroShock "Can.]] [[TheStoic You.]] [[{{Tsundere}} Just. Stop. It.]] [[PunctuatedForEmphasis With. The. One. Word. Sentences?"]]


[[folder: ''Manga/Death Note'' ]]

* From ''Fanfic/AllYouNeedIsLove'':
-->'''Light:''' [[WhoNamesTheirKidDude You are on the same wave length as cult fanatics and celebrities as far as naming children are concerned.]] You named [[spoiler: [[LukeYouAreMyFather my son…]]]] Duck…
-->'''Naomi:''' You named [[spoiler: your son]] curtain.
-->'''Light:''' Naomi, don't interrupt.
* In the [[CrackPairing Mello/Light]] SlashFic ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/428232/chapters/721627 Blonde Ambitions]]'' [[StepfordSmiler Light]] [[ItsAllAboutMe Yagami]] a.k.a. [[YoungConqueror Kira]] [[AGodAmI the God of the New World]] tells Mello all about his [[{{Yandere}} ex-girlfriend]]:
-->'''Light:''' She's a model you know, and as a celebrity [[StepfordSmiler she had her persona to maintain. She always played cheerful and bubbly but she was, well, out of her freakin' mind...]] She was delusional! I could even tell her how much I despised her but she'd pretend not to hear. She had very selective hearing and she thought that [[ItsAllAboutMe the world revolved around her.]] I swear she must have imagined herself to be the heroine of some stupid bodice-ripper romance novel! She was selfish. She didn't care a thing about justice! Only her own happiness! Misa-Misa always got what she wanted and never took no for an answer.
* In ''FanFic/BrillianceTarnished'' Light makes disparaging comments about his sister for sleeping around when he's doing the same with Misa and L.
* In ''FanFic/FeverDreams'' after Light gets Rem to help him with his various schemes Light "jokingly" considers how easy it would be to pursue a life of crime with a Shinigami as an accomplice.
* In ''FanFic/ThatEpicPlan'' Light gets annoyed when Beyond gets to staring at himself in the bathroom mirror.
-->'''Light:''' Vanity is a mortal sin, you know.
-->'''Beyond:''' Is that so, ''[[AGodAmI god?]]''
* In ''Fanfic/ThoseWhoStandForNothingFallForAnything'' there's the instance where Light mocks B for being distrusting:
-->'''Light:''' I walk from one room to another with intent, hoping to find locked drawers and secrets. B had locked his bedroom door, which is to be expected from such a distrusting little shit. I found a spare set of keys in L's desk though, so it didn't do him much good to underestimate me. If I was B, I would have taken better precautions. I was excellent at chemistry and physics at school and dabbled in pyrotechnic devices.


[[folder: ''Franchise/Final Fantasy'' ]]

* [[MrViceGuy Ensei]] once commented on [[MrViceGuy Adelle's]] {{Greed}}, right before going to the buffet to steal the next day's dinner in ''FanFic/TheTaintedGrimoire.''


[[folder: ''Franchise/Harry Potter'' ]]

* This exchange from ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/189937/chapters/279335 Black, in the Smothering Dark]]'':
-->'''Harry:''' Bollocks.
-->'''Sirius:''' Mind your fucking language.
* The dreaded ''FanFic/MyImmortal'' has [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Ebony/Enoby/Evony]] claiming not only to be a YaoiFangirl, but to oppose homophobia. However, when she suspects Draco has cheated on her with Harry/Vampire, she promptly accuses him of having AIDS (or, as she spells it, "[=AIDs=]"). Also, she tries to insult uncomplimentary reviewers by calling them "[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment gay fags]]".
** And as far as the AIDS accusation goes, she regularly drinks human blood.


[[folder: ''Western Animation/Kim Possible'' ]]

* In "Fanfic/NotQuiteHeroes", the humor is [[LampshadeHanging highlighted]] by [[DeadpanSnarker in-character mockery]]:
-->"Shego! How can you take this so calmly? The sanctity of my laboratory has been violated. My invention has been stolen. This is horrible," said Drakken. He waved his arms around as he ranted.\\
"So you mean, just like we always break into other peoples' labs and steal their inventions? Or is this different in some way I'm not seeing?" asked Shego curiously.\\
"It is different! It's different because... because [[ItsAllAboutMe this time it's happened to me]]," said Drakken.


[[folder: ''Western Animation/My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic'' ]]

* In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", Rarity tells Applejack that it's rude to stare, then goes right back to her binoculars so she doesn't miss any part of Twilight and Fluttershy's first date. It's specifically noted in the narration that she's oblivious to the hypocrisy.
* In ''Fanfic/TheSweetieChroniclesFragments'', Nightmare Moon wonders why anypony would want to plunge everything into darkness.
--> '''Scootaloo:''' Besides you, you mean.
* In ''[[Fanfic/{{Xenophilia}} The Xenophile's Guide to Equestria]]'', Twilight tells Princess Celestia that Applejack is talking about a pool on the outcome of Rainbow and Lero's friendship, and describes it as, "a terrible thing to do to a friend. As such I’ve put myself down for no more than three bits on the spread."
* ''[[Fanfic/LifeInManehattan The DJ-PON3 Party]]'': At one point, [[LargeHam Trixie]] calls Vinyl Scratch a showoff. Honey [[spoiler: Daring]] Do lampshades this, but Trixie completely misses her point.
* ''[[FanFic/PoniesOfOlympus Atlas Strongest Tournament]]'': When the changelings realize that the [[spoiler: "Spike"]] they've captured is a fake, one of them shouts "An imposter?! How horrible!"
* In the story ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/38472/Fluffershy Fluffershy]]'', Rainbow Dash finds out that the rest of the Mane Six are watching a porn movie because Fluttershy is on the box cover and calls them perverts. Rarity points out that Rainbow just admitted to owning three copies of the same movie (VHS, DVD and Special Edition DVD).
* In ''[[Fanfic/AVoiceAmongTheStrangers A Stranger Among the Voices]]'', when Sweetie Belle gets a whiff of Jessica's ruined clothing, she says that it smells worse than Scootaloo's cooking. This from the filly who has previously been seen [[LethalChef burning juice and liquefying toast]].


[[folder: ''Anime/Puella Magi Madoka Magica'' ]]

* In ''Fanfic/ThanksKyubey'', there's a RunningGag of Kyouko being called a "fucking lesbo" for her interest in Sayaka. The one calling her this is usually Homura, who spends the rest of ''her'' time blatantly stalking Madoka.


[[folder: Other ]]

* In TheVampireDiaries story "Fur And Fang" [[TrappedInTvLand Cassidy]] notes the shameless ProductPlacement that Bing put in the episode...right before she takes out her iPhone.