* The entire final scene of Jack and Sally's FinalLoveDuet atop Spiral Hill. A classic movie moment, where the leading man takes his lady in his arms and kisses her passionately, all ending on a gorgeous Picardy third[[note]]A minor key piece ending in the major[[/note]]
--> "For it is plain, as anyone can see...\
We were simply meant to be."
** The beautiful contrast between this scene and the beginning of the movie. The first time we see Jack atop Spiral Hill, he's alone and singing about how empty and hopeless he feels. The next time, he's finally full of life and hope again, and has found happiness with his true love.
* When the HalloweenTown citizens rejoice at Jack being alive is pretty heartwarming, too.
* Santa demonstrating that he has forgiven Jack by giving all of HalloweenTown a Christmas gift: snow!
** The folks of HalloweenTown seeing snow for the first time. Even the creepiest ghouls can't resist frolicking and playing like children.
-->'''Santa:''' Happy Halloween!
** Even Shock, Lock and Barrel get into the spirit! By throwing snowballs!
** The Mayor's reaction; he briefly shifts to his sad face, feeling a bit confused by the snow. Then he catches a snowflake on his tongue and immediately switches back to his happy face.
** The Wolf Man gets snow all over his shoulders and then shakes it off, just like a dog.
* Jack apologizing to the Easter Bunny.
-->'''Jack:''' I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, sir. [To the trio] Take him home, first! And apologize again!
* It's subtle, but the scene where the Mayor and a handful of other HalloweenTown citizens find Jack in Boogie's has one as well. The first words we hear are Lock, Shock and Barrel exclaiming "Here he is!" "Alive!" "Just like we said!" The CMOH comes when you realize that they arrived back at Boogie's seconds after he was defeated--meaning that the moment they heard Jack in the lair and realized he was in trouble, Oogie Boogie's [[HeelFaceTurn loyal henchmen]] had to have gone into HalloweenTown, found the Mayor, convinced him to help them, and then gone all the way back to save Jack's life. Jack Skellington means ''that much'' to his people.
** Another subtle one involving the trio: when Jack scares them for bringing him the Easter Bunny instead of Santa, Lock and Barrel hide behind Shock [[BigSisterInstinct while she raises down her arms in front of them]] [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther as if to shield them]].
* When Jack first sees Christmas Town. While it lead to destruction, Jack's joy at seeing the town is uplifting.
** "The monsters are all missing and the nightmares can't be found..."
* The end song on the soundtrack, "Closing", has Santa visit Jack years after the Christmas incident to find [[spoiler: Jack has "[[BabiesEverAfter four or five skeleton children at hand, playing strange tunes in their xylophone band.]]"]] Freaking ''adorable''.
** Also:
--->''Would you do the whole thing all over again?\\
Knowing what you know now, knowing what you knew then?"\\
And he smiled like the old Pumpkin King that I knew\\
Then turned, and asked softly of me... "Wouldn't you?"''
* The trailer said it best:
---> Touchstone pictures presents the story of two very special dreamers, and the holiday spirit that brought them together..."
* Also "Poor Jack," in which Jack's despair over (nearly) ruining Christmas turns to a triumphant rebirth ("That's right! I ''AM'' the Pumpkin King!") and determination to fix the mess he made before it's too late.
%%* "Jack's Lament".
* At the end when Jack has made his return to HalloweenTown and Santa flies by, saying "Happy Halloween!", making snow and Jack saying "Merry Christmas!"
* In "Pesadillas Antes de Navidad", the Castellano dub, Jack and Sally's final duet is pure magic. Jack calls Sally "querida mía" (It's equivalent to "my beloved", but pretty much literally means "mine".) Their final lines translate to "Because I know that you are meant for me, and I for you." (squee!)
* When the military starts shooting at Jack's sleigh, the first thing he does after he notices them is comfort Zero, who whines when a shot nearly collided with them.
* Sally draping a blanket over her 'father' after drugging him in an attempt to see more of the world, despite the fact he has treated her with a bit of a prisoner vibe.
** Though he did seem to be doing it out of concern for her well-being because he thought she wasn't ready for it and could not handle it.
--->'''Doctor:''' You're not ready for so much excitement!\\
'''Sally:''' I'm restless...I can't help it.\\
'''Doctor:''' It's a phase, my dear, It'll pass.
** Speaking of Doctor Finklestein, there's something weirdly adorable about him arriving with a wife (that he created) at the end of the movie.
-->'''Doctor:''' Careful, my precious Jewel.
* Even though she's grounded and locked in her room, Sally breaks out just to send Jack up a basket of dinner, only to run off before he can thank her. Also touching because while she's too shy to speak to him much, she must know him well enough to know that when he gets into a project he forgets to eat and tries to care for him when she can.
* The moment right after Santa leaves, when Jack finally realizes how Sally feels about him.
** These lyrics at the end when Jack finds Sally in the graveyard on top of the Spiral Hill:
--->"My dearest friend\\
If you don't mind\\
I'd like to join you by your side\\
Where we can gaze into the stars\\
''(Sally joins in)'' And sit together\\
Now and forever\\
For it is plain, as anyone can see\\
We're simply meant to be."
* A small detail, but worth mentioning: Jack's righteous anger at Oogie Boogie in the climax is definitely an AwesomeMoment...but you might take note of his [[ExactWords specific choice of words]] before his PreMortemOneLiner. ''"How dare you treat my'' '''''friends''''' ''so shamefully?!''" Note the plural: ''"friends"'', not ''"friend"''. For all their obvious differences, Jack still considers Santa Claus a friend. And why shouldn't he? ''He's the man who showed Jack the beauty of Christmas!'' Jack and Santa might be from different worlds, but Oogie Boogie signed his death warrant the second he laid a hand on jolly old Saint Nick.
* Combined with FridgeBrilliance. When you go to the Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland, you'll find that the whole place, both on the inside and outside, is decked out for the holidays. Assuming that the storyline for the overlay is set after the events of the movie, one can assume that Jack finally found some folks in the real world who actually like his twisted version of Christmas. Looks like he really ''did'' get to make his Christmas vision a reality after all.
* The reward Lock, Shock, and Barrel are hoping Oogie Boogie will grant them for kidnapping Santa: his "special" snake and spider stew. Just the idea that he cooks for them sometimes is adorable, even if Santa's one of the ingredients.
* Jack repeatedly stating how smart and capable Sally is, and how he ''needs'' her help in order to create his perfect Christmas. He really should've listened to her warnings, but it's sweet to see how well he thinks of her.
* As Santa is rushing around the human world giving presents to the kids and undoing all of Jack's chaos, one of the children receives an adorable puppy, which licks his face.