* "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight".
%%** '''"40."'''
%%** "The First Time".
** When U2 couldn't play the Glastonbury festival in 2010, Music/{{Muse}} invited The Edge to play "Where The Streets Have No Name" with them. At once a CMOA for Muse and a CMOH for Mister The Edge. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6p-Xb2zMU4 D'awwww!]]
** The 360° performances of "Walk On". Everybody wore masks of Aung San Suu Kyii.
** The 2009/2010 Desmond Tutu intro to One on the 360° tour.
---->Because our voices were heard, millions more of our brothers and sisters are alive, thanks to the miracle of AIDS drugs and malaria drugs. They will be doctors, they will be nurses, they will be scientists, who will live to solve great problems. Yes, there are many obstacles. Of course, there are always roadblocks in the way of justice, but God will put a wind at our back and a rising road ahead, if we work with each other as '''one'''.
* During their (360°) tour, Bono was caught in the rain while walking outside Vancouver. He was picked up by Edmonton Oilers forward Gilbert Brule, who offered him a ride. Grateful, Bono gives Brule tickets to his concern in Edmonton. The heartwarming comes when Bono mentions this story in front of the entire audience and gives a shout out to Brule (who was given free tickets and a backstage pass) ends with "Now, I want to BE Gilbert Brule".
* Gabrielle Giffords is a congresswoman that survived an assassination attempt in Jan 2011. During her recovery she listened to U2 a lot and even picked a U2 song (Beautiful Day) as the wake up song when her husband, Commander Mark Kelly, was on the International Space Station. During a concert in Seattle, Bono dedicated Beautiful Day to Gabrielle and asks the audience “Imagine a man looking down on us from 200 miles up. Looking down at our beautiful crowded planet… What would he say to us…? What is on your mind, Commander Kelly?” Commander Kelly, appearing on the 360 screen from the International Space Station, quoted ''Music/SpaceOddity'', [[http://youtu.be/9ydz5-ecdpg “I’m looking forward to coming home. Tell my wife I love her very much… she knows.”]]
** It gets even better (yes, that's possible) when you know that on his second space shuttle mission, in 2006, Mark Kelly was also awoken by Beautiful Day- dedicated to him by his then-girlfriend, Gabrielle Giffords.
* A blind fan had been to over 20 live shows, and when Bono saw him on stage during a live show in Tennessee with a sign reading stating that he was a blind guitarist, Bono brings him onstage to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSXmZfwJCTU perform "All I Want Is You,"]] then afterward, the band [[http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/dpp/news/offbeat/blind-man-in-crowd-gets-invited-to-play-with-bono-on-stage-7-5-2011 gives him a guitar!]]
** Bono's signature Gretsch Irish Falcon, mind you.
%%* Beautiful Day does the job well!
* The song "One". At a moment the band was facing a serious split after ''Rattle And Hum'' and arguing over the direction of the next album, U2 sits down and records a delicate ode to the pain of a relationship falling apart, yet a song that still comes across as hopeful and uplifting.
* 'The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) is such a heartwarming song, knowing [[Music/TheRamones the subject matter]] and how much the impact it had on the band.
** From the same album, 'Iris', about Bono's mother, who died when he was only 14.
* During the 2015 concert tour, Ireland legalized same sex marriage, and on the Inglewood, CA stage at The Forum, Bono cried out at last that "Love is the Highest Law".
* While Music/AllThatYouCantLeaveBehind gets critized for sounding like it's lyrics come from a self help book for many people it's the most uplifting album they've ever released with nearly every song being touchy and/or motivational.
** "Stuck In A Moment" is a tribute to late Music/{{INXS}} singer Michael Hutchence
** "Walk On" is a salute to Burmese politician and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi who was, at the time, placed under house arrest by the Burmese government.
** "Kite" details a father's send off to his children, based off Bono's own rocky relationship with his father who was battling cancer and a failed attempt at kite flying with his daughters
** "In a Little While" gets a posthumous one from punk legend [[Music/TheRamones Joey Ramone]] who the band cites as a huge influence, it was the last song he listened to when he died of lymphoma. After that every time it was played on the Elevation tour it was dedicated to his memory
* When U2 wants to tug at the heartstrings, they go all the way. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msqXt0JEkyA Here's]] the band performing at Pavarotti and Friends, starting with them performing "One" and followed by Bono doing a half-English/half-Italian duet of "Ave Maria" with Pavarotti himself.