[[folder:Season 1]]
* Church wanting to get O'Malley out of Tex. Even if she is a 'rotten bitch' as he calls her, he still cares enough to help her.
* Simmons asking 'Do you want to talk about it?' to Grif. Especially considering their antagonistic behavior towards each other.

[[folder: Season 2]]
* Lopez's loyalty to the Red Team was actually kind of sweet. It didn't last, but still it was nice.
* They actually buried Church and Tex. Grave markers and everything.
* Church wanting to go after O'Malley to specifically get help for Tucker despite claiming to hate him.
* Donut telling Caboose that even though their on opposing teams, they'll always be friends.
* Sarge helping Grif by donating all of Simmons's organs to him, the guy he hates.
* Donut not leaving Grif's side and stroking his hand the whole time he was out.

[[folder:Season 3]]
* Oh, come on. This troper can't be the only one who liked Captain Flowers. He may have just been intended as another joke, but in a world full to the brim with ''nothing'' but endless jerkasses, idiots, or both, seeing such a [[AFatherToHisMen genuinely nice guy]] was really refreshing. I actually felt sad when he died.
** ...Annnd back again from watching a couple more seasons. Note to self: characters, no matter how nice, may become [[spoiler: revived and possessed by evil madmen]]. Still like his old, CE-era self though.
* Church 'going into the future' to help the BGC.
** Church: For better or for worse.
* The guys continuing to work together, after the explosion and talking like friends.

[[folder:Season 4]]
* Shelia letting Simmons into blue base and helping him attack the Reds.
* Church saving Simmons from Sarge. Especially since he knew it was Simmons all along.
* Grif talking Simmons down from his anger and getting him to rejoin the team. Sarge ruins it, but it was still really kind.
* Chrunchbite saving Caboose, Tucker, and Andy.

[[folder:Out of Mind]]
* A small but noticeable one occurs in Out of Mind:
-->'''Delta:''' York is now unconscious. Alarm--Target Alpha has reloaded!\\
'''Tex:''' How bad is it, D?\\
'''Delta:''' York will not survive.\\
'''Tex:''' Okay, D--hop into me; I'll hold you until we get out of this.\\
'''Delta:''' Thank you, Allison, but I would prefer to stay... with York. He will need me to maintain his pain medication.\\
'''Tex:''' An A.I. can't fall into enemy hands, D; if you're in there when he dies, you know what the armor's protocol will do to you.\\
'''Delta:''' ...I would prefer to stay with York.\\
'''Tex:''' ...That's very kind of you, D.\\
'''Delta:''' [[MeaningfulEcho It's just part of what makes us human, Tex]].
* York going to help Tex. Especially after what happened the last time he helped her...

[[folder:Season 5]]
* In the finale of BGC, whenever Caboose is killed, Church lets out a surprisingly sincere BigNo. Fortunately, it's undone by Wyoming's time loop, but Church never knows that and does think he lost a friend.
* Tucker using his insight to prevent Caboose's death.
* While hilarious, Tucker giving a father-son speech to Junior.
* A bit of a roundabout one, but when Sister has been talking with Tex, she says that Tex said that everyone is stupid and a jerk, but that they're her jerks.
* The lengths Church is willing to go to to make sure Tex is okay.
* Sister saying that she missed Grif and joined the army to be with him, while stupid and dangerous, was still sweet.
** Additionally, Grif's gruff affection for his sister. He immediately tells her to go home because it's too dangerous, threatening to actually put effort into doing something for once. When they find out she's a Blue, he sends her over to their side because he figures if she's the Red's enemy, he can't keep an eye on her but at least he can keep the other Reds from shooting at her. He also shows great concern when he thinks she's dead. Even before her joined the army, Sister mentions that he had taken [[PromotedToParent care of her after their mom left.]]

* At the end of ''Reconstruction''. After spending six years fighting each other, it certainly is something to see the Red team actually expressing concern for Caboose and urging him to get to safety:
-->'''Sarge:''' Go, go, go!
-->'''Grif:''' Get Epsilon out of here, don't worry about us!
-->'''Caboose:''' Okay! I'm scared!
-->'''Simmons:''' Watch where you're going!
-->'''Grif:''' Caboose, no!
-->'''Caboose:''' ''(as he drives over a cliff)'' Eeeeeeyaaarrrgghhh!
* Church actually shows concern for Caboose when he gets shot.
* Sarge insisting on retrieving Simmons and Grif to complete his 'mission'.
