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* ''Hypocrite/DragonBall''
* ''Hypocrite/{{Naruto}}''


* Heroic example in ''Anime/AngelBeats'': Otonashi ''successfully sends his friends that were in purgatory'' to find peace with themselves. He then tells Tenshi to stay with him in that place which pretty much while in-character, is pretty much infuriating due to the fact that their goal was to go away from that place. Thankfully, that didn't work out.
* Several characters in the ''Manga/{{Area 88}}'' manga demonstrate a dangerous lack of self-awareness.
** Saki waxes poetic about his love for his country, explaining to Mickey that the Vashtal royal family must care for the country and its people. However, Saki has no qualms about using nuclear weapons in his country's civil war and supporting an economic system that keeps many Asranians poor and uneducated.
** Mickey was traumatized by the horrors of combat during his deployment in the Vietnam War. Knowing this, he nevertheless works as a mercenary in a bloody civil war, thereby inflicting the horrors of combat on others.
** [=McCoy=] grieves for the deaths of Area 88's pilots, but has no moral qualms about selling arms and profiting off death.
** Hoover was grief-stricken by the deaths of several young pilots during a NATO training exercise, a tragedy for which he blames himself. To escape his painful past, he becomes a mercenary in a senseless civil war, killing enemy pilots every day without batting an eyelash.
* [[spoiler:Bertolt and Reiner]] in ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' went through traumatic events which loved ones were eaten by Titans, yet intend to do the same thing to countless hundreds of innocent people. [[spoiler:The motivation behind this still remains a mystery, although Reiner believes that if Eren comes with them and gives them his "coordinate" power, the Titans will no longer have to breach the walls.]]
** [[spoiler: Kenny]] criticized Rod Reiss for being a horrible example of a father to [[spoiler: Historia]] but their own record of being a parent was not much better, if not worse. Though they did take in and raise [[spoiler: Levi]], they were abusive to the point [[spoiler: Levi]] continued to have "quirks" well into adulthood and flat out says they didn't teach [[spoiler: Levi]] anything beyond fighting and killing. Of course, [[spoiler:in his dying moments, Kenny admits that he's not fit to be a father]].
* ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'': Griffith admits to Princess Charlotte that the only person worthy of being his friend is a man who chases his own personal dream, even at the expense of his own dream. After Guts overhears this, he decides to leave the Band of the Hawk after helping them win the war for Midland, to discover and chase his own dream. Griffith challenges Guts to another duel after he finds out, since at this time, Griffith has become quite obsessed with him. When Griffith loses the duel and Guts leaves, it is the point where things go FromBadToWorse, both for Griffith and for the other Hawks soon after.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** [[MasterOfIllusion Aizen]] tells Ichigo to abandon his arrogance, in spite of growing more obnoxious throughout his final fight with Ichigo. When Aizen is de-powered by Ichigo long enough to be sealed by Urahara's hidden [[FunctionalMagic Kidou]], Urahara lampshades the fact that, once Aizen started going through his power-up cycle, he became less dangerous the more the power [[DrunkOnPower went to his head]].
** Bazz-B gets pissed when Cang Du steps in and declares he will be the one who will finish off Hitsugaya, saying {{Kill Steal}}ing is not cool. Later, Bazz-B [[TeamKiller shoots down]] Candice, Giselle, Liltotto, and Meninas during their fight against Ichigo and claims he has every right to perform a KillSteal.
* Explored in ''Manga/BusoRenkin''. TheHero Kazuki Muto believes turning into a homunculus is wrong as the person gives up his humanity yet he later turns into a "Viktor," a enhanced human who absorbs the energy of others. Kazuki is also supposed to eliminate the Homunculi yet he is also against murdering them. He gets called out several times by TheRival and eventually Kazuki decides he doesn't care about that.
* The Angels in ''Manga/CodeBreaker'', they seem to view pretty much anyone who isn't them as evil, all while playing fun games such as "who can kill the least amount of people". Then one even states that it would be more fun to just kill them, these being the guys who believe normal people are evil for wanting to kill people.
* Suzaku from ''Anime/CodeGeass'' preaches non-violence and systematic change, all the while serving in the very army causing the tyranny. It's a lot worse in the second season, where his primary plan to obtain Japan's freedom is to deprive ''everyone else'' of their freedom (if necessary) just so he can get a high-enough standing to claim Japan as his own.
