!!The TV series:

[[folder: Season 1]]
* The Tell:
** The scene between Kate and Allison where she apologizes for her behavior to Scott and gives Allison her birthday present early.
* Lunatic:
** Stiles hugging his father.
* Formality:
** This exchange between Stiles and Scott:
-->'''Stiles:''' So lemme get this straight: You're going to bike to a dance you're banned from entering, with no suit, and no date, and no ticket to.
-->'''Scott:''' Yeah. You gonna help me?
-->'''Stiles:''' Hell yeah.
** After Jackson insults Lydia, Stiles smiles at her and says, "I think you look beautiful." Lydia smiles and takes him by the arm.
** Stiles' speech to Lydia at the dance.
--> '''Stiles:''' You wanna dance?
--> '''Lydia:''' Pass
--> '''Stiles:''' You know what? Let me try that again. Lydia, get off your cute little ass and dance with me. Now.
--> '''Lydia:''' Interesting tactic. But it's still worth no.
--> '''Stiles:''' Lydia, get up! Okay, you're gonna dance with me. I don't care that you made out with my best friend for some weird power thing. I don't- Lydia, I've had a crush on you since the third grade and I know that somewhere inside that, cold, lifeless exterior, there's an actual human soul. And I'm also pretty sure I'm the only one who knows just how smart you really are, uh-huh, and that once you're done pretending to be a nitwit, you'll eventually go off and write some insane mathematical theorem that wins you the Nobel Prize.
--> '''Lydia:''' Field's Medal
--> '''Stiles:''' What?
--> '''Lydia:''' Nobel doesn't have a prize for mathematics. The Field's Medal is the one I'll be winning.
* Scott and Allison, reunited at the dance:
-->'''Scott:''' I can't not look at you.
-->'''Allison:''' I like how you look at me.
* Code Breaker:
** Heartwarming in a twisted sense is the finale of the first season when Peter gives Kate the chance to save Allison from death by apologizing for the Hale Fire. While it's clear Kate isn't apologetic in the slightest for what she did, to save her niece (who she has constantly been shown to truly love and care for), she splutters one out.

[[folder: Season 2]]
* Abomination:
** Stiles telling Lydia he thinks she looks beautiful when she cries.
** [[StraightGay Danny]] is helping [[JerkJock Jackson]], along with Matt. When Matt leaves, Danny is obviously slightly enamoured. Jackson asks if Danny has a crush and Danny embarrassedly tries to deny it. Jackson gives him the cutest "You can't lie to your best friend/you can tell me!" expression. Considering what a jerk Jackson can be, seeing him sweetly tease his best friend is a refreshing change.
** The fact that Jackson seems to be completely open to shipping the two together helps as well.
*** Also, Jackson calling Danny his best friend.
* Raving:
** Scott acting protective towards Isaac and Erica at the rave:
-->"Be careful. I don't wanna see you get hurt."
* Party Guessed:
** Isaac revealing to Derek that his memories of his father had helped him keep his sense of self/humanity intact during his second full moon.
--> '''Derek:''' Looks like you found an anchor.
--> '''Isaac:''' My father.
--> '''Derek:''' Your father locked you in a freezer basement to punish you.
--> '''Isaac:''' ''(faint smile)'' He didn't used to.
* Battlefield:
** Erica orders Boyd to save himself, but instead, he bodily shields her from Allison's arrows. Another heartwarming aspect is, even though he'd be completely within his rights to attack Allison and Chris, he doesn't.
** Isaac becomes a walking CMOH. First, he heals a dog with cancer, and begins to cry as the dog visibly gets better. Later in the episode, he abandons his plans to leave Beacon Hills, coming back to help Scott when he needs it the most. After all, he "came to win."
*** Scott telling Isaac that it's okay he's crying, since Scott cried the first time he helped heal an animal too.
* Master Plan:
** Most notably the look Lydia gives Stiles when she finds out the great lengths he went through to get her a birthday present, and when tears streak Stiles face when she runs back to Jackson.