* Church actually staying behind to help Wash. He knows he'll die, but he does it anyway because it's the right thing to do.

[[folder: Recreation]]
* "They say you're never completely dead if someone still remembers you."
* Wash asking Caboose if he was okay. Sure he ends up [[spoiler: betraying him]] but in that moment he was worried something bad had happened to him and the Reds.
* The Reds going after CT to retrieve Church. Especially since he's the 'enemy.'
* Caboose being happy to see Tucker, especially considering he supposedly hates Tucker.
* Caboose offering to share his base with Wash when he hears command didn't give him one.

* Sarge's speech in Episode 18 of ''Revelation'' was equal parts this and CMOA.
-->'''Sarge:''' [[ArcWords You ever wonder why we're here?]]
* Church's actions in ''Revelation'' 20. [[spoiler: Choosing to possibly trap himself forever to save Tex, and telling Caboose to be in charge of remembering him. Then it's shown he's waiting for Tex in a recreation of Blood Gulch.]]
--> [[spoiler:"I mean hell, if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory, you might as well make it a good one."]]
** Which is extra heartwarming if you note that through out all the trouble the reds and blues cause him, he still thinks that being with them is the best part of his life.
*** Across [[spoiler:all of his lives]]
* What the BG Crew did for [[spoiler:Wash]] in the last episode of ''Revelation'' - incredibly kind, considering that character's previous actions. Also, Doc's rescue attempt of same.
--> '''[[spoiler:Washington]]:''' Why are you guys helping me?
--> '''Caboose:''' You helped us, [[spoiler:Wash]]. It only makes sense.
--> '''Tucker:''' Yeah, plus we need to even the teams. And I couldn't put up with Caboose constantly asking "can we keep him? Can we keep him?"
--> [[spoiler:Washington]]: For whatever it's worth... thanks.
** When you remember that [[spoiler:Church was Tucker's best friend and Wash's goal that entire season was to take his friend away ''again'']], it only makes it all the more heartwarming. Tucker has ''no reason'' to help [[spoiler:Wash]]... but he does anyway.
* This exchange between Sarge, Grif, and Simmons always makes me smile.
--> '''Sarge''': Come on, fellas, let's go home
--> '''Grif''': Jeep's busted, Sarge. Are we gonna walking?
--> '''Sarge''': That depends. You fellas gotten over your fear of flying yet?
--> '''Simmons''': (enthusiastically.) Yes, sir!
* In the ''Revelation'' finale, who does Church ask to remember him? Caboose, the guy that Church used to hate and who has a severely screwed up memory.
* In General, Church's entire monologue at the end of Episode 19 has become one of my personal favorite quotes, and is a perfect way to end the Recollection Trilogy, all while keeping in touch with the theme "Memory is the Key"
--> '''Church:''' "[[spoiler:I'd like to say that I found her right away, that I just walked into the Epsilon Unit, and there she was, waiting for me. As you can probably guess, it didn't happen that way, but, I know she's in here somewhere, and I'll find her. We always seem to find each other, for better or for worse. I don't know why the Director did what he did. I don't know if he was trying to revive a memory from his past, or if he was just trying to get it out of his head. But I figured out something that the Director didn't. It took Alpha, Delta, and the rest to help piece it together for me,]] but what I've learned is that a great love is a lot like a good memory. When it's there, and you know it's there, but it's just out of your reach, it can be all that you think about. You can focus on it, and try to force it, but the more you do, the more you seem to push it away. But if you're patient, and you hold still, then maybe... Just maybe... It will come to you.[[spoiler: I just need to make sure I'm somewhere she can find me. I think this place is a little different than it was before. See, out there, everything is based on the Alpha, but in here, I guess I'm the Alpha. And maybe this time through, things will be a little different for me as well. I guess I'll find out.]]
* In Season 8, Episode 14, Tex needs to know who she is:
--->'''Church:''' I know who you are, you're my girlfriend.
** Mind you, Tex is largely underwhelmed, but the fans loved it.
* The whole ending scene of Season 8 Episode 20. Of special note:
** [[spoiler: '''Epsilon Church:''' If you have to live the rest of your life in a memory... you might as well make it a good one.]]
** This bit of dialogue between Washington and Caboose:
---->'''Washington:''' [[spoiler:Why are you guys helping me?]]
---->'''Caboose:''' [[spoiler:You helped us, Wash. It only makes sense.]]
---->'''Washington:''' [[spoiler:For whatever it's worth... thanks.]]