** Lelouch is a hypocrite, too, but the big difference between him and Suzaku is that [[HypocrisyNod he holds no illusions about that fact]].
** Ohgi believes that soldiers should not be used as pawns, which he holds to... until [[spoiler:he uses Kallen to bait out his leader who he intends to turn over to Schneizel in exchange for Zero]]. Also, he contradicts his bitterness over Lelouch's disappearance during the Black Rebellion, both by his abandonment mid-season, and [[spoiler:the aforementioned trade made without the UFN's consent that would have left its member nations abandoned]].
*** [[spoiler:Ohgi's hypocrisy has made him one of the most hated characters on the show. Ohgi led the effort to betray Lelouch, accusing him of using the Black Knights as pawns, of abandoning them during the failed Black Rebellion and for being a Britannian prince. Yet he himself had an affair with a Britannian agent who had caused Lelouch and the Black Knights no end of problems for her own gain, and almost caused Ohgi and other Black Knights to be executed. Ohgi himself had gone AWOL a few episodes before the betrayal on account of her. It's important to remember that Ohgi and the other Black Knights based their actions on the (almost entirely unsubstantiated) allegations of a notorious Britannian prince who was their current military enemy who had ''just nuked Tokyo'' , and who took numerous liberties with the truth. Not to mention that Ohgi asked for Japan in exchange for Lelouch, which is tantamount to if not downright worse than Lelouch going AWOL during the Black Rebellion, as it would have constituted the Black Knights abandoning their role as military protection force of the UFN and leaving the other member states to the tender mercies of Britannia.]]
* L from ''Manga/DeathNote'', who tells Light that it is evil to murder outside the law, then proceeds to do a whole manner of illegal things to capture the 'evil' Kira, (including spying, kidnapping, and [[ColdBloodedTorture torture.]].) This goes to show that they are [[NotSoDifferent not that different.]] He is also more than ready to let both criminals and the innocent die just to prove Kira's identity during the investigation of [[spoiler: Yotsuba]].
** And of course there's Light himself. Ryuk tells him that even if he succeeds in killing all the evil people, he'll remain as the only evil person, and Light refuses to consider what he does evil.
*** In the 13th volume, Light considers all killings are criminal, even if they are carried out from his order. However, he doesn't believe he should be punished for it, so he is still a hypocrite. Especially since his victims include plenty of innocent people, killed to tie up loose ends, because they were trying to stop him, or in one case when they used the Death Note to kill people for profit - even though he gave it to them and expected them to do just that.
** Also Near, if [[spoiler:Matsuda]]'s theory [[spoiler:that he wrote Mikami's name in the Death Note to verify it was real and prevent Mikami from doing anything that would undermine Near's plan, thus enabling him to expose Light as Kira]] is true.
* ''LightNovel/TheDevilIsAPartTimer'':
** Emi Yusa, and she's self-aware enough to know it. After sneering at Maou for being broke and with a mundane life and job, we then cut to her next day at work at a call center, after which she buys some chicken that's on sale and goes home to her normal apartment and watches bad TV before exploding that she's doing the exact same thing Maou is.
** [[SinisterMinister Olba Mayer]] calls Emi out for working with Maou, questioning her sanity... despite the fact that not only was he himself in a VillainTeamUp with Lucifer, a FallenAngel and Maou's [[TheStarscream Starscream]], he was actively using Lucifer to terrorize innocent people. Even ''Lucifer himself'' calls Olba out on this.
* In ''Manga/DGrayMan'', the Black Order is supposed to be the good guys, and represent light to battle the Noah and Akuma who have darkness based powers. [[spoiler: and then we find out about [[EldritchAbomination fallen ones]], heresy trials, the second exorcist project, the third exorcist project, and Apocryphos.]]
* Neo Saiba, TheRival from ''Manga/DigimonVTamer01'' got [[TheHero Taichi]] banned from the Digimon tournament after Taichi's digital pet glitched into a DummiedOut Digimon and accused him of hacking his digital pet for an unfair advantage. It's later revealed by [=MetalGreymon=], his original Digimon partner, that Saiba himself modified his virtual pet for the same advantage and deleted [=MetalGreymon=] when he was only a Greymon for losing a match.
