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* Taokaka's favorite things in life seem to be, in no particular order: family, food, sleep and big breasts. She enjoys fondling and burying her head in Litchi's "airbags," tells Noel she should eat more meat buns to "make her boobies bigger," and spends much of ''Continuum Shift'' eating, sleeping and groping every other female character she comes across, even asking ''Bang'' if he's visiting Litchi's clinic to fondle her breasts like she is.
--> '''Taokaka''': "Oh Boobie Ladyyyy, where aaaare yooou? I wanna play with your bouncy boobies!"
** She's not limited to groping Litchi's breasts, either. In ''Continuum Shift'' Tsubaki becomes a victim of Tao's ravenous lust for boobies. Noel would be as well, if she weren't flat-chested, something Taokaka has to make a point of mentioning every time she sees her. To round out this list, ''Chronophantasma'' sees Tao looking for "Lacking Lady" on Ragna's behalf only to end up attempting to grope Makoto in the latter's Arcade mode.
* In a non-canon segment, Litchi was apparently very... "thorough" when examining Noel's "beautiful, lithe" body in a Teach Me, Ms. Litchi: Reloaded segment... and doesn't realize she was being so "thorough" because it was like "a dream come true".
** Also, it's hard ''not'' to envision Litchi Faye Ling as an [[AmbiguouslyGay ambiguous]] [[BiTheWay bisexual]] given her propensity to dress other girls up in cute outfits and dote over them (Noel in ''Calamity Trigger'', Tsubaki in ''Continuum Shift'', Bullet in ''Chronophantasma''). The fact that she is the most common target of Taokaka's breast groping, and seems almost tolerant (albeit embarassed) of it on a few occasions only adds to the speculation.
* [[http://www.tenmanga.com/chapter/BlazblueRemixHeartv01c02/291745-16.html This]] from the manga ''VideoGame/BlazBlue: Heart Remix''... Nuff said, really. [[BiTheWay This really just confirms what we all knew about Makoto]].
* Noel has become quite a case of EvenTheGirlsWantHer, as Litchi has a fetish for dressing Noel up in cute outfits, and Makoto is extremely protective of her. There's also a ''lot'' of Noel X Rachel art, and much of it is ''official!''
* Noel and Tsubaki, especially on Noel's side. Even with Tsubaki trying to kill her, Noel cares for her friend so much, that she has to love her, platonically, or romantically. She even became Mu-12 again, just to save Tsubaki, despite the traumatic memories associated with this transformation.
** The trope was canon in the first drafts, but Tsubaki's crush was changed to Jin. Upon realizing he'd left a gap in the story for Noel's love interest, though, Mori decided he needed to create someone new for that purpose. And that's how Makoto Nanaya was born.
* And in relation to the above, Makoto does not seem to mind Noel or Tsubaki fondling her tail, in fact, she claims they're the ''only'' ones who can do so [[labelnote:*]]This may have less to do with her sexual orientation and more to do with events in ''Heart to Heart'', which prove she can trust them with handling it[[/labelnote]]. She also gropes Tsubaki's breasts at one point in Carl's CS gag reel, and has absolutely no compunctions against kissing another female in a tie in manga.
** Noel's win quote against Makoto in ''Chronophantasma'' has Noel stroking Makoto's tail. The noises for this "excessive tail fondling", at least in the English dub, are... [[TheModestOrgasm quite suspect.]]
* There are a lot of lesbian overtones within ''Remix Heart''. In the second chapter [[AmbiguouslyBi Makoto]] kisses Mai and occasionaly fondles Mai and Noel. Mai's power requires her to kiss some other girls to work on them. Kajun is overly touchy with Mai and loves to tease her sexually. Later on, Shiori performs a HeelFaceTurn and falls in love with Mai.

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* Jin is... a ''leetle'' [[{{Yandere}} obsessed]] with Ragna. "'''Ah~! Long time no see...BROTHER!!!~'''"
** The creators aren't even trying to hide it. In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WMuNkpuMIM Teach Me Ms. Litchi Ep. 4]] he has hearts over his head and in his eyes every time Ragna speaks.
** Jin's obsession is played with ''a lot'' in the various gag reel endings in the story modes - even in those for mostly unrelated characters. From [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAy-gWDLFRA Relius Clover's BBCS Extend gag reel]], where he mind-swaps several of the other characters, in particular Ragna and Jin:
-->'''Ragna(?):''' Is... is this... Brother 's body...?! *Pant* *Pant* Oh, Brother... BROTHER!
-->'''Jin(?):''' NOOOOO! Hand-check, Jin! Hand-check this instant, you freaky--!
-->'''Ragna(?):''' Finally, I'm where I've always wanted to be... inside Brother's body...! *Sniff* *Sniff* It 's like a dream come true...!
-->'''Jin(?):''' This isn't real...! Nope! I'm dreaming, and I'm gonna wake up, yeah?! Somebody pinch me--dammit, Jin, not YOU!
** In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M9G4jxXm6M Jin's joke ending of CS]], he's trapped on an island with 3 fake Ragna clones. The first thing he does is tell Noel to leave, and [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything that he's going to have fun]]....
*** In ''Chronophantasma'', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT5PVkGL-5U he ends up back on the island]]. He insists that his feelings for Ragna are entirely murderous in nature, but the Ragna clone doesn't buy it. The clone even admits to being slightly curious towards Jin as well. Then again, he ''was'' created from Jin's imagination.
** It ''does'' get commented on in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6UrY_lJQ_s#t=28m32s the main story of Chronophantasma]], by Kagura of all people.
-->'''Kagura:''' I can't tell if you two should be kissing or fighting...
** In BBCPEX's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he8YccFf1as episode 2 of Teach Me More, Ms. Litchi]], Jin constantly pesters Ragna for a "body examination". He also agrees to teach Tao in exchange for a method in catching Ragna. The last we see of the two is Jin dragging tied up Ragna off to do god knows what with him.
* Prince of Darkness Hazama planned on marrying the beautiful Princess Ragna in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZPijWvgQGc Arakune's Gag reel]]. [[DudeShesLikeInAComa While the latter was unconscious]].
* There's also a ''huge'' amount of it with [[NoYay Jubei and Hazama of all people]] in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_zCAanmyrY Hazama's joke ending]]. After [[spoiler: using cat nip shampoo]] [[{{Troll}} Hazama]] of all people ends up [[LaserGuidedKarma getting bothered by the Kaka cats]]. At first he's pissed, until he realizes [[NoIAmBehindYou Jubei is behind him]] [[OhCrap and he fell into his trap.]]
-->'''Jubei:''' But before I kill ya... I gotta smell ya!
** The whole scene features ''all'' of the cats [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything jumping up and down as though they're humping him]], and Jubei even claims he has an "irresistible urge" and "can't resist him".
* In addition to the ManlyGay accusations Azrael faced on [=BlueRadio=], [[spoiler:during his ''Chronophantasma'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzFq3ySy8Ss gag reel]], he confronts Jin on the size of his inner man during the first round, where Jin is nearly dying from the heat. The mind doesn't need to wander far to connect the dots.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Luna''': What the? Are those two gay? Are they?]]
* There's the scene in one of CPEX's gag reels where Relius ''asks Terumi to marry him. Right in front of his OWN WIFE.'' Made even MORE hilarious [[spoiler:when you realize that it's '''''CANON.''''']]
-->'''Relius''': Will you marry me?
-->'''Ragna''': WHAT IN THE HELL?! *Ignis starts shaking ''very'' violently*
** Not only does Terumi accept, leading the female members to quit in protest, but he reveals that this was his endgame ''the entire time.''