!!The Original Series:
* It's a small moment, but when the Runaways' first hideout gets raided, Karolina instinctively moves to protect Molly.
* The Minorus holding off the Gibborim just long enough for the kids to escape.
---> '''Tina Minoru''': I'm still your mother, you will do as I say.
* The team reuniting after [[spoiler:their parents, and Alex's, deaths]] and being sent to various foster homes, paticuarlly Chase, who spent months tracking down Old Lace for Gert. Followed up right after they break her out, with the entire team choosing to stay together, as a family.

!!The Second Series:
* Nico's first inclination when they learn Victor will become evil in the future isn't to rush off and kill him, but to try and make sure that doesn't happen since he's like them. She also welcomes him into the group once he becomes an orphan, same as them.
* Molly Hayes has these constantly. More specifically, at one point after [[spoiler:Gert's]] death, she asks the team's ''car'' (well, giant frog-robot, but you know) if [[spoiler:Gert]] is in Heaven, and when the robot replies that its GPS program can't locate [[spoiler:Gert]], this upsets her... but then the robot reprograms its GPS so it can say "Location: Heaven, confirmed". It is so very sweet.
* The Young Avengers/Runaways ''Civil War'' arc has a couple.
** After Xavin rescues the others from being cut up by the MadScientist, they proceed to nearly kill said scientist. Teddy stands up to them and insists that it would be wrong and Karolina throws her arms around Xavin when they back down. Later, Xavin thanks Teddy for stopping them, explaining that they realized if they went ahead and killed the scientist, they would have lost Karolina. They also give this extremely sweet line:
---> '''Xavin''': She's beautiful, isn't she? Karolina. She's so soft and tender. She's all that's good in my life...
** Later, while the Runaways and Young Avengers are fighting to escape the lab, a brainwashed alien attacks Old Lace, hurting Chase as a result. To save them, Molly fights off the alien and is thrown against the floor, pretty much leaving her unable to fight back. Chase holds her, assures her that she did good, and promises to protect her. He then turns and fights the alien to keep it away from her. Keep in mind that before this, Chase was still recovering from [[spoiler:the death of Gert]] and had very little patience for Molly.
* In "Dead-End Kids", Molly goes to considerable lengths to keep Klara comfortable as Karolina tries to coax her story out of her, like covering for her when she makes a mess while eating or playing dumb when Klara talks about having to perform "[[MaritalRapeLicense marital duties]]" for her abusive husband.

!!The Third Series:
* During the "Dead Wrong" arc, when the team is under a spell that causes them all to act impulsively, Molly's impulse is to take Klara off for a picnic. It's one of the few times in the entire series that Klara looks genuinely happy and at peace.
* In the "Dead Wrong" arc by Terry Moore, there's another heartwarming moment involving Karolina and Xavin. [[spoiler:Karolina is being chased by Majesdanian soldiers who hold her responsible for the destruction of their home planet. She finally decides to stop running and give herself up. Cue the team's hardy protests and Karolina's insistence that she has to go and explain to the Majesdanians what really happened between them and her parents. Then, just as [[TearJerker the tears are falling]], Molly caps it all off by doing this:]]
---> [[spoiler:'''Molly''']]: I want to give you a going-away present, but this is all I have on me. I got it from a box of cereal.
---> [[spoiler:'''Karolina''']]: A compass?
---> [[spoiler:'''Molly''']]: You might need it to find your way back to us.
** For icing on the cake, we find out on the very next page that [[spoiler:it was Xavin, not Karolina, who went with the Majesdanians. All because of [[ThePowerOfLove his/her love for Karolina]].]]
----> [[spoiler:'''Xavin''': I will take your love with me, Karolina. They will see you in me and realize... we are the way to a new world.]]
** It's also quite possibly the first and only time in the entire series that the two of them share a kiss on-panel.

!!The Fourth Series:
* Gert reuniting with Old Lace. TearsOfJoy all around.
* When Gert finds out that Victor died, she insists that they give him some sort of burial, even if it has to be in effigy.
* The first few pages of Issue #3 reveal that Karolina and [[ComicBook/PowerPack Julie Power]] are still together.
* Even with the mess that pulling Gert ahead in time, Chase promises not to abandon her and Nico still intends to be with them since they're her world.
* Victor doesn't hide the fact that he's awake from Molly when they first met.

* The short story "It's Not Lupus" ends with Nico reading a bedtime story to an exhausted Molly and Klara.