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* While the climax of "The Hunt for Green October" is enough to invoke a lifetime of AdultFear, the ending is pretty sweet. Ray Tuttle, the man who just wanted payback on Sky City's dirty elite, now finds himself under the crosshairs of a Nazi cult who wants the Mask to rule the world, and they go so far as to use his daughter to blackmail him. Little does he know that she had gotten a hold of the Mask and was out exacting her own brand of revenge, and when they decide to use Ray as hostage to barter for the mask (after she takes out all other gangs vying for it like punks), she decides to have her dear Daddy become Big Head one last time so he can take out the Nazi filth. After doing so, he retains enough sanity to save the girl's life from an explosion (caused by the Nazi leader in a TakingYouWithMe moment), and when they're safe, she pleads to Ray to stop being Big Head ever again, having finally realized for herself how it pushes people to violence and murder, and she doesn't want anybody else to end up like her mother. So she pleads to him for her mother's sake. Hammering it home is the fact that she had stopped speaking ever since witnessing her mother's death, and the kid finally talking to him for the first time in months, probably a couple of years, showing that she had finally come to grips with what happened... Well, it's a rare moment of levity in such an over-the-top-violent comic.


[[folder: Film ]]

* When Stanley and Tina go to the bridge to get rid of the mask for good.
--> '''Stanley''': Are you sure about this? Once this guys' gone, all that's left is me?
--> '''Tina''': (''takes the mask from Stanley, and unhesitatingly throws it into the river'')
--> (''Cue the BigDamnKiss'')
* After Stanley's been arrested (thanks to Dorian), Tina visits him in prison to warn him about Dorian's plan to attack the charity ball. We then get this exchange:
-->'''Tina:''' Thanks.\\
'''Stanley:''' For what?\\
'''Tina:''' Lots of things. Sharing the sunset with me. For being the only guy whose ever treated me like a person and not some sort of party favor. For being any kind of romantic, even a hopeless one.\\
'''Stanley:''' ...You're welcome.\\
'''Tina:''' You know that night at the club? I knew I'd found someone special.\\
'''Stanley:''' ''[rolls his eyes dejectedly]'' The Mask.\\
'''Tina:''' No, it was the guy inside the mask. It was you, all along. Stanley... Ip... ''[[AlmostKiss kiss]]''.
* Even though it leads to the massive MoodWhiplash that was her [[spoiler: FaceHeelTurn reveal]], and it was very likely that she was [[spoiler: lying through her teeth the whole time]], you gotta admit, Peggy's little "YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre" Speech to Stanley was pretty damn sweet.
-->'''Peggy:''' Look, I don't know what's happening to you, Stanley... but I do know this; that letter that you sent my column? That was from a guy with more ''guts''... and more ''heart'', than any of the creeps that I've met in this city. Whatever that mask is... ''you don't need it''. You, Stanley Ipkiss, are already all you'll ever need to be.
* Milo's interactions with Stanley, he's a really loyal dog.
** This also applies to the animated series, where it's shown on several occasions that The Mask adores Milo just as much as Stanley does.
* The scene where Stanley and Peggy first meet and talk about the letter he sent to her "Ask Peggy" column is downright adorable.
-->'''Stanley:''' You really think hundreds of women are looking for a guy like me?
-->'''Peggy:''' Sure... [[SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan I'm one of 'em]].


[[folder: Animated Series ]]

* The fact that [[IntrepidReporter Peggy]] could easily reveal Stanley's secret identity to the world and get the front page story she's always wanted (heck, she's even joked about it a couple times throughout the series), but she ''doesn't''. Here she is, sitting on what could possibly be the biggest story of the century; "Identity of The Mask Revealed!"... And ''she doesn't say a word''. Not only is Peggy a good SecretKeeper, she's a good ''friend''.