!!Secret Rings
* After [[spoiler:Shahra's]] noble sacrifice, Sonic breaks down into tears. [[spoiler:He even tries wishing for her not to die.]] Of course that doesn't work. Then again, that's more like a TearJerker moment.
* Of course the real heartwarming moment is after that: when [[spoiler:Shahra is revived and starts crying again.]] What does Sonic do? He wishes for more tissues, naturally.

!!The Black Knight
* Even after everything [[spoiler:Melina]] had done (and tried to do), Sonic just walks up to her, hands her a flower and tells her that "every world has its end. I know that's kinda sad, but...that's why we gotta live life to the fullest in the time we have. At least, that's what I figure."
* The scene between Sonic and Percival (Blaze the Cat) after their battle was pretty adorable. Especially when she blushes at Caliburn's "hugs and kisses" remark.