* Bradley's comments before Victor kills him:
-->'''Bradley''': I always thought it would be Wade who'd come knocking on my door.\\
'''Victor''': Wade's [[BlatantLies dead]], Bradley.\\
'''Bradley''': I'm not afraid, Victor. I'm not afraid of dying.
* Wolverine forgiving [[spoiler:Kayla]] after discovering [[spoiler:that she's working for Stryker]]. And her death. And Logan finding her body, eyes open after bleeding to death; he doesn't recognise her, but still closes her eyes to give her more dignity.
* Victor coming back to save Logan from [[spoiler:Weapon XI]], telling him "Nobody kills you but me."
* Logan coldly severs his ties to his brother after their battle with [[spoiler: Weapon XI]], but Victor proves his love for him once and for all:
--> '''Logan:''' This changes nothing: We are ''done.''
--> '''Victor:''' No, we're not. We are brothers; and brothers look out for each other. (Runs into sunset)