[[WMG: Fortune's Fool]]
* Guiliette the Wili getting her redemption.
-->"Rheinhardt! I forgive you!" She cried, in a voice full if incongruous happiness. "I forgive me! I forgive us both!"
-->In that moment the sky opened, and glory came.

[[WMG: The Sleeping Beauty]]

* [[HeroicSacrifice Luna sacrificing herself to save Siegfried from being killed and using her freely given life blood to heal Leopold.]] A tearjerker from the comic relief.
* Earlier Leopold promises to help Siegfried escape from his Doom, even if he has to get some wench drunk and put her in a circle of fire.

[[WMG: Beauty and the Werewolf]]
* After Eric has been killed and Bella has accepted Duke Sebastian's proposal she gets a visit from her father and stepmother. Her stepmother takes Bella aside and asks her if either Sebastian or Eric had been unchivalrous toward her. She even threatens to do something horrible to them if they have, Eric being dead is no obstacle for her. Pretty sweet in a world where stepmothers are evil by default thanks to the Tradition.

* Bella and Sebastian finding out that his old servants were staunchly loyal to him and never left.