!! Stewie and Brian
* Stewie from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' has made a sexual advance on Brian several times. Brian shows no sign of returning this attraction, and such incidents always end with both characters playing it off as if nothing happened. This may be because Stewie is a baby. And Brian is the family dog. Then again, Family Guy '''would''' [[BlackComedy go there]], and has recently been doing it so often that it appears at least once every episode!
** One episode involved a flashback in which Stewie and Brian make out under hypnosis. Provided people really wouldn't do something under hypnosis that they wouldn't do otherwise, this is quite telling.
** Oh, there's plenty of ShipTease involving these two. The episode where Stewie's in drag and ball room dancing with Brian?
--->'''Stewie:''' I love you.
--->'''Brian:''' What'd you say?
--->'''Stewie:''' Uh, Olive Juice!
--->'''Brian:''' ''(confused)'' Olive Juice?
--->'''Stewie:''' ''(breathlessly)'' Olive Juice, you too...
** They also had a FakeOutMakeOut on a pretend date at a restaurant with Brian wearing a suit and Stewie in drag and Stewie said afterward clearly shocked "You wanna ''do'' something sometime?", the second time they kissed wearing military uniforms when trying to get out of the military (DADT was still the law of the land when this episode first aired). While they're doing that another guy comes up and asks "Any room for one more?" Stewie replies with an enthusiastic "Hell Yeah!" and Brian slaps him.
** Another time Brian took a nap and accidentally left Stewie in the tanning bed for a few hours. Stewie comes out completely red and in pain, literally unable to walk. He gets on his knees and tells Brian to put some lotion on him to help ease the pain. Brian squirts some lotion on him but from behind it looks like he's *ahem* [[DontExplainTheJoke ejaculating on Stewie's face]].
** There was plenty of Stewie/Brian in the episode "Go, Stewie, Go!"
** The last ten minutes or so of the episode Brian And Stewie. Also counts as CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
** And of course:
---> '''Stewie:''' Why don't they have it so that you can do all the things you do with women, but with your buddy, you know?
---> '''Brian:''' They do have that. It's called being gay.
---> '''Stewie:''' Oh, ''that's'' what gay is?! Oh yeah, I could totally get into that.
** Don't forget Stewie giving Brian sexual advice in "Love Blactually." Stewie even sticks his fingers in Brian's mouth.
---> '''Stewie:''' You'd make a wonderful lover, Brian.....
** And in another episode during the "Freaking FCC" musical number Stewie dresses in leather, ties Brian up, puts a ball gag in his mouth, dresses him in bondage, sits on top of him while holding his ears and slaps his butt with a lecherous look on his face.
** And in another instance Stewie pretends to be a princess that needs to be woken up with a kiss and hints that he wants Brian to kiss him.
** Drunk!Stewie telling Brian "You're sexy."
** From "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven"
-->'''Brian:''' Are you queer?
-->'''Stewie:''' Probably.
** Another one from Stewie's side. During the heat wave caused by the new super store using up all the town's power, Brian and Stewie have the following exchange.
--->'''Stewie:''' Brian spit on me. (Brian does) Now tell me I'm scum.
--->'''Brian:''' How will that cool you off?
--->'''Stewie:''' Hmmm.
** Don't forget the time Stewie was crossdressing to be on Jolly Farm and decided to toy around with Brian, with Brian falling for it so badly that Brian instantly starts putting the moves on Stewie, with Stewie only letting on once Brian [[DirtyOldMan slips Stewie's hand under the table.]]
--->'''Stewie:'''Look Brian, we both know I touched it. Now you can just sit back down here and buy me some chicken fingers and everything will be just fine.
** Then there's "North by North Quahog", where they take care of Meg and Chris while Peter and Lois are on their second honeymoon. They basically act as the parents. (And we don't mean LikeAnOldMarriedCouple, we mean borderline-HappilyMarried)
** The entire plot premise of "Stewie is Enceinte" is Stewie becoming pregnant with Brain's babies through artifical means, as a way to bring them closer together. During the pregnancy Stewie is behaving like a pregnant woman with mood swings and at one point says to a cashier that "my husband will beat you up", referring to Brian. The pregnancy pictures they took are also thick with this trope, Stewie clearly enjoying taking them while naked. However, this is one-sided on Stewie's part, as Brian shows no liking to any of this at all (the only time he's not grossed out is when he considers raising the children with him, on account that he abandoned the son he already has and wants to retry his parental potential).
