-->'''Greed[[spoiler:ling]]''': "The name's Greed."
-->'''Edward Elric''': "No, Greed! I will '''not''' kiss you!"
-->-- '''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist [[HilariousOuttakes Outtakes]]'''


[[folder: Manga and Brotherhood ]]

* The original ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' manga (as well as its direct adaptation, ''Brotherhood'') has surprisingly little (arguably ''no'') HoYay for a shonen with a [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters huge]] and mostly male cast. However, Ed's relationship with Ling, and Mustang's rather heartfelt reaction to Hughes' [[spoiler:death]] still add moderate HoYay fodder.
** On the subject of Mustang and Hughes: Academy friends, met up again in the Hell of Ishval, and Hughes signed on to 'support Roy from below.' Roy then went on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge against Envy after learning he was responsible for [[spoiler: Hughes' death.]] He was distraught at Riza and Havoc [[spoiler: possibly dying]], but it's only with ''Hughes'' that he truly loses his cool (though this can be argued as being because Hughes is the only one where it actually happens).
** Ed and Ling do have a bit, especially in the scene where Ed carries Ling while they're in [[spoiler: Gluttony's stomach]].
*** [[http://rs1017.pbsrc.com/albums/af292/Enveh2978/ling_yao.gif~c200 Then there's Ling getting touchy-feely with Ed not long after they meet.]]
* Darius and Heinkel recieve a lot of this in fan works.
* Greed and Ling have a lot of Ho Yay, too. In the Viz manga there is a line in which Greed says, "I'm glad I hooked up with you", and the whole "aibou" ("partners") thing...
--> "NO, Greed! I need you! You're my partner!"
** '''[[http://warningyou.deviantart.com/art/Lingreed-This-sounds-so-wrong-317056062 This]]''' pretty much says it all. Trust me, ItMakesSenseInContext.
* Sig Curtis's "flex-off" with Major Armstrong which ends with the two of them holding hands and sparkling.
* Though not nearly as much as in the first anime, there are still moments in the manga that could be interpreted as Roy/Ed shipper bait, [[http://alkahestic.tumblr.com/post/52120988700/memoriescantwait-asked-for-a-rebloggable where one of them seems a little too focused on the other, or arguments that could be seen as innuendo]]. Which is why their shippers predated the first anime in Japan (though that was really what got it going).
* Winry and Rose, [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz29srk4B51qdyi3xo1_500.png as]] [[http://31.media.tumblr.com/abbaf1ca9017b4785552419a71f1b34f/tumblr_mi4ib98BQv1qdyi3xo6_250.jpg shown]] [[http://31.media.tumblr.com/de6dd49ef89138e7e782b18be174023e/tumblr_mi4ib98BQv1qdyi3xo5_250.png here.]]


[[folder: 2003 anime series ]]

* Perhaps the most obvious example is Ed and Al. Besides their unconditional love, mutual dependence and [[spoiler: sacrificing their lives for each other]], there's Al's line (somewhat changed in the dub): "But there's one thing that I'm sure of. I want to touch you again, brother. Isn't it weird? We're this close, but the sensation of touching you, and the warmth of your body ... I can't remember them."
** Episode 38 has them bickering like an old married couple and splitting up, only for Ed to start missing Al a moment later and going after him.
** Even more obvious in the movie, with Edward calling in dreams both Winry AND Alphonse, and living with his real-world counterpart, while Al starts dressing as his older brother, dreams of being Heiderich and living with Ed, and finally [[spoiler: leaves his whole world behind to be always with him]].
* Throughout [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist the 2003 anime adaptation]], Alphonse Elric and Scar share some moments that could be interpreted as HoYay, such as Alphonse asking Scar how he feels about him in episode 24 and [[spoiler:Scar sacrificing his life to save Al in episode 42.]] And if that's not enough, the [[http://community.livejournal.com/fm_alchemist/3293475.html seiyuu are aware of it, too.]]
* Not to mention Roy Mustang and Edward Elric in the movie. Mustang lives in almost total seclusion until Ed shows up again, then they both totally ignore Winry and Riza to see and fight alongside one another again.
** Also in ''[[Anime/FullmetalAlchemistTheConquerorOfShamballa The Conqueror of Shamballa]]'', there are the lines after Havoc and Breda leave Mustang's hut, and Havoc wonders if they should have brought Lt. Hawkeye with them. Breda responds saying that she wouldn't want to see him like this and "besides, it's not the Lieutenant the Colonel is waiting for." WordOfGod is that the script originally planned to explicitly say he was waiting for Ed, but thought it was better merely implied. But they would have made it explicit [[WhatCouldHaveBeen if there had been a novelization]].
** End of ep. 48 is also a bit shippy, though some are split on whether it's promoting Roy/Ed, Roy/Maes, or Elricest. Roy and Ed talk about how they're sacrificing everything they've earned in the name of Hughes and Al (respectively), but there's an overwhelming sense of ItHasBeenAnHonor and Roy finally seeing Ed as not a child whose innocence he wants to protect as much as possible, but as an equal. Likewise, Ed sees the Roy behind the "Bastard Colonel" facade. They both admit they're NotSoDifferent, and it's telling that this moment comes at their last possible meeting, when they both know they might be going to their deaths.
** Some of the official art is rather blatant as well:[[http://www.theanimegallery.com/data/thumbs/790px/0202/tAG_202323.jpg]] [[http://i79.beon.ru/86/55/375586/70/24202570/538118.jpeg]] [[https://file2.instiz.net/data/cached_img/upload/2015011021/2015e049ec3e6083e6593574d968fe07.jpg]] [[http://s3.narvii.com/image/mcpccr7dbpje4lxvnnvoy7spckbmq32o_hq.jpg]]
* Alfons Heiderich/Edward in the movie. Basically canon in the original script, where Ed was at the receiving end of both Noah's affection (more ambiguously) and Heiderich's. The booklet that comes with the special edition of the DVD even states that Alfons dies "with conflicted feelings towards Edward". There's also the implication that they were sharing the bedroom (which only has one bed), given that Heiderich's clothes are in Ed's room, in addition of [[http://alfonsheiderich.tumblr.com/post/34389106366/apartment-translations this]]. Make of it what you want.

* Winry, Scheska. Good God, they wander the world together, have romantic strolls along riverbanks at sunset, and have the TomboyAndGirlyGirl thing going on, and basically ignore what love interests they have to spend all their time together.
** There's also a moment in "The Stray Dog" when they're charging past Mustang and co. on a motorcycle, driven by Winry, and Sciezka puts her arms around Winry with her hands in a very...revealing position.
* Also, Winry and Paninya, in both the first anime and original manga/''Brotherhood''.
* Dante seems to be flirting with Rose in episode 49; calling Rose "exquisite" as she runs her fingers along Rose's neck. Of course, this is NoYay for a lot of viewers, given what Dante plans to do with her...

* Roy and Hughes have a decent amount. Their relationship gets a lot more focus here, including after [[spoiler: Hughes's death]], where it's made much clearer that Roy is losing sleep and weight from it, and is overall taking far less care of himself than usual. They also have some pretty shippy [[http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y290/darkmythril/formal-1.jpg official art]] and moments [[http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y290/darkmythril/hughes_roy-1.jpg in the novels]]... and then there are [[http://pyro-edward.livejournal.com/11235.html?thread=37603 their image songs]], where they seem to more or less admit to having feelings for each other. The arts and songs aren't canon, but are still pretty blatant shipper-bait from the anime team.