* ''Heartwarming/TheTransformers'' (1984-1987)
%%* ''Heartwarming/TheTransformersMarvel'' (1984-1991)
* ''Heartwarming/TransformersTheMovie'' (1986)
%%* ''Heartwarming/TransformersGeneration2'' (1993-1994)
* ''Heartwarming/BeastWars'' (1996-1999)
* ''Heartwarming/BeastMachines'' (1999-2001)
* ''Heartwarming/TransformersRobotsInDisguise'' (2001-2002)
* ''Heartwarming/TransformersArmada'' (2002-2003)
* ''Heartwarming/TransformersEnergon'' (2004)
* ''Heartwarming/TransformersCybertron'' (2005)
* ''Heartwarming/TransformersAnimated'' (2007-2009)
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* ''Heartwarming/TransformersWarForCybertron'' (2010)
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* ''Heartwarming/TransformersRescueBots'' (2012-)
* ''Heartwarming/TransformersMoreThanMeetsTheEye'' (2012-)

[[folder:''Transformers'' live-action film series]]

[[folder: ''Transformers'' (2007) ]]

* Steve Jablonsky's [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome Inspirationally Heroic Musical Theme]], as four warrior angels of steel descended from the heavens. In particular, the dignified male choir accompanying Ironhide's rise from the water like a metallic savior moved many a fellow Trans Fan to tears.
* In this sad age of cynicism, it gives one hope that heroes like Prime still remember that "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
** That line was the winner of a "Get a line in the movie" contest. So is it really suprising that it's very very in character?
*** It was also the motto of the original Optimus Prime toy.
* Early in the film, Bumblebee goes out of his way to try and help Sam. Both in his love-life as well as protecting him from harm.
** The fact that Bumblebee only ''temporarily'' dumped Sam and Mikaela off so he could get a new vehicle mode (one that would make even the stuck-up Mikaela happy!).
* Ironhide and the little girl asking him if he happened to be the toothfairy! A very small but cute moment.


[[folder: ''Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'' (2009) ]]

--> '''Megatron:''' "Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?"
--> '''Optimus Prime:''' "You'll never stop at one!! [[PapaWolf I'll take you ALL on!!]]"
* It's a small moment, but Bumblebee refusing to abandon Sam, saying quite simply that Sam is the most important thing in the world to him.
** Using lines from ForrestGump, one of the all time [[TearJerker Tearjerkers?]] Brilliant.
** In the novelization of the film, the line used was "I have been and always shall be your friend." of Star Trek fame. This Troper had to put the book down for a moment.
* After [[spoiler:Optimus Prime's resurrection]], his intonation to Sam: "Boy, you returned for me." Yeah.
** What makes this especially touching is that we've seen him go to incredible lengths to protect Sam, putting himself in danger over and over to keep him safe. And he sounds so grateful, as though the idea of expecting anything in return never even occurred to him.
* This Troper's mother always thought that Jetfire's amazement at first Sam saying he'd met a Prime, then later seeing Optimus Prime himself, was heartwarming. The awe he seemed to have for Sam seeing this great person in Jetfire's culture, and the awe he'd later have when he saw him with his own optics. Especially when he'd go on to [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifice]] himself to give Optimus a fighting chance at victory.


[[folder: ''Transformers: Dark Of The Moon'' (2011) ]]

* Optimus Prime telling Sam..."You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves."
* Optimus telling Sam that they will always be friends was both this and a TearJerker.
* Epps who had a robot free life no risking his life anymore a nice safe life... gathers up together a team of former NEST members [[TrueCompanions to help Sam]] track down Carly.
** This exchange:
--->'''Epps''': "I still got my NEST friends out there. I'mma round 'em up, we'll find your girlfriend and we're gonna bring this guy in."
--->'''Sam''': "...Why are you helping me?"
--->'''Epps''': [[TranquilFury "...'Cause that asshole killed]] ''[[TranquilFury MY]]'' [[TranquilFury friends too."]]
*** If you needed any proof that the humans of the NEST team loved the Autobots as Brother-Warriors, there you have it.
* Yeah, I'm a bleeding heart-but me and my friends couldn't help but feel warm fuzzies in the theater when Apollo first landed on the moon, [[ManlyTears taking that first step for mankind's bright future]].
** The comments made by Nixon about the launch opening the heavens to mankind also fall into the Heartwarming category, especially with the launch of [[EndOfAnAge Atlantis, the last of the American space shuttle program]].
** Another special mention goes to when Neil Armstrong says "the eagle has landed." Cue the heartwarming montage of Mission Control applauding and Walter Cronkite with a big smile on his face, with [[AwesomeMusic Steve Jabonsky's score added to the mix]].
* Ron's line of "I will follow you till the end of time" as he and his wife Judy are giving Sam a pep-talk after he had an argument with Carly tugged a bit at the heartstrings. Shows how much in love they were and still are.
* Despite everything that is going on around them, [[StuffBlowingUp explosions]], Bots and humans all fighting to the death... and Sam's number 1 priority in this Hellfest-keeping Carly safe. You can tell she's visibly worried if they're going to make it out of this alive, and Sam tenderly grabs her face and tells her, "[[DeclarationOfProtection You're gonna be fine. I promise.]]"
* Before everything goes to hell (well, more to hell), there's a bit where Sam and Bumblebee are in his apartment and Bee is crouched in robot form and Sam is just talking to him. It was just a sweet moment, especially because it was the first time that you really ever saw them like that.
** On that note, just the visual of Sam with his hand over Bee's mouth had this troper wibbling a bit.
* A small one, but Optimus meeting Buzz Aldrin. Buzz shows him respect and Optimus returns it. It's small, but Optimus shows respect to this human because he understands just what he did for his race.
-->'''Optimus:''' The honor is mine.
* You mileage may '''Really''' vary on this one, but right before the final fight scene, we see Megatron, defeated and broken, lying against a building. His authority and power, which is all we've ever seen him fight for, has vanished. And all he does is look up and say:
-->'''Megatron:''' [[spoiler:Cybertron]], at last you are saved.
** In that moment, we see him for what he is deep down inside: a being who's [[YouCantGoHomeAgain lost his first home to destruction]], and just wants to fix it again. In that moment, for this Troper, at least, Megatron might have redeemed himself a bit in his eyes. Which makes [[spoiler:seeing him die, for sure this time, with the object of all he's worked toward fixing imploding into oblivion]]... it's almost a TearJerker.
*** In the adaptations, [[spoiler: he's completely serious about the truce he offers. Optimus accepts, and they unite the remaining Transformers to head off to rebuild somewhere else. Two brothers, torn apart by war, finally reunited for the same cause.]]
* YMMV, but Sam and Carly running into each others' arms at the end of the movie. You can tell how happy and relieved they both are they made it out of this alive.
* A small but notable one; Megatron feeding the hatchlings at the beginning of the movie. No malice or evil intent there, just a father trying to provide for his children. D'aww.
* The Autobots' vow to stay and fight when they arrive to Chicago.
-->'''Leadfoot:''' We ain't goin' nowhere.
-->'''Brains:''' Yeah, no one's exilin' us!
-->'''Wheelie:''' The Autobots are staying right here. We're going to help you win this war!