While WebVideo/SomeJerkWithACamera isn't usually known for being heartwarming, occasional moments are genuinely sweet...if either [[MoodWhiplash short-lived]] or punctuated by being [[MindScrew utterly bizarre.]]
* Although he doesn't have many kind things to say about the show, Jerk does enjoy Flash's subplot about setting a record for riding every Disney World ride in "[[StepByStep Step By Step]] Goes to Disney World." He says he identifies with Flash because he also loves riding all the rides at the Disney parks when he isn't filming, so it's kinda sweet to see him form a connection to a crappy show. [[spoiler: Shame about the [[BerserkButton Indiana Jones sequence]] though]].
* Even in his newfound hatred for Disneyland and the other Disney parks, Jerk still jumps to their defense in the ''Film/EscapeFromTomorrow'' review when the film makes a bunch of unfounded claims about them, like how the film claims that the Disneyland turkey legs are really emu legs despite the scarcity of emus in the world.
** In the same review, Jerk [[BerserkButton explodes with rage]] when Jim [[WhatTheHellHero has an affair and makes his daughter wait.]] A true {{Papa Wolf}} moment.
** At the end of the third part, Jerk gives a whole speech about how the filmmaker doesn't understand the happiness going to Disneyland can actually bring people - how some people might actually ''enjoy'' leaving their ordinary lives behind and indulging in a fantasy world, and it's not just a superficial way of getting people to give Disney money like a bunch of lemmings jumping off a cliff [[note]] Funnily enough, a misconception invented by Disney for a documentary.[[/note]] [[spoiler: He proceeds to throw the DVD away and drive back to Disneyland, showing that he might have a smidgen of affection for his old home base and - who knows? - things might be [[StatusQuoIsGod going back to normal.]]]]
* In a typically bizarre Jerk kind of heartwarming, leading an orphan, Conspiracy Guy, and Chernabog from ''{{Disney/Fantasia}}'' in a rendition of [[Film/TheMuppetChristmasCarol "The Love We Found"]] in the "Halloween at Disneyland" review.
** "Satan bless us, everyone!"
* The montage toward the end of the ''Film/BackToTheFuture: The Ride'' review about how much of an impact the ride left. Even Tony, out-of-character, said on the commentary that it was the best editing he's ever done.
* Crossing over into TearJerker territory: his "Star Tours: The Adventure Continues" video closes with a tribute to his recently-deceased mother, the author Kathi Kamen Goldmark.
** Similarly, his "WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Ride" review is dedicated to show writer Sam Simon.
* Again, in a bizarre Jerk sort of way, [[CardCarryingVillain Michael Eisner]], despite being an evil genius, cares enough about his son to ask if they can adapt [[WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGummiBears Gummi Bears into a cartoon]] for him, and his apology to [[Disney/TheAristocats Jeffrey Kittykatzenberg]] before eating him is somewhat sweet (and goofy).
* The Jerk's relationship with [[WebVideo/RBGProductions Spazzmaster]], [[WebVideo/TheIdiotsLantern The Wire]], [[WebVideo/WhatWeHadToWatch Il Neige]], and the other California-based reviewers who appear in his reviews. They joke around and support each other like {{True Companions}}.