* Fairy Tail criticizing Raven Tail for cheating in ''Manga/FairyTail''. While they're NOWHERE near as bad as they are, they haven't exactly been adhering to the rules very strictly either.
** To be fair to Fairy Tail, the stated objective of [[spoiler: Jellal posing as Mystogan during the Grand Magic Games is to investigate the strange magic Crime Sorcerie detected. The fact that he had to fight as a contestant was just gravy to him. Now Makarov's intentions on the other hand...]]
** Natsu became one recently, and some fans were not pleased. If there is anything Fairy Tail hammers our head with is the whole concept of friendship, comrades, and teamwork, but it seems that Natsu always has to fight the stronger opponents and win all by himself. The point where Natsu became a hypocrite was when [[spoiler:during the tag-team battle between him and Gajeel vs. Sting and Rogue. Natsu actually kicked Gajeel out of the fight just so he could win it by himself]]. Teamwork, comrades, friendship, all those concepts pretty much went out the window right there.
** Also Fairy Tail (particularly Natsu) have a real moment of hypocrisy in getting angry that Phantom Lord destroyed their Guild Hall. Remind me again how much property damage they've caused?
*** Though the difference with Fairy Tail, is that they often don't do it entirely on purpose, or with any mal-intent. Phantom Lord destroyed the guild hall out of spite. Makarov takes it in stride, but the final straw comes when Gajeel (then part of Phantom Lord) beats up and crucifies the three members of Team Shadow Gear.
** Miriana apparently hates people who dress up as cats since they're not "real" cats. And yet she's a human-cat hybrid (it's not explained why she's like this or if there's any explanation after all). Natsu appropriately calls her out on this.
** After the second TimeSkip, Natsu returns from a year-long training journey to find out that [[spoiler:Fairy Tail disbanded in his absence]], and is quite angry that the people he knew would allow that to happen. Lucy, however, points out that Natsu doesn't have a right to complain about that when he himself left while only leaving a note behind, [[ForgivenButNotForgotten something she forgave Natsu for, but doesn't hesitate to remind him of when he displays this tendency]]. In Natsu's defense, he had no way to know that Fairy Tail would disband right after his departure(he left before the members were told to disband by Marakov), so his anger and confusion upon his return is understandable.
* Father, the BigBad of ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' loathed humans; his fondest desire was to see them punished for their arrogance. Yet his ultimate goal was to [[spoiler:become a PhysicalGod by consuming the real one]]. [[LiteralGenie He got called on it]], [[AndIMustScream big time]].
** Also, according to Kimblee, Pride is this, as he [[spoiler:insults humans and states his desire to [[GrandTheftMe steal Ed's body]] in the same breath]]. It's why Kimblee decides to [[spoiler:help Ed]].
** Ed, Winry, and Al believe that Scar should be punished for the murders that he committed against Amestrians, but are more hesitant to believe that Mustang, Hawkeye, and the rest of the Amestrian soldiers should be punished for doing the same thing to Ishvalans. Most of Scar's victims were State Alchemists, some that participated on his race's genocide, but the Amestrian soldiers killed ''thousands'' of Ishvalans, women and children including. Granted, they believe that the Amestrian soldiers were JustFollowingOrders and being manipulated by the homunculi, but Riza, a soldier who participated in the genocide, denies that this excuses their actions.
** Scar can be considered this, as he, an Ishvalan, hates alchemy, but uses the deconstruction part of it to kill his targets. [[spoiler:When he comes to terms with himself and realizes what he's doing is wrong, he gets a tattoo on his other arm and starts using alchemy]].
** Envy is an absolutely sadistic bastard who will KickTheDog as much as possible and laugh in his victims' faces about it as he does, but the minute ''he's'' the victim rather than the aggressor, he'll bitch and moan about it non-stop.
** [[spoiler:Dante]], the BigBad of [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist the 2003 anime adaptation]], is also a massive hypocrite. [[spoiler: She claims to be "above humans", just like her manga counterpart. At the end of the series, she gives Edward a big speech about how life isn't fair and that humans would destroy the world if they had the Philosopher's Stone. After her defeat, she whines about how her own efforts were ruined; moreover, she herself instigated nearly every atrocity in the past four centuries out of a desire for the Philosopher's Stone. Although she seems to believe her own bullshit to an extent, she mainly uses it as a means to excuse her colossal selfishness.]]
