[[folder: [[Film/The Mighty Ducks The Films ]]

''The Mighty Ducks:''

* Charlie and Gordon bonding and playing together, while Charlie's mom watches.
* Charlie welcoming Banks to the team and then passing the puck to him in his first game with them, unlike everyone else.
* After Banks gets injured during his goal in the championship:
-->'''Banks:''' Did [the puck] go in?
-->'''Jesse:''' Yeah, man.
-->'''Banks:''' Jesse do me a favor: kick some Hawk butt.
-->'''Jesse:''' All right, [[InsultOfEndearment cake eater]].

''D2: The Mighty Ducks:''

* The LA street hockey team reteaches Team [[UsefulNotes/TheUnitedStates USA]] how to play with pride. By the end of the game, all are seen as [[WorthyOpponent Worthy Opponents]].
* When Banks returns from his injury and Russ begins to take off his jersey, Charlie stops him and tells Bombay Banks can have his roster spot.

''D3: The Mighty Ducks:''

* The scene of Orion skating with his wheelchair-bound daughter, while Bombay explains how he gave up his pro career to take care of her.
* The hug between Orion and Conway at the end of the movie.
* The way that Bombay catches Charlie's eye at the end of the big game with a look that says "I told you that you and Orion would be awesome together."


[[folder: [[Western Animation/The Mighty Ducks The Animated Series ]]

''Power Play''

* When Grin saves Stanley from falling to his death.
-->'''Stanley''': You, you saved my life, but why?
-->'''Grin''': It's my way.

''Take Me to Your Leader''

* When, after Wildwing saved everyone again, the gang tells him that he's a better leader than even Canard himself.

''Bringing Down Baby''

* All the Nosedive and "Baby" moments [[spoiler:that aren't tear jerking]], especially whenever Nosedive used his new watch to sooth the little alien.

''Jurassic Puck''

* Honestly, the moment when Wildwing swoops in and saves Nosedive after seemingly being blown up moments before is not just a "Crowning Moment of Heartwarming," but of funny, heartwarming, and awesome all in one!
-->'''Nosedive''': Bro! You’re alive! Cool!

''Duck Hard''

* Tanya goes off on the Saurians to avenge the ''fallen'' Wildwing; then Wildwing starts firing at the enemy with her and thanks her. It's her reaction that really makes it a moment of heartwarming as apposed to a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
-->'''Tanya''': This is for you, Wildwing!
-->'''Wildwing''': Thanks, Tanya; 'ppreciate.
-->'''Tanya''': WILDWING! You're okay!