* In ''Moominsummer Madness'', Snufkin briefly becomes the caretaker of twenty-four orphans after he's saved them from a rule-obsessed Park Keeper. While they give him a lot of grief, there is a pretty touching moment when the children (at the prompting of Little My) present him with a gift: A home-made tobacco pouch, filled with "raspberry leaves to smoke on Sundays." He takes it as the kind gesture it is and thanks them warmly.
** At the end of the book, Moomin finds Snufkin fishing and smoking by the river, and notices that the tobacco smoke smells differently than usual:
-->'''Moomin:''' Have you changed to a new brand? Reminds me of raspberry leaves. Is it good?\\
'''Snufkin:''' No. But I smoke it only on Sundays.
* Other Heartwarming moments also tend to involve Snufkin - he offers to give his harmonica to the Fillyjonk who needs it to cope with her trauma and phobias. Bear in mind, the harmonica is the only object Snufkin values.
* And the story of the Hemulen who loved peace and quiet - but worked in an amusement park, selling tickets for kids. When the park gets destroyed gets an old garden as his retirement bonus, he loves it... but the kids start to come there and ask whether they can play. He agrees.
* Speaking of Hemulens, the blustery, winter-sports-loving one ends up adopting the miserable dog Yak.
* Jansson wrote ''Moominland Midwinter'' shortly after meeting Tuulikki Pietilä, the real-life model for Too-Ticky, with whom she would spend the rest of her life. The whole book, the story of Moomintroll discovering a new world and learning to be calm and accepting of it, is basically one long love-letter to her.
* The sub-plot with Moomintroll and the Groke in ''Moominpappa at Sea'' ends up as one of the most touching part of the series. While characters -- most notably Too-Ticky -- have expressed sympathy for the Groke before, it's Moomin who (almost accidentally, and mostly because he's ''really'' hoping to meet the pretty sea-horse again) ends up thawing her out just by starting to care about her.
** The same subplot also has some nice friendship moments between Moomin and the otherwise abrasive Little My, who's ended up as a sort of SecretKeeper when it comes to his confusing friendship with the Groke (and who covers for him on a couple of occasions).
-->'''Little My:''' How did you get her warm? I went out during the night and the sand wasn't frozen at all! \\
'''Moomin:''' I don't know. You won't tell, will you?\\
'''Little My:''' What sort of tattletale do you take me for?