*** [[spoiler: Also a ContinuityNod, remember that everyone else Wash ever knew betrayed him. Now he betrayed someone who subsequently forgave him, and further offered him refuge and friendship with open arms instead of casting him aside.]]
* A small moment, but in the finale of Revelation, when Grif is dragged over the cliff by the Meta and apparently killed, Simmons sounds genuinely heartbroken. Sarge promptly ruins the moment, but even so...
** it's an even sweeter moment when you realize Tucker ran over too. He even suggested Grif might be alive.

[[folder:Season 9]]
* Episode 10 of Season 9 shows the incident which took [[NiceGuy York's]] [[EyeScream eye]], what makes it heartwarming is Tex immediately attempts to help him when he's disoriented only to have her armor short out, so instead she shoots him with quick hardening paint to help protect him.
* Some find the scene where [[spoiler:York and Carolina are falling to their deaths side by side while soft music plays in the background]] to be romantic and heartwarming.
* Whoa, did Maine actually [[spoiler: [[TakingTheBullet take a sniper's bullet]] for Carolina during the chase scene in 17?]] ''Awwwww''
** She even expressed genuine concern for him! Aww, Carolina really does care about the other Freelancers!
** And at the end, the way [[spoiler:York takes Carolina's hand to help her up after her "defeat" against Tex.]]
* Did anyone else think Tex and Church's conversation in episode seventeen was kinda "d'awww" worthy? Sure, they traded snark, as usual, but near the end of it the two were getting along really well.
* The end of Episode 19, with Tex and Church basically waiting for the end of the world together[[spoiler:, and Church finally killing Tex forever by choosing to forget her, letting her have peace]].
** Becomes one '''hell''' of a TearJerker when [[spoiler:he forgets her from existence, seemingly comes to peace with himself and prepares to FaceDeathWithDignity. And then it turns out the world wasn't decaying, it was the real Blood Gulch Crew hacking the unit to free him!]] To put this in perspective, he technically [[spoiler:killed Tex for nothing.]]
* The clip in the Season 9 folder showing a live action reenactment between two [=RvB=] community members in costume as Tucker and Sister, after which Tucker's actor removes his helmet, ''gets down on one knee and proposes to Sister's actress.'' (She accepts, obviously.)
* While the feeling isn't reciprocated on Church's part, that the [[spoiler:real]] Blood Gulch Crew [[spoiler:stormed a military base to free him speaks volumes]]. The teams have become TrueCompanions, through thick and thin, and they'll never leave one of their own behind.
* Grif's reaction to 'Simmons' (actually Lopez in disguise) dying. He was genuinely sad. Sure he knew nothing about him, but at least he was mourning.
* North pushing South out of a spray of bullets. It's sweet the BigBrotherInstinct he displays towards her. Especially nice because she was concerned for him and helped him walk to safety.

[[folder:Season 10]]
* After spending time on Blue Team, Wash has begun to make his way back to the attitude he had in Season 9. Considering all the horrible things that had happened to him between then and the present, it's truly amazing how Caboose was able to help heal his psyche.
** Just hearing Caboose's one line about "singing happy birthday to him" is ridiculously heartwarming.
* It's subtle, but Wash remarking how [[spoiler:Carolina hasn't really changed since the old days is touching]].
* In a weird way, one of the Elite Insurgents has one when he pleads with [[spoiler:[[TheMole C.T.]]]] to leave the base with him in Episode 3 of Season 10, even calling [[spoiler:her "Connie", something she berated Wash for doing to her earlier]] with no adverse reaction at all. [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes Even Morally Gray Have Loved Ones]]?
* It's kind of cute how the Blood Gulch guys have the uncanny ability to win over even people who initially can't stand them. First Tex goes from being an aloof badass to defending them as being "her jerks and idiots" to Sister. Then Wash goes from being actively hostile and dismissive of them to defending them to [[spoiler:Carolina]] as "Yeah, they're idiots, but, they're not that bad once you get to know 'em."
* It's also cute how Wash seems to be in Season 10 slowly returning to his NiceGuy personality he had before his incident with his AI, thanks to the influence of the Blood Gulch guys.
* North is really sweet with Theta, who's basically a child (and a shy one at that).
* Theta has a holographic skateboard! With the Roosterteeth logo on it, evenI
* Theta seems like a magnet for these, before North and York have a serious non A.I. discussion, Theta is busy showing off his new firework light show that he worked really hard on. So cute.
