Ruby was right. We're here to make the world better.

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[[folder: Volume 1]]

[[folder: Ruby Rose ]]

* In a strange way, Ruby admitting that she doesn't like skipping two years to go to her dream academy, because she doesn't want to be seen as special. It shows that she's quite responsible despite her usual bluster.
** Also, immediately after Ruby admits that she doesn't want to be seen as special, Yang puts an arm around her shoulder and says, "But you ARE special." Awww, Yang!
*** Made even better by the fact that she doesn't say it in her usual enthusiastic tone, but rather, in a calm, sincere voice, showing that she isn't just trying to boost Ruby's confidence, she just considers it a fact.
* The voices of Torchwick's goons in the first scene were a pair of MakeAWish beneficiaries.


[[folder: The Shining Beacon, Pt. 1 ]]

* Jaune's interactions with Ruby in general are very sweet and awkward.


[[folder: The Shining Beacon, Pt. 2 ]]

* Blake starting to warm up to Ruby when Ruby says she also likes books. Ruby then talks about how she was inspired to become a warrior after Yang read to her stories of heroes.
-->'''Blake''': That's... very ambitious for a child. Unfortunately, the [[RealityEnsues real world]] isn't the same as a fairy tale.\\
'''Ruby''': (smiles) Well... that's why we're here. [[AWorldHalfFull To make it better]].
* The credits theme, [[ Gold]], is all about Yang being a good sister to Ruby.


[[folder: The First Step, Pt. 1 ]]

* Pyrrha's genuine friendliness towards Jaune, even when he ignores her to hit on Weiss and just as readily moves to hit on her, is kind of nice, especially considering pretty much everyone else's first reaction to Jaune is either disgust, annoyance, or mockery thus far.
* Yang trades some friendly banter with Jaune after Weiss and Pyrrha leave, and Ruby helps him up and walks him out to the starting point. It's all quite nice to watch and the two social misfits certainly have some great chemistry.


[[folder: The First Step, Pt. 2 ]]

* Pyrrha quickly looks around upon landing and sees Jaune flailing through the air, and her first instinct is to save him, by way of impaling her spear through his clothes from at least a hundred feet away. Keep in mind that's pretty much her only weapon (that we know of).
** Her looking around quickly tells us that saving him was her premeditated plan.
*** She could just have been more cautious than others and merely caught Jaune by chance as she scans around her landing zone to make sure it's safe for her to proceed on foot. That by no means takes anything away from the fact that she still ''chooses'' to save Jaune after seeing him in trouble.
*** Think about this: Ozpin told them that monsters inhabited the woods, so it was crucial to keep their weapon ready. Instead, Pyrrha puts Jaune's safety above her own by throwing her weapon several hundred meters away to save Jaune, at the potential cost of her own life. In this small act, they're throwing ShipTease out the window.
*** Not necessarily. Keep in mind, Ren handled himself fairly well against some of the larger monsters we've seen barehanded before drawing his weapons. Given her reputation, it's a fairly safe assumption that she could travel a few hundred yards whilst being able to avoid anything she couldn't take with just her shield, especially given that she probably has at least partially superhuman speed.
* Ruby, mulling over who she knows at Beacon, considers Yang, Jaune, and Blake as partners... before running into eye contact with the one other person she knows: Weiss. Despite their rocky relationship prior, there's no BigNo from either party and they accept each other as partners with minimal fuss beyond Weiss briefly checking to see if another candidate is nearby. Ruby even smiles shortly after eye contact and is happy when Weiss returns to her.
** Ruby noticed Weiss before they made eye contact. She comes to a halt, gaze lowered, then ''chooses'' to look her in the eyes.
* When Pyrrha arrives to where Jaune is still pinned, she teasingly asks him if he still has room on his team. After some feigned offence on Jaune's part, the two look and tenderly smile at each other.


