!! Season 1: The Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux
** In Himura's dream, Kotori's spirit ask him to meet Phillipe for her.
!! Season 2: The Invasion of the Rajita
** Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba finally patch up after Joey is free from Kuiiza's control.
!! Movie: The Taiyoukai's Awakening
** Tsukimaru and Saya Sagara's love.
** Kurama and Maya's moment.
** Yukina figures out that Hiei is her brother all along.
!! Season 3: Dawn of Chaos
** Rika and Jeri's bond after their battle with [=ValWingmon=].
** Sailor Sedna free Dimitri from Charon's control.
** Chapter 55 has moments for our heroes to have their motivation before the final battle.
*** Minako Aino/Sailor Venus is pregnant with Rio's child.
*** Setsuna is planning to train Hina as the new Sailor Pluto.
*** Junpei confesses his love to Norn. Aww..
*** Leomon finally reunites with Jeri.
!! Apophis Rising
** In the final chapter, Takato in his lowest state after Suzaku is killed shows his friends giving him positive hopes for the Tamer's healing process.