Even if you mostly pay attention to the songs throughout the series, ''The Backyardigans'' does have a lot of Heartwarming moments

* Uniqua playing Soccer with "Soccer Monster" Pablo in ''Monster Detective'', despite Tyrone's objections and knowing fully well that she will turn into one herself. But she knew [[TheWoobie Pablo]] was lonely, and decided that she'd rather [[FaceHeelTurn give up her free will]] if it means [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy making someone else happy]]. Likewise, the transformation ''did'' happen, much to Tyrone's horror, though the only noticeable change other than her sudden love of soccer is just [[CuteMonsterGirl getting a torn shirt that still makes her look cute]].
** The events cause Tyrone to enter a HeroicBSOD, since his current case to take back a stolen ball has failed due to it's owner pulling a FaceHeelTurn. No matter; he still has a job to do, and orders Pablo to give Uniqua back her ball. Pablo does... and they continue to play as if nothing happened. ''Then'', Tyrone asks if he can play as well. They allow him, sing about it, and then Tyrone kicks a goal... and becomes a Soccer Monster ''himself''.
* No matter who the heroes or villains are in their daily adventures, when it's all over and it's snacktime, all 5 kids are the [[TrueCompanions best of friends.]]