[[folder: The Emerald Forest, Pt. 1 ]]

* Despite their relationship still being rocky (before and afterward), when a flaming tree nearly falls on Ruby, Weiss's first instinct is for ''both of them'' to cut their losses and run. She could have easily left her there, but chose not to.
** "I could have KILLED you!" Weiss actually seems more [[AngerBornOfWorry mad about almost hurting Ruby]] than she does having her attack interrupted.
* Pyrrha's prayer-like [[SuperEmpowering unlocking]] of Jaune's Aura.
** Most of Pyrrha and Jaune's interactions in general. Jaune not knowing things about the RWBY universe, and Pyrrha going out of her way to explain things to him. Other people would have probably been annoyed at his ignorance, but not Pyrrha.
** In a way, the aura unlocking could be seen as a sort of marriage, with their souls binding together.
* "Boop."
** [[TheStoic Ren]] smiles for the first time after Nora 'boops' him, ''and it is adorable''.
*** Not just any smile mind you. It's a "what am I gonna do with you" smile.


[[folder: Players And Pieces ]]

* [[CallBack Once again]], Ruby is in trouble, and Weiss's first instinct is to save her. And this time, it wasn't something that endangered herself at all.
* The only time Nora loses her cool in this episode is when the Deathstalker slams Ren into a wall. Process that for a moment. Being in the middle of a ''death-forest'' doesn't stress her. Being besieged on both sides by what could qualify as living ''mobile fortresses'' doesn't stress her. Ren possibly getting hurt? ''That's'' what makes her stop grinning.
* What Ruby whispers to herself after Weiss buries the hatchet with her. Not to mention the burying of the hatchet itself.
-->'''Weiss:''' You're ''[[BeYourself fine]]''. *runs off*\\
'''Ruby:''' [[spoiler: ...[[IJustWantToBeNormal Normal knees.]]]]
* Yang rushing to try and saving Ruby from the Deathstalker, and as soon as she's had her moment with Weiss, the first thing she does is run up and hug her little sister.
* Yang's smiling, wordless SoProudOfYou moment as the teams are leaving the temple.
-->'''Blake''': What is it?\\
''[{{beat}} of watching Ruby leading the way]''\\
'''Yang''': Nothing.
** Plus Blake's smile after the above exchange suggests that she could tell what Yang was thinking.
* In Episode 7, Professor Ozpin had seemed only vaguely aware of Glynda's comments about Jaune not being ready for Beacon until the team announcements at the end of Episode 8. He singles out Jaune alone for personal praise with a very "I'm proud of you" tone. In other words, he's basically announced to the entire academy that Jaune has proven he has every right to be at Beacon.
* Pyrrha's brilliant grin the moment Jaune is announced to be the leader of team JNPR.
* Jaune's surprise at being named team leader by Ozpin. He was clearly not expecting it as he was looking at Pyrrha moments before Ozpin said his name, expecting her to receive the honor.
* For one of the final parts of team RWBY's plan to beat the Nevermore, Weiss has to cast a dozen Dust spells in an instant to propel Ruby up the cliff. A moment after Ruby lands on the cliff wall, the camera pans back to Yang, Blake and Weiss, and Weiss falls to one knee in exhaustion after pumping out so many spells so quickly. Consider this for a moment. Not only does Weiss trust Ruby enough to exhaust herself for Ruby's plan, but Ruby reciprocates by leaving her safety in Weiss's hands, since, if the spell had failed, Ruby would no doubt have gotten killed either by falling or being too exposed to a direct attack from the Nevermore.


[[folder: The Badge and The Burden, Pt. 1 ]]

* [[TheStoic Blake]], who prior to this has been mostly cold and standoffish is now gleefully engaging in Ruby's and Yang's morning antics.