* Leonard Tessarossa from ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'' makes a big deal about how he's a perfect gentleman, and is shown to constantly [[GreenEyedMonster get jealous and angry]] when people like [[MagneticHero Sousuke]] more than him. As far as he's concerned, Sousuke is unworthy of their praise because he's far less [[MenAreUncultured "cultured"]] and [[SociopathicHero has killed people]]. Of course, Leonard isn't nearly as gentlemanly as he likes to pretend, stealing a girl's SacredFirstKiss because he's convinced that she should be with him whether she likes it or not. And on top of that, while Sousuke ''has'' killed people, it was people like terrorists, mercenaries or enemy combatants he fought in direct combat to protect innocents; meanwhile, Leonard is the head of a terrorist organization and has overseen the deaths of far more people, most of them innocent civilians, than Sousuke ever did (not to mention the fact that they kidnap and exploit people with psychic abilities in order to invent even stronger weapons so they can kill ''even more'' people). But in Leonard's mind, because he didn't pull the trigger personally, those deaths don't count and therefore he's a better human being than Sousuke. Needless to say, Kaname throwing his hypocrisy in his face and calling him out on being a rotten person starts wearing on him, and eventually (after she accidentally shoots him in the face) he drops the "gentlemanly act" entirely, smacks her across the face and tells her to shut up...but still remains convinced that they're meant for each other[[note]]the fact that his plan ended up causing her to get "possessed" by a woman far more willing to cooperate with him and return his affections might have something to do with it[[/note]]. All told, it's easy to see why Leonard is one of the most agreed upon [[TheScrappy Scrappies]] in the series.
* ''Gundam'' has quite a bit:
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED'' has Blue Cosmos. Their main goal is to kill all of the [[DesignerBabies Coordinators]], and how do they do it? By kidnapping children and conditioning them into Artificial Coordinators, which is the only way they could possibly stand a chance in 1 on 1 combat against ZAFT. It should be noted that the process used to create these "Extended", which involves [[PsychoSerum drugs]], mental conditioning, torture, and memory tampering is far, far more invasive than the process used to make Coordinators.
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'': Shinn Asuka is horrified when he finds out about Stella's backstory as a {{Tykebomb}}, disobeys orders in order to save her, and is outraged when Kira Yamato cuts her down while she is rampaging through Berlin. In an earlier episode, Shinn had killed Stella's fellow SuperSoldier and Tykebomb, Auel. In a later episode, he kills her other partner, Sting. In both cases, he is fully aware of who they are and what he's killing--and treats them like monsters who deserve to die.
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'' - Celestial Being, what with the whole fighting (and killing) to eradicate war. Don't they know [[VideoGame/KnightsofTheOldRepublicII that to be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best]]? And some people actually wonder why there are those who were [[RootingForTheEmpire rooting for their enemies]]?
** In fact they do recognize this. [[LampshadeHanging Lockon calls himself a "walking contradiction" at one point]] due to being a terrorist who hates terrorism. They still believe that their actions in the greater Aeolia Plan will lead to a better world, however.
** There was also a terrorist group called La Eden, who bomb numerous cities, their reason was to stop Celestial Being from their military interventions. They state that their actions weren't evil, however their actions could hardly considered to be anything but evil, and they're just a bunch of wannabe terrorists trying to imitate Celestial Being. The rest of the world seems to agree, as various government intelligence agencies [[EnemyMine quietly leaked the location]] of La Eden's home base to Celestial Being.
** ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamIronBloodedOrphans'' - Gjallahorn spreads propaganda against cybernetic modification, to the point that they don't consider people who have had the Ālaya-Vijñāna implanted to be human. Then they convert one of their own soldiers into a cybernetic abomination that makes the Ālaya-Vijñāna look positively tame in comparison. The Gjallahorn soldiers who witness said abomination in action are horrified and even call it a devil. [[spoiler:Invoked by [=McGillis=], who wanted to make Gjallahorn look bad to the public to destabilize it and reveal its corruption. All part of his plan to take over Gjallahorn so he can ostensibly reform it.]]
