!!The Bourne Identity
* "How could I forget about you? You're the only person I know."
** WordOfGod says this was the line that made Franke Potente sign up for the film.
* Jason and Marie's first kiss while in hiding at the hotel.
* When Jason and Marie stay at her brother's house to rest, Marie wakes up and finds Bourne not in the bed. She finds him watching over the kids, explaining he couldn't sleep because he was worried about them.
* The reunion of Jason and Marie in the end.

!!The Bourne Supremacy
* Jason apologizing to Irena Neski and setting her free from the lie that her mother had murdered her father and then killed herself.
** He went through all the shit ''just to tell her that''.
** Made more heartwarming by how we're led to think he's going there to avenge [[spoiler:Marie's murder]].

!!The Bourne Ultimatum
* When Jason and Pamela Landy finally meet in person:
-->'''Bourne:''' They'll kill you for giving me this.
-->'''Landy:''' [[spoiler:4/15/71]] isn't much of a code. I guess Vosen is on his way already.
-->'''Bourne:''' Why'd you do it?
-->'''Landy:''' [[NotWhatISignedOnFor This isn't what I signed up for]]. What they did to you. Blackbriar. This isn't us.
-->'''Bourne:''' Then do something about it. Everything you need is in there.
-->(''hands Landy a bag'')
-->'''Bourne:''' Everything.----
* The final scene. [[spoiler: Jason Bourne lives.]]
** Nicki's smile sells it.