Being ultimately a fiction of the romance genre between Dan and Mizore, where would {{Fanfic/Thawing Permafrost}} be without its [[CrowningMomentOfHeartWarming Crowning Moments of Heartwarming]]?

* The slow and steady relationship of the two main characters, with numerous examples of both being [[CuddleBug Cuddle Bugs]] are needless to say heartwarming moments.
** Possibly the best example of this being in the Summer Arc, [[spoiler: with Dan and Mizore unfortunately but conveniently finding themselves snuggling in a love hotel. Mizore being a [[ComfortingComforter Comforting Comforter]] in Dan's moment of need is such a heartwarming moment that it is well worth it's own mention.]]
** [[spoiler: Also worth its own mention, from the same chapter, is the example of [[SleepCute Sleep Cute]], in which Dan and Mizore cuddled up together in the love hotel bed.]] In a completely platonic way, of course.
* Dan and Mizore's denial of their feelings for each other can be considered quite heartwarming in themselves, especially when they're cuddling while they're doing it - a brilliant example of [[EveryoneCanSeeIt Everyone Can See It]] and, quite literally, [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend She Is Not My Girlfriend]].
--> '''Yukari''': "...Next time you drop your dummy, I'll call your girlfriend and she can calm you down."
--> '''Dan''': "She's not my girlfriend," he retorted feebly, soothed by his not-girlfriend's embrace, "S'all platonic."