There are a ton of [=CMOHs=] in the story...usually near the end of each year. And every one uses the BlackComedy set-up to do it. One almost thinks that Milholland should work for Creator/BryanFuller...or vice versa.

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* "I Lava You"
* [[ Fred's speech to Faye]] just before their wedding.
* A mid-year [=CMoH=] occurred when [[ Davan overslept]] for [[PunchClockVillain his horrible job]].
** [[ This one]] confirms that, while also being a moment of heartwarming. Kharisma saying she values you enough not to be the worst person in the world? That she took enough time away from being into her own shit to actually value you? That she asks you to do something to make yourself less unhappy? That's both how bad the job is and how much she'd grown (not very much, but it's there).
* At the tail end of a crossover with ''Webcomic/QueenOfWands'', after Davan has spent hours talking to a strange woman, his girlfriend comes home and [[ shows how much she trusts him.]]
* When [[spoiler:Branwen]] leaves for her new job, [[ the way Choo-Choo Bear, Aubrey, and PeeJee come together for Davan.]]
* The [[ last strip]] of Peejee remembering [[spoiler:the day Chip took the photo Cab found after he died.]]
-->'''Peejee''': Sit down, shut up, hug me close and let me remember that there are people who really love me. Please.\\
'''Davan''': ...Sure, Peejee. Anything you want. Anything at all.
* [[ After Davan sat up the night with PeeJee when she had chicken pox.]]
* Oddly enough, [[ following]] [[spoiler:Faye's death.]]
-->'''Doctor:''' Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.\\
'''Fred:''' ... Miss, I had [[spoiler:almost forty years with the most amazin' woman in the world]]...If life is unfair, it was unfair in my favor.
* When [[ Peejee asks if Davan ever fell in love with a nice girl.]]
* [[ That time Mike was right.]]
-->'''Mike''': I guess it just surprised me. I was expecting you to make fun of me like you usually do.\\
'''Davan''': Haven't you noticed everyone gets made fun of around here by everyone else? It's not just you, Mike. We pick on each other because we like each other. In fact, if we didn't make fun of you it would probably mean we didn't like you.
* [[spoiler:Faye]] [[ waiting outside the gates of heaven]] for her husband.
* [[ The end of Davan's first date with Vanessa.]]
* [[ A Perfect Rock]], [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in the text at the bottom of the comic, "[[TastesLikeDiabetes Stop trying to give your readers diabetes]]."
* When in [[ one of his VLogs]] R.K. said that a lot of what happened with Davan's parents are the fears he has about his own parents as they get old, and how he really doesn't feel prepared for when they'll eventually go away. He then goes on to say that his parents have actually set up a work station for him at their house and his dad sometimes watches him make the comic, and compares it to putting the artwork you do when you're a little kid on the refrigerator.
* The naming of Choo-choo's last kitten [[ might count.]]
* Davan and Rory have quite a few -- one example being in an Webcomic/{{Unshelved}} [[ Book Club.]]
* [[ Mike's first day of superheroing as The Pythagorean]] starts off about as well as you'd expect, with [[ offering melted candy to a child with a missing father]], [[ getting fooled into stealing a dog]], and, ah, ''[[ this]]'' ... [[ but at the end of the day he does some good.]]
* After the Pythagorean meets the other local superheroes and discovers how highly regarded he is, [[ he tries to explain he doesn't deserve it...]]
-->'''Pythagorean:''' Yeah, you guys seem to think I'm respectable or something but just a heads-up. I tend to self-destruct, especially when I'm stressed.\\
'''Factoid:''' We all have flaws, man.\\
'''Pythagorean:''' No, see, I ''really'' screw up.\\
'''Factoid:''' Everyone does. No one's perfect. We all fail, sometimes no matter how hard we try. You're human. The best heroes tend to be.
* Another Pythagorean one: [[ "Actually proud of you."]]
* There's something oddly touching about how angry the people get when they see the fake Pythagorean, even though it disturbs Mike
* [[ Why does Davan go out of his way to help Audrey and PeeJee?]]
* [[ The ritual Kim comes up with for abducting the bar.]]
* [[ This]] "[[WitchWithACapitalB Rhymes With Witch]]", in an odd way.
* Vanessa's [[ proposal]].
* Kharisma looking out for a young man and making sure he didn't ruin his future with a stupid mistake. Better yet, she inspired him to spend his life helping other people in need.
* When [[ Candy called Davan to yell at him about him getting married]], Vanessa explained that Candy might be freaking out over it because she was worried about losing a friend ... [[ and Davan made sure that Candy knew she wouldn't be.]]
* [[ "Try to see myself the way Vanessa does."]]
* [[ Kharisma realizing that maybe she doesn't have to run, and hoping the people who knew her have moved on with their lives and become happier people.]]
* After all the horrible things he's done to her, after he's rejected her attempts to be nice a hundred times, when he finally shows he has a heart, [[ Peejee gives Mike a chance to start over]].
* There's something oddly sweet and cute about the fact that Davan and Vanessa got married while wearing [[spoiler: [[ Kaiju costumes!]]]] (not to mention hilarious). In fact, the entire wedding arc (starting [[ here]]) has it's fare share of memorable moments.

* [[ "...Yeah, she's coming home with me."]]

* Fred and Davan don't usually have many of these, but [[ when they do it's worth it.]]