** Stewie is aroused by Brian calling him master in "Once Bitten".

* Meg pretends to be a lesbian in one episode so she can be part of her school's Lesbian Alliance Club and finally have friends. She ends up becoming best friends with another girl from the club who was very clearly attracted to Meg. Including a scene where she undressed down to her underwear when Meg visited her at her house with the intention to "get something off her chest". However, Meg just wanted to confess that she was only pretending to be a lesbian and this clearly upsets her friend.
* The end of "Stew-Roids" shows that Meg also harbors some PsychoLesbian tendencies as well. She is shown asking Connie (who regularly bullies Meg) if she can "think about you in the tub tonight" to which Connie replies with a "no" and once Connie's out of ear-shot, Meg stubbornly states "I'm still gonna".
* In one instance in the episode "Dial Meg For Murder" Meg [[TookALevelInBadass takes a level in badass]] and gets some revenge on Connie for always teasing her by knocking her out and tongue-kissing her in front of everyone in the lunch room for about three seconds.

* When Meg pretends to be a lesbian, Lois shared a kiss with Meg's lesbian friend for about a half a minute.
* And in "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" Lois revealed to Meg and her friends at Meg's slumber party that at her old slumber parties "we used to practice french kissing each other". She then tells the girls to "pair up".
* In "Stew-Roids" wasn't Lois shown almost lustfully rubbing sunscreen on Bonnie's lower back for about 4 seconds?
** In the premiere episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow'', Cleveland asks Lois and Bonnie to make out. The two act awkward for about 5 seconds before passionately making out, which shocks Joe, Peter, Brian and Quagmire and pleases Cleveland.
* In "Stewie B. Goode" when Peter is doing his 'Grind my Gears' bit, Lois says "Women are such teasers and that's why I went back to men" possibly meaning she is bisexual. Also counts as a NoodleIncident.
* In "Partial Terms Of Endearment" it's revealed that Lois once experimented with her college roommate Naomi.

!!Peter and Quagmire
* Surprisingly enough, Quagmire being a lady's man, has some moments with Peter.
** Like how when Peter was upset he asked Peter if he could "drag his ball sac across his face" (it's something he does to all his lady friends) and later willingly got naked in front of him and showed him his penis while also calling them "buddies" that should "have fun".
** Another scene in the episode "Mr and Mrs. Stewie" had them having to share a bed and Peter hugged Quagmire close from behind making it look like they were spooning and pulled Quagmire's boxers down '''with his foot''' because they were too starchy.
** He also seemed willing to lay naked with Peter and Lois when they got nude while doing drugs and said "Room for one more?"
*** Not to mention Peter and Quagmire kissing in "Into Harmony's Way".

* The episode where Peter starts hanging out with Bill Clinton. The two hit it off right away, but Peter spends so much time with the guy that he ends up damaging his relationship with Lois. By the end of the episode both of them have been physically seduced by Clinton as well. The last scene? We get a shot of Peter laying next to Clinton in bed. It should also be noted that Peter had a very shocked look on his face while Clinton had a very ''satisfied'' look on his face. Peter then states: "Boy you are good. You are ''really'' good."
** There was another episode where Peter pretended to seduce Luke Perry. Didn't work. However, the end of episode has Luke Perry tricking Adam West into getting into bed with him.
* From the episode PTV there was that scene spoofing ''SixteenCandles'' where [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaMQQKbnvCQ&feature=related Peter and Jake Ryan celebrated Peter's birthday...]]
* Brian to Quagmire:
--> "I fucked your dad."
* And then there was that time Peter [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6k0Hn2AqZk lost his virginity]].
* How'd we get this far without mentioning when Peter dared Joe and Cleveland to make out, and ''they did it''...not even half-assing it like you'd expect!
* In the episode "Peter's Got Woods" James Woods and Peter become good friends after Brian gets a girlfriend and they start spending a lot of time together. However, this causes James to become very obsessed with Peter to the point of acting jealous of Brian indicating that he had become attracted to Peter and indeed in another episode he acts like a jealous ex boyfriend.
* When Peter becomes a fisherman and sells his catch, he doesn't see his rival putting up a sign that says Peter had sex with all the fish.