* In the fourth OVA of ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'', Rip Van Winkle opts to kill three British vampire turncoats [[RewardedAsATraitorDeserves for killing the crew of their aircraft carrier and handing it over to her]]. Earlier that same episode, she and her cohorts at Millennium betrayed and murdered a dozen aging former senior officers when they got angry at [[BigBad The Major]] for refusing to turn them into vampires.
* PlayedForLaughs in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBhiq8uTj_U this]] ''Anime/{{K}}'' radio drama. Kuroh starts rambling about how wonderful Ichigen-sama is and Fushimi Saruhiko interrupts him with Shiro's [[RunningGag well-known "Creepy!"]]. Saruhiko is not exactly [[StalkerWithACrush one]] [[LoveMakesYouCrazy to]] [[AxCrazy talk]]. On that Kuroh and Kamamoto agree.
* In ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs'', [[spoiler:Admiral Gil Graham]] realizes that he is being a hypocrite by [[spoiler:regretting having to seal a young orphan like Hayate away for eternity with the Book of Darkness (yet considering her ideal in a sense because few would mourn her), and providing for her until then for the sake of her happiness, which implies the belief that it would offset sacrificing her]].
* The villains of ''Anime/MasterOfMartialHearts''. [[spoiler:Aya's fake friends rub it in her face that those who lost the tournament were mind raped into being sex slaves and she's to blame, despite that they were the ones who took advantage of it and cased said mind rapes. Also, they sought revenge on her for her parents causing their lives misery and grief with the original Martial Heart tournament... by bringing the tournament back.]]
* In ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia'', Monoma strongly feels that Class 1-A is cocky, especially after Bakugou's speech despite majority of Class 1-A are clearly not arrogant and were mortified by Bakugou's speech, yet it is Monoma who constantly boasts how superior he is, to the annoyance of ''his'' own classmates.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** The [[TheEmpire World Government]] is a bunch of hypocrites in every sense of the world. A phrase they love to use is "Absolute Justice" which means using an "eye for an eye" approach to punishing criminals. But they consider themselves exempt in several ways:
*** For instance, they claim "unawareness" of the still existing slavery (despite "abolishing" it over two centuries ago, it still exists due to the World Nobles), making any form of Justice that the Marines claim to have hypocritical since slavery and its practices are ultimately the antithesis of justice.
*** Also, they often ignore the concept of "justice" altogether and the term can sometimes be as questionable as the morals that drive their opinion of 'Justice'. Because of all this the people who follow Absolute Justice can be seen just as bad, or even worse, than the criminals. The Battle of Marineford is a good example, where the Marines refused to give up and continued fighting the pirates, even though their goal had been achieved.
*** Most notably, the World Government often recruits powerful and influential criminals (specifically pirates) to become their allies, such as [[BoxedCrook the Seven Warlords of the Sea.]] The government pardons all the past crimes committed by these pirates, along with any other criminals who work directly under them, and allow them continue their illegal activities (to an extent), willing to look the other way simply to maintain their hold on society's faith in the strength of "justice".
** [[spoiler:Donquixote Doflamingo]] calls Luffy and Law "brats" that an adult like him doesn't have time to deal with, even though [[spoiler:''he'' is little more than a SpoiledBrat throwing a thirty year-long temper tantrum over the fact that his (former) fellow World Nobles didn't allow him to return to Mariejois.]]
** Also, Absalom from the Thriller Bark Saga has called Sanji a pervert many times; this from a guy who has used his Suke Suke no Mi Devil Fruit power to spy on women who are bathing and ''molest'' them, having done it to both Nami ''and'' Robin.
** At the end of the Water 7 arc, Genzo (the village policeman and mayor of Nami's home village) is shown trying to complain to the World Government for using a photo of Nami in a bikini on her WantedPoster... while having the same photo blown-up to wall size inside his own home. However, unlike the examples above, this is PlayedForLaughs.
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'': Mewtwo wants to destroy humans because he hates them for [[CloningBlues cloning him]]. How does he go about this destruction? [[{{Hypocrite}} By making clones]].
** The dub changes his motivation, he wants to sever the link between humans and Pokemon simply because he thinks all humans treat Pokemon as tools. And of course he is using Pokemon as tools to accomplish this.
** Played for laughs in the ''Best Wishes'' series: when Ash messes something up (sometimes by accident) or says something out of place, Iris would often call him a kid...even though SHE'S a kid herself! However, it's more like a sister teasing her brother than actual taunting.
