Many [[{{Music}} songs]] end with [[IronicEcho the main character's pride and joy]] [[HoistByHisOwnPetard suddenly turned against him]].

* In the song 'Bazooka Bubblegum', the narrator spends the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar that his/her mom gave him/her to buy various items on Bazooka Bubblegum. This comes back to bite him in the last verse of the song, when:
-->"My mom gave me a five, \\
Said to stay alive.\\
But I didn't stay alive.\\
Instead I choked on bubblegum\\
Bazooka-zooka bubblegum.\\
Bazooka-zooka bubblegum."
* [[ This]] Tom Lehrer song describes the process of "research," a description and lesson jokingly attributed to a famous scientist (due to the peculiarity of his name). In the second verse, Lehrer says that, after receiving this sound advice, he then used it to [[spoiler: plagiarize the work of his mentor, as the latter had instructed him to do to others]].
* During the rap song [[ "4,3,2,1" by LL Cool J]], up-and-coming rapper Canibus rapped a verse where he took an unintentional shot at LL Cool J on his own track. LL Cool J responded by covertly dissing Canibus on the same track. At first, LL Cool J edited the music video, so that Canibus appearance was cut out. He did this because of the potential controversy it could cause. However, many fans saw the original music video and it didn't take them long to figure it out, forcing Canibus to rap beef with LL Cool J to prove himself. Despite some good diss tracks like "Second Round KO - featuring Mike Tyson", Canibus immediately lost amongst rap fans who consider LL Cool J a hip hop legend above challenging. His debut album titled: ''"Can-I-Bus"'' received positive reviews across the board by rap critics. But because of the rap beef with LL Cool J, the album didn't sell well. His career hasn't recovered since, even though both Canibus and the album itself have been [[VindicatedByHistory vindicated by history.]]
* In [[ Joe Diffie's Third Rock from the Sun]] a man in Smokey's Bar sees a beautiful woman walks into the bar and calls up his wife to tell her he is working late (so he can make time with the lady in question). The wife calls up her sister and asks her to come over to comfort her, which gives her boyfriend time to go out and get a beer from a nearby store. He leaves the keys in his car, allowing some teenagers to take a joyride in his car. [[DisasterDominoes The teenagers end up in the path of a semi truck]], which crashes into them, goes across a bank parking lot, and hits a nearby clocktower. The clocktower falls over and takes out a powerline, making the entire town go dark. A waitress calls the police in panic, claiming aliens are landing, and the police call the mayor, waking him up, because they can't find the sheriff. The mayor tells the police to use their heads--if he isn't in his car, he's probably hiding from his wife [[CallBack down at Smokey's Bar]]. [[SelfFulfillingProphecy So he is going to have to work late after all.]]
* Music/DanielAmos: The liner notes of ''Music/VoxHumana'' include a short story where the narrator gets menaced by a giant machine-monster--that represents American society in the 1980s.
-->Yes, we have created the monster. He is the harvest of our sowing.