!Zero no Kiseki

* One simple sentence from [[spoiler: Estelle and Joshua to Renne]]: Let's be a family. Awwwwww...
* On that same note, [[spoiler:Pater Mater deciding to ignore Renne's order to run, instead dropping Renne right in front of Estelle and Joshua so the three can finally work everything out]].
* Earlier, Elie giving Tio a much-needed hug after the latter has shared her past with the rest of the SSS.

!Ao no Kiseki

* Take Sully to the Michelam fortune-teller and let her ask the question. You'll hear the fortune-teller assure Sully that she belongs right where she is [[spoiler:and that she knew another girl from the slums who grew up to be a beautiful and strong Bracer. Yes, that's Lucciola who not only survived the collapse of Liber Ark but is still concerned for the 'sister' she left behind]]
* While it's mostly a tearjerker, there's something positively heartwarming about [[spoiler:the giant and now sentient combat robot Pater Mater deciding to sacrifice itself for Renne]]