** The samurai from the fourth episode ''really'' gets hypocritical. He berates Ash for not finishing what he started...even though he wasn't polite by waiting for Ash to finish catching that darn Weedle. Instead, he rudely and instantly challenges him to a Pokemon battle, leaving the Weedle enough time to escape and warn its Beedrill buddies. And to top it off, he calls Ash a terrible trainer for not rescuing Metapod when a Beedrill took it away even though Ash tries to call it back, but the Beedrill kept out of the way with its agility. Worst of all, [[KarmaHoudini no one calls him out on it]]!
** Falkner expresses distaste for the use of Electric-type Pokémon against Flying types, but criticizes Ash for sending the Grass-type Chikorita despite their type disadvantage.
* Homura, of ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'', often scorns the other girls' idealism and sentimental reasons for [[DealWithTheDevil contracting]]...[[spoiler:yet is insanely dedicated to saving her LoveInterest from despair, and whose contract was spurred entirely by her need to preserve ''some'' happiness in the world]].
** Furthermore, Homura thinks that it would be worth any hardship to protect the person she loves. She espouses this belief at length during the third movie, right before [[spoiler:reversing Madoka's HeroicSacrifice (on behalf of ''every magical girl who has ever existed'') because she doesn't believe that Madoka made it willingly]]. [[note]]Admittedly, [[PoorCommunicationKills she has a good reason]] for thinking this, but hypocrisy still forms a big chunk of her motivations.[[/note]]
* Touga from ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'' fits this. He mistakenly believes his sister Nanami is a lesbian in the episode "Nanami's Egg" and gives her a lecture about how "evil" homosexuality is. At this point, he's sleeping with [[spoiler:Akio]].
** In the same episode, he also says that the reason that he and Nanami get along so well is because she's not the type of girl that lays eggs and that he pities the parents of a girl who would do that. Now, if you look at this as a metaphor for teen pregnant then it becomes clear that Touga is a hypocrite because he sleeps with so many different girls at the school and may have gotten more than one girl pregnant. Actually, it would be surprising if he managed to never knock anyone up during his high school career. So, this episode highlighted Touga's Jerkass hypocrisy.
* ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'':
** In [=Capu2=] episode 8, Ruby spends most of her screen time chewing out the other girls for their {{Dangerously Short Skirt}}s, going so far as to appoint herself the dress code monitor and force them to wear longer skirts, but is then revealed to have very risqué underwear herself; as pointed out by the other girls, Ruby has no room to lecture other people about dressing decently wearing ''that'' kind of underwear.
** In the manga, the members of Fairy Tale constantly go on about how HumansAreBastards and how their ultimate goal is to KillAllHumans for monster supremacy, and yet they spend just as much time killing their fellow monsters as they do humans, if not even more so.
** While beating Inner Moka to a pulp, Kuyou lists numerous negative traits as proof that HumansAreBastards, including lying, cheating, selfishness, and hurting others without caring. His reasoning falls flat when one realizes that he and his Security Committee have done all of those things and more and have abused their authority for God knows how long to make the other students miserable, as well as the fact that Kuyou is saying this after he just immolated Tsukune in cold blood right in front of the members of his UnwantedHarem and while he's beating Moka senseless.
** Gyokuro Shuzen once lambasted Akua for bringing her emotions into battle, explicitly calling her a disgrace to vampires. Gyokuro herself is ''ruled'' by her emotions, with literally ''every'' atrocity she commits being motivated by her IrrationalHatred of Akasha Bloodriver.
* ''Manga/SangatsuNoLion'': Kyoko regularly taunts Rei about being dependent on, and subsequently ruining, families that he stays with (out of bitterness toward the awkward relationships between Kouda family's father and siblings as a result of Rei becoming Mr. Kouda's legal ward), especially in Chapter 35. At the same time, Kyoko herself is still dependent on her father financially despite being older, and is straining her relationship with her father even more all on her own.
* ''Manga/ShokugekiNoSoma'': Central is an organization that takes over Tootsuki Academy to teach their "superior" cooking methodology while suppressing those who want to cook and experiment in different ways. Despite their elitism, many members also have no problem sabotaging the exams and Shokugekis of those who disagree with their methods instead of fighting them fairly to prove their supposed superiority.