[[folder: The Badge and The Burden, Pt. 2 ]]

* Professor Port gives Weiss a combination of a mild lecture and a pep talk when she complains about not being leader of Team RWBY, rounding it out by encouraging her to focus on being the best ''person'' she can be, instead of worrying about being the best ''leader.''
** Not to mention his unshakable faith in Professor Ozpin's judgement.
* Professor Ozpin's pep talk to Ruby is also pretty heartwarming, as she was feeling rather down after being chewed out by Weiss earlier. He told her off about her assumption of leadership, warning her that she may have been given it, but she still has to earn it, but he does so in a gentle way that gives her confidence to take his advice instead of knocking her spirit even further.
* Weiss making up with Ruby at the end of the episode after getting over the fact that she wasn't made team leader and having taken Professor Port's advice to heart (and seeing that Ruby's trying to take her role a bit more seriously by studying - taking Ozpin's advice even though Weiss doesn't know that).
--> ''[Weiss nudges Ruby to wake her with a soft "Ahem!"]''\\
'''Ruby:''' Weiss! I-I-I was studying and then I fell asleep I'm sorry!\\
'''Weiss:''' ''[covers Ruby's mouth and spots her mug]'' How do you take your coffee?\\
'''Ruby:''' I-I don--\\
'''Weiss:''' ''[irritably]'' Answer the question!\\
'''Ruby:''' [[SweetTooth Cream and five sugars!]]\\
'''Weiss:''' ''[sighs]'' Don't move. ''[drops down to her bunk and comes back with coffee]'' Here.\\
'''Ruby:''' Um...thanks, Weiss...\\
'''Weiss:''' ...Ruby, I think you have what it takes to be a good leader. Just know that I am going to be ''the best'' teammate you will ever have. Good luck studying. ''[goes to leave but stops to point at Ruby's paper]'' That's wrong by the way!\\
'''Weiss:''' Hey, Ruby?\\
'''Ruby:''' Uh-huh?\\
'''Weiss:''' ...[[JerkWithAHeartOfGold I always wanted bunk beds as a kid.]] ''[exits]''


[[folder: Jaunedice, Pt. 1 ]]

* Pyrrha's concern for Jaune because of how [[JerkAss Cardin]] treats him. She even tells Jaune that he can always ask her and the others for help whenever he's being bullied. It just shows how much she cares about Jaune.
** Ruby and Nora also offer to help, if [[DisproportionateRetribution "We'll break his legs!"]] can be called that.
* A small moment, but when Glynda mentions the tournament coming up, Weiss gets just as excited about it as Yang, before quickly returning back to her 'prim and proper' persona.


[[folder: Jaunedice, Pt. 2 ]]

* Pyrrha telling Jaune that she "really will break [Cardin's] legs", after watching Jaune just take his crap again.
* The simple fact that Pyrrha was more than willing to help Jaune train.


[[folder: Forever Fall, Pt. 1 ]]

* So, [[spoiler: Cardin is Blackmailing Jaune]], what makes Jaune decide enough is enough? Being forced to be their lacky? Nope. An inspirational speech from Ruby? Nope. Tasked to get a large amount of Rapier Wasps in the middle of the night? Nope. An attempt to get revenge on Pyrrha? ''Oh yes.''
* Pyrrha throughout the episode. While she does act cold, and the looks she gives are heartbreaking, all of it points to just how much she cares for Jaune.
* Ruby's little chat with him in the hall, with her expressing to him the same confidence in Ozpin's decision as Professor Port had about Ruby's. Plus, passing on some of the gist of what Ozpin had said to her that day.
** And quite frankly, the way she kept saying, "Nope!" was adorable.


[[folder: Forever Fall, Pt. 2 ]]

* Do what you want to Jaune himself, but do NOT mess with his team and/or friends.
* First, the obvious: Pyrrha manipulating Jaune's shield to protect him from the Ursa's right paw. But also the conversation with Ruby and Weiss afterward. It's clear that we don't really need to know ''why'' Pyrrha's very supportive of Jaune; all we need to know is that she'll always be there for him, even when Jaune himself doesn't know it.
--> '''Ruby:''' We have to tell them what happened!\\
'''Pyrrha:''' Or... We could just keep it our little secret.
* Jaune acknowledging he had been a jerk for the last few days (weeks?) and apologizing to Pyrrha. And Pyrrha accepting without reservation.
-->'''Pyrrha:''' Jaune, it's okay. Your team really misses their leader, you know.
* The smile on Pyrrha's face when Jaune finally asks for her help in training his combat skills.