-->'''Man''': Wow. How do you do it?\\
'''Peter''': You're very nice to ask. First I hang the old worm out there. They usually go for it. So, I jerk them around a little. They fight for a while. And then they just lay back and accept it.\\
'''Man''': How about we get together later? (Gives Peter his number and walks away smiling suggestively)
* Stewie once told Brian's son Dylan "you're attractive", got naked in front of him, and told him to take his pants off so that they could engage in "tea-bagging". He also referred to him as "handsome" and "muscular".
** Stewie being either gay or bisexual tends to bring a lot of HoYay to the series, specifically when he's with Brian or that time in "Patriot Games" where he peeked through the wall to see Tom Brady in the shower and happily exclaimed "Bing Bong! Hello!" Or when he went to a GayBar to dance or when he hinted to be in a relationship with his teddy bear Rupert who he daydreamed as a guy with a muscular body and a teddy bear head.
* Also, a talking humanoid male bull in ''Dial Meg For Murder'' raped Peter and later treated it as though they were in an abusive relationship with the bull calling Peter and demanding that he come over for sex.
* Stewie once mentioned that his strategy of surviving High School was him carving out a nich as the effeminate male friend of the popular girls.
--->'''[[CampGay Teen!Stewie]]''': Tonight is my OC party! I have a case of Wine Coolers so we can drink every time Ryan 'seeds'! \\
'''Popular Girls''': Cool, I love to come! How did you get the wine coolers? \\
'''Teen!Stewie''': Oh it's nothing, I just did a favor for a guy at the parking lot.[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Does anyone have any scope?]]
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwuSVJT7zTY scene]] where JodieFoster (whose sexuality was questioned for many years and later came out as a lesbian) and another woman make out in their underwear on a bed together.
* This trope was parodied in a beer commercial Lois was watching that had two bikini babes drinking beer and making out, with Lois ComicallyMissingThePoint that women drinking beer is a typical male fantasy instead of [[GirlOnGirlIsHot two women making out with each other]].
* A notable example in one episode is when Peter and company tries out a new bar to "act like idiots" in, and realizes that they're the only guys there. Quagmire is quick to assume that the 2 girls making out by the disk are "practicing" but Cleveland, being the sharp one in the bunch, points out that he "doesn't think they're practicing".
* Peter responding to Creator/ChristianBale's statement of "We're done professionally" with an excited "Are you asking me out on a date?"
* In the episode where Chris dates Connie [=D'Amico=] and becomes popular, there's a jock who keeps mentioning how he plans to bully the "gay" nerds (with each mention becoming more and more homoerotic), until he finally says at the end "I'm gay, alright?!"
* Peter orders Chris to take Lois' place while she is away. Chris, playing Lois, sits next to Peter and compliments his muscles. Peter plays along and promises obscene sex for that night.
** Peter getting into Chris's bed and putting the moves on him when mistaking him for Lois after becoming blind by eating change.
** Peter asking Chris to marry him and then checking out another guys son with Chris getting jealous.
* At the mall Quagmire spots some cheerleaders taking off their sweaters and having a splash fight in just their bras and skirts. They then make out with each other.
* When democracy kicks in, we see some girls in bikinis having a car wash, two of them making out and one of them spraying another with the hose.
* Marcie and Peppermint Patty and Bert and Ernie are all shown as gay couples (which actually has been a running joke for as long as these characters have been in the public consciousness. ''SaturdayNightLive'' showed Marcie and Peppermint Patty -- played by Kristen Wiig and short-lived cast member Michaela Watkins -- as a lesbian couple, and the Bert and Ernie pairing has been mentioned on everything from ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' to even ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' in the early days, when it was criticized for being an overly-raunchy ''Simpsons'' knockoff[[note]]not these days, when it gets blasted for being too offensive or not as funny as it was pre-cancellation[[/note]]).
* When Quagmire turned into a condom, he accidentally became one for two gay guys.
* The time when Peter accidentally lost his virginity after being tacked by football players in high school.
-->'''Player:''' You want to get some breakfast or something?
* This line from Peter:
-->'''Peter:''' You wanna talk about awkward? One time during sex I called Lois "Frank"! Your move, Sherlock.
* Meg's friend once tells her about Lois "Your mom is so fucking hot."
* The entirety of "Fresh Heir".