[[caption-width-right:350:After spending the night as [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent a Werehog]], hanging out with a friend while eating ice cream is more than welcomed.]]

* Whenever Sonic and Chip are together, and Chip tries to imitate Sonic's action pose. They are so cute together.
* You can tell that Sonic was bothered by the fact that Amy didn't recognize him at first. Then he saves her and runs away before she can thank him. Who knew he really cared so much?
** Add to that, Amy doesn't mind in the slightest that Sonic may be cursed to spend every night as a Werehog. She promises to stick by him regardless. It's true that nobody else seems to worry too much either, but you feel like they SHOULD notice, whereas with Amy it seems absolutely normal for her to not mind.
** Towards the end of the game, when speaking with Amy, the player can choose to have Sonic [[ThrowTheDogABone sincerely ask her for a date.]] [[ShipTease Aww...]]
* [[spoiler:When Sonic pulls himself out of the ground after the Gaia Colossus threw him back up to the surface of the planet, he shakes his head, looks around, and sees Chip's unconscious body... but that's when the similarity to the intro ends; Chip's body fades away, leaving behind his necklace that happens to fit Sonic perfectly as a bracelet.]] As a heroic orchestral theme swells up, Chip says "I'll never forget you. I'll always be by your side... a part of the earth you tread." Sonic watches the sun rise, cracks a smile, and starts running along the cliffside as ''[[AwesomeMusic/SonicTheHedgehog Endless Possibility]]'' starts up and Tails flies by, waving hi. Somehow, this simplistic Saturday-morning-cartoon-esque scene fit the tone of the game perfectly--there couldn't have been a better ending to the best 3D Sonic game in recent years.
** An earlier one from the same game: After Chip [[spoiler:(who is really Light Gaia)]] finally gets his memory back, he's about to [[spoiler:fly off to finish fixing the planet by himself, only for Sonic (in Werehog form) to pull him right back. Sonic asks Chip where he's going, to which Chip responds that fixing the planet is his responsibility, and now that his memory's back, there's no reason to get Sonic involved in this.]] Sonic's response?
---> '''Sonic:''' [[spoiler:"Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?"]]
** The ending song is CrowningMusicOfAwesome because it's this.
--->I will be there if you need me and I know you'll do the same
--->I can see you, I can hear you in my heart
--->You will be here, if I need you I will never have to guess
--->'Cause we are very special friends
** Anytime Chip meets someone new, he asks if they want some chocolate.