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* In a real TearJerker moment the village boys keep their promise. The last time we see them they are in fact [[spoiler: putting fresh flowers on O'Reilly's grave.]]
* Chris's [[LetThemDieHappy comforting lies]] to Harry Luck as he dies, assuring him that they were actually fighting for a fortune in gold.
-->'''Harry:''' Well, I'll be damned. *Breathes his last*
-->'''Chris:''' Maybe you won't be.
** And we'll never know if he believed it, or just appreciated the lie in his last moments.[[note]] Its ''sort of'' implied he knew there wasn't, but wanted to face death with a smile; "I'd hate to go out a sucker."[[/note]]
* Lee, believing himself as a man who'd lost his nerve. Stepping up to save a group of imprisoned villagers. Then watching with pride and admiration as they step up and help fight Calvera's men.
* Chico is welcomed into the group much faster than his counterpart Kikuchiyo, albeit not as sooner as his other counterpart Katsushiro. When Chris spots Chico cooking fish by a fire, he invites him to come along with them. And after the BavarianFireDrill scene, Chris remarks, "Now we are seven".
* The gunmen (minus Chris) are enjoying a meal the villagers made for them, until O'Reilly points out that since they arrived, the villagers have been eating only some tortillas and a few beans. The next scene shows Vin and Harry serving food to children.
* The whole final act of the film is this incarnate. Look at what's happening from the farmers' perspective. They hired some cold-blooded killers to protect them from a bunch of other cold-blooded killers, and later sell them out out of very human fear and doubt. Said cold-blooded killers then ''come back'' and save them all anyways, simply because the seven of them, despite their own flaws, the lack of a worthwhile reward, and having every reason to abandon the village to their fate just out of spite, '''[[WhatYouAreInTheDark choose]]''' to be the heroes of the story.
* RealLife example: In later years, Creator/YulBrynner and Creator/SteveMcQueen reconciled. [=McQueen=], dying of cancer, called Brynner to thank him. "What for?" queried Brynner. "You coulda had me kicked off the movie when I rattled you," replied [=McQueen=], "but you let me stay and that picture made me, so thanks". Brynner told him, "I am the king and you are the rebel prince: every bit as royal... and dangerous to cross." [=McQueen=] said, "I had to make it up with Yul 'cos without him I wouldn't have been in that picture."