!!Comic Book
* At the end of the War of the Witchblades story arc where [[spoiler:Dani becomes the Angelus and restores balance to Sara. They hug and Sara says "I think this a good look for you" and Dani says "Yes I think it is". Also Sara and Julie's reuion after Julie came out of prison.]]

* After being forced to go Witchblade in front of Rihoko (something she wanted to avoid for [[HarmfulToMinors obvious reasons]]) what is Rihoko's reaction? To run up and hug her mom. She doesn't care what she looked like, she's still mom to her.
** And before this, there was the family outing between them and [[spoiler: Rihoko's real dad, Takayama]]. It was rough at the beginning, [[spoiler: with Takayama not being used to a kid]]. But once [[spoiler:Masane finally joined, it truly became a family outing]] with them going to a fishing spot and going to a teriyaki restaurant. And then ending with a tired Rihoko sleeping in the back of the car with [[spoiler: Masane and Takayama in the front]], truly looking like a happy family. [[spoiler: Then an I-Weapon appeared]].
* Masane and Rihoko's reunion at the end of episode three.