[[folder: The Stray ]]

* In spite of all the drama, seeing Weiss and Ruby low five (which one would hardly expect from Weiss) was pretty cute, and shows their friendship really does exist.
** Even more potent is that Weiss is the one who initiates the low five.
* Ruby can't help but say yes to Penny's request for friendship. Penny's exuberance is adorable, if uncanny.
** This also shows the CharacterDevelopment Ruby has undergone over the course of the season. Accepting a friendship request even at the discouragement of one's existing friends is quite a difference from the girl in Episode 2 who didn't feel the need to socialize when her sister was around.
* The fact that Weiss [[spoiler:even went out with Ruby and Yang to look for Blake. How she feels about Blake is unknown, but she's willing to put those feelings aside and help her friends.]]


[[folder: Black and White ]]

* Weiss declaring she doesn't care that [[spoiler:Blake was once a member of the White Fang]] and insists that she talk to her teammates the next time something serious happens.
** Also when she proceeds to talk to Sun, you can hear her nearly call him by the names she used in the last episode, but she stops herself just before she does so. It could be for Blake.
* Penny decides to wipe the floor with a few dozen White Fang goons because they hurt Ruby.
** Also, Ruby telling her to stay back where it's safe.
* Blake as a child [[spoiler: protesting alongside White Fang]]. She's so [[BadassAdorable adorable.]]
* Ruby trying to "diffuse" any possible situation with [[spoiler: Blake and Weiss]] at the end.
** Ruby doesn't quite understand the problem. [[spoiler: "Weiss; it's not what you think; she doesn't actually wear a bow; she's got these kitty ears, and they're actually kinda cute!"]]
* Aside from Weiss choosing to look past Blake's past and consider her a teammate, there's just something poignant in the way she restrains herself from disparaging Sun in front of Blake. Considering how liberal she's been with insulting the Faunus an episode earlier, she's clearly not the girl she was 12 hours earlier.
* Sun hanging around with Blake- a near-total stranger- for two days, because he thought she needed the company. [[HeroicBSOD And she did.]]


[[folder: Volume 2]]
* The first volume's opening depicted Pyrrha [[YouAreNotAlone reaching out to Jaune reassuringly]], foreshadowing her support of him in the future episodes; the second depicts a similar situation, only with their positions [[NowLetMeCarryYou reversed]].

* "Gold": A bubbly song that about being a protective, comforting, and generally positive influence on someone's life.
** And according to Jeff Williams, it's about [[CoolBigSis Yang's]] [[BigSisterInstinct relationship with Ruby]].
* "I May Fall": It's a song about the DarkestHour and the protagonists HeroicResolve to not die, [[TrueCompanions that with their friends]] [[PowerOfFriendship they can not, will not fall.]]
* "Wings": The ending credits song for the sixteenth episode, and a heartfelt anthem about enduring hardship, surpassing pain and finding strength in those who care about you.

* [[ Monty's reaction to the response of the first episode.]]
* Whenever Monty mentions his lack of sleep (he's usually working towards a deadline) in the office or on twitter he is immediately besieged by requests by coworkers and the fanbase to catch a few winks. [[TheWorkaholic He usually continues to]] [[DoingItForTheArt work until he's done anyway.]]
* [[ This video]], which is a compilation of fan support for both Monty and the show as a whole.
* With the Velvet Costume Contest closed and over 1300 submitted pieces Monty [[ takes it upon himself to open every single one individually so he doesn't miss any.]] The fact that he would take the time to do this on top of everything else is just... damn that's a lot of tabs.