* The history of the WWF. After Wrestling/RicFlair beat him Wrestling/VinceMcmahon threatens to bring in the NWO to destroy the company. In a bid to talk him out of it Ric goes to Stanford and orders the best video makers there to put together [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr5n3LcMeDI this.]]

* '''1/04/2010''': After twelve years of animosity and bitter resentment, Wrestling/ShawnMichaels and Wrestling/BretHart finally bury the hatchet.

* '''4/11/2011''': After successfully defending the World Title at Wrestlemania 27, {{Wrestling/Edge}} [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bPLNixPFuE announces his sudden retirement]] from WWE. The whole speech is sincere and honest, and the shock and sadness of the fans is soon replaced with adulation and respect.

* '''7/16/2012''': You have to admit, dancing in the ring with their dad Wrestling/{{Rikishi}} had to be a pretty surreal, heartwarming moment for [[Wrestling/TheUsos Jimmy and Jey Uso]].
* '''7/23/2012''' From the 1000th episode of Raw.
** Vince starts the show.
-->'''Vince:''' Wow, [[MilestoneCelebration 1000 episodes]]!! First off I just like to say: thank you.
-->'''(The crowd chants back "Thank You, Vince!!" as he stands [[ManlyTears teary-eyed]].)'''
-->'''Vince:''' [[CallBack Also I would like to say]] [[InternalHomage WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW]]!!!
** The reunion of [[Wrestling/{{DGenerationX}} [=DeGeneration=] X]] starts off, but something's missing...
-->'''Triple H:''' Didn't there used to be more of us?
-->(The WWE unverse rejoices.)
-->'''Triple H:''' I can't hear you, I said '''didn't there used to be more of us?!'''
-->(The WWE unverse rejoices louder, "Break It Down" starts back up cueing X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws [[TheBusCameBack rolling out on a jeep]], stepping into the ring and hugging HHH and HBK and finally for the first time the original duo of The Showstopper and The Game along with DX Army's Kid, Dogg and Assman crotch chop and shoot pyro.)
* '''11/12/2012''': The return of Wrestling/JerryLawler after his heart attack. Specially heartwarming when Cole and Lawler hugged each other, as the last time Cole saw Lawler he was being carried out of the arena.

!! 2013
* '''9/16/2013''': Before [[Wrestling/BryanDanielson Daniel Bryan]] goes up for his match against Roman Reigns of Wrestling/TheShield, the other wrestlers come forward to wish him good luck. Hell, he even got a hug from Brie Bella of the Wrestling/BellaTwins (whom he is dating in RealLife)!
** And when he's getting thrashed by Wrestling/RandyOrton and The Shield, a small group of wrestlers came out into the ring and helped him fight them off. The show ends with Bryan hoisted onto the Wrestling/PrimeTimePlayers' shoulders as they all cheered in victory.

!! 2014
* '''4/14/2014''': Just one week after the Ultimate Warrior's last appearance on RAW, the superstars would then pay tribute to him.

!! 2016
* '''2/8/2016''': The retirement of Wrestling/DanielBryan. Also counts as a TearJerker.
* '''4/4/2016''': Wrestling/ShaneMcMahon [[https://youtu.be/Kz2BJBFYZlk comes out to shake Vince's hand]] ([[GracefulLoser and admit "You won."]]), and to thank the audience - cue the audience chanting back "Thank you, Shane!" while Shane gets a little misty-eyed.
** As Shane is walking offstage to the crowd's protests, Vince stops him, informing him that "Nobody upstages me!" before [[spoiler: handing control of Monday Night RAW over, to the delighted crowd's chants of "Let him run it!"]].
* '''6/20/2016''': The crowd's very loud "YOU DESERVE IT!" chant during Wrestling/DeanAmbrose's post-championship win promo (Dean finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship during the previous night's Wrestling/MoneyInTheBank PPV). He just stands there and soaks it in, and you can see the small smile on his face.

!! 2017
* '''7/17/2017''': The reveal that [[Wrestling/AmericanAlpha Jason Jordan]] is Wrestling/KurtAngle's [[KayFabe illegitimate son]].