** Stiles and Scott at the end of the season two finale.
--> '''Scott:''' Hey, you know what I just realized? I'm right back where I started.
--> '''Stiles:''' What do you mean?
--> '''Scott:''' I mean... No lacrosse, no popularity, no girlfriend. Nothing.
--> '''Stiles:''' Dude, you still got me.
--> '''Scott:''' I had you before.
--> '''Stiles:''' Yeah, and you still got me. Okay? So, life fulfilled.
--> '''Scott:''' ''[grins at Stiles]'' Very.

[[folder: Season 3]]
* Chaos Rising:
** Scott does his best to remain optimistic, and Stiles snarks at him about if it's part of the "be a better Scott [=McCall=]" program, to which Scott, hurt, replies "not if it doesn't work", and then Stiles gives the most genuine little half-smile he's worn on the show and says "no, it works".
* Frayed:
** They're villainous, yes, and it's marred by Deucalion's actions, the concern the other members of the Alpha Pack have for Ennis palpable, with Ethan checking his phone constantly for an update, and Kali threatening the Morrells into treating Ennis. It's also implied that the big fight in the backdrop of the episode ended when Derek and Ennis fell. Thus, despite their villainous nature, it's clear that the Alpha Pack do really care for each other. They're still a pack.
* Motel California:
** The big one is that Scott has nearly been DrivenToSuicide for another threefold death, and Stiles steps forward, telling Scott that he is his brother, so if Scott's going, he's got to take Stiles with him.
** Ethan gets two, first making a veiled allusion to turning Danny, indicating that he's got genuine feelings for Danny. Then, given that Scott (well, technically Stiles, Allison, and Lydia, but why split hairs?) saved his life, he gives Scott the news that Derek is presumed alive, not killed as Scott had thought for the last two episodes.
** There's also Allison not hesitating for a second to believe that Lydia heard SOMETHING in the next room after all they'd been through.
** Lydia saved Stiles and Scott in a she-does-really-care moment.
* Currents:
** After realizing the next threefold sacrifice is [[spoiler: healers, Melissa]] wakes up to see [[spoiler: Scott and Isaac]] asleep in her room. Triples as a CMOF and CMOA due to [[spoiler: Scott and Isaac's discussion about who was on watch last (funny) and despite knowing she qualified for a sacrifice despite not being a doctor, Melissa sent them to school anyway, showing that Scott got his guts from her.]]
* The Girl Who Knew Too Much:
** Lydia and Scott having a FriendshipMoment:
-->'''Lydia:''' I don't know ''why'' I keep finding dead bodies, but maybe if I just stop trying to fight it, I'll find them before it happens. Maybe with enough time for someone like you to do something about it.
-->'''Scott:''' You get me the time and I'll do something about it. I swear to God, I will. ''(clutches Lydia's hand in his)''
** Ethan fixing Danny's tie and hair, and giving him an [[ProductPlacement Ice Breaker]], then asking if he is still nervous about the concert performance. UpToEleven when Ethan (knowing something supernatural could very well happen) protectively tells Danny:
-->'''Ethan''': If anything happens, find me. Find me first.
* Alpha-Pact:
** Lydia and her mother, especially Lydia's smile. You can really see how much they love each other, even if they aren't super close.
** Stiles has a panic attack. Lydia calms him down by making him hold his breath -- with their long-awaited [[TheBigDamnKiss kiss]].
** The scene in which we see [[spoiler: Scott's father in his son's room, a place he probably hadn't seen in quite some time]].
** Ethan and Aiden making their HeelFaceTurn. Ethan seeking out Lydia for help in convincing Derek to leave before Kali comes to kill him, and getting Aiden to switch sides. Both twins being protective of Lydia, with Aiden growling at Kali when she threatens her and Ethan holding Lydia protectively when [[spoiler: Jennifer]] comes crashing in through the skylight.
