* {{REM}} gave us "If you believe they put a man on the moon! Man on the moon!"
* And on the same album told us "Take comfort in your friends, cos everybody hurts, and everybody cries... sometimes." Also of note is "If you feel like you're alone / No, no, no, [[YouAreNotAlone you're not alone]]" from the same song.
** The song was written with teenagers in mind - Peter Buck noted that this is why the lyrics are so much less idiosyncratic and direct than REM's other songs, they wanted to get a clear message to teens struggling with the stresses of growing up that it's okay to feel sad sometimes and that it will get better one day. Actually, that doubles as a huge, happy TearJerker, come to think of it.
** Another song with an ItGetsBetter theme is "Every Day Is Yours to Win" from ''Collapse Into Now''. For bonus points on the Heartwarming scale, the song sounds almost ''exactly'' like ''Automatic for the People'''s "Find the River".
-->"Every day is new again\\
Every day is yours to win\\
And that's how heroes are made."
* "Nightswimming" as well, if you combine CMOH with TearJerker.
* "Walk Unafraid" is decidedly rousing for awkwardness and non-conformity.
* At the end of the ''Green'' album is an untitled track (usually called "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin The Eleventh Untitled Song]]") -- Michael Stipe, singing to his parents to comfort them while he was gone on tour.
* The idealistic "I Believe" being played at the final REM show ever. It's already an incredibly powerful and uplifting song, but the context- plus the fact that it was followed by [[TearJerker "Country Feedback,"]] [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome "Life and How to Live It,"]] and [[AudienceParticipationSong "Man on the Moon"]]- makes its performance into a truly epic moment.
* In the live show on the Deluxe Edition of "Reckoning," Michael Stipe dedicates a song to a fan who broke his leg entering the venue but came back anyway with a pair of crutches and a cast.
* "Supernatural Superserious" is an upbeat, joyful song about accepting your own sexual proclivities and enjoying them without worrying about religious consequences.
* "Aftermath" is a surprisingly uplifting song about staying positive even in the face of despair.
-->And it makes you laugh, it makes you cry
-->When London falls and you're still alive
-->The radio stutters, it makes you laugh
-->And the aftermath, open up your eyes
-->You're so alive