!!''The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'':
* It's really adorable how in "Cody Goes to Camp", Zack really misses Cody, even though he hates to admit it.
* Zack and Maddie's slow dance in the episode ''A Prom Story'', punctuated with background music by Kim Rhodes.
** The song that plays while they're dancing also counts as not only heartwarming but also reflects on their relationship, particulary the lyric; ''I know I want what I can't have''.
** This scene between Zack and Maddie though.
--> '''Zack''': Can't you wait for me?
--> '''Maddie''': I wish I could, because I know you're going to be a sweet and smart kid when you grow up.
* London's sentiment on a forbidden boyfriend; "I'd love him even if he were poor" in "Cookin' with Romeo and Juliet".
** And then Moseby tells her that he approves of her forbidden romance, even if doing so costs him his job, because "if you really love someone, then you have to think of them before yourself". Whoever came up with the idea for this episode is a ''genius''.
*** Then she goes on to repeat his advice in her IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy moment - said moment being perhaps the most unselfish thing she has ever done.
* Cody and Barbara Brownstein at the ending of "Orchestra".
* In the episode "Books and Birdhouses," Cody is about to fail his woodshop final. Zack, who is for once top of the class, trades their projects while the teacher is out of the room because he fails all the time and getting an A means everything to Cody. In the end, Cody won't let him go through with it.
!!''The Suite Life on Deck'':
* The episode when London visits her grandmother.
* ''Mom and Dad on Deck'' has London giving her late birthday gifts to Mr. Moesby after spending the day following him around counts. They're exactly what he wanted, and it comes after Mr. Moesby's crappy birthday the day before. Also doubles as NarmCharm because of the jokes and sappiness throughtout.
* From the same episode, there's Zack and Cody making up with their mom and dad for not being truthful with them, especially the part where the twins hug Carrie. Might double as {{Narm}} or NarmCharm too.
* "So You Think You Can Date" has a nice ending full of NarmCharm. The entire episode was about Bailey and Cody trying to make each other jealous with their new dates for an upcoming dance. In the end, both of their dates end up pairing up with each other, leaving both Cody and Bailey alone on the dance floor. At this point, a GenreSavvy viewer would expect it to just end with Cody and Bailey getting back together, and indeed they do start to dance with each other. But [[CrowningMomentOfFunny as Woody notes]], it's very awkward, and it's [[BittersweetEnding obvious that they're not getting back together]]. Cut to a ShipTease (no pun intended) with Moseby and Tutweiler, who throughout the episode have been trying to secretly recreate their broken high school years with this dance. They now both understand why this dance was so important to each other and, as they dance slowly together, see themselves as they were [[{{Adorkable}}back when they were teenagers]].
* "The Silent Treatment" has a sweet Zack and Cody moment. Cody has joined a monastery after breaking up with Bailey. Zack goes to get him and in the end gives him a surprisingly sweet speech to convince Cody to come back to the ship. Followed by a hug.
-->'''Zack:''' These aren't your brothers. I'm your brother. I care about you. I'm not leaving this island without you.
** The same episode has this moment between London and Bailey:
-->'''London:''' Look, Bailey, I know you loved Cody, but... You don't need a boyfriend to be happy! You're young, you're smart, you're pretty, you're not some [[CrazyCatLady fifty-something cat lady]] who's been dumped time and time and time again and that's one ice-cream cup away from a heart attack!\\
'''Bailey:''' London, you called me pretty... And didn't add "annoying" after it. Do you really think all those things about me?\\
'''London:''' Of course I do! Why do you think we're friends?\\
'''Bailey:''' London, thank you. Boyfriends come and go, but girlfriends are always there for ya.
* "Goin' Bananas" has the brothers admit to their insecurities caused by the other's acheivements. After admitting they didn't know the other felt that way, they hug. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny While Cody's wearing a banana costume.]]
* "Snakes on a Boat" managed to [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar get a LOT of crap past the radar]] but in the midst of all that, we also have Mr. Moseby saving Zack's life after he's bitten by a snake, in spite of all their differences. And considering what he had to do to save it, that's pretty impressive.
* "Graduation On Deck" has too many to list.
** This scene:
--> '''London''': I'll call you if I ever have a problem. *walks away and calls Mosbey on her cell*
--> '''Mosbey''': *picks up the phone* Hello?
--> '''London''': I have a problem. *tearing up* I'm going to miss you.
* One that's a retroactive Heartwarming - Mr Moseby talks back to Mr Tipton and probably ends up fired. Come ''Jessie'' and he's ''still'' working for the Tiption -- albeit a different branch -- which means he was either ''not'' fired, or London defied her father to get him his job back.
!!''The Suite Life Movie'':
* When the boys are about to jump to a lake from [[NoEscapeButDown really up high]]:
-->'''Cody''': Zack, I want you to know... if our bones get crushed like cheap test tubes, which is very likely... I want you to know that...
-->'''Zack''': Yeah... [[IUhYouToo me too]].