* This is actually very common for many villains in ''Manga/SoulEater''. They often ridicule Lord Death for defining them as evil and needing to be killed, stating he shouldn't have the right to determine what souls are "evil". All the while, they're murdering innocent people, trying to drive the world into chaos, manipulating and deceiving others, and destroying property.
* In ''Anime/SpiritedAway'', Yubaba refuses to accept Chihiro into her bathhouse because in her words, Chihiro is a "spoiled, lazy crybaby [with] no manners". Shortly afterwards, Yubaba is interrupted by her baby, who she immediately coddles and pampers, and who fits Yubaba's description of Chihiro perfectly. Furthermore, she criticizes her employees for being greedy and attracting the wrong customer when {{Greed}} is one of Yubaba's defining characteristics.
* ''LightNovel/SwordArtOnline'':
** On one occasion, Asuna's FantasyForbiddingMother Kyouko forcibly disconnects Asuna's VR helmet for being late for dinner, accusing her of "disrespecting the staff's efforts." In response, Asuna is sorely tempted to, but ultimately doesn't, remind Kyouko of several occasions where she herself was late for dinner, threw the meals out untasted, and forced the staff to make them again for her own convenience.
** During the climax of the Fairy Dance arc, Sugou/Oberon proves to be an utterly {{sadist}}ic {{Jerkass}} who gleefully subjects Kirito to ColdBloodedTorture, going so far as to [[AttemptedRape molest Asuna]] [[ForcedToWatch right in front of him]]. And yet, when Kirito [[PayEvilUntoEvil tortures him right back]] and kills him in-game, Sugou confronts him in real life and has the gall to tell Kirito that what he did was cruel.
* ''VisualNovel/TogainuNoChi'': Akira becomes this at the end of the anime series. [[spoiler: When he saves Rin from Shiki, he tells Rin to forget about killing Shiki because it's not worth it. Later on, Shiki kills Keisuke and Akira tries to kill him. [[IronicEcho Rin tells him the same thing.]] Akira doesn't listen to him at the end and returns to Toshima to kill Shiki.]]
* ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'': Touka repeatedly berates Kaneki for his selfish actions and even goes so far as to physically assault him for it, while forgetting that her obsession with revenge on the [[HunterOfMonsters CCG]] caused all manner of problems for Anteiku.
* ''Manga/YonaOfTheDawn'': King-Il hated weapons and violence. However, according to Soo-Won, King-Il killed his own brother Yu-hon (Soo-Won's father) with a weapon.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh'':
** Noah, the apparent BigBad of the Virtual Nightmare Arc of [[Anime/YuGiOh the original series]] is the most obvious example. He mercilessly punished his minions for cheating and not following the rules, but blatantly did so himself when dueling Kaiba, using Mokuba as a human shield when he was about to lose. Yami rightfully calls him out on this.
** When Yami duels Johnny Steps, Johnny plays monsters that are different types from each other. Yami calls him out on not having a real deck theme. While Yami had a point that Johnny's deck was full of cards that were chosen for being aesthetically pleasing instead of concentrating on winning, Yami had a deck with a hodgepodge of monsters as well. (This is only in the dub. In the original, Yami says he's using "fan cards" that duelists never use seriously; when Johnny uses Witch of the Black Forest - a potentially powerful card - he changes his mind and thinks he's gotten serious.)
** Minor example involves Kaiba in Battle City. After Yugi defeats Strings, Marik gloats, telling Yugi that his plans involve targeting his friends. Yugi then runs to find them, ignoring the challenge that Kaiba made. Kaiba grumbles that refusing a challenge is a violation of Battle City rules. The problem is, Kaiba himself did that when he prematurely cancelled the duel that Jonouchi challenged him to in order to rush to this very battle (meaning it was likely only an hour earlier, despite being about three episodes ago). Apparently, cancelling on account of an emergency is only a good reason when it's ''his'' emergency.
** Another example involving Kaiba came during his duel with Gozaburo during the Virtual Nightmare Arc. Kaiba gave a brief TheReasonYouSuckSpeech in which he told Gozaburo that his deck was focusing too much on a single monster, and little synergy. (Kaiba was giving him too much credit; Gozaburo's strategy was ''nothing'' except "summon Exodia Necross and attack with it", trying to draw on Kaiba's fear of Exodia.) Unfortunately, this was sort of a BrokenAesop coming from Kaiba, who spent all of Battle City before this point (and much of it afterwards) relying mostly on [[PhysicalGod Obelisk the Tormentor]], modeling his deck on ways to summon the God Card quicker. Even without Obelisk, Kaiba's all about his Blue Eyes White Dragons.