** The final scene:
-->'''Scott:''' Whenever I feel that darkness coming, I just think of my friends. ''(cue shots of [[TrueCompanions Lydia, Aiden, Danny, Ethan, Allison, and Isaac.]] Finally, Stiles comes up and puts his arm around Scott, and they begin to walk to class.)''
** Also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome is Stiles' behavior with the FBI agent that turns out to be [[spoiler: Scott's dad]]. He's rude and frosty in a way that he isn't with anyone else, even the villains, which implies that he dislikes him even more than he dislikes Peter and Deucalion, and considering that between Melissa and Scott's reactions to him and WordOfGod saying [[spoiler: he abused Scott]] implies that he was an awful person (even if he wants to make amends), Stiles being protective and hating [[spoiler: Mr. [=McCall=]]] is seriously heartwarming.
* More Bad Than Good:
** [[spoiler: Malia Tate being reunited with her father. After eight years of believing she was dead.]]
* Galvanize:
** When Lydia is voicing doubts about her abilities and blaming herself for Stiles having gotten detention acting on her feelings, he reassures her:
-->'''Stiles:''' You've been right every time something like this has happened, okay? So don't start doubting yourself now.
-->'''Lydia:''' No scent. No bomb. And I got you in trouble.
-->'''Stiles:''' Okay, look. Barrow was there, alright? You knew it. You felt it. Okay? And look, if you wanted to, I'd go back to that school right now and search all night just to prove it.
** Made even better by the tender way they're looking at each other.
** Just the very fact that Lydia was feeling bad for getting Stiles into trouble, when you remember how self-centered she started out and how disdainful she was of him. She's come along way.
** Scott pretty much throughout the episode. He's actually moving on from Allison so Stiles and Isaac encourage him to ask Kira out. Scott decides to go for it....and then overhears Kira admitting she doesn't want a boyfriend, she just needs a friend. He spends the rest of the episode valiantly eating her parent's sushi and gratefully sharing pizza with her, clearly just trying to make Kira feel accepted and happier. It's a sweet reminder that although Scott has a lot of friends now, he started out as an awkward social misfit so he knows how lonely it feels and doesn't want anyone else to feel like that.
* Illuminated:
** Stiles dances with a girl called Caitlyn at Danny's black light party. Then they sit down and talk a bit, and she points out that there's phosphorous on his key. Stiles says he has to leave, even though he really doesn't want to because of the cute girl he's having a good time with. But before he leaves, he gets her a bottle of water and tells her to drink it all, because she's really drunk.
* Silverfinger:
** Stiles seeks help from Melissa for his exhaustion. She gives him a sedative so he can finally get some rest. She tucks him in as he begins to drift off. The last thing he says before falling asleep completely is, "Thanks, mom."
* Riddled:
** Stiles is facing [[spoiler:the likelihood that he's dying of the same condition that killed his mother and is about to take an MRI that will confirm it]]. Scott is right there with him. Doubles as a TearJerker.
-->'''Scott:''' Stiles, if you have it, we'll do something. [beat] ''I'll'' do something. [They hug.]
* Letharia Vulpina:
** Isaac is in the hospital after [[spoiler: being electrocuted]], and the doctors won't let Allison in to see him because she isn't family, despite her telling them that he doesn't have any family. Melissa solidifies her spot as [[TeamMom Pack Mother]]:
-->'''Melissa''': [[ParentalSubstitute He's got us]].
* The Divine Move:
** Chris and Isaac in the Argent apartment following [[spoiler: Allison's death. Chris goes on about how Isaac doesn't need to stay, that he'll be fine, and that he's learned how to compartmentalize his emotions and bottle them up when there's still work to be done. Then Isaac barely chokes out "I can't". Chris immediately pulls him into a big hug]].
** Very minor, but given their lack of interaction in the show, Stiles' line after [[spoiler: Allison's death shows how genuinely upsetting it is for him]].
--> '''Stiles:''' [[spoiler: Allison's dead. I guess the only good thing about it is I'm dying too.]]

