Because in a WorldOfActionGirls where the roles of men are often trivialized (both in-universe and in-story), how else are you going to have {{Shipping}}? Oh, and the copious {{ecchi}} helps.



[[folder: First Series]]
* [[BrotherSisterIncest Elina and Leina,]] hoo boy.
** In the first episode, Elina is clearly disappointed that she doesn't get to sleep with Reina.
** In the first Utsukishiki Toushi-Tachi OVA, Elina reminisces fondly on how, in the innocence of childhood, she was able to sleep and bathe with Reina at will, and the episode focuses in part on her sadness that, as Leina aged, she began to see such things as improper, while Elina still desires to do them... in a less innocent way.
** Another OVA, setting things in a HighSchoolAU, had one of the subplots focus on Elina's attempts to take advantage of her sister, and threw Claudette into the mix as well.
** Near the end of episode 9 (season 2), they're seen spooning [[ModestyBedsheet beneath the covers]], while both are in the nude. During which, Elina is shown happily using Leina's breasts as pillows.
** One of the ED shows them topless, with Elina groping Leina's breasts from behind.
** There's also several pieces of official art that border on outright incest; including one where Elina has Leina bound in wire, bondage style, while groping her.
** The manga adaptation goes further, by having Elina pin Leina at the start of the semi-finals and molests her in the center of the arena. When Leina reminds her that the crowd is watching and that the match was being broadcast across the continent, Elina said she didn't care.
-->'''Leina:''' ''(shocked)'' "WHA...??"
-->'''Elina:''' "It's fine if they see this... [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty I want everyone to know you belong to me, sis."]]
* Leina generally serves as an EvenTheGirlsWantHer for many of the women she meets, outside of the explicity-hetero Cattleya and Nanael. Further examples:
** Echidna, who administers an antidote mouth-to-mouth. Or we can just strike it and say the entire oil-fight between the two of them was one big steaming pile of LesYay.
** It's implied that Echidna molested Leina on several occasions throughout the first season of the first series.
** Her relationship with Tomoe seems platonic enough, but that doesn't stop Elina from getting jealous.
** Leina herself seems to have somewhat of a crush on Risty, as expressed by how she follows her around in the first season, or later how she is desperate to win her approval, or in the second season when she must rescue Listy from Aldra's MindControl.
* The ''Hide & Seek'' manga features a romantic subplot concerning [[Heartwarming/QueensBlade Claudette and Elina's]] [[IncestSubtext hidden feelings for each other:]]
** Such as Elina fantasizing about cuddling with Claudette and admitting her feelings for her, via internal monologue. Along with the fact that [[ClingyJealousGirl she became jealous]] both times that it appeared Ymir was getting too close to her sister.
** Claudette also admits her own jealousy toward Leina, since Elina had entered the QB tournament to be with Leina instead of her.
** There's also the scene where [[BridalCarry she carries Elina]] out of the arena, after her loss to Leina during the semi-finals. She also personally looks after Elina during her subsequent bout of depression and vows to defeat Leina and [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy bring her home for Elina's sake.]]
** In chapter 28, Leina reveals that she knows about Claudette's feelings for their sister, Elina, and says Claudette shouldn't hide it from her. Then adds that [[ShipperOnDeck she supports the idea]] [[BrotherSisterIncest of them being together.]]
* Echidna has tiny implications of bisexuality, but is at least definitely lesbian.
** In her backstory with Irma, it is shown that they slept together while she was training her, in something resembling pederasty.
** The aforementioned oil fight with Leina, and her molestation of her.
** Basically her end story with Irma implies that she settles down HappilyEverAfter with her, briefly appearing in the first Beautiful Fighters OVA to fight Elina, but later saying "I have some cats to take care of." Irma is a KindheartedCatLover.
** Echidna's interactions with fellow elf Alleyne sees her teasing the combat instructor like long-departed lovers.
* Menace is another explicit lesbian, with her backstory detailing betrayal by her lover in the ancient kingdom of Amara which led to her overthrow and death.
** In keeping with the above, Menace spends the entire series trying to MindControl various individuals, preferring women. At one point she placed Reina under this control.
** In the Beautiful Fighters [=OVAs=], she has built a kingdom of willing servants (all masochists). Her handmaidens are scantily clad, and at one point she drinks wine using their cleavage as a cup.
* Airi, who regenerates her power by deep-kissing people to suck the life out of them. She seems to prefer female victims.
* Tomoe and Shizuka often seem awfully buddy-buddy. HeterosexualLifePartners? Or something more? You decide.
* Aldra seems to have fun with taking over Risty's mind, putting her in an AbsoluteCleavage catsuit in the process. Rebellion gives her a husband (completely off-screen, no less), but her LesYay tendencies remain.
* Melpha, in turn, seems rather taken with the angel Nanael.
** This is actually important because Melpha states that she's only serving Nanael who is a servant of God and a messenger of heaven. Despite Nanael flat out lying to her about her title (she's not an archangel), she's not angered by Nanael one bit and still calls her archangel. [[spoiler: And in the fifth OVA at first she is surprised that Nanael fell but when confronted with the angel she declares that it doesn't matter if Nanael has fallen or not because she would dedicate her life to Nanael. Which shows that even someone who is faithful to God is willing to turn her back on everything she has known her entire life for a fallen angel who has taken advantage of her kindness but this kindness is enough for the viewer to know that Nanael does treasure Melpha. Their relationship is enough for the Head Angel to not send Nanael straight to hell.]]

[[folder: Queen's Blade Rebellion]]
* The anime of Rebellion might as well be called [[Film/TheresSomethingAboutMary There's Something About Annelotte.]] She's surrounded by girls who are, to varying degrees, taken with her, which she seems to take in stride.
** There's Yuit, who knew Annelotte growing up, but Annelotte was raised [[WholesomeCrossdresser as a male]], so Yuit still calls her Onii-chan, much to Annelotte's chagrin, and is just as competitive for her attention and affection as the others in their makeshift party.
** Mirim also seems to look up to Annelotte as a bigger sister figure (Oneechan), but that entails bathing with her and sleeping with her, and competing for the privelege.
** Lunaluna is an oddly mixed case, since she perceives Annelotte to be her "Destined One," and was, at first, visibly disappointed to find out that her chosen one was a woman (as she starts by asking Annelotte how many children she wants). But then Lunaluna's "moon side" seems as hungrily perverse as Echidna.
** Sanyang, who sees herself as having a life-debt to Annelotte, and once again, is eager to compete for affection from her.
** Tarnyang, meanwhile, seems like this, [[GenderReveal but...]]
** Then there's all the severe hinting that [[spoiler: Annelotte is Aldra's long-lost sister.]] When it seems like Annelotte's dark side is getting out of control, we're presented with a ''Manga/KannazukiNoMiko'' -esque naked embrace scene, albeit as an ImagineSpot or something similar.