[[caption-width-right:350:Aww, young love...]]
* Eilonwy demands respect from Taran after they escape and he comments that girls wouldn't know anything about swords. Upset, she runs off and cries while leaning against a tree. When he goes to apologize to her, she forgives him and treats him with respect in return.
* As Taran says that without his sword he's nothing, Eilonwy takes him aside and says this.
-->'''Eilonwy:''' Look, you ''are'' somebody. You ''must'' believe in yourself. ...''I'' believe in you.
* Gurgi jumping into the Cauldron because he doesn't want Taran to die.
-->'''Gurgi:''' Taran has many friends... Gurgi has ''no'' friends.
* Taran, Eilonwy, and Gurgi hugging at the end.
** Promptly followed by Gurgi pushing Taran and Eilonwy's heads together to make them kiss.
* Lloyd Alexander's reaction to the film, that while it bore little resemblance to his books, he still thought it was a quality story in its own right.