!Fast Five
* The team congratulating Brian and Mia on their expected child, in particular Dom hugging Brian and Mia.
* Dom talking fondly about his father to Brian and after Brian explains that he can't remember anything about his, Dom tells Brian he'll be a good dad.
* Vince's last words to Dom about his son Nico. They named him after Dominic.

!The Fast and The Furious Part 6

* ''"[[TrueCompanions You don't turn your back on family, even when they turn their back on you.]]"''
* [[spoiler:Dom and Letty's]] reunion, [[spoiler: from Dom jumping to save her from falling (which also doubles as a CMOA) to them talking at the barbecue at the end.]]
* Hobbs coming to respect Dom ''so'' much that [[spoiler: he held a Spanish Commander at gunpoint to force the release of Shaw to protect Toretto's little sister, held hostage by Shaw's goons.]]
* Brian holding Han in [[ManHug a brotherly embrace]] as the latter weeps ManlyTears for [[spoiler: the death of Giselle.]]
* Dom and Hobbs' farewell to each other.
--> '''Hobbs:''' I'd never thought I'd trust a con.
--> '''Dom:''' Not bad for a cop.
--> '''Hobbs:''' Till next time, Torretto.
--> '''Dom:''' Yeah, till next time.
* The ending for Fast 6 with Brian, Dom and Mia finally getting to return to L.A and have a barbeque with the team and making Roman say grace.