* It's a little odd, but the "wingman" conversation between [[VitriolicBestBuds Tucker and Epsilon]] in Episode 8 really shows that while they might insult each other, they are great friends, and joke around like it to a degree.
* Of all people, Carolina has one is Episode 10. Even after everything that has happened, she still considers [[spoiler:C.T]] as an ally and is enraged at Tex for [[spoiler:mortally wounding her]].
** Odd as it sounds, this same episode also underscores Tex's relationships with the Blood Gulch Crew. [[spoiler:Even after all the crap and general idiocy they put Tex through, in ''Revelations'' she's still willing to let them off with just a beating, compared to how Tex treats her fellow Freelancers.]]
* North stays up to walk the hallways to sooth Theta when he gets scared at night. He mentions his dad having to do something similar for South.
* Along with a bit of ShipTeasing, the scene in Episode 11 where York watched over Carolina as she trained.
-->'''North''': Y'know you don't have to watch over her [Carolina].
-->'''York''': I could say the same to you about South.
* The entirety of Season 10 Episode 12 is either this or TearJerker, including:
** [[spoiler:Epsilon]] showing [[spoiler:Carolina]] the log entries of [[spoiler:York]] saying how much he cared for [[spoiler:her]]. [[spoiler:Also how Epsilon relates to her by saying he knows what it's like chasing ghosts.]]
** Caboose saying how he trusts Wash even as he's spying on him [[PowerOfFriendship because they're friends]]. Wash's response suggests that he's having hearing the word for the first time in years.
** Later, [[spoiler:Carolina]] reveals the motive for her RoaringRampageOfRevenge against the Director.
-->[[spoiler:'''Carolina''': Not just for what he did to [[BrokenAce me]]. But for what he did to [[{{UST}} York]], to [[BreakTheCutie Wash]], to [[SympathyForTheDevil Maine]], [[CainAndAbel the Twins]]... [[TrueCompanions to all of them]]. And for what he did to you, [[ColdBloodedTorture Church]].]]
** Subtle, but no less powerful: [[spoiler:Carolina]] calls [[spoiler:Epsilon "Church"]] for the first time since his rescue.
** Their return to the desert. [[spoiler:Epsilon isn't by the Mongoose, he's next to Carolina. That shows that he's at least installed in her armor, showing that the two trust each other that much.]]
*** Pay close attention during that sequence while Church is talking. [[spoiler:Their heads move in sync.]]
* In Episode 13 [[spoiler:when the group returns to Valhalla]] the Reds ask about the trap that [[ReversePsychology Wash tricked them into believing was there]]. [[spoiler:Carolina]] sounds...amused when she asks Wash to explain.
** In the same episode we have Carolina [[spoiler:deciding to get both of the possible AI's]] and Tex commenting (sounding almost friendly) with:
--> '''Tex:''' [[YouGotGuts Hey, that was gutsy. I hope it works out for ya.]]
* Episode 14 has York and the other Freelancers concernedly hovering over Carolina while she recovers, even Wyoming!
** A meta example relating to the same episode--Shannon [=McCormick=] had mentioned a suprise to fans on Tumblr, and come the episode there were pictures of cats inside Wash's locker, a reference to a popular fanon: "Cat Lady Wash."
* Tex's concern for Carolina as she [[spoiler:suffered a nervous breakdown from the feedback of... whatever the AI did when the Director shouted Tex's real name]].
* Despite all the [[ButtMonkey years of abuse they've taken]], [[spoiler:Donut and Doc]] were just overjoyed to see Sarge and Simmons again. Too bad it was completely one-sided.
** In the same episode, Church commenting ont he creative ways the Reds find to screw him over. He doesn't sound upset, he sounds more like he views it as a fact of life at this point, and almost impressed and affectionate.
-->'''Church:''' Motherfuckers.
* Carolina was out cold for days after the Allison incident. York stayed by her side the entire time.
-->'''Tex:''' But it's been days.
-->'''North:''' [[TearJerker And he is dedicated.]]
** Tex and North conversing while waiting for Carolina to wake up, complete with Tex requesting to be called when Carolina woke up "or ''if'' she doesn't". Suffice to say, this entire conversation was as heartwarming as the situation would allow.
* [[spoiler:Donut and Doc]] decline to come along with the Reds, but they do send them some banana bread.
--> '''Grif:''' That's so nice! I'll have to forget to send them a thank-you card.
* The growing friendship between [[spoiler:[[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Church]] and [[DefrostingIceQueen Carolina]]]] over the course of Season 10.
* [[CharacterDevelopment For the first time since Season 8,]] [[TeamDad Sarge]] shows genuine concern for his squad in Episode 17 of Season 10, deciding that maybe they [[spoiler:shouldn't keep going to try to kill the Director, since there is literally no benefit for them whatsoever, and they could all easily be killed]].
* After [[spoiler:Carolina]] pulls a gun on Tucker, Wash does the same to [[spoiler:her]] and tells [[spoiler:her]] that he's "protecting [his] friends." As in that is ''his'' word for it, showing the Blood Gulch Crew and Washington have become TrueCompanions.
** Earlier, we hear him bantering with the guys, like they're old friends. Just another sign of him finding TrueCompanions after all he's been through.
-->'''Caboose:''' Our team has more kills.
-->'''Sarge:''' Team kills don't count, Bluetard!
-->'''Caboose:''' You don't make the rules!
-->'''Wash:''' Technically, Project Freelancer makes the rules. And I say, Blue Team gets to add my kill count to theirs.
-->'''Grif:''' Lame.
** The most amazing part of this is that Wash has given up revenge. He's suffered as much, if not more than any Freelancer, spent years digging through his allies' corpses, harboring those feelings about taking down the Project, and he realizes killing the Director won't change anything.
*** He didn't realize it just on his own, either. Even if he thought the Blood Gulch gang was incompetent, he knew wise words when he heard them.
---> '''Sarge:''' [[spoiler:(refering to the Director) He's a real dirtbag, all right. But even if he's six feet under, we'll still be in the same damn spot.]]
* [[spoiler: Despite being so far gone he doesn't even recognize her, Church still manages to make Tex give up a soft laugh as they converse in the AI storage on The Mother of Invention.]]
-->'''[[spoiler:Alpha]]:''' See you later, crazy state-name lady...
** Tex's RoaringRampageOfRevenge in that episode is as Heartwarming as it is Awesome, whenn you realise that Tex is going through that much effort to [[spoiler: save ''Church'', because she just can't stand the thought of him being tortured]] [[AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther Aww Look She Really Does Love Him]]
* "This has to be the worst idea ''ever''... [[spoiler:[[SubvertedCatchPhrase but you can count me in]]]]."
** Something that really stands out in that scene is that [[spoiler: ''Tucker'' is the first one to go to Church's aid. '''''Tucker''''', the laidback womaniser who's relationship with church has been rocky at ''best''. And yet the second that Caboose mentions that Church is the only one among them that still hasn't found peace, he instantly goes to help his friend, even knowing it'll be suicide. He doesn't even say anything, he just stops, turns on his sword, and starts walking away. Why? Because his friend needs help, and by '''God''' he's going to help him. It really goes to show that beneath all the bickering, the two truly are friends.]]
** There's something else, too: [[spoiler: Tucker was the first to walk away after Church's TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. And now, when it's clear that Church needs him and the others, he was the first one who was ready to come back.]]
* Notice that one of the weapons Carolina takes [[spoiler:to confront the Director is a shotgun, York's weapon of choice. It's her own way of honoring him.]]
** Episode 20 in general is mostly just one big ball of heartwarming. [[OhCrap Mostly.]]
** Honestly, I thought it's more the fact that she commandeered one of Sarge's shotguns.
* [[spoiler:Episode 21 has Church apologizing to the guys, admitting that he's an asshole, and convincing the Tex copies to rest, a CallBack to Tex's convincing Alpha to do the same in episode 19.]]
** [[spoiler: The moment Washington helps Carolina up counts as this--from the surprise in the latter's voice, it's clear that she wasn't expecting this after the terms they parted on.]]
** If you also take the time to notice, you'll also see something else. Each of them are covering each other. Even [[spoiler: Carolina, when she kicks three Texes away from doing a jump-punch into Grif.]]
** Here's another little heartwarmer. [[spoiler: Of all the guys Church could've jumped into to take part in the fight, he chooses Caboose, triggering his BerserkButton and reminding us that the resident dumbass of Blue Team is a CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass. Caboose, the guy who's team-killed him twice, and generally annoyed him. Goes to show that deep down, Church DOES have a certain fondness for the lovable dope.]]
*** [[spoiler:Plus, Caboose needs to get angry, and Church is definitely the expert on getting angry. He got to channel his anger into something useful.]]
** [[spoiler:Washington goes out of his way to rescue Donut, and gives a "OK, we're done here," implying he felt compelled to try to make up for shooting him.]]
* [[spoiler:"You were my greatest creation."]] Taking into account what Carolina reveals at the end of the episode, it seems like [[spoiler:in the last moments of his life, the Director finally realized that he should have focused on his daughter instead of chasing after ghosts.]]
* During Church's rant against [[spoiler:the Director, he takes the forms of his deceased AI siblings one after another, implying that he's doing this in their collective memory...even Gamma, Omega, and Sigma, who had broken his Alpha incarnation so thoroughly. Essentially, he's saying that even THEY'RE worth remembering.]]
** Should probably be in the Fridge as well, but rewatch that scene [[spoiler:and note ''which'' AI fragments Epsilon impersonates with each piece of dialogue. He remembers them all:]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Delta (Logic):''' He was brilliant...]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Theta (Innocence):''' and we trusted him...]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Gamma (Deceit):''' but he lied to us. He twisted...]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Omega (Anger):''' and ''tortured'' us! And used us...]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Sigma (Creativity):''' manipulated us for his own purposes! And for what? For this? This... shadow?]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Alpha/Epsilon (Memory):''' He needs to pay...]]
* [[spoiler: For her part, Carolina's choice. After spending most of this season planning to kill the Director, she finally ends up in the same room as him...only to show SympathyForTheDevil when she realizes that all that's left is a broken shell of a man. She even [[LeaveBehindAPistol leaves him her service pistol at his request.]] ]]
* After their big confrontation with the Director, Church and Carolina take a moment to reflect on everything, and [[spoiler: Church thanks Carolina for showing him a new side to himself. The feeling is mutual.]]
* [[spoiler:Episode 22's second half shows the guys going home to Blood Gulch. Carolina and Epsilon watch over them from afar, and then leave to redeem themselves. Finally, after all the shit these troopers have been through, Project Freelancer is truly over. They're home and they're happy.]]
** And Wash is now fully integrated as the group's OnlySaneMan, complete with anger issues. He really is Church mk.2.
* With the revelation of [[BrokenBird Carolina's]] [[spoiler: heritage]] it kind of puts her relationship and partnership with [[JerkWithaHeartofGold Church]] in a touching light. [[spoiler:WordOfGod is that they're basically siblings.]] Judging by their decision to [[spoiler: [[WalkingTheEarth leave together]]]] they've seem to become PlatonicLifePartners and it's ADORABLE.
* After credits scenes from the Blu-ray:
** [[spoiler: North congratulates South for doing so well in their fight. Their dialogue adds a bit of TearJerker when you see how they turn out, but in that moment...]]
** [[spoiler: Carolina returns to Club Errera.]]

[[folder:Season 11]]
* At the start of the Series 11 premiere, Washington comments that he's glad he's found a group he can trust... before getting annoyed at them, but it still counts.
* The end of episode 2 ends with the words "in memory of David Dreger".
** To clarify, David Dreger was an RT Community member who had recently been found dead after having been missing for half a month.
* Wash's interactions with Caboose in Episode 3. When he interacts with Tucker, he becomes a DrillSergeantNasty DeadpanSnarker. But with Caboose, who is lamenting the disappeared Church, he ends up talking tenderly, calling him Buddy, and just being a real TeamDad. [[FridgeBrilliance Probably because he also misses Carolina, and is going through a similar thing.]]
* Episode 14. Wash's speech to Tucker.
--->'''Wash:''' Did you know I was one of the worst Freelancer's in my squad? There was Agent York, our security specialist, Agent North, the sharpshooter, Carolina was an expert in martial arts, and Tex was...well, you know Tex.
--->'''Tucker:''' [[MoodWhiplash Cool story bro.]]
--->'''Wash:''' I was known for getting a grappling hook stuck to my balls.
--->'''Tucker:''' Okay, where are you going with this?
--->'''Wash:''' Church was your leader for years. You guys knew each other inside and out.
--->'''Tucker:''' Dude, don't [[AccidentalInnuendo phrase it like that.]]
--->'''Wash:''' But I'm new to all of this. I've never really had to lead anybody before, but when [[spoiler: Church and Carolina disappeared]], I didn't have a choice. I had to try.
** On top of that, there's also Tucker openly calling Church his friend and even praising Church as a leader. In addition, Tucker warms up to Washington a little by suggesting that he's just been trying too hard to be the perfect leader.
* In episode 15, Wash reveals that the thing he's been working on in the ship is... [[spoiler: a new helmet, which looks just like one from Caboose's old armor that he missed. He tells Caboose that he's sorry that Church left him, and goes on to explain that the giant robot he's using as a ReplacementGoldfish is too dangerous to treat that way. Caboose relents, and hands back leadership of Blue Team to Wash. Afterwards, Tucker compliments Wash on his sneakiness, while the former Freelancer admits that he meant every word.]]
* Also from episode 15, there's a rather subtle one--when Sarge brings their attempt at a HumongousMecha of their own online, [[SamusIsAGirl she]] declares multiple hostiles. Sarge corrects her by saying that there's only ''one'' enemy over at Blue Base, Freckles. Considering that he seemed willing to declare war on the Blues all over again a few episodes ago, it's nice to see that he still remembers the lessons of the previous seasons.
** And later, when the Blues come under attack [[spoiler: from Locus' men]], he leads the Reds over to find out what happened, sounding a little concerned.
* In Episode 16, as it becomes clear that the situation's getting serious, the Red and Blue teams' LetsGetDangerous moment--specifically, Wash asking Sarge to assemble their weapons inventory, who agrees to the Blue leader's request without complaint--can count as this.
* Wash's HeroicSacrifice at the end of Episode 18, as he orders Freckles to collapse the cave so that the Reds and Blues could escape, leaving himself to the mercies of their enemies.
* In Episode 19 of Season 11, Tucker, Grif, Simmons, and Caboose are inspired to help the Resistance when it turns out that their friends are still alive. The kicker is the exact moment where their doubt and sarcasm turn to inspiration, with Vanessa Kimball's unwitting MeaningfulEcho:
-->'''Kimball:''' "...You just need to try."
** The close-up on Tucker is what really drives it home. And then [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome "Contact" starts to play...]]

[[folder: Season 12]]
* In the first episode of season 12, after an OhCrap causes a training mission to go awry, Kimball breaks in and yells at Grif, Caboose, and Simmons. She then tells them to just tell their squadron that they'll do better next time.
-->'''Simmons''': [[SelfDeprecation So you want us to lie to them?]]\\
'''Kimball''': [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre No. I don't.]]
* Then there was Kimball speech to them during episode 3.
-->Kimball: When I first heard about you four, I envisioned strong, daring, respectable soldiers.
-->Grif: ...Buuuut...
-->Kimball: But, now that I've come to know you, I found that you're something else entirely. It turns out you're all a bunch of-
-->Simmons: Cowards.
-->Tucker: Losers.
-->Grif: Idiots?
-->Caboose: Spacemen.
-->Kimball: Misfits. You're oddballs that don't exactly fit in. Which is why my men all look up to you and why morale has been at an all time high; because they can relate to you.
** Heck Kimball line of "[[DueToTheDead Whether or not it was the right thing to do is a conclusion you have to come to on your own. I'll leave it at that.]]" This shows that she can understood that it eating Tucker a bit about losing two of his guys like that (He was hanging his head in shame) and doesn't blame him for it, instead taking a neutral route.
* In Episode 5, Tucker finally snaps at Felix for being so harsh on him and his comrades when he just wants to save his friends. Felix shoots back that the reds and blues are just idiots, and that attempting the mission is going to get people killed. After Tucker brings up that Felix previous statement about not caring if they die, Felix mentions that Tucker will. So the reason he's being so harsh on Tucker, is for Tucker's own benefit, in a round about way.
* Tucker's speech about how they succeed even though they're screw-ups and they do it without being 'actual' soldiers.
** Grif's response to this is "yes," because--among other reasons--he doesn't want to give orders that get ''others'' killed for something that ''he'' wants. Simmons even lampshades it as being unusually selfless of him.
* [[spoiler:Felix going after the guys, even taking back one of the jeeps he sold to Kimball, out of genuine concern for them.]]
** [[spoiler: [[SubvertedTrope Horrifically subverted]] [[WhamEpisode as of Episode 10, where it's revealed that he and Locus have been working together the whole time, and he really went after the guys to kill them all.]] ]]
* In episode 9, [[spoiler: Lopez is reactivated, and he identifies Wash, Sarge, and Donut as Idiot, Loud Idiot, and Agent Washington.]] It's nice to know there's ''someone'' he doesn't completely hate.
** Note that before, Washsington specifically asked where [[spoiler: Lopez]] and Freckles were.
* When Wash regains a bit of consciousness, the first thing he does is call out to Sarge.
* When Locus comes to talk to the group, Wash steps in front of Sarge, Donut, and [[spoiler: Lopez]] and readies his gun.
* ''Locus'' of all people gets one when [[spoiler:he reveals he salvaged Freckles' memory unit and gives it to Wash.]]
* The two halves of the Blood Gulch crew reunite. And all is right in the world. One minute and twenty-something-odd seconds in, and it's back to light-hearted banter as usual:
-->'''Simmons:''' Something about this doesn't feel right.
-->'''Sarge:''' Is it a false sense of superiority? That's probably a side effect of the false promotion.
-->'''Grif:''' Minutes after reuniting, and you're ''already'' starting shit.
-->'''Sarge:''' What'd you expect? Breakfast in bed?
-->'''Grif:''' I hate you.
-->'''Sarge:''' I hate you more.
** It's the light-hearted way that Sarge says that last line that sells it.
* Dr. Emily Grey has apparently started referring to Agent Washington as Wash sometime between their first meeting and episode 10. They must have become close.
* [[spoiler: Carolina and Church are back. And both of them are thrilled to see the gang again.]]
** Adding to that is Tucker's reaction to seeing Church again. Showing that he really did miss him. One must ask, was Tucker about to try to attack Church, or ''hug'' him?
* Episode 11:
** [[spoiler:Church talks with his memories of the other AI fragments while figuring out how to escape a minor firefight. He ignores Sigma, obviously, and declines help from Omega, but he talks with Delta, Theta, Iota, Eta, and even Gamma like they're all family. He even calls Carolina "sis".]]
** [[spoiler: related to that, when Omega freaks Theta out, he comforts him and says Omega can't harm them as long as they stay calm]]
** [[spoiler: Theta even gets excited when Delta sarcastically suggests that Church get a dog to help loneliness.]]
** [[spoiler: Church's reaction to hearing his friends are in danger is to immediately put their mission on hold to rescue them. Something Carolina agrees with wholeheartedly]]
** [[spoiler: Church tweaking the numbers a bit on Carolina's accuracy to give her confidence.]]
** [[spoiler: When reviewing the possible outcomes of an impending firefight, Church selects the scenario that will result in zero fatalities... [[WhatMeasureIsAMook on both sides.]]]]
** [[spoiler: With all the A.I. fragments in her possession, Carolina has technically become The Meta 2.0. Yet where Agent Maine went insane and began butchering anything that got in his way, Carolina has retained her ethics and sanity, even taking pains to avoid needless casualties. Seeing the contrast between Carolina and The Meta showcases just how much both she and the A.I.s have reformed themselves.]]
** [[spoiler: Even though Church ignores Omega and Sigma, the fact that Omega whispers "I'm here if you need me" is pretty interesting. Combined with Church already relying on Gamma for help despite the latter's past deceptions, it proves that two of the show's greatest villains are now--in their own way--helping out the good guys, now.]]
* Episode 12:
** [[spoiler: Felix lies to Kimball and the lieutenants and tells them the Reds and Blues have been killed. Jensen looks like she's about to collapse in shock. Smith's reaction? Pull her in for a hug. Meanwhile, Palomo covers his visor as though trying to fight back tears, and Bitters shakes his fist and strides away, obviously hurt by the news despite being a lazy slacker.]]
** Grey's interactions with the guys are not only funny, but show that she's not [[BreakTheCutie irrevocably traumatized]] by what happened in [[WhamEpisode Episode 10.]]
* Episode 13:
** Caboose doesn't care Freckles is [[spoiler: just a flashdrive]] by this point; he's still overjoyed to get his RobotBuddy back.
*** Wash's attempts to break it to him gently are sweet too.
** When Caboose happily welcomes Washington back, the ex-Freelancer admits that it's good to be back. It's nice to know he really feels at home with the Blood Gulch Crew.
** Subtle, but it's telling of how much Carolina tolerates the gang nowadays when Grif accidentally fires his new laser weapon at her--she calmly threatens to break his fingers, but doesn't actually follow through. Bear in mind that two seasons ago, she was ready to threaten the whole team at gunpoint to make them follow her orders.
** While funny, it's sweet that Lopez cares about Doc, considering that he's the only one that seems to remember that the hapless medic has been PutOnABus thanks to irresponsible use of the teleporter cubes.
* Episode 14
** Grif and Simmons talk. No fighting or mocking, just Grif mentioning Simmons being less of a kiss ass and they talk about their old squads.