* A smaller example is Keith from the manga ''Manga/YuGiOhR''. When Jonouchi uses a card called Summon Capture in their duel, Keith becomes angry, implying that the card is broken and overpowered. While most would agree that it is, Keith not only blatantly cheated in their first duel in Duelist Kingdom, but used a card called The Pillager that was a lot like Summon Capture, but probably even ''more'' broken.
* From ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'':
** Manjyome dueled off against the five upper-classmen of North Academy, who mocked him by calling him an amateur and the Giant Rat he summoned a weak monster. While Manjyome was indeed using a makeshift deck to replace his destroyed one, not only did these five supposed upper classmen not know about Giant Rat's effect (it's a very common and widely-used card) they themselves had pulled a Marauding Captain Lock, one of TheOldestTricksInTheBook in regards to the game. Manjyome beat them easily.
** A similar situation came up in season two during his duel with Obelisk Snob Reginald Van Howel III (a more generic name for a spoiled rich kid, there ain't). Reginald mocked him and his deck, calling it lame (despite using little more than a Toolbox Warrior one himself) and calling him a "a nasty, stuck-up snob" (Reggie was even worse. This was dub only, however; in the original, he was more respectful.)
** Edo Phoenix absolutely cannot tolerate anyone looking down on or disrespecting his Destiny Hero cards, yet he frequently looks down on and disrespects other people's cards, especially Judai Yuki's Elemental Hero cards.
* In the manga version of ''Manga/YuGiOhGX'' [[TheDragon Reggie [=MacKenzie=]]] expresses disgust at one point how sadistic her college David Rabb is being towards an opponent in a Shadow Duel... And later proves capable of even worse cruelty in one towards Midori Hibiki. (Made worse by the fact that [[spoiler:Reggie is NotBrainwashed like most of [[BigBad Tragodia's]] servants are, and she's the one responsible for the comatose state that Hibiki's brother is in.]]
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds''.
** Mild example, Jack Atlas. Even after his HeelFaceTurn, he gets ''very'' upset whenever people steal his things (even his cup ramen) or even borrow them without asking (like when Crow borrows his D-Wheel). This from a guy who previously became an outright thief in order to escape Satellite.
** Another mild example, one-shot villain Rudolph Heitmann. This guy blames his students' poor grades on low-Level cards (including Dexter's "Batteryman AA" and Rua's Morphtronic Remoten, both Level 3), and yet, has three copies of a ''Level 2'' monster in his own deck. (Yeah, he used them to summon three copies of Ancient Gear Golem, but then, that's what ''everyone'' tends to use low-level cards for in [=5Ds=]
* Mamoru Jinguji was a minor character in ''Anime/YuGiOhZEXAL'' (only appearing in one episode) but may have been the worst example of this Trope in the entire franchise. As the Student Council President of Heartland Academy, he was adamant about school rules being followed, but he blatant broke a lot of them himself by enforcing them, forcing Yuma into a duel with house rules that would be considered outright cheating, such as making Takashi – who he duped into working for him – force Yuma to return his monsters to his hand for dress code violations. Then it got worse. When Yuma tried to avoid breaking this “rule” by Equipping Gagaga Girl with a Spell Card that covered her, he countered it (that would be considered entrapment by any actual legal authority) then insisted Yuma be punished for “assaulting” him (meaning attacking directly, even though Mamoru did the exact same thing to Yuma just five minutes earlier). And to make this even worse, he used monsters [[LightIsNotGood that resembled Shinto priests to do this]]. (Of course, you have to forgive him for all this, seeing as he was a BrainwashedAndCrazy pawn of the Barians, but it didn’t make the whole thing any less demented.)
* ''Manga/KingdomHearts358DaysOver2'': Belle gets concerned about Xion going with Roxas to fight Heartless, since she's an unarmed little girl. Cogsworth immediately points out that Belle was just going around Beast's Castle hunting Heartless herself, and she's less qualified due to lacking combat experience.