[[caption-width-right:313:Only when you lose everything and hit rock bottom do you find out who your real friends are.]]

Who said that [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming the most beautiful moments]] only happen in fiction?
This page will probably make you [[{{TearJerker}} cry tears of joy]].

No personal ones, please.


Now on their own separate pages.
* Heartwarming/ActsOfKindness
* Heartwarming/{{Animals}}
* Heartwarming/RealLifeOther
* Heartwarming/RealLifeScience
* Heartwarming/RealLifeSports
* Heartwarming/WorldWarII
* Heartwarming/DisneyThemeParks (Walt Disney World,Disneyland, and other Disney Parks around the world)

The fact that this page was started in the first place.
* And that it keeps being updated.
* And was updated so much it's been split into ''seven subpages.''