[[folder: Season 4]]
* Orphaned:
** When Scott saves a poisoned and terrified Liam from confinement in a well, Scott just hugs the sobbing kid and tells him that he's gonna be okay.
** Later, Stiles hugs Lydia when they find out about [[spoiler:Meredith's suicide.]]
* Time of Death:
** Stiles' dream/flashback of the first time he and Malia spent the night together, and the problems he had getting comfortable with another person in the bed (crosses into CrowningMomentOfFunny and TruthInTelevision for anyone who's slept alone long enough, and suddenly finds themselves sharing a bed.) Malia's annoyed "I'll kill you" after Stiles' fourth failed attempt to get comfortable is hilarious, her helping him finally find a nice, comfortable position is Heartwarming. [[spoiler: It was just a dream and when Stiles realizes Malia's not there, and ''why'' she's not there, it brings it into TearJerker.]]
* Monstrous:
** When explaining why [[spoiler:she added her own name to the Dead Pool]], Meredith tells Lydia that she's started to think that all supernatural creatures really are monsters, including herself, and when Lydia disagrees, Meredith asks her if she knows any exceptions. Lydia gives Scott as an example of a supernatural creature who is not a monster. Meredith pauses for a bit and then says that she thinks Lydia counts as an example, too.
* A Promise to the Dead:
** Scott and Kira's date, [[spoiler:before the Berserkers arrive]].
** Liam and Brett having a moment of friendship despite their previous animosity:
-->''{Brett bodychecks Liam on the lacrosse field}''\\
'''Liam:''' What the hell did you do that for?\\
'''Brett:''' Because you're afraid. I can smell it on you from across the field. Are you hurt?\\
'''Liam:''' No.\\
'''Brett:''' Still alive?\\
'''Liam:''' Obviously.\\
'''Brett:''' Then ''get up.''
* Smoke & Mirrors:
** Derek's character development throughout the series, most notably in the Season 4 finale. He started the series as an angst-filled JerkAss trying to get Scott to do what he says without ever bothering to earn his trust, to an AlphaBitch preying on emotionally vulnerable teenagers to build up his pack, to a guy willing to sacrifice his own Alpha status to save his sister. By Season 4 he has mellowed out considerably and is helping Scott with orienting Liam to life as a werewolf, even encouraging Scott on how good of an Alpha he will be. His last appearance in Season 4 is him giving Scott an approving nod with a look of seeming pride on his face.
** The reason he would be so proud of Scott? Because Scott managed to become a True Alpha by not screwing over other people and looking out for himself, like Derek had, but by remaining true to himself. Derek had to go through the journey of gaining that power, then realizing what it had cost him, and give it up for the sake of someone else, just like Scott would have done. That final look and nod was him acknowledging the effect meeting Scott had on his life, for the better.

[[folder: Season 5]]
* Creatures of the Night:
** The season five premiere has all the seniors writing their initials on a library shelf on last night of summer. Some moments include Malia considering for a moment before writing "M.T" (as opposed to M.H.) and Scott adding A.A. beside his own.
-->'''Stiles''': She should have been here.\\
'''Lydia''': She still is.
* Apotheosis:
** [[spoiler: As Sebastian prepares to kill Scott, his claws pierce his neck and he sees Scott's memories - all of which include Allison, who also resembles his sister Marie ([[IdenticalGrandson the matriarch of the Argent family]])]]. Stiles explains this to Lydia, and the two realize that Allison basically saved Scott's life.

[[folder: Season 6]]
* Radio Silence:
** Peter used his love for Malia to motivate him while escaping the Phantom Train Station.
* Riders on the Storm:
** Malia musters a small amount of love for Peter to call him "Dad" in order to snap him out of his trance in the Ghost Rider's dimension. During Ghost Rider's attack, Peter yells for Malia to run but she turns back and rushes to help him fight them. Despite their strained relationship, they genuinely